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tune corachree across the braidatlanticthere s siller an there
dead end across the braidatlantictune corachree across the braid
their kistit banes lie cauldatlanticwaves sair pairtin the new
their kistit banes lie cauldatlanticwaves sair pairtin the new
in nasco s north eastatlanticcommission agreements established catch limits
ices working group on northatlanticsalmon 10 nasco 2000 report
p 1994 international management ofatlanticsalmon by nasco 1984 94
p 1994 international management ofatlanticsalmon by nasco 1984 94
greenland commission of the northatlanticsalmon conservation organisation nasco catches
ices working group on northatlanticsalmon fisheries research service data
rivers to the far northatlanticoff the greenland and faroese
foriver captive noo the braidatlanticrins atween the mither kintra
nae mair across the braidatlanticthe pouers that shakk the
an steer across the braidatlanticthere lies a steeny foun
s gear across the braidatlanticthere s industry an steer
language contact across the northatlantictuebingen milroy j and milroy
open ocean to the wideatlanticmuch as our salmon do
of salmon in the northatlanticocean in october 1983 established
the north sea an theatlanticocean meet noo the formation
the far north of theatlanticocean there they join salmon
banes elemental rites fae theatlanticwhaur afore faimlies hid ain
organisations led by the northatlanticsalmon fund nasf to accept
act 1986 includes both theatlanticsalmon salmo salar and sea
of the local dsfb theatlanticsalmon trust felt that this
district salmon fishery boards theatlanticsalmon trust the scottish anglers
association of scotland and theatlanticsalmon trust would those organisations
8 fishing in the northatlanticthe majority of salmon spawned
discharges to the north eastatlanticby the year 2000 and
environment of the north eastatlanticcommission ospar will take place
at sea on a northatlanticconvoy in 1942 the great
a longer timescale the northatlanticdrift is like a huge
research conducted by the northatlanticfisheries college into the impact
feeding grounds in the northatlanticin recent years attention has
centres of european and northatlanticliterary culture in the balance
waters in the north eastatlantics1w 8726 mr murray tosh
environment of the north eastatlanticto work towards achieving substantial
key factor was the northatlantictreaty organisation nato played a
biggie to come across theatlanticwill be reds written directed
is a surname across theatlanticand a nickname for a
it has come across theatlanticlike many other things it
turrets which soared to theatlanticgrey sky in neo baronial
boaties frae scotia grey theatlanticwintry its wave wirk is
the peaceful side of theatlanticlove [censored: forename] p s the
edge of it getting theatlanticdepressions tracking closer to us
half of the railway theatlanticsteam navigation company bought the
people that extends from theatlanticto the russian border is
weeks ago south to theatlanticarc of ireland and portugal
rootin tootin fun capital ofatlanticcanada mind you long john
now wouldn t make theatlanticprovinces top priority i really
o a dother the muckleatlanticflang itsel ashore at galway
in even on frae theatlanticshe saw hir waesum bairns
hae a jaunt ower theatlanticand then you ll hae
then we were over theatlanticso i had an aisle
2001 fiona mcleod s1m 2471atlantictelecom collapse lodged on 21

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