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of the 2001 02 waterauthorityaudits ags 2002 7 3
of the 2001 02 waterauthorityaudits ags 2002 7 4
of the 2001 02 waterauthorityaudits ags 2002 7 4
of the 2001 02 waterauthorityaudits ags 2002 7 6
of the 2001 02 localauthorityaudits and taking the initiative
fundamental financial controls of localauthorityaudits referred to in the
of the 2001 02 localauthorityaudits s1w 34376 mr keith
of the 2001 02 localauthorityaudits s1w 34377 mr keith
of the 2001 02 localauthorityaudits that if scotland s
of the 2001 02 localauthorityaudits that scope exists for
of the 2001 02 localauthorityaudits that some local authority
of the 2001 02 localauthorityaudits that the percentage of
of the 2001 02 waterauthorityaudits the committee will consider
of the 2001 02 waterauthorityaudits the committee will consider
of the 2001 02 waterauthorityaudits the committee will consider
of the 2001 02 waterauthorityaudits the committee will receive
authority audits that some localauthorityjoint boards have yet to
former chief executive scottish qualificationsauthorityall i can say in
posts at the scottish qualificationsauthorityand b the criteria for
executive of the scottish qualificationsauthorityand if so which minister
along with the scottish qualificationsauthorityand stakeholders to deliver on
ministers concerning the scottish qualificationsauthorityand this year s examination
se 2000 215 scottish qualificationsauthorityannual report 1999 2000 se
date a the scottish qualificationsauthorityb the scottish executive and
resulting from the scottish qualificationsauthoritybill agrees to the following
respect of the scottish qualificationsauthoritybill b the following programme
1 of the scottish qualificationsauthoritybill be completed by 21
agrees that the scottish qualificationsauthoritybill be passed after debate
competitive economy 2 scottish qualificationsauthoritybill business motion euan robson
3 of the scottish qualificationsauthoritybill debate on each part
mr andy kerr scottish qualificationsauthoritybill financial resolution that the
principles of the scottish qualificationsauthoritybill followed by financial resolution
debate on the scottish qualificationsauthoritybill followed by parliamentary bureau
debate on the scottish qualificationsauthoritybill insert followed by financial
completed 14 may scottish qualificationsauthoritybill passed 2 may tobacco
debate on the scottish qualificationsauthoritybill s1m 2686 cathy jamieson
respect of the scottish qualificationsauthoritybill s1m 2884 mr andy
parliament 21 march scottish qualificationsauthoritybill stage 1 debate meeting
committee 5 march scottish qualificationsauthoritybill stage 1 evidence education
passed 21 march scottish qualificationsauthoritybill stage 2 education culture
scottish ministers 5 scottish qualificationsauthoritybill stage 3 the bill
not moved 6 scottish qualificationsauthoritybill stage 3 the minister
2686 cathy jamieson scottish qualificationsauthoritybill that the parliament agrees
administration c the scottish qualificationsauthorityd scottish screen and e
work for the scottish qualificationsauthorityehm where i am principal
their school for scottish qualificationsauthorityexaminations in a latin and
glossy brochures the scottish qualificationsauthorityfiasco was costly more is
is for the scottish qualificationsauthorityfor a the current financial
arose at the scottish qualificationsauthorityhad we known that detail
fee income the scottish qualificationsauthorityhas received in respect of
how much the scottish qualificationsauthorityhas spent since 1 august
posts at the scottish qualificationsauthorityhave been advertised internally only
director of awards scottish qualificationsauthorityi cannot help the committee
relation to the scottish qualificationsauthorityin answering he omitted to
has cost the scottish qualificationsauthorityin each year since the
to by the scottish qualificationsauthorityin its recent report on
years for the scottish qualificationsauthorityin regard to the authority
operated by the scottish qualificationsauthorityincluding where the system was
bridget loney from scottish qualificationsauthorityis representing classics in the
director of awards scottish qualificationsauthorityjohn kelly national association of
lies with the scottish qualificationsauthorityrather than individual colleges within
wrote that the scottish qualificationsauthorityrefuses to let their daughter
any of the scottish qualificationsauthoritys functions the power of
to monitor the scottish qualificationsauthoritys1w 12141 mr mike rumbles
diet to the scottish qualificationsauthoritys1w 14974 mary scanlon to
working in the scottish qualificationsauthoritys1w 15017 david mundell to
certificates from the scottish qualificationsauthoritys1w 15765 shona robison to
held with the scottish qualificationsauthoritysqa board on the proposal
informed that the scottish qualificationsauthoritysqa board wished to include
responsibility of the scottish qualificationsauthoritysqa heis with degree awarding
costs of the scottish qualificationsauthoritysqa is paid to a
accredited by the scottish qualificationsauthoritysqa section 3 becoming eligible
and b the scottish qualificationsauthoritysqa since 1 august 2000
awarded by the scottish qualificationsauthoritysqa the sqa is the
executive of the scottish qualificationsauthoritysqa to the education culture
staff at the scottish qualificationsauthoritysqa were proposed by the
in private 2 scottish qualificationsauthoritythe committee will consider its
for witnesses 3 scottish qualificationsauthoritythe committee will take evidence
former chief executive scottish qualificationsauthoritythe following also attended irene
accounts for the scottish qualificationsauthoritywere published for a 1997
executive when the scottish qualificationsauthoritywill publish its accounts for
recruited by the scottish qualificationsauthoritywill receive the scripts from
blame onto the scottish qualificationsauthoritywill the first minister accept
initiatives the shadow strategic railauthorityadministers the rail passenger partnership
guidance to the strategic railauthorityand in bidding for funds
consult with the strategic railauthorityand others to facilitate its
consult with the strategic railauthorityand others to facilitate its
surveys that the strategic railauthorityand so on were undertaking
edinburgh council the strategic railauthorityand the railway industry to
to urge the strategic railauthorityand the six pre qualified
agreed with the strategic railauthorityand the strathclyde passenger transport
representatives of the strategic railauthorityand what issues were discussed
last met the strategic railauthorityand what matters were discussed
flows from the strategic railauthorityand what the economic and
board of the strategic railauthorityand when it expects to
closely with the strategic railauthorityin re letting the scottish
closely with the strategic railauthorityin re letting the scottish
closely with the strategic railauthorityin re letting the scottish
closely with the strategic railauthorityin re letting the scottish
review against the strategic railauthorityin relation to its recent
notes that the strategic railauthorityis establishing a new northern
single budget if the localauthorityis the strategic body and
the award to any localauthorityof a strategic housing budget
with the shadow strategic railauthorityon 26 june 2000 following
make to the strategic railauthorityregarding the issuing of directions
given to the strategic railauthorityregarding the orton loop and
single regulator enhancing the localauthoritys strategic role through local
representation on the strategic railauthoritys1o 215 27 tricia marwick
met with the strategic railauthoritysra in i edinburgh and
announcements by the strategic railauthoritysra will have on any
and advise the strategic railauthoritythat the franchise for the
to direct the strategic railauthorityto create a public not
on the shadow strategic railauthorityto review this situation before
by the shadow strategic railauthoritywhich can be used to
announcements by the strategic railauthoritywill have on the service
is secured by a localauthority2 in this act social
be determined by the localauthority3 the relevant portion is
the duty of a localauthoritya in entering any arrangement
the 1968 act a localauthoritya may in accordance with
an officer of a localauthorityacting in pursuance of any
figures given for each localauthorityadd up to 701 and
is enforceable by the localauthorityagainst the recipient of the
those of government and localauthorityagencies we can test other
an agreement between a localauthorityand a body corporate which
could arise between a localauthorityand a recipient of a
2 insert 2a a localauthorityand a registered social landlord
entered into between a localauthorityand all registered social landlords
resolving disputes between the localauthorityand an individual over whether
situation people approach their localauthorityand ask for what is
broken down by a localauthorityand b duration of funding
awaiting transfer to a localauthorityand b private residential or
was submitted to what localauthorityand by whom each proposal
and not by the localauthorityand c the final report
task force involving the localauthorityand enterprise agencies in a
is still bureaucracy at localauthorityand health board level that
decency to prioritise executive localauthorityand housing association investment in
for the investment in localauthorityand housing association property to
for the investment in localauthorityand housing association property to
for schools in each localauthorityand how those criteria were
options available to the localauthorityand i am happy to
i wrote to every localauthorityand i received a plethora
that subsection or a localauthorityand iii for the words
unequal funding support between localauthorityand independently run care homes
fire brigade and the localauthorityand information was shared in
been funded from existing localauthorityand nhs board resources or
b into which each localauthorityand nhs body which is
work closely with the localauthorityand receive the housing strategy
an agreement between the localauthorityand rsls to take on
in favour of combined localauthorityand scottish parliamentary elections s1w
confirm his opinion the localauthorityand the property factor have
be resolved between the localauthorityand the recipient without having
is authorised by the localauthorityand the registrar general a
a member of a localauthorityand the remuneration is in
of disagreement between the localauthorityand the rsl the provisions
terms of both the localauthorityand two private sector bids
costs broken down by localauthorityand whether it intends to
by section grant of localauthorityapplication 3 of this act
a2 a below a localauthorityare not to charge for
1 where a a localauthorityare providing or have secured
many people in each localauthorityarea a have already applied
per capita in each localauthorityarea a in total and
installation programme in each localauthorityarea actively considering whole housing
officers within their own localauthorityarea amendment 12 would not
broken down by a localauthorityarea and b further education
broken down by a localauthorityarea and b further education
total b in each localauthorityarea and c on average
there are in each localauthorityarea and how many additional
years broken down by localauthorityarea and what percentage of
currently are in each localauthorityarea and what short and
in learning in each localauthorityarea and what the total
housing stock in each localauthorityarea benefited from energy efficiency
a constituency and b localauthorityarea broken down by national
may rise in each localauthorityarea expressed as an annual
parliamentary constituency and b localauthorityarea expressed i per capita
proposed solutions in each localauthorityarea implicit in the local
in the north ayrshire localauthorityarea in a 1996 97
in the north ayrshire localauthorityarea in a 1996 97
in the north ayrshire localauthorityarea in a 1996 97
in the north ayrshire localauthorityarea in a 1996 97
in the north ayrshire localauthorityarea in a 1996 97
in the north ayrshire localauthorityarea in a 1996 97
in the north ayrshire localauthorityarea in a 1996 97
scotland and b each localauthorityarea in each year from
scotland and b each localauthorityarea in each year from
transport providers within each localauthorityarea in respect of recommendations
there are within each localauthorityarea in the central scotland
act 1995 in each localauthorityarea in the period april
act 1995 in each localauthorityarea in the period april
act 1995 in each localauthorityarea in the period april
area covers more than oneauthorityarea local authority joint or
give a breakdown by localauthorityarea of the 20 million
each category in each localauthorityarea over the next 10
council is the only localauthorityarea proposed to be split
parking spaces within each localauthorityarea s1w 1146 shona robison
of 12 in each localauthorityarea s1w 11821 richard lochhead
initiative broken down by localauthorityarea s1w 13115 linda fabiani
spent broken down by localauthorityarea s1w 13116 mr jamie
there are in each localauthorityarea s1w 14599 mr murray
tenant ballot in each localauthorityarea s1w 16826 mr brian
2001 broken down by localauthorityarea s1w 23044 colin campbell
2001 broken down by localauthorityarea s1w 23045 colin campbell
2002 broken down by localauthorityarea s1w 24727 irene mcgugan
not broken down by localauthorityarea s1w 26919 mr gil
payments broken down by localauthorityarea s1w 28510 miss annabel
in respect of each localauthorityarea s1w 29297 donald gorrie
years broken down by localauthorityarea s1w 32364 shona robison
1999 broken down by localauthorityarea s1w 32875 mr duncan
each nhs board or localauthorityarea s1w 33718 mr david
residential homes in each localauthorityarea s1w 34390 mr adam
years broken down by localauthorityarea s1w 34832 richard lochhead
years broken down by localauthorityarea s1w 34839 richard lochhead
made broken down by localauthorityarea s1w 7691 tricia marwick
deaf people in each localauthorityarea s1w 9858 ms sandra
in number in each localauthorityarea so their case might
of taxis in each localauthorityarea to be accessible to
cannot travel into another localauthorityarea using their pass without
the panels in each localauthorityarea which hear and consider
the scottish executive which localauthorityareas do not yet have
varies between and within localauthorityareas however in many areas
the immense benefits to localauthorityareas of dlos and believes
scottish executive in which localauthorityareas pupils who have taken
claims and in which localauthorityareas s1w 3617 mr kenny
are available in all localauthorityareas s1w 7188 mr murray
require in the relevant localauthorityareas we recognise however that
will begin whether all localauthorityareas will be covered which
were poor in most localauthorityareas with the exception of
the expression resources 5 localauthorityarrangements for residential accommodation outwith
than usually provided 5 localauthorityarrangements for residential accommodation outwith
devolution occurs where the localauthorityarranges a lease with the
and corruption in the localauthorityas a lanarkshire lass that
such payments to a localauthorityas are mentioned in that
and local authorities or theauthorityas the case may be
local authorities or the particularauthorityas the case may be
right to choose the localauthorityas their landlord michael thain
an adoption agency or localauthorityas to the suitability of
any function of the localauthorityb any person authorised by
the area of the localauthorityb facilitating the personal social
staff worked in a localauthorityb private and c voluntary
staff worked in a localauthorityb private and c voluntary
to property would a localauthoritybe able to seek redress
passing comment could a localauthoritybe required to give notice
line was that the localauthoritybearing statutory responsibility for education
its area with each localauthoritybeing required by statute to
its area with each localauthoritybeing required to agree with
homeless people in a localauthoritybetter homes for scotland s
being made in evaluating localauthoritybids for funding for school
for the words a localauthorityboard or adoption society falling
it appears to a localauthorityboth that a a child
it appears to a localauthorityboth that a a person
of multiple proposals across localauthorityboundaries in consideration of planning
the timescale for reviewing localauthorityboundaries in the light of
any plans to reorganise localauthorityboundaries s1o 1821 2 trish
practice and training across localauthorityboundaries s1w 7169 mr kenneth
catchment areas rather than localauthorityboundaries s1w 7682 mr kenneth
increases in health and localauthoritybudgets european funding highlands and
money be put into localauthoritybudgets to offset the costs
is produced by a localauthoritybuilding inspector to say that
decision instead of the localauthoritybusiness bulletin no 158 2001
an adoption society or localauthorityby any person or by
wish or any other localauthorityc in subsection 4 for
per pupil by each localauthoritycan be broken down into
of checks that the localauthoritycan carry out we are
allotments scotland act the localauthoritycan make alter and revoke
long time if the localauthoritycannot act until compulsory purchase
pfi projects compares to localauthoritycapital spending in 1990 91
salary was of each localauthoritychief executive in each of
education in partnership with localauthoritychild care and social work
greater transparency if a localauthoritycommittee appointed the consultants fiona
structure for this body localauthoritycommittee or joint committee when
is the convener do localauthoritycommittees ignore the advice of
involvement in governance and localauthoritycommittees or boards are rejected
the nhs to the localauthoritycommunity care budget will the
buildings 1 where a localauthorityconsiders that the occupants of
from being done a localauthorityconstituent of mine tried to
concerning the extension of localauthoritycontracts what opportunity do i
to extend the current localauthoritycontracts would almost certainly be
removed fe colleges from localauthoritycontrol and established them as
directly funded schools to localauthoritycontrol s1o 122 25 cathie
directly funded schools to localauthoritycontrol s1o 122 25 cathie
deciding to stay under localauthoritycontrol take all necessary steps
crawford described them the localauthoritycould act through compulsory purchase
are concerned that the localauthoritycould either skew that funding
fire brigade and the localauthoritycould not agree on the
up of the fifteen localauthoritycouncillors elected to wards in
a veto over a localauthoritydecision but it is absolutely
a veto over a localauthoritydecision which is an outrageous
work departments and other localauthoritydepartments and health boards as
lack of communication between localauthoritydepartments and other agencies leads
in and underfunding of localauthoritydepartments it is essential that
for children by different localauthoritydepartments should be fully co
recording systems when the localauthoritydid not own any of
one mile outwith the localauthoritydistrict otherwise the local authority
not imply that the localauthoritydoes everything plus any extra
local authorities if a localauthoritydoes not act in the
in which a small localauthoritydoes not have the relevant
bus services if the localauthoritydoes not provide a chaperon
in situations where a localauthoritydoes not provide appropriate and
provide for tenants whose localauthoritydoes not pursue housing stock
local authority tenants where theauthoritydoes not pursue housing stock
chairman of the scottish localauthorityeconomic development slaed tourism sub
it has issued to localauthorityeducation departments relating to school
and staff in the localauthorityeducation sector one would need
sheridan s1m 1071 holding localauthorityelections in 2002 lodged on
mr keith harding holding localauthorityelections in 2002 that the
the same day as localauthorityelections in the relevant area
ensure that the next localauthorityelections proceed as planned in
change does not affect localauthorityemployees the new and the
an offence to specified localauthorityemployees without the requirement for
critical mass from a localauthorityenterprise that maintains roads will
opinion of the relevant localauthorityeuan robson i can think
seminars with follow up localauthorityevents but ehm as i
nhs bodies towards certain localauthorityexpenditure 1 an nhs body
nhs bodies towards certain localauthorityexpenditure 11 payments by local
nhs bodies towards certain localauthorityexpenditure 2a in section 20
2002 why a individual localauthorityfigures for scotland have not
practice of publishing individual localauthorityfigures should be followed s1w
benefits the effects on localauthorityfinance and all the rest
a fee to the localauthorityfor the approval process which
officer appointed by the localauthorityfor the area in which
detained and d the localauthorityfor the area in which
end insert and the localauthorityfor the area in which
notice would prevent a localauthorityfrom taking enforcement action in
were invited to a localauthorityfunction at which tea coffee
know that is a localauthorityfunction but the bill provides
paying higher fees than localauthorityfunded clients for the same
am not talking about localauthorityfunding and all the other
light of any reduced localauthorityfunding and what action it
the years because of localauthorityfunding crises many of which
the scottish executive whether localauthorityfunding for care of the
taken account of in localauthorityfunding settlements s1w 9140 pauline
scottish executive whether the localauthorityfunding shortfalls identified by cosla
ensure that executive and localauthorityfunds are available so that
up haudit bi the localauthorityfur the yaise o the
under funding by the localauthorityfurther notes that by 31
were set and the localauthoritygot on with the job
proper in terms of localauthoritygradings registrars are quite far
that operates on a localauthoritygrant in many cases such
can inform us why localauthoritygrants for transport will fall
devolution is where the localauthoritygrants plot leases collects rents
building was killed the localauthorityhad major problems with being
local authorities only one localauthorityhad replied and it replied
of celebrants if the localauthorityhad to license ministers and
second point first my localauthorityhas 10 000 employees and
food trust report no localauthorityhas a full time dedicated
registrar in representing a localauthorityhas a necessary but limited
allotment officer and no localauthorityhas a revenue budget dedicated
rights and duties the localauthorityhas a statutory duty to
scottish executive that the localauthorityhas been given funding for
executive how much each localauthorityhas loaned to local enterprise
go ahead and the localauthorityhas the necessary skills and
utilised in glasgow the localauthorityhas the power to appoint
inspection by ratepayers the localauthorityhas the powers of an
the bill that a localauthorityhas to ensure that it
homeless people where a localauthorityhas transferred its stock to
jointly with any other localauthorityhaving one or more of
individual local authorities with eachauthorityhaving regulations according to its
central heating installation in localauthorityhomes in the aberdeen city
central heating installation in localauthorityhomes in the comhairle nan
central heating installation in localauthorityhomes in the dumfries and
central heating installation in localauthorityhomes in the glasgow city
central heating installation in localauthorityhomes in the orkney islands
central heating installation in localauthorityhomes in the scottish borders
central heating installation in localauthorityhomes in the shetland islands
covers all tenures including localauthorityhostels various sheltered housing schemes
2003 how many empty localauthorityhouses have been brought back
350 for those in localauthorityhousing association properties the measures
there may be no localauthorityhousing but instead an agreement
socialist party debate on localauthorityhousing capital debt for text
did with glasgow s localauthorityhousing debt after the vote
relatively low level of localauthorityhousing debt in aberdeen and
of resource accounting for localauthorityhousing finance and what progress
much was spent on localauthorityhousing including repairs and new
separate arrangements for regulating localauthorityhousing management functions from those
large scale stock transfers localauthorityhousing rent arrears which exist
has been invested in localauthorityhousing stock in the a
sale of glasgow s localauthorityhousing stock to private landlords
to be addressed through localauthorityhousing strategies and through the
authority m1022: cheap yeah localauthorityhousing yeah from a housing
regulations a require a localauthorityi to charge or ii
landlords not from the localauthorityi turn to some of
democratic decision of the localauthorityi urge the committee to
to ensure that every localauthorityimplements a direct payment scheme
section 21 above a localauthorityimposes any charge it shall
management in towns f localauthorityimprovements in telephone information for
each case by each localauthorityin 1999 2000 s1w 9118
tax due in each localauthorityin 2001 02 s1w 32843
grant payments to each localauthorityin a 1998 1999 and
local authority means a localauthorityin any part of the
on whether a a localauthorityin carrying out its functions
expenses incurred by the localauthorityin completing the compulsory purchase
nhs body to the localauthorityin connection with arrangements mentioned
allowance was in each localauthorityin each of the past
was allocated to each localauthorityin each of the past
the duty of a localauthorityin exercising a power to
and transportation by each localauthorityin i cash and ii
or assistance by a localauthorityin pursuance of the authority
or assistance by a localauthorityin pursuance of the authority
or assistance by a localauthorityin pursuance of the authority
prescribed after consulting the localauthorityin question make payments to
the liability of a localauthorityin relation to the exercise
our budget than any localauthorityin scotland mr davidson is
school education by each localauthorityin scotland s1w 1143 mr
of the day the localauthorityin taking a view on
a referral to a localauthorityin the absence of prosecution
made available to each localauthorityin the current financial year
s panels in each localauthorityin the financial years 1998
tenants was for each localauthorityin the last years for
notification to the relevant localauthorityindicating they will be providing
general it is not localauthorityinspired members will see from
that section that the localauthorityintends to carry out work
from work that a localauthorityintends to do in other
an effective and responsive localauthorityinternal transport service to many
brought before the public localauthorityinto land south of high
planning cases where the localauthorityinvolved has an interest where
voluntary organisations or greater localauthorityinvolvement promoting equality liberal democrats
matter in which the localauthorityis best placed to assess
authority district otherwise the localauthorityis entitled to serve notice
executive how much each localauthorityis expected to raise in
allocations made to each localauthorityis in the current financial
ministers a that a localauthorityis not complying or has
ministers a that a localauthorityis not complying or has
health board trust and localauthorityis provided with appropriate advice
person more than one localauthorityis required by paragraph ac
ensure that what the localauthorityis trying to achieve is
off a log the localauthorityis under no statutory obligation
is authorised by the localauthorityissuing that notice peter peacock
be checked by the localauthorityit should be stressed that
than one authority area localauthorityjoint or special board independent
the changes legislation requires localauthoritylandlords to notify their tenants
on housing associations or localauthoritylandlords will be met if
scotland cultural organisations and localauthoritylanguage advisers community learning scotland
basis with each local educationauthoritylea representing one constituency the
the need for revised localauthoritylegislative powers to ensure that
at health board level localauthoritylevel local enterprise company level
dealt with at a localauthoritylevel s1o 4925 27 mr
being carried out at localauthoritylevel s1w 34884 richard lochhead
on that at a localauthoritylevel which is where we
can cause problems traditionally localauthoritylicensing departments had a central
joint or special board independentauthoritylocal authority public agency partnership
so that s like localauthoritym1022: cheap yeah local authority
work how can a localauthoritymaintain staff equipment plant and
the major part of localauthoritymaintenance activity i do not
a case where a localauthoritymake an assessment by virtue
act apply to a localauthoritymaking an assessment by virtue
they apply to a localauthoritymaking an assessment under subsection
every child attending a localauthoritymanaged secondary primary or special
every child attending a localauthoritymanaged secondary primary or special
mair director of scottish localauthoritymanagement centre slamc university of
on prescribed functions a localauthoritymay a if in their
adaptation of land the localauthoritymay appoint an allotments committee
is inserted 1a a localauthoritymay provide advice guidance or
15 says that the localauthoritymay recover costs from the
act 1995 c 36 localauthoritymeans a council constituted under
act 1996 c 18 localauthoritymeans a local authority in
to encourage and support localauthoritymediation services for neighbourhood disputes
my earlier remarks the localauthoritymembers at the seminar in
and logical for a localauthoritymerely to consult the district
thing iain smith a localauthoritymight be satisfied that it
it appears to the localauthoritymight have an interest in
scottish executive how many localauthorityminerals plans it has approved
the functions of a localauthorityministers may direct local authorities
matters to the elected localauthoritymr mcmahon it was a
critical of it the localauthoritymust be able to justify
penalty notice to the localauthoritymust be repaid to the
in question 2 a localauthoritymust require the occupants of
building notice 4 a localauthoritymust require the occupants of
the work 3 a localauthoritymust require the occupants of
would provide that a localauthoritymust require the occupants to
the performance by the localauthorityof any function prescribed under
to notify the appropriate localauthorityof any interests or conflicts
1995 act assessment by localauthorityof needs of child affected
as that of a localauthorityofficer i understand that keith
the powers of a localauthorityofficer or constable would be
and address to a localauthorityofficer when requested to do
is taking to encourage localauthorityofficers and members to commit
is important that if localauthorityofficers are to be largely
during their property inspections localauthorityofficers had virtually no contact
fire brigades and the localauthorityofficers i do not know
on the spot by localauthorityofficers or by the police
lack of clarity among localauthorityofficers regarding who was in
committee heard evidence from localauthorityofficers that in practical terms
is a group of localauthorityofficers the group brings together
by the executive and localauthorityofficers to be essential if
strengthen the powers of localauthorityofficers to enable them to
about the ability of localauthorityofficers to enforce the proposed
registrars are the only localauthorityofficers who must stay in
system is an issue localauthorityofficers will know plenty about
registrars to work outside localauthorityoffices a small step represents
united kingdom bodies and localauthorityofficials and agrees that the
scottish ministers and the localauthorityon policy and development issues
executive whether the proposed localauthorityone stop shops for ancestral
the assessment and the localauthorityonly checks it we should
the body is a localauthorityoperating executive arrangements within the
an individual by a localauthorityor a service the provision
as respects which a localauthorityor an nhs body may
entered into by a localauthorityor an nhs body only
ministers may direct the localauthorityor as the case may
for permission from the localauthorityor authorities in whose area
is substituted a a localauthorityor board or b a
not clear whether the localauthorityor constable concerned can then
the policy of the localauthorityor government department will the
be horrified might the localauthorityor health authorities get together
bill the convener will localauthorityor housing association tenants feel
where by 2006 no localauthorityor housing association tenants or
exercised adequately by a localauthorityor ii which is mentioned
managed directly by the localauthorityor management is devolved to
direction to such other localauthorityor nhs body as they
after consultation with the localauthorityor nhs body in question
after consultation with the localauthorityor nhs body in question
scottish ministers direct a localauthorityor nhs body to enter
and improvement schemes with localauthorityor registered social landlords who
work closely with our localauthoritypartners and the nof to
first minister donald dewar localauthoritypay is of course a
reflected by what the localauthoritypays its people euan robson
is taking to improve localauthorityperformance management and planning in
act 1982 that restrict localauthoritypersonnel from performing marriages outwith
should be made for localauthoritypersonnel working away from their
sheena dawe from a localauthorityperspective again a specialist in
we would get a localauthorityperspective from bilingual authorities and
in respect of any localauthoritypfi ppp schemes for roads
for other sectoral and localauthorityplans they propose that all
you agree that with localauthorityplans we should be looking
think about strengthening the localauthoritypowers in the bill how
the consensus is that localauthoritypowers to identify dangerous buildings
proposed arrangements for strengthening localauthoritypowers to inspect buildings regularly
would be placed alongside localauthoritypowers to serve defective building
outlines the legislative context localauthoritypractice and developments in england
women and younger people localauthoritypractice management of sites allotment
management workshop which included localauthoritypractitioners it was clear from
of whether a particular localauthorityproceeded with community ownership the
that the withdrawal of localauthorityprovided school swimming lessons has
to ensure that every localauthorityprovides at least one course
the amount that the localauthorityproviding it would usually expect
a bill to ensure localauthorityprovision of dedicated home safety
a bill to ensure localauthorityprovision of dedicated home safety
that resources earmarked for localauthorityprovision of mental health services
executive how it monitors localauthorityprovision of nursing home or
south lanarkshire council regarding localauthorityprovision of residential nursing care
special board independent authority localauthoritypublic agency partnership with advisory
partnership with advisory powers localauthoritypublic agency partnership with executive
neutral approach for the localauthorityratepayer both the licence and
the 1991 census and localauthorityrecords but the figures are
is releasing about 200 localauthorityregistrars into the community which
the parliament to investigate localauthorityregulation of water treatment plants
it has to amend localauthorityregulations to ensure safety in
indebtedness is of each localauthorityrelating to the total interest
transport tv licences and localauthorityrent exemption for all pensioners
transport tv licences and localauthorityrent exemption for all pensioners
it has had with localauthorityrepresentatives in relation to the
approvals ms white the localauthorityrepresentatives told us that they
to comply with a localauthorityrequest is enough to back
cost of providing a localauthorityresidential core place for older
national health service and localauthorityresources should be used jointly
general concerns relating to localauthorityresources were expressed in written
total settlement making the localauthorityresponsible for paying for nursing
speculation taxes to supplement localauthorityrevenue lodged on 27 january
speculation taxes to supplement localauthorityrevenue the deputy minister for
speculation taxes to supplement localauthorityrevenue the presiding officer has
notes the impact that localauthorityreviews of the european working
views back to the localauthorityrevise the strategy and give
and signing policy on localauthorityroads as was recently seen
to use against the localauthorityrobin harper lothians green we
towards the provision of localauthorityrun animal centres if so
memorandum talks about the localauthoritys ability to respond alasdair
it objects to a localauthoritys development control decision and
and what percentage each localauthoritys expenditure was of its
and what percentage each localauthoritys expenditure was of its
way in which the localauthoritys functions are exercised or
reducing or extinguishing a localauthoritys liability to the commissioners
benefits agency or the localauthoritys offices and understand what
often conducted on the localauthoritys terms if they were
standards broken down by localauthoritys1w 1144 mary scanlon to
65 broken down by localauthoritys1w 12136 michael russell to
case broken down by localauthoritys1w 12201 mr kenneth gibson
scotland and b each localauthoritys1w 12229 ian jenkins to
04 broken down by localauthoritys1w 14602 helen eadie to
as members of a localauthoritys1w 24742 linda fabiani to
years broken down by localauthoritys1w 4807 linda fabiani to
are paid on standard localauthorityscales the rate will vary
are payable to the localauthoritysection 11 allows local authorities
fine but is the localauthoritysector capable of furnishing the
registered social landlord and localauthoritysectors research into that suggests
scottish housing statistics the localauthoritysends us a return on
end insert where a localauthorityserves on any person a
and accurate reports regarding localauthorityservice performance s1w 10713 mr
a better job than localauthorityservices can that must be
the difficulties in managing localauthorityservices is that authorities hold
not surprising that every localauthorityset up a joint working
a contract with the localauthoritysetting out how the landlord
is part of the localauthoritysettlement it will therefore be
to a person a localauthorityshall disregard so much of
and insert 1a each localauthorityshall enter into arrangements with
person cared for the localauthorityshall notify the carer that
for the child the localauthorityshall notify the carer that
subsection 3 above the localauthorityshall take account a where
of those living in localauthoritysheltered accommodation s1w 29254 michael
it says that the localauthorityshould consult the district registrar
and believes that the localauthorityshould give full consideration to
and believes that the localauthorityshould give the fullest possible
5million additional funding for localauthoritysocial services staff training and
fuel costs of each localauthoritysocial work department have been
have been issued to localauthoritysocial work departments regarding provision
funding from government and localauthoritysources that independence entitles the
that health board and localauthorityspending on mental health services
education and information b localauthorityspending on schemes for child
how much each scottish localauthorityspent on a internal and
operational difficulties because only localauthoritystaff who have been authorised
developed by departmental or localauthoritystaff with photocopiable worksheets linked
become involved in two localauthoritytask groups on the visually
ensure that glasgow s localauthoritytenants are empowered to run
sector who are not localauthoritytenants do not have the
the statutory rights of localauthoritytenants i think that that
registered social landlord and localauthoritytenants living in shared dwellings
substantive improvements for secure localauthoritytenants where the authority does
fees brian philp a localauthoritythat did that would find
council is a large localauthoritythat has 10 000 employees
it appears to the localauthoritythat he will not be
person to notify the localauthoritythat he wished a hearing
a sandwich from a localauthoritythat is absolute nonsense that
in services in the localauthoritythat is not acceptable i
not acceptable to a localauthoritythat is not to say
from every school and localauthoritythat parents likely to be
mcmahon it was a localauthoritythat said that a nationally
the part of the localauthoritythat standards have been kept
appeal body is the localauthoritythe parents go round in
to give to the localauthoritythe power either to license
register defects with the localauthoritythe royal incorporation of architects
act 1997 allows a localauthorityto adopt a gaelic name
1968 act duty of localauthorityto assess needs of adults
1968 act duty of localauthorityto assess needs of adults
1968 act duty of localauthorityto assess needs of certain
be possible for a localauthorityto attract funding for several
it appears to a localauthorityto be necessary what criteria
the area of a localauthorityto be retained by that
logical opportunity for the localauthorityto consult the district registrar
is up to the localauthorityto ensure that the material
power that allows a localauthorityto enter a building only
and on getting the localauthorityto give them more support
person appearing to the localauthorityto have an interest in
who appears to the localauthorityto have dependency problems mr
does not enable a localauthorityto impose charges in respect
in writing by the localauthorityto issue fixed penalty notices
a child request a localauthorityto make an assessment the
a child request a localauthorityto make an assessment the
7 which empowers a localauthorityto make direct payments to
act which empowers a localauthorityto make direct payments to
is for the local transportauthorityto make in relation to
also direct a the localauthorityto make under this section
inserted 24a duty of localauthorityto provide information to carer
act 12ab duty of localauthorityto provide information to carer
minister consider requiring the localauthorityto publish its care of
lie in asking the localauthorityto question its own judgment
give flexibility to a localauthorityto take account of circumstances
c 33 duty of localauthorityto take into account abilities
payments i by the localauthorityto the nhs body in
that person 2 the localauthorityto whom the request is
the child 1a the localauthorityto whom the request is
rather than by the localauthoritytony gallagher i understand that
make payments to a localauthoritytowards expenditure incurred or to
the functions of a localauthorityunder paragraph b i ii
the functions of a localauthorityunder paragraph b i ii
the functions of a localauthorityunder paragraph b i ii
into force by a localauthorityunder section 12 1 of
any determination by a localauthorityunder subsection 2 above must
monitor spending by each localauthorityunder the changing children s
was reported by each localauthorityunder the home energy conservation
was reported by each localauthorityunder the home energy conservation
was reported by each localauthorityunder the home energy conservation
was reported by each localauthorityunder the home energy conservation
what criteria would the localauthorityuse i am anxious about
the current system of localauthorityverifiers this morning the minister
not unhappy from the localauthorityviewpoint about the consultation but
at the level of localauthoritywards for example indeed data
the ash if the localauthoritywas against it obviously the
licensing requirement and the localauthoritywas allowed to send registrars
owner rather than the localauthoritywe are seeking to give
and for whom the localauthoritywere not at that time
notice withdrawn if the localauthoritywere not prepared to withdraw
into disrepair if the localauthoritywere unable to serve the
member of an elected localauthoritywhether the building had a
officer appointed by the localauthoritywhich is causing inquiries to
be made to the localauthoritywhich must notify the procurator
be exercised by the localauthoritywhile the person is in
it provides that a localauthoritywill be able to enter
it appears to the localauthoritywill be required to be
elected member of a localauthoritywill have a view on
the efficiency savings each localauthoritywill make expressed as a
in december 2001 the localauthoritywill not proceed until there
how much funding each localauthoritywill receive in respect of
of the funding each localauthoritywill require to pay from
letter of comfort the localauthoritywill send out an inspector
go back to a localauthoritywill you explain why is
her to contact the localauthoritywith a view to having
payment on obligation of localauthoritywith respect to the provision
and c for each localauthoritywithin whose area any part
buy the land the localauthoritywithin whose area the land
the individual and the localauthoritywithout recourse to the court
the impact of separating localauthoritywork from central government work
years experience but the localauthoritywould be required to consult
action were raised a localauthoritywould certainly have to defend
i accept that each localauthoritywould want a scheme in
scotland act 1989 british touristauthorityaccounts 2001 02 se 2002
buildings broken down by educationauthoritys1w 12169 mr jamie stone
and broken down by waterauthoritys1w 12196 christine grahame to
and structure of the parkauthorityand its area of jurisdiction
the north of scotland waterauthorityarea calls upon the transport
many charities in each waterauthorityarea have had their water
give a breakdown by planningauthorityarea of the 830 planning
scotland and ii each educationauthorityarea s1w 12257 mr jamie
currently employed in each educationauthorityarea s1w 27378 mr brian
constituencies contained within a planningauthorityarea that a planning application
april 2001 a regional parkauthorityfor the loch lomond area
registered social landlords in theauthoritys area b consult those
body which exercises within theauthoritys area functions mentioned in
registered social landlords in thatauthoritys area to which subsection
uniform charging policy across theauthoritys entire area is expected
outside the area of theauthorityto the four star inchyra
been incurred by each waterauthorityannually since 1997 s1w 7662
and above in each waterauthorityfollowing the creation of the
additional borrowings for each waterauthorityfor each of the last
and chairmen of each waterauthorityfor each of the last
operating costs for each waterauthorityfor the financial year 1999
each year since for eachauthoritygiving separate figures for interest
b commercial customers each waterauthorityhas had in i 1998
billed was in each waterauthorityin each year from 1995
been employed in each waterauthorityin each year since their
the information officer of eachauthorityis to be responsible for
scottish executive whether each waterauthoritymaintains an asset inventory and
which it sets for eachauthoritys1o 406 8 pauline mcneill
scotland and b each educationauthoritys1w 12167 mr jamie stone
scotland and b each educationalauthoritys1w 12168 mr jamie stone
scotland and b each educationauthoritys1w 12170 nora radcliffe to
scotland and b each educationauthoritys1w 12227 ian jenkins to
costs would be for eachauthoritys1w 19426 miss annabel goldie
will specify for each waterauthoritythe date at which the
date made by each waterauthorityuntil the most recent date
officers 1 a scottish publicauthoritymust designate one of its
cornish west of scotland waterauthority5 water inquiry the committee
existing north of scotland waterauthorityare expected to reduce increase
executive west of scotland waterauthoritybusiness bulletin no 158 2001
increase north of scotland waterauthoritycharges to domestic customers by
finance north of scotland waterauthoritycharlie cornish chief executive west
executive north of scotland waterauthoritycolin rennie chairman north of
executive east of scotland waterauthoritycouncillor robert cairns chairman east
chairman north of scotland waterauthorityernest chambers chief executive west
replaced by a single waterauthorityfor scotland whether the water
chairman west of scotland waterauthoritygraeme millar chairman scottish consumer
much west of scotland waterauthorityhas spent to date in
of the proposed scottish waterauthorityhow these savings have been
the west of scotland waterauthorityin response to recommendations made
chairman east of scotland waterauthoritykatharine bryan chief executive colin
chairman east of scotland waterauthoritykatherine bryan chief executive north
the west of scotland waterauthorityon development in dumfries and
the north of scotland waterauthorityon the same topic s1w
executive west of scotland waterauthorityprofessor alan alexander chairman west
the north of scotland waterauthorityregarding the implementation of the
creation of a single waterauthoritys1o 3777 21 alex fergusson
of the new single waterauthoritys1o 3863 3 mary scanlon
for the proposed scottish waterauthoritys1w 15136 richard lochhead to
the north of scotland waterauthorityto a enter into regular
all north of scotland waterauthoritywaste water schemes which will
the west of scotland waterauthoritywill take to liaise with
whether west of scotland waterauthoritywoswa has provided it with
by the proposed single waterauthoritywould have on the revenue
very sheltered housing schemes noauthoritysupported the exclusion of women
authority to another the receivingauthority2 the contract of employment
the fire authority the policeauthorityand the environmental health authority
open to both the prosecutingauthorityand the judicial authority to
those powers on such anauthorityif the authority is to
such an authority if theauthorityis to possess such powers
authority in pursuance of theauthoritys functions under that paragraph
authority in pursuance of theauthoritys functions under that paragraph
authority in pursuance of theauthoritys functions under that paragraph
authority in regard to theauthoritys performance in 2003 s1w
the council is the fireauthoritythe police authority and the
from one entity the transferringauthorityto another the receiving authority
how they will vary fromauthorityto authority we are not
prosecuting authority and the judicialauthorityto request assistance from overseas
will vary from authority toauthoritywe are not talking just
authority and the environmental healthauthoritywe will have visited those
it about forth estuary transportauthority4 nora radcliffe gordon ld
received from strathclyde passenger transportauthorityand if so what the
with the forth estuary transportauthorityconcerning a range of cross
government the strathclyde passenger transportauthorityconstitution membership and transitional and
instruments the strathclyde passenger transportauthorityconstitution membership and transitional and
government the strathclyde passenger transportauthorityconstitution membership and transitional and
government the strathclyde passenger transportauthorityconstitution membership and transitional and
a highlands and islands transportauthorityhas been contemplated and that
a highlands and islands transportauthorityis to be created and
a highlands and islands transportauthorityis to be created we
and the strathclyde passenger transportauthoritymental health scotland bill stage
the draft forth estuary transportauthorityorder 2002 17 january 2002
the draft forth estuary transportauthorityorder 2002 31 january 2002
following the forth estuary transportauthorityorder 2002 draft 5 instruments
entitlement cards forth estuary transportauthorityprime minister meetings schools british
with the forth estuary transportauthorityregarding transport options across the
and the strathclyde passenger transportauthoritys1w 16549 mr andrew welsh
were devolved to a transportauthoritys1w 7686 mr kenny macaskill
to the forth estuary transportauthorityschools british history 5 alex
and the strathclyde passenger transportauthoritysection 35 mr andy kerr
highlands and islands passenger transportauthoritythat the parliament requires the
a highlands and islands transportauthorityto have the ability to
a highlands and islands transportauthorityto integrate different modes of
highlands and islands passenger transportauthorityto oversee caledonian macbrayne northern
a highlands and islands transportauthoritywere to receive state aid
proposed highlands and islands transportauthoritywhen matters relating to the
possibility of challenges to theirauthority232 dsfbs have powers to
are considering whether such anauthoritycould have powers to buy
powers to any other publicauthorityit simply puts into a
above a all the transferringauthoritys rights powers duties and
the powers of that proposedauthoritywere canvassed by me in
what the powers of theauthoritywould be we should draw
qualifying business i of theauthorityii of any other body
the community body 2 theauthoritymay grant an application under
do not prevent any suchauthorityor body from themselves or
services provided by such anauthorityor body in the exercise
any other function of theauthorityor body which the scottish
function is exercised if theauthorityor the body in question
body to be the planningauthoritywith the fullest range of
respect f963: mm f965: forauthorityi don t know what
in relation to the transferringauthorityin respect of that contract
this section to the policeauthorityin respect of that year
make any payment to theauthorityin respect of the accommodation
respect of the accommodation theauthoritymay in accordance with regulations
with a the civil aviationauthorityand b any other bodies
that person becomes a listedauthorityb the scottish ministers may
4 b and b theauthorityconsiders that the occupants may
and b a scottish publicauthorityhas such a controlling interest
paragraph a or b theauthorityhave a duty under section
this paragraph to the receivingauthorityon that date and b
the case may be fireauthorityor b a joint police
the person and the transferringauthority3 without prejudice to subsection
1 above if a theauthorityare satisfied that the person
a person for whom theauthorityare under a duty or
a person becomes a listedauthorityas a result of the
the same person by theauthorityas may be specified in
the agreement given to theauthorityby that person in accordance
having been offered by theauthorityeither the person consents or
that that the person inauthorityf963: mm f965: told you
that other person to theauthorityfor the purposes of capital
the person and the receivingauthorityhas effect from the date
than a cross border publicauthorityor a person referred to
by any person including theauthoritythemselves provided that both they
by such a society orauthorityto any person under subsection
services entered into by theauthoritywith some other person mr
iii for the words theauthorityboard or society there is
of line 23 and insertauthorityor board may subject to
welsh 8 the board hasauthorityunder section 17 of the
those ministers or such anauthorityhas or those ministers and
is approved by ministers theauthoritymay a purchase the land
those ministers and such anauthorityor authorities jointly have a
of the scottish ministers thatauthoritysection 3 mr kenneth gibson
ministers shall a notify theauthoritythe owner of the land
2 apply to ministers forauthorityto purchase the land compulsorily
by the health service fundingauthorityand its health gains division
traffic services the civil aviationauthorityand scottish airports ltd s1w
traffic services the civil aviationauthorityand scottish airports ltd s1w
the united kingdom atomic energyauthorityfacility at dounreay s1w 12245
the teacher except against theauthoritys1w 28533 david mundell to
of the exercise of thatauthoritys1w 34366 stewart stevenson to
within the figure for delegatedauthoritys1w 7182 mr murray tosh
added a reference to theauthority6 where an application under
to be provided by theauthorityby whom the payment under
advocate and operates under ourauthorityit can therefore demand any
is to be detained underauthorityof the certificate give notice
in hospital the admission underauthorityof the certificate of the
in hospital the admission underauthorityof the certificate of the
is admitted to hospital underauthorityof the certificate the certificate
the patient is admitted underauthorityof the certificate to a
insert anything done by theauthorityunder section 21 above mr
how the landlord and theauthoritywill discharge their responsibilities under
support from outwith the educationauthoritybelieves that this bill represents
sex education pack only oneauthorityfife council recommends the drugs
executive whether angus council educationauthorityhas supplied it with a
or provision by the educationauthorityif whoever forms the government
asp 6 inspection of educationauthoritymr jim wallace supported by
current actions by angus educationauthorityto discourage parents from sending
the landowner was a suspectauthorityfrom within the police force
or exercise any regall powerauthorityor jurisdiction within the same
the time being a listedauthoritywithin the meaning of section
different authorities or classes ofauthoritybut the day to be
section 42 1 the chargingauthorityor charging authorities acting jointly
at end insert the chargingauthorityor charging authorities have carried
authorities or different classes ofauthoritysection 18 mr andy kerr
in relation to a policeauthoritya any sums previously carried
undertakes to pay to theauthoritya proportion of any income
any parliamentary procedure british touristauthorityaccounts 1999 2000 se 2000
if his opinion has anyauthorityand i have heard smith
and chief executive of theauthorityattended any such meetings and
do not know whether anyauthorityhas yet achieved a successful
of bodies that includes theauthorityor iii of any other
to be discharged by theauthoritys executive or any committee
for the words any correspondingauthoritythere is substituted a reference
the convener does have theauthorityto decide which if any
duty of any relevant publicauthorityto provide an ordinary surveillance
substituted a reference to anyauthoritywhich and c at the
may be given the sameauthorityas if engaged by the
of such function of thatauthorityas may be prescribed being
which is secured by theauthorityas may be specified in
may be determined by theauthorityin accordance with directions given
british government s knowledge orauthorityit may be that the
specify circumstances in which theauthoritymay or must terminate the
out its functions as policeauthorityor as the case may
may be prescribed and theauthorityshall serve copies on a
assessed by the uk licensingauthorityagainst the criteria of safety
by the driver vehicle licensingauthorityand what percentage of drivers
regulations is assessed by theauthorityas unable to pay the
ratio paragraph 852 british touristauthoritybta also established by the
willie recognises his mother sauthorityby fatalistically accepting the inescapability
attempt to establish his culturalauthorityby upholding the virtues of
the other by the policeauthoritydr jackson i thought that
to be incurred by theauthorityin connection with the performance
been looked after by anauthorityin the uk and will
scotland regrets the lack ofauthorityinfluence or action demonstrated by
as a factor which theauthoritymust take into account by
in parliament and by theauthorityof the same that whosoever
appointed following nomination by theauthorityor a group of bodies
are held by i theauthorityor companies wholly owned by
companies wholly owned by theauthorityor in which they have
perhaps by the new unitaryauthorityor the federation or the
a member appointed by thatauthorityproposals for members bills names
for review received by theauthoritysection 27 michael matheson 4
because they make you questionauthoritysurely not posted by dee
looked after by a ukauthoritythe commissioner should regard the
were carried on by theauthorityto which the dividend is
to be retained by thatauthoritywith an associated financial compensation
no interference by a publicauthoritywith the exercise of this
traffic services the civil aviationauthorityand scottish airports ltd it
will support the financial servicesauthorityhaving an office in scotland
services of the british touristauthorityoverseas the committee recommended that
advised that the financial servicesauthorityshould be added to the
makes similar provision where fireauthorityareas have been combined or
generally or to a particularauthorityas to the nature of
generally or to a particularauthorityas to what type of
or where the relevant planningauthorityconsiders that the development proposal
of a sheriff to grantauthorityfor poindings or warrant sales
of a sheriff to grantauthorityfor poindings or warrant sales
page 17 line 2 afterauthorityinsert or community council mr
page 16 line 18 afterauthorityinsert or community council mr
page 17 line 32 afterauthorityinsert or community council proposals
charged or factors which theauthoritymust either or both i
acting on behalf of theauthorityor of such companies after
it was the voice ofauthorityor whatever yeah mm mm
words such a society orauthoritythere is substituted a registered
holder lives and to whichauthoritythey have or have not
the purpose of enabling theauthorityto supply property or as
purpose of enabling that otherauthorityto supply property or as
needs or different attitudes toauthorityto walk through if that
an individual felt that theauthoritywas pursuing them unreasonably or
provision of appropriate scottish qualificationauthoritycourses in photography particularly at
what scottish enterprise s delegatedauthorityis and whether the spending
2 where a scottish publicauthorityis required to appoint a
decline of scots without theauthorityof a democratically accountable scottish
march 2002 what access planningauthorityofficials have to the scottish
all of us as anauthorityon both scottish and irish
scottish executive has the legalauthorityto take a stake in
of the dangerous building theauthoritymust require those occupants to
it has been identified theauthoritymust seek and the fire
type of licence that theauthoritycould grant such as those
of such amounts as theauthoritydetermine are a reasonable estimate
is difficult to discover whatauthorityexists for such changes in
of his hands had suchauthorityi dared not complain they
the spcb has the devolvedauthorityto decide such a policy
such as a smaller ruralauthorityto do so for legitimate
exist such as whether theauthoritywill continue to run the
a preliminary notice on theauthority1a where without a recommendation
goods and materials to anotherauthoritywhere that supply is for
specify circumstances in which theauthorityare not required to make
appeal which arise if anauthorityhas erred in law has
fee for information which theauthorityprovide a as mentioned in
civil servant s air ofauthoritywhich in john and mary
for their children but theauthoritywhich is the provider and
are raised with the appropriateauthoritywhich then takes the necessary
this time the national parkauthoritywhich will be an independent
the option of an independentauthoritywhich will require separate legislation
incapacity countersignatories of applications forauthorityto intromit scotland regulations 2001
incapacity countersignatories of applications forauthorityto intromit scotland regulations 2001
bill referring to the registrationauthorityrather than to the district
to make that repayment theauthorityshall adjust the requirement so
help would make the licensingauthoritysit up letters should go
the holyrood project and theirauthorityto make commitments of money
eilean siar is a bilingualauthorityand highland council has worked
side you know obviously challengingauthorityhas a very good side
statute book that one overlookedauthorityhas emerged with regard to
bother to relicense when theauthorityhas not even managed to
it relatively easy for anauthoritythat hitherto has not gathered
action 5 postwatch has noauthorityto investigate complaints relating to
in the hands of theauthorityto say that there has
in borrowed robes whether thisauthorityhad grown in the three
representatives of the fife policeauthoritybefore the elections mr harding
of employment with the transferringauthorityand that contract is to
behaviour yes really negative antiauthoritybehaviour but what with the
for a ensuring that theauthoritycomplies with the requirements of
processes instead of an individualauthoritydealing with and maintaining information
to obey your nature notauthorityhe follows on with a
trossachs the loch lomond parkauthorityis currently working with the
she declared with all theauthorityof a fashion guru onywye
an ambitious project for anauthorityof that size but with
horror she speaks with urgentauthorityrin tae the phone tell
bessie bessie with smug quietauthorityten past eleven gladys we

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