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back tae the meal anaulfarrant names come tae myn
leave ye wi a gyeaulfarrant upcome o esma s
it angelica ye min thonaulevenin frock o grannie s
the frock it s myaulworking claes angelica oh let
dances nooadays perms is affaaulfashioned enter dod dod doing
says hersel it s oweraulfashioned i widna be seen
whale jing bang to smellyaultoots smiling widely she pats
there a her life peeraulbody onywye is nicht there
y it was nae peeraulcats left lyin for oors
sarah to visit her peeraulmither and she s got
i m getting affa stiffaulage doesna come itsel an
it chrissie he s geyaulfor you teenie that doesna
she doesna ken half theaulwordies hersel gladys i div
bar neen baith young anaulm baith great an smaa
neen i m jist anaulmisery plenty o folk have
street bessie gladys oh meaulboot at s good at
live up tae the toughestaulboot in the street bessie
you chasin some gey mangyaulcats fan you were younger
blew she throosh her nestyaulbugger brian pit in wi
he ll be proposing toaullizzie afore we ken far
persuasive and full of himselfaullizzie mother of muriel and
things lizzie but nae oweraulto dee them maybe she
the different colours o dayaulchickens the colours obtain t
aye said it was oweraulfarant for her muriel fit
files that if it saulding it doon ere s
georgie it s ca edaulage jim naething that death
maybe georgie he s geyaulfor her chrissie aye pause
since i was seven yearaulzyxw georgie thank you jim
same attraction it maun beaulage an a cosy fireside
a fine start to myaulage hospital i wish noo
o my life sixty theaulage pension folk lookin at
waitin till i m anaulage pensioner to ha e
she couldna ve been affaaulnae mair than 50 i
wint peggy nae like usaulfolk you mean ach neil
that you were just fooaulpeggy i was seven it
london an broadcast fae theaulbbc studios in belmont street
every word because her feelaulmither here has left the
yersel wumman you re oweraulto be thinking aboot sic
finds oot he s oweraulto manage it she ll
the best place for anaulbody like me she pulls
canna cope maybe iss bletherinaulchiel is a haverin dope
spring chicken only 80 yearaulsome gentle laughter neil you
s nae mair than daysaulit gings against the grain
an mair linkin sae weelaulphotos an sketches tae the
roon baggie or a plainaulsquare een it s mair
him i m a stupitaulfeel an i ve forgotten
shrugs a son in lawauler than yoursel the cooper
date tae feenish comparing theaulwye o shoppin till the
weel some men like anauler woman i ve seen
put your keys you reaulenough to look efter your
re a deein jist foraultime s sake ye ken
else fit wi bein anaulfreen i suppose lucky me
it s aw true abootauldilithium then eddie whit aboot
though wi yon pair theaulman an his monniment o
swank as a shalt theaulman here is father gien
fin nava wis five yearaula terrorist bomb at the
dennertime i wis oot ataulmeldrum as guest o the
is insult abuse steer oaullichties is a crowd of
soo a doo a henaulgoat or coo as a

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