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eart au sindry smushed anaudat man devised in drush
oil he saw da eartausindry smushed an au dat
on ne parlait français niaulycée ni à l université
ai aussi étudié le françaisaulycée pendant six ans et
fareweill ma dear freins irenaaurevoir fedotik ah dout it
fedotik ah dout it isnaaurevoir it s guidby we
languages i say bonsoir andaurevoir to those who are
universités était aussi très traditionnelaucours de mon association avec
his blad anent orthographie eesesauah hae fun in makin
variables under investigation were iaugs ng v r the
the variables were gs iaung th r the findings
and the best discriminator wasaushowing that variables do not
je devais apprendre le latinaulieu des langues modernes parce
and or endings je vaisaumatch elles arrivent demain tense
once made a philosophical statementaubal des pompiers c est
she concentrated on the variableauand again found differences between
over from italy as anaupair m608: mmhm m1163: and
country into scotland so theaupair was the m608: mmhm
the kernels themselves are soldaunaturel roasted salted or sugared
daytrip ended with a luauat the volcano house on
cocoa ice with chocolate coqauvin chicken mushrooms onions stuffing
clock let faa its wechtsaubooed its heid weirin yer
da wart wi weepy eenauclagged an gurred a hundir
see da system snurl furaudey uggled proaged an purled
in hat sad back etcauthe dipthong in now down
under grill and brown caulifloweraugratin in jug ¼ pt
spiks is speaks un éclairauhasard fire flaucht is a
mak oot in the gloomauhovrin blackness o the room
t know f1155: you knowaunaturale when you come off

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