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the green wuid whit itheraunsertthe callant galluss lyke an
whuther his horse kickit heaunsertthat it did but whan
dae ah im a reivaraunserthe speikin quaetlyke ir ye
dug in aw scotland cannieaunsertthe draiglin hogney tak you
fallae ay that ah imaunsertiain wul ye byde wi
yeir bonnie heid aboot thataunsertthe fairie but cum you
oblieged ah im naething avaaunsertthe fairie for ah wurk
owre the ingil a staneaunsertthe weidae nocht but a
fuit lyke howt man cormacaunsertyeir horse wes nae mair
aw ay he dis thataunsertthe loun for his hound
roch vyce ay dis heaunsertthe loun for the onlie
mither onlie thocht lyke youaunsertthe lassie waelyke an taen
mynd it shuirlie the princessaunserthir an thenk ye rael
div wush that wes trueaunsertmysie but ma mither says
soud dae eilidh an eilidhaunserthim for a lass o
days at aw the wutchaunserthim but it is in
spiert at him ay heaunsertwha ither but whit s
ye think an his wyfeaunserthim it s nae guid
wes fleitcht bi thaim anaunsertthair quaistens blythlie ir ye

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