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the things that befell theauldestlassie befell this ane tae
him the roke an theauldestlassie forby on an on
greedie craitur at aince theauldestlassie taen the roke frae
want a puddok for hirauldestguidson ae day ah sal
want a puddok for hirauldestguidson ae day ah sal
wheen yeir n ella theauldestmarriet ane o the pow
you inby the weidae sauldestdochter an the knowe did
for thaim the weidae sauldestdochter said til hir mither
he gaed his gait theauldestquyne regairdit the mukkil hankil
frae the huntin sae theauldestquyne set hirsell ti mak
aff an awa gaed theauldestquyne ti sit hirsell doun
til thair bed whan theauldestlad fergal haedna the chaunce
war telt even fergal theauldestthat wes verra near a
barmekin at thirteen years theauldestson pit on the scarlet
back til hir faither theauldestprincess cairrit owre hir airm
sie keing offert callum theauldestprincess for his wyfe he
pleisir an gledness syne theauldestprincess haundit til him the
whan thay wad mairrie theauldestprincess kuist hir heid hie
wad mak callum an theauldestprincess man an wyfe strecht
purves characters nanse the proodauldestprincess morag the broun yungest
wad finnd lyin thare theauldestprincess taen the gowden kie
wi that he sent hisauldestprincess ti open the biggest
bed an she cryit hirauldestdochter til hir an the
first the keing gied hisauldestdochter til the reid bul
cuid weill unnerstaun that hirauldestdochter wes no the the
men staunin owre thare theauldestdochter whas name wes mysie
wee pink tung first theauldestlassie an syne the saicont
smert as ye lyke theauldestlassie brocht a bowle o
fuit for ye but theauldestlassie hae nae tyme for
the fluir fell fest theauldestlassie lockit the dure ahint
wattir for ti wash theauldestlassie s feet wi thaim
inti the haund o theauldestlassie the kies til aw
ferr bank the burn maauldestson lamps aw ower the
gaed ti king taizong sauldestoe son o prince yunrang
settil the crown on maauldestson malcolm frae this day
think it wur henry scottauldestson o gledson scott o
hope is at allie murrayauldestson o wullie murray o
della della ah m theauldestsister ah ll gee ur
til the warld outby theauldestfairie said til him tam
macinnes speired ruth ledingham theauldesto the three lassies nae
cause krista you re theauldestsister you ll keep us
plenish thaim sae whan theauldestane wes mair nor a
was nearly nine an myauldestbrother had tae move ower
bed in his studio celebratesauldestalliance a winnock apen to
maun be olga serghyeevna theauldestyin an you wul be
tae geordie him bein theauldesta suppose that ll be
the rodden hoosie wis theauldestcottar hoose on the ferm
the thinkin even the twaauldestprincesses thocht a wee for
hearin me ah m theauldesttradition dictates ah ll be
schuil it roberton harry theauldesti the faimlie jyned the

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