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lou lighten your hearts withauntiesybil dear auntie sybil i
hearts with auntie sybil dearauntiesybil i am absolutely bewildered
we heard tell foo maauntienell hid come doon tae
better lad weel it seemedauntienell niver bedd lang enough
turkey s on the wayauntienell s a vegan so
the fusky that cud garauntienell s cousin s man
the pub she telt maauntienell we ll jist bide
ena and ina said albaauntieena and auntie ina the
their environment to blame myauntieina is gay he offered
said alba auntie ena andauntieina the lesbian lovers yes
earth graham observed to hisauntieena but it is he
she isn t they thinkauntieena is her lodger ena
an wha s yon wummanauntieolia say hello auntie olia
wumman auntie olia say helloauntieolia two street musicians a
f1155: oh right just yourauntieand they- f1154: yeah auntie
mah mother s sister ayauntieberna silence tess auntie berna
ay auntie berna silence tessauntieberna tell us whit yi
auntie [censored: forename] now m1090: andauntie[censored: forename] and in buckie and
oh all done [inaudible] f1117: auntie[censored: forename] auntie [censored: forename] s gonna
bye first i ll beauntie[censored: forename] f1089: auntie [censored: forename] now
it was auntie [censored: forename] m1096: auntie[censored: forename] f1095: aye m1096: she
i ll phone her f1089: auntie[censored: forename] in buckie and auntie
go- f1095: that was notauntie[censored: forename] it was auntie [censored: forename]
not auntie [censored: forename] it wasauntie[censored: forename] m1096: auntie [censored: forename] f1095:
auntie [censored: forename] s ain f1097: auntie[censored: forename] m1098: aye f1097: uncle
ll be auntie [censored: forename] f1089: auntie[censored: forename] now m1090: and auntie
uh huh and that sauntie[censored: forename] s ain f1097: auntie
done [inaudible] f1117: auntie [censored: forename]auntie[censored: forename] s gonna take us
auntie and they- f1154: yeahauntie[censored: surname] so erm yeah i
[inaudible] [exhale] but it sauntiehouse is that auntie s
auntie [censored: forename] in buckie andauntie[inaudible] in aberdeen m1090: and
a monday m1094: go toaunties f1093: go to auntie
s auntie house is thataunties house f1093: no m1094:
auntie s f1093: go toaunties m1094: [inaudible] f1093: what
what s he come furauntieberna berna cause ah telt
ripe tess will ah gitauntieberna krista nae need here
been it the brew bernaauntieberna mind the brig side
off tess silly robby didauntieberna noh say shid wrote
wis comin krista kind considerateauntieberna s been plannin ti
wrote in the letter zebauntieberna s letter had a
year an you jist stertitnauntieberna sniffin roon us like
yi write ti him abootauntieberna zeb she calls you
berna zeb she calls youauntierobby she s mah mother
had to ye put theauntiean the uncle intae it
it and that was whenauntie[censored: forename] and uncle [censored: forename] came
will we gie some toauntie[censored: forename] and uncle [censored: forename] m1128:
uncle [censored: forename] f1133: aye f1134: auntie[censored: forename] see i m daein
sort o mixture aye maauntiejanet and uncle paul they
tae call them uncle walterauntiemary until ye left the
the corner uncle whoever orauntiewhoever champin it the bit
during the dashing white sergeantauntiegeorgie georgie grinning i was
away ah m a richtauntiegeorgie georgie not believing her
teenie fit aboot this mannieauntiegeorgie georgie they ve drapped
sister s quine teenie helloauntiegeorgie georgie to audience affa
we go roon and getauntie[censored: forename] and go f1130: mmhm
come to the shop withauntie[censored: forename] and me f1118: yes
a baby f1089: mummy andauntie[censored: forename] didn t we we
i m gonna answer a-auntie[censored: forename] f1089: are you m1090:
me you speaking to yourauntie[censored: forename] m1098: aye [exhale] nae
f1103: they were like erauntie[censored: forename] s bonnie all white
f1095: no stop it m1096: auntie[censored: forename] s go- f1095: that
box about [inaudible] right wellauntie[censored: forename] s goin to come
s that f1111: that sauntie[censored: forename] s legs f1112: ha
we ll gaun back taeauntie[censored: forename] s mam f1109: oh
tomorrow to gaun back taeauntie[censored: forename] s mam f1109: the
we re gaun back toauntie[censored: forename] s okay we made
we ll come back taeauntie[censored: forename] s on our way
to her how f1111: afterauntie[censored: forename] s work they come
we ll maybe go wiauntie[censored: forename] this afternoon and see
was throwing them at youauntie[censored: forename] would have been angry
where are aa the topsaunties- [censored: forename] s a bit
race anticlimax ah ve anauntielives oan skye gangs aboot
douglas any more is myauntieshe lives in milton keynes
milton keynes f1155: is yourauntiewho lives in milton keynes
one f1093: has she hasauntiegot one of them too
cheese f1093: mmhm [laugh] m1094: aunties got one f1093: has
with [?]arranging[/?] events of courseauntiemary and i will be
mm f640: oh did yourauntiemary bring cherry cake no
to edinburgh with world waysauntiemary is coming next weekend
that cause i have thatauntiemary s cherry f640: [?]oh do you?[/?]
should with the aid ofauntiemary s jumper keep me
if it s for yerauntiefanny leave t on so
if it s for yerauntiehelen pick it aff if
ay bit it s yerauntiei m thinkin o as
a dray horse while yerauntiejessie s bringin ben the
oh jings it s yerauntiemargaret really you should be
ye were speakin aboot yerauntiewhat did she have in
me himsel ca ed efterauntieevelyn ma never forgave da
wisnae really showin like maauntiefae england [throat] she was
the livin room wi maauntiepauline are you sure that
through tae the kitchen maauntiepauline wis sittin at the
a beard ah think maaunties a wee bit wierd
didny dare go against maaunties word the only bit
super outlook bleak ma auldauntieshe s cried phemie named
navachitta bandara s daith maauntiewad niver alloo yon traivellers
that stopped eh like myauntiebade next door an her
[laugh] that s how myauntiebarbara got away wi so
in edinburgh and incidentally myauntiedorea used to cut his
we jist went to myauntieevelyn naebody else but i
haemanannie richt grown up myauntiegave me a wee gless
it an chrissie my bonniestauntiekisses her cheek an look
s fifty ears ago greatauntielizzie and my grannie sat
you ken f1077: cause myauntiemina and the rest of
a long time but myauntiemina and them used to
m1042: an my a- myauntiepicked me out o my
with my granny and myauntieso m959: oh right be
something f832: exactly or anauntieor a cousin f833: cause
tell you he does anauntiegladys accent and voice you
f1101: i ll be herauntieaye farr is the baby
[inaudible] [inaudible] you be herauntief1101: i ll be her
hirplin on ane leg likauntiebeenie wi her peg they
of brother s keeper orauntiemaggie in her heyday i
said blankly her emphasis onauntiereeked of sarcasm frankly he
she got them at heraunties but we aw ken
fire bit mabel smith sauntieor grannie at hythie made
so here i am withauntieand it s fun fun
dick barton special agent andauntiekathleen garscadden s children s
fur it tae fit wiaunties airms the kinch tae
a sair wecht aroon hisaunties craig tho she d
daughter f689: that s hisaunties daughter f631: right right
the family will accept youraunties orientation in time right
airts far s the precentorauntiethey dinna need een here
an the ehm john sauntiewas apparently always towtie ye
knit ye ken like yourauntiebade roon the corner f1043:
as bad as she isauntieglad bessie urgently tak me
at all about convicts toauntiejune from melbourne because she
were aye like this thenauntiegladys gladys aye they were
the past few weeks thankauntiemaggie for me will you
tae hae surgery mynd hisauntiejude his traiveller bluid in
our party plans again maybeauntiemcbeeb should just ask lady
graham despised the slosh greatauntieann didn t know how
geordie nivver min im hisauntiehid im till a sodger
i don t know whatauntiebarbara wanted anybody up there
i don t know whatauntiebarbara was expectin to find
i ve received letters fromauntiemaggie roberta over the past
f718: mmhm f1077: we- wellauntiemina was round the f718:
meikleburgh langsyne the andersons baithauntiean nevoy baith vrocht in
an sayed yeir sauf nouauntiemirren shae gied hir a
choir thursday 26 to kdyauntiecharlotte very quiet worrying a
sister janet dunlop kent isauntiejanet hed the owerance o
spak yon wird fur wirdauntiewis bakin oatcakes on the

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