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mithers sisters dochters braw granniesauntse en mithers in law
meanwhile granny bruce an theauntshid knuckled doon tae the
gestures of older sisters mothersauntsthe female carriers of the
betty warwick o girnwud sauntsa pages 158 159 178
says the child has fiftyauntsfifty can you believe that
ower her heid bit theauntsan her granny likit it
the toon granny an theauntswid be guid tae her
o birse baith o theauntswore gowd room glaisses like
one of mabel smith sauntsliked creeshy hens for making
risin up ahin it theauntshid bin busy aa evenin
alloa area where all myauntscame from they would refer
s butter fardens grannie andauntswere good cooks though they
was my one of myauntshas got four boys who
tae makk up the twaauntstelt her afore she d
i martha we two oldauntswhat are you looking at
her my mum an myauntsan that called their mum
dabbit her een an theauntspatted her shooders matty s
the straw her grandparents andauntshad a nap in their
tha- one of my otherauntswas a weaver and there
tae come oot an maauntsused to come oot in
i gather one of theauntsis gay well chacun à

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