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bit we re yur captiveaudiencecammy ed s scarin stew
rainy day to a captiveaudiencemystified and admiring p 7
anything other than the captiveaudienceof his virtuoso performance there
in gym box around theaudienceexit boxers lights fade slightly
the gym box around theaudiencescott appears in gym jason
gym in front of theaudiencethen box their way out
the gym box around theaudiencethen in front of the
attention georgie she gives theaudiencea quizzical look to them
to get free georgie toaudiencea richt chancer my loon
hello auntie georgie georgie toaudienceaffa quiet has nae idea
s lucky charm georgie toaudienceat means he s been
for her georgie eh toaudiencechrissie s my sister noo
shakes her head georgie toaudiencefat chance o that tae
ma georgie aye loon toaudiencehe s ca ed dod
catch up exit georgie toaudiencei m gled i ve
never wear them georgie toaudiencei would because i ve
georgie hiv ye noo toaudienceit ll be money it
for a stert georgie toaudiencelizzie maks spitfires noo instead
sobs georgie speaks to theaudiencemaybe it was a mistake
ll be pleased georgie toaudiencenae if it s money
a richt exit georgie toaudienceshe s niver in the
teeth for nylons georgie toaudiencethat s nae the bit
the day exit georgie toaudiencethat s teenie a ower
for ye christine georgie toaudienceweel i hope it s
whatever dod ma georgie toaudienceye see tellt ye dod
can be seen by theaudienceonly exit mother father shakes
reach out to a wideraudienceer not many people had
mak available tae a wideraudienceexcellent writin in peerier though
across to a a wideraudiencem608: what kind of arabic
translators to enable a wideraudienceto participate are those facts
writing for a very specificaudiencehe s in england either
such a specific english readingaudiencemoreover urquhart is writing at
writing for a very specificaudiencenamely his english captors and
gang show not a largeaudiencebut they enjoy it 24
was well beyond my largeaudiences knowledge their bafflement was
attract a large off islandaudiencetwo exceptions perhaps being the
at the front for theaudienceto see the interaction miller
it s an english readingaudienceso it s not surprising
piano held centre stage theaudienceclapped appreciatively and the pianist
in central asia to anaudiencein isleburgh community centre and
form perhaps anyone in theaudiencewho has a view on
high school a very smallaudiencehere but the choir have
hall but a very smallaudiencemonday 26 a good night
as well as a scottishaudienceand the fact that the
was presented orally to anaudiencethe very fact that the
s closing address to theaudiencein a midsummer night s
joke with a very limitedaudience[laugh] and he has a
understandable to an english speakingaudiencewith some previous familiarity with
talk both solo to anaudienceand in group interaction will
both the poet and hisaudienceas the phenomenon is preserved
imagine the kind of contextaudiencewhich would value this kind
from representatives of the scottishaudiencethough this body has been
various ladies fainting in theaudienceafter his triumph he goes
s silliness to seduce hisaudiencebefore evoking pathos to strengthen
enjoying the attention of heraudiencefit a fleg his peer
heid tam looked round hisaudiencehis face suddenly serious i
franklin seems to remind hisaudiencethat ou should juidge his
to convince some of hisaudiencethat there might be more
he had just lost hisaudiencethe man rounded off his
the good will of hisaudienceuse an animalistic attribute in
guest speaker by delighting hisaudiencewith a snatch of a
did you want her toaudiencean it s nae easy
watter she grins at theaudiencei m nae makin ye
she winks conspiratorially to theaudienceand turns her back on
innate nobility which prepares theaudiencefor the revelation of her
ou can see why heraudiencemichtnae believe that the wife
can guarantee her a hugeaudiencesarah boyack it is important
of sight and letting theaudiencesee her hand with three
an shook her plumage theaudiencewis braw sae quaet ye
technical bearing in mind theaudiencestage of class etc mode
spending the effect on theaudienceand community the impact on
concerts always attracted a goodaudiencewith folk walking and cycling
nochtwithstanding this man gat noaudiencebe thame that was about
ye deein the day toaudiencehe winna min he s
fit like e day toaudiencemy sister s quine teenie
the time you need toaudiencedo you ever get the
way the cr- the theaudienceget at it m815: aye
if you can get anaudienceye know [laugh] f785: yeah
pause she looks at theaudienceand raises an eyebrow at
the bench and eyes theaudienceappraisingly for a moment she
she rises and addresses theaudiencedirectly lizzie she bade in
she points out into theaudienceinto the middle of the
multi media multi ehm ehaudiencebut basically fu is eh
[censored: surname] helpfully suggested that theaudiencewrote down their queries on
women writers in america theaudiencewrote the names down religiously
into a corner of theaudienceto where the wash house
when god is the onlyaudiencewhen we offer to him
communicate to the widest possibleaudiencean account of its activity
promote shetland to a wideaudienceand bring tourists to shetland
meaning in language appropriate toaudienceand purpose in so doing
downstage to speak to theaudienceas the old pair pass
leap over to touch theaudiencedirectly he recalls past scottish
playing to an impressionable youngaudiencehe also had the satisfaction
others turn their backs toaudiencenarr 1 thomas edward was
that played to a packedaudienceof about 30 standing room
best poems to a newaudienceone of lyndsay s greatest
left to right as theaudiencesees in the following order
circus you felt that theaudiencewas present to hear the
accessed by a united kingdomaudiencewhich exposed them to conduct
the last lines so theaudiencecan join in rearrange the
that ladies faint in theaudienceafter this triumph he goes
a much erm more diverseaudiencethan we ever have in
years ago i misjudged myaudiencewho were elderly people and
it just depends who youraudienceis m865: mmhm okay [laugh]
speakin an then when theaudiencelaughed aw the rest o
direct line between performer andaudiencea complete joy there s
barnes words discussion of theaudiences needs and whether they
that the oral poet saudiencewould be conscious of the
by the bbc with thisaudiencef963: yeah mmhm m762: erm
conferences with a focus onaudiencepurpose and precision in expression
seared the psyches of theaudiencein a vivid affirmation of
bow keep music playing untilaudienceapplaud note the actors should
majority of the scottish broadcastingaudiencedeplores the establishment of yet
every single member of theaudiencef810: aw no f809: so
breath the opening curtain theaudiencelaughed and cried at tilting
sea sky and mountains theaudiencesat entranced as the sun
this petition pe601 rights ofaudiencein scottish courts mr bill
for levis i talked targetaudienceproduct image and soft and

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