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snp attended the followingmember alsoattendedallan wilson cunninghame north lab
attended the following members alsoattendedangus mackay deputy minister for
con attended the following alsoattendedchristine boch scottish parliament directorate
ld attended the following alsoattendeddes mcnulty deputy minister for
snp attended the following alsoattendeddorothy grace elder glasgow snp
ld attended the following alsoattendededdie egan brian clark jackie
snp attended the following alsoattendedian doig adviser professor arthur
attended the following members alsoattendedirene mcgugan north east scotland
con attended the following alsoattendedjackie baillie dumbarton lab john
attended the following member alsoattendedjohn young west of scotland
lab attended the following alsoattendedmabel hildebrand scottish executive enterprise
snp attended the following alsoattendedmalcolm chisholm deputy minister for
con attended the following alsoattendedmr david davidson north east
lab attended the following alsoattendedmr michael mcmahon hamilton north
ld attended the following alsoattendedmr robert black auditor general
con attended the following alsoattendedpeter peacock deputy minister for
snp attended the following alsoattendedsteve farrell scottish parliament directorate
wallace north east scotland conattendedthe following also attended christine
smith north east fife ldattendedthe following also attended des
andrew wilson central scotland snpattendedthe following also attended dorothy
skye and inverness west ldattendedthe following also attended eddie
andrew wilson central scotland snpattendedthe following also attended ian
lab john scott ayr conattendedthe following also attended jackie
elaine thomson aberdeen north labattendedthe following also attended mabel
lab nicola sturgeon glasgow snpattendedthe following also attended malcolm
whitefield airdrie and shotts labattendedthe following also attended mr
mid scotland and fife ldattendedthe following also attended mr
wallace north east scotland conattendedthe following also attended mr
young west of scotland conattendedthe following also attended peter
lochhead north east scotland snpattendedthe following also attended steve
patricia ferguson glasgow maryhill labattendedthe following member also attended
russell south of scotland snpattendedthe following members also attended
robson roxburgh and berwickshire ldattendedthe following members also attended
ms sandra white glasgow snpattendedthe followingmember also attended allan
dr sylvia jackson stirling labattendedwitnesses alison coull office of
lab tavish scott shetland ldattendedwitnesses dr alastair brown crown
ms sandra white glasgow snpattendedwitnesses hector currie richard grant
whitefield airdrie and shotts labattendedwitnesses janet allan donaldson s
mcleod west of scotland snpattendedwitnesses lee cousins sportscotland alastair
andrew wilson central scotland snpattendedwitnesses mr jack mcconnell minister
andrew wilson central scotland snpattendedwitnesses muir russell permanent secretary
ld nicola sturgeon glasgow snpattendedwitnesses pat cairns headteachers association
west aberdeenshire and kincardine ldattendedwitnesses rhona brankin deputy minister
ms sandra white glasgow snpattendedwitnesses tony gallagher association of
know about it when iattendeda conference in glasgow on
of successful projects i recentlyattendeda robertson fund conference on
team great the conference wasattendedby around one hundred interested
grahame and other msps iattendedthe citizens advice scotland conference
the scottish position i alsoattendedthe recent euromontana conference in
agency scotland the following alsoattendedfergus ewing inverness east nairn
macmillan the following member alsoattendedgeorge reid apologies were received
qualifications authority the following alsoattendedirene mcgugan north east scotland
the opening event which wasattendedby about 1 500 people
the opening of which iattendedlast year and which provides
pleasant surroundings in january iattendedthe official opening of the
members will be aware iattendedthe opening ceremony of the
partnership are emerging i recentlyattendedthe opening of an information
is always a but iattendedgordon rural action recently that
at a seminar that iattendedrecently and i understand that
first hand when i recentlyattendedthe annual general meeting of
our junction with england iattendedthe launch recently of the
industry and scientists recently iattendedworkshops that involved scientists and
west aberdeenshire and kincardine ldattendedclerk to the committee alasdair
sutherland and easter ross ldattendedclerk to the committee lee
chief executive of the authorityattendedany such meetings and what
meetings took place and whoattendeds1w 32862 fergus ewing to
the minister for justice hasattendedseven out of 184 meetings
ministers meetings its ministers haveattendedsince may 1999 expressed as
the scottish executive the chairmanattendedsome of those meetings i
to remind those who hadattendedthe meetings and who had
trossachs area over 200 peopleattendedthese meetings 7 the loch
that we michael russell whoattendedthose meetings from the scottish
allan wilson cunninghame north labattendedpresentation dermot scott european parliament
or society if they wereattendeda local church and whether
as only 22 of childrenattendedchurch and amongst that small
less than 25 of childrenattendedchurch and those who did
subjects 21 of urban subjectsattendedchurch occasionally compared to 20
parents and grandparents may haveattendedchurch regularly at a time
rural pupils claimed to haveattendedchurch themselves even then such
church and those who didattendedinfrequently the influence of church
church nearest their house whoattendedthe funeral which is very
free to participate i alsoattendedthe eu s allegedly public
cosla and poverty alliance alsoattendedthe seminar to facilitate the
michael matheson central scotland snpattendedacting clerk to the committee
ullrich west of scotland snpattendedclerk to the committee sam
snp john scott ayr conattendedwitness robin harper lothians green
usual events were fairly wellattendedand enjoyed by our regulars
events that i have everattendedi quickly became aware of
1998 over two hundred peopleattendedthe six events held across
mundell south of scotland conattendedclerk team leader alasdair rankin
unique and immensely valuable iattendeda meeting that was held
held regional seminars that wereattendedby small and medium sized
386 tarland held frequent wellattendedmarkets so it is unlikely
musical and straight theatre iattendedthe bursary concert held in
and 40 non governmental organisationsattendedthe seminars that we held
state for scotland john reidattendedworkshops were held on topics
and mince pies evening wasattendedby almost 70 recent leavers
at the recent health councilattendedby the minister for health
scottish executive whether any ministerattendedthe recent global wind power
some quite imaginative things weattendeda meeting at aberdeen city
quarry in midlothian and haveattendeda meeting in ayrshire the
for transport lewis macdonald mspattendeda meeting on the island
for transport lewis macdonald mspattendeda meeting on the island
an honest fellow who hadattendeda prayer meeting in a
party support last november iattendedan all party meeting in
meeting took place which ministerattendedand what was discussed s1w
discuss flood alleviation schemes whoattendedeach meeting and whether any
at the meeting that iattendedi hope that the committee
briefing sessions margo and iattendedsuch a briefing meeting as
people live the people whoattendedthe meeting asked me what
members of the public whoattendedthe meeting i have no
whether any minister or officialattendedthe meeting of sports ministers
the late 19th century childrenattendeda small school at migvie
year particularly for children iattendedalloway primary school which has
in day school which iattendedand er i think ehm
words were the school typeattendedand the area the children
names of the pupils whoattendedarbuthnott school on its last
above 12 years of ageattendedbervie school or mackie academy
type of school which theyattendedhis analysis of the teachers
local paper read [note: newspaper article] youattendedschool between the ages of
was certainly true when iattendedschool to speak properly local
as boys and girls weattendedthe sabath school and from
been selected simply because heattendedthe same uncomprehensive school as
attending crathie school 90 childrenattendedthe school alongside him currently
if known and the schoolattendedthere was a small note
the ordinary school they allattendedvarious boys there and who
us that the young urquhartattendedaberdeen university whose principal college
he was essentially royalist heattendeduniversity in aberdeen at the
mike ewing and philip banksattendedsome of them michael russell
ewing and her son fergusattendeda course at sabhal mòr
of the young people whoattendeda report on the youth
of the young people whoattendeda report on the youth
j [censored: surname] v [censored: surname] whoattendedfor a short period apologies
thank my fellow msps whoattendedfor not pressing their request
the admiration of everyone whoattendedthe assembly from africa the
hundreds of schoolchildren who haveattendedthe parliament today to celebrate
education system three pupils whoattendedthe visually impaired unit left
few areas last saturday iattendeda festival at eden court
scotland last saturday morning iattendeda sip event in my
benefit last weekend gil patersonattendedthe launch of the european
members of the standards committeeattendedthem we were very much
coffee morning although quite wellattendedmrs [censored: surname] reported that only
fact finding visit that iattendedin the mid scotland and
couple of years ago iattendeda 100th birthday party that
over the years i haveattendedconcerts at son morroig and
a few years ago iattendedthe launch of an initiative
scottish executive how many peopleattendededucation institutions for the purposes
people aged between 11 18attendedthe civic centre in motherwell
health problems that must beattendedto the health centre is
only two such labour mpsattendedthe debate for half an
parents only mary s motherattendedwhen he was twenty one
that when an english outsiderattendedan interview this very often
think they are very wellattendedi ve been to to
the stamps even greater secrecyattendedthe steady plop of these
and insurance these will beattendedto when the treasurer has
all were aged 11 andattendededinburgh primary schools the schools
if guests were invited theyattendedthe whole wedding there were
month or two ago iattendeda gathering at which the
finance committee which dr simpsonattendedand i did not but
securing the debate when iattendedthe presentation that the national
legislation team in the parliamentattendedfor this item 3 amendments
v lecture in afternoon poorlyattendedbut well worth hearing hope
town and surrounding parish iattended3 interments one was my
things i found i iattendeda carers group for alzheimer
my full realisation until iattendeda play in scots at
is a lunch that iattendedat st ronan s primary
occasions the convener and iattendedlord mackay s court to
colleagues about the future iattendedthe cohesion forum in brussels
night in the gorbals iattendedwhat i would call the
tak thaim lest wodinsday ahattendeda wumman at zasyp she
unit at the scottish executiveattendedfor this item 5 time
in her hand she isattendedby chrissie and teenie they
the service in greyfriars wasattendedby girls from the boarding
a chair by the bedattendedby princess nanse the queen
the мгиия english club largelyattendedby the 19 or so
reliance on a teacher havingattendedan in service about the
the disgrace of the affairattendedthe funeral delivered a desultory
of the youngsters that haveattendedthe project s counselling programmes
of staff from pricewaterhousecoopers pwcattendedthe risk workshop referred to
time worked in a prisonattendedthe risk workshop referred to
important item had to beattendedto namely the hanging up
the little hall clean orattendedto the fires and in
eye on her fiona hasattendedto the hissing pressure cooker
though they might not haveattendeda nursery beforehand ehm so
to g g esslemont andattendedwilliam findlay s lectures in
emergency department that she thenattendedpatients will benefit increasingly from

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