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that the parliament condemns theattackon the edinburgh synagogue on
angus mackay condemnation of theattackon the edinburgh synagogue that
the first objects of myattackclick clack click clack i
kitchie deems they usually bitterlyattackthe broken promises and harsh
is essentially a weapon ofattackpresenting one aspect of a
law has always regarded anattackwith an offensive weapon as
gorrie s1m 3596 don tattackiraq lodged on 19 november
financially to an american ledattackon iraq a special debate
opposition to involvement in anyattackon iraq in the interests
considering that a pre emptiveattackon iraq is neither necessary
raised their voice against anyattackon the people of iraq
he woke to another panicattackhis guilty mind racing through
and then suffered a panicattackin the large room to
which employ dogs to pursueattackand kill wild mammals hare
game birds or crops fromattackby wild mammals b providing
at a particular place fromattackby wild mammals b providing
fowl or game birds fromattackby wild mammals section 3
the use of terriers toattackwild mammals underground however special
that ms sufferers have anattackor a relapse can mean
let the object of yourattackbe one capable of rou-
with the object of hisattackthere is an infectious energy
died immediately a massive heartattacka blessed release the family
got his sel a heartattackfor christmas he thought walking
retirement nervous breakdown or heartattackhe was condemned by virtue
the scottish executive whether heartattackpatients in angus who are
awful shock of a heartattackto precipitate james lovelock into
who nearly go the heartattackwhen his salmon sandwich toting
gin ye survive the massattacka ll see ye richt
were 200 stung a massattackthe hornet swarms can kill
johannesburg s1m 2899 richard lochheadattackon scottish fishermen by struan
ay george hed ae hertattackae day whan drivin his
he d had a hertattackootside the bookie s far
near enough had a hertattackshe cackles wickedly georgie enjoying
a german ear 6 anattackwhich is reminiscent of robert
georgie oh hitler ordered anattackto pulverise the broch but
monks have come under terroristattackhere to the oldest living
bring them into employment willattackpoverty improve living standards and
as a result of anattackby terrorists on the world
learn a language somewhat underattackesp as a result of
recent vitriolic and quite unfoundedattackon scotland and its people
the recent violent and viciousattackon the rev david adams
particular where the abuse orattackis perpetrated by children and
same treatment having been underattackfrom a frame of mind
like me having a palpitationattackm642: it s like it
braw son lead the firstattackwurthie macduff an a wul
case stands firm against thisattackand the man is cast
government has sometimes felt underattackfrom the scottish parliament in
the bobby gaed on theattackhe hid a look at
protect public service workers fromattackensure effective responses to problems
wish to criticise individuals orattackthe service but such concerns
think of another plan ofattackthe rack of knives on
bush jonsar eck went intaeattackagain sayin nae bloomin rose
been cut get up againattackthe young team and tumble
ibsen in relation to theattackof all four writers on
the labour party and theattackon mr gaitskell tends to
on ma heid for theattackon sharp and honyman ye
egunkaria and believes that thisattackon the democratic rights of
that was not an agistattackon the member i will
little s poetry both anattackon the sexual conduct of
ye could damage yersel orattackfolk wi that ball point
potential anthrax or other biologicalattacks1w 27443 mr kenny macaskill
to his forehead in theattackwhich required hospital attention and
consideration than be subject toattackby commentators in the media
america as an excuse toattackpeople they are not tolerant
an they broke aff theattacktae flee hame tae thair
lori as she has anattackzeb only wanted to help
bit neebors wise tae theattackjist pick me up and
form nevertheless doubts began toattackme when i waded further
it was a particularly nastyattackas the assailants used a
similarly argument is war weattackour opponents cross swords with

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