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elaborate habit of circumlocution ofavoidingdirect statement of a simple
single and supposedly definitive textavoidingany potential textual ambiguity as
street market our bus narrowlyavoidingpedestrians and cars on the
have lost the knack ofavoidingthe one dimensional sod or
bard aid we d beenavoidingthe embassy club till then
advice to assist children inavoidingabuse or on recognising the
united kingdom this would therebyavoidingany risk of a split
materials to assist children inavoidingabuse rev iain murdoch no
raising children the importance ofavoidingintolerance stigmatization and stereotyping of
d probably be at homeavoidingwriting your essay anyway [laugh]
ma used to mak chrissieavoidinga direct answer it only
her age pause chrissie isavoidingher eye thirty year s
scottish executive is committed toavoidingthe closure of our mixed
when she accused me ofavoidingproblems by running off i
t wogan s hobby ofavoidingtax with trees had our
value in a new officeavoidingduplication or overlap with existing
to find some way ofavoidingsuch inconsistency probably the most
have become a means ofavoidinga prison term and therefore
nothing the two ambled alongavoidingthe feeble gleam of the
soppy virgins we were bothavoidingbut i couldn t let
only as duty demanded studiouslyavoidingaberkinnie where the dour strushle
offenders can be adept atavoidingdetection and circumnavigating the public

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