See this word as a collocate cloud

hur bairn ti be hermedawaw cut up naw naw
ahint the famely s backawaw naw naw berna here
us makin music makin songawaw naw naw dis shi
her too near hur plotawaw naw naw krista and
a jig hummin wicked musicawaw naw naw naw she
wrath sair thon days robbyawaw naw naw noh fair
in great hurry he wisawaw naw naw silence krista
other sayin the same robbyawaw naw naw solomon the
the brig hurry hurry robbyawaw naw naw stae pit
fur oor lori ti hearawaw naw naw tess will
o thur life silence robbyawaw naw naw yi best
flesh an blood naw nawawaw silence zeb angel praise
act is naw they llawbe reachin fur their hankies
naw a meant tut shiteawcrivens whit wiz a sayin
bairn ti be hermed awawcut up naw naw slain
been soaking your cuticles sadieawnaw am i supposed tae
hid he been blootered anawnaw but a m stertin
f1107: [laugh] m1108: good griefawnaw f1107: fitt would they
gaun tae be bleeding f1107: awnaw farr ll he go
all huddle together silence dimpsawnaw fuckin disclosin time thur
he get that number sadieawnaw get the rule book
for action movies allows thatawnaw he s been hit
you answer it agnes agnesawnaw it ll no be
the famely s back awawnaw naw berna here s
makin music makin song awawnaw naw dis shi ken
too near hur plot awawnaw naw krista and della
jig hummin wicked music awawnaw naw naw she widnae
sair thon days robby awawnaw naw noh fair auld
great hurry he wis awawnaw naw silence krista here
sayin the same robby awawnaw naw solomon the king
brig hurry hurry robby awawnaw naw stae pit lori
oor lori ti hear awawnaw naw tess will ah
thur life silence robby awawnaw naw yi best stae
b q in dundee atawnaw reponed the kettle biler
fur the smirr s abootawnaw the rain it s
[inaudible] and i was likeawright naw he was cool
an blood naw naw awawsilence zeb angel praise the
pare auld mithir robby awawan he s tane his
his pare auld mithir robbyawaw an he s tane
noh upset her ken robbyawaw aye shi fair empties
tricks wi yur brain robbyawaw braw stories yi kin
see fur yursell contessa robbyawaw dey gee ur it
hawd aw kindae things robbyawaw hawd oan lori ah
ah m comin fur yiawaw hurry robby hurry tess
s gonnae tak a turnawaw robby guides lori away
loudly robby coori in loriawaw robby s here aw
aw aw robby s hereawaw silence zeb lori says
sweet hame ti me robbyawaw singin wicked song she
mib even the nicht robbyawaw wid best start noo
down to touch zeb robbyawaw yull git punished punished
upset her ken robby awawaye shi fair empties the
so he s come efterawberna struggles up robby throws
wi yur brain robby awawbraw stories yi kin tell
fur yursell contessa robby awawdey gee ur it she
said robby said wi wurawfamely silence robby whey ur
aw kindae things robby awawhawd oan lori ah m
m comin fur yi awawhurry robby hurry tess an
bag that big might hawdawkindae things robby aw aw
tess krista strong sturdy hawdawkindae things robby della krista
gonnae tak a turn awawrobby guides lori away lori
robby coori in lori awawrobby s here aw aw
aw robby s here awawsilence zeb lori says nothing
be a happy day widawsing wi happiness exit robby
hame ti me robby awawsingin wicked song she ll
robby fower hunner yi kenawthat berna gaithirid roon the
book tess robby kin playawthe jigs he wants when
hurry robby hurry tess anawthe labels aw the letters
yi think he s beenawthese years robby is tess
even the nicht robby awawwid best start noo afore
to touch zeb robby awawyull git punished punished bad
smaw merk an thay warawa sicht mair feart nor
aw hir days an forawah ken thay micht be
that cam eftir atweill forawah ken thay micht weill
alang wi airn yetts anawan thay speirt the men
he wis a vet anawan thay thoucht that wis
in the castel syne thayawbade thare blyuth an weill
thay did juist that anawbefell as finn the wyce
oniething mair sae thay warawbehauden til the streinger i
at his heels thay warawbyordnar roused an he cuid
is feinisht wi thaim thayawcurse the day thay war
dae sae awbodie wes eydentawday lang but thay war
did as she wes teltawday thay maircht on this
or ocht no bad atawdecidit geordie when thay hid
a ever doutit ye thayawdyned weill on the buird
hir fethers an skraicht thayawgaed for the draiglin hogney
syne anither or thay warawgaen doun the reid brae
ye d think thay dawgot polisman s buits on
fest as thay dow whanawhae gaen gang you in
til the page syne thayawhaed a guid lauch at
insteid o luikin blyth thayawhaed faces that wad soor
mysie coud see that thayawhaed the same lang sonsie
didna serr hir richt forawhir ill daein syne thay
thay war born he haesawhis back teeth haes jek
whit yir thir fir thayawhud yon look in the
thay war thare thay warawjuist waitin ti walcum him
hir ill daein syne thayawleeved til a guid eild
houss forby thairsells the laveawleuch at this but thay
the fauch faced sisters thatawluikit lyke thay hae never
his aches an pains warawlyke thay haed never been
war rairin fou an thayawmade for hir ti lay
a wee an syne thayawmade for the outlin kinrik
canna sleep thay sit upawnicht lauchin an yatterin the
hertskaud luiv an pairtin irawnou lyke thay haed never
an weill content an forawoniebodie kens thay ir bydin
thirlman ah think thay irawoot at the gress but
an thay haed ti stertawowre again but this tyme
glisk awbodie socht for himawowre the kintrie thay socht
o transcience issa flies swairminawowre whitever dae thay want
christmas pairte whun thay wereawpished anyways thays were baith
thaim sic a glif thayawran awa leavin aw thair
wes sair mittilt sae thayawran the fester an for
sie fowk as fairies atawricht aneuch thay war selkies
mair virr nor ever thayawsang on sunday we rest
huntin ludge at aince thayawsat doun ti aet an
vext for thaim as thayawseemed kyndlyke innerlie bodies an
the nurses waulkin aboot thayawseemt tae ken it wis
the ane for thay irawsleepin as soond as deid
a mukkil whyte colladie staneawspinnin awa for aw thay
day an whan thay haeawstoitert hame ah dauner oot
in the kinrik an thayawtaen pryde in hir bewtie
thay haed never seen inawthair days gairdin the yetts
thay aw ran awa leavinawthair graith an siller ahint
milk the kye thay didawthat an a sicht mair
as the trekkar bad himawthat day thay saw nocht
galician an spanish in spainawthay leids cam frae similar
galician an spanish in spainawthay leids cam frae similar
o thair return but forawthay r aye here thair
the sie kinrik an forawthay war his freins an
stane aw spinnin awa forawthay war wurth whyles ane
wes about at lest eftirawthe dirdum thay left him
a fether an thay gethertawthe fethers up an made
taen frae the deid kettrensawthe gowd an siller thay
an cabbages tho thay warawthe puir wumman haed for
yur waitin fir yir resultsawthe staff leukt like thay
thay haed sair heids wiawthe thinkin even the twa
an jowels is socht biawthe warld ti me thay
deid men inby thay irawthis gait for the castel
as suin as thay warawthrou this dure gied intil
coud thay dae naething atawti be shuir ootby the
steive still lyke thay warawturnt ti stane the hogney
lips the furthest an thayawwat thair fingirs the better
an the sand wis fleeinawweys as thay raced up
the be aw an endawa d drie whate er
thae lees anent masell isawa ve ever telt aw
funny noise a went awawagh aw jinty moant an
aw deid aye every fellyawah can dae is watch
the queen o sheba forawah care we aw hae
stourie an bramblie weys oawah m aw stung wi
lint an aw she luikitawairts but she wes naewhaur
it coud be the beawan end aw a d
nou ma thenks ti yeawan til ilkane ye aw
m055: that s the beawand end aw of ye
come fi pause dimps awaware you angry at your
you had aw the modelsawaround you up there and
it wesna ti lest forawat aince in aw the
a funny noise a wentawaw agh aw jinty moant
babies come fi pause dimpsawaw are you angry at
hate your mother cammy dimpsawaw do you fear your
angry at your mother cammyawaw do you hate your
nobody to play with f1025: awaw f1023: no [laugh] f1024:
tape is that okay f1130: awaw f1129: well the lady
aw he s greeting f1113: awaw he s greetin is
like he couldnae hear miawaw in great hurry he
she s broke it f1122: awaw in pieces f1121: [censored: forename]
they all go home f1115: awaw look at them f1116:
re dockin you your wagesawaw that s m818: aye
again weill guidnicht til yeawaw the best fiodor illyich
us now m642: look atawaw the places noo and
m642: aye that s abootawaye that should be aw
babes in the wood edawaye wid aw git close
times they re aw healedawbar the last wan an
re aw big they reawbig chains m815: yeah m816:
if there s they reawbig they re aw big
aw messed up it sawbuggert up ah dinna want
aw the f643: they reawbusinesses m642: aw the ferms
road aw week ah imawcuivert wi stour she brushes
thaim on tap ma ruifawday an aw nicht a
gin a yung quyne dargsawday an aw nicht hou
a lang tyme we rawdeid aw the tyme afore
a scunner ma freen sawdeid aye every felly aw
your mother cammy dimps awawdo you fear your mother
at your mother cammy awawdo you hate your mother
the poor old ass eeawee aw ee aw other
and he munched away eeawee aw ee aw some
hiding amongst the grass eeawee aw eeaw sadly they
old ass ee aw eeawee aw other verses could
munched away ee aw eeawee aw some hornets were
of hay eee aw eeeawee aw the hay was
the grass ee aw eeaweeaw sadly they bothered the
a field of hay eeeaweee aw ee aw the
to play with f1025: awawf1023: no [laugh] f1024: oh
folks [laugh] i was likeawf1049: aw [laugh] [laugh] it
ain wi three bones f1104: awf1103: aw me you hinna
is that okay f1130: awawf1129: well the lady doesna
treat [laugh] m811: [laugh] f812: awf813: aw i had this
aw he kissed the lassiesawfareweill afore he gaed awa
the folk in the storyawfeart aw telt if they
aw in line keep usawfi dreamin della git yursels
aw that and made itawflat john m642: see your
bear ti think o thumawfossilised krista richt richt aw
letters aw these last yearsawfu o berna s stories
wiv been waitin oan dimpsawfuck aw fuck guy s
waitin oan dimps aw fuckawfuck guy s a weirdo
selfish pat kiddin oan yurawfur jilly daein aw this
aw huv thaim we cannaeawgang out an stalk a
wood ed aw aye widawgit close thigithir in the
it was aw it wasawgood fun ye know aye
m642: and then we gotawgot aw the heating in
for aw ah care weawhae ti growe up suiner
place where it aw startedawhappened yi might ask ken
castle buits an spurs anawhe kissed the lassies aw
greetin for his mum lookawhe s greetin f1116: aw
he s greeting f1113: awawhe s greetin is he
you a lovie f1114: yesawhe s greeting f1113: aw
aw he s greetin f1116: awhe s waitin for his
at different times they reawhealed aw bar the last
they re aw they veawhin pairties every noo an
an in gledness an contentawhir days an for aw
for as freud said weawhuv thaim we cannae aw
m811: [laugh] f812: aw f813: awi had this doll f814:
aw aye that should beawi kent it would tak
the eh once you gotawi put aw the oo-oo-oo-
he couldnae hear mi awawin great hurry he wis
sister you ll keep usawin line keep us aw
s broke it f1122: awawin pieces f1121: [censored: forename] she
complete or it s writtenawin scots an includes aw
f889: so i ve gotawit s aw stones but
in aw ma wark forawit s no aye neiborlyke
desc laugh but it wasawit was aw good fun
sae ah im ah mawjags aw owre ah m
a went aw aw aghawjinty moant an says aw
aw naething exists it sawjuist a kynd o dwam
ane an aw the lecturersawken their stuff at least
aw oor trumpets blaw thaimawlat thaim threip oot thair
i was like aw f1049: aw[laugh] [laugh] it was m1048:
all go home f1115: awawlook at them f1116: [inaudible]
f814: [laugh] f812: contortionist f814: awm811: [cough] f813: aw m811:
f814: aw m811: [cough] f813: awm811: mm f812: no but
it gaes on me anawma days an aw the
me tak a pryde inawma wark for aw it
a sair fecht for usawman it wul be aw
aw an til ilkane yeawmaun cum an see us
three bones f1104: aw f1103: awme you hinna got a
water ma haill lyfe sawmessed up it s aw
aw jinty moant an saysawmy goad he s gaun
you we dinna exist atawnaething exists it s aw
ma ruif aw day anawnicht a cannae git nae
quyne dargs aw day anawnicht hou can she finnd
it s nae bones f1103: awno bones aw no f1104:
bones f1103: aw no bonesawno f1104: aw no none
no bones aw no f1104: awno none there s none
the be aw and endawof ye know this is
ti be baet macduff soondawoor trumpets blaw thaim aw
ee aw ee aw eeawother verses could be made
aw the teeny totsy boysawower this great big shit
im ah m aw jagsawowre ah m lyke a
dure o aw tha chaumersawowre the gret touer hinnerlie
afoir aw wes cunned anawquastiouns awnsert an afoir the
aw the same see whaurawricht doon an there wis
aw fossilised krista richt richtawricht when yi wur telt
aw right hen it sawright agnes puts down her
out there gordon mum sadieawright aw right she gets
at agnes agnes it sawright hen it s aw
aw right we ll beawright sadie enters sadie whit
gordon mum sadie aw rightawright she gets up to
aw right we ll beawright shouts gordon you got
voluntary dimps aw that sawright then is it fuckin
her back sadie it sawright we ll be aw
shielding her we ll beawright we ll be aw
boats in the herbour atawsae whit s aw thae
ken aw that weill whanawsaid an duin sae she
aw the seams that wereawsewn up he made a
it up crumple it bernaawshe ll dae aw that
haed santit awa lint anawshe luikit aw airts but
waucher aye dirds the drumsawsmeddum s gaen arraes aw
ee aw ee aw eeawsome hornets were hiding amongst
aw smeddum s gaen arraesawspent an bou strings sindert
ti the place where itawstarted aw happened yi might
aw this whyle back itawstertit wi a richt dose
ve got aw it sawstones but it s i
weys o aw ah mawstung wi nettles an ah
in the story aw feartawtelt if they made awa
chappit at ilka dure oawtha chaumers aw owre the
at aw sae whit sawthae puir maws tae dae
aw a ve ever teltawthat a am is here
mmhm f643: and he knockedawthat and made it aw
that runnin aw that sparrinawthat bj yeh yur right
aw the old cables andawthat f643: and then we
storie sae fergal telt hirawthat haed befawn an aw
aw that mithir an babbyawthat happened you ken fine
turns gee me the bocawthat jerkin aw that jumpin
the boc aw that jerkinawthat jumpin fuck sake bites
m noh in fairy landawthat mithir an babby aw
berna aw she ll daeawthat oanythin bit read it
oot his failure wi meawthat runnin aw that sparrin
m daein this voluntary dimpsawthat s aw right then
dockin you your wages awawthat s m818: aye nightmare
wi me aw that runninawthat sparrin aw that bj
aw that haed befawn anawthat the streinger haed said
a man she didna kenawthat weill whan aw said
aw these wee symbols andawthat which i don t
between aw they aw theyawthat years m608: uh huh
carpet over ye d seeawthe aw the seams that
oh aye but look atawthe aw the works that
this cairry on eh abootawthe bad things an aw
weill guidnicht til ye awawthe best fiodor illyich wad
o aw the fethers oawthe burds o the air
rinnin alang the taps oawthe caip stanes o aw
aw the caip stanes oawthe dykes ower aw the
aw the places noo andawthe f643: they re aw
they re aw businesses m642: awthe ferms up there and
ye a coat made oawthe fethers o aw the
it s face face wiawthe flaws aw the weakness
for aw at aince inawthe gledness an pleisir the
aw the bad things anawthe good things aboot this
eee aw eee aw eeawthe hay was good and
then we got aw gotawthe heating in f643: we
aw the the anes thatawthe kids that go tae
o aw the dykes owerawthe kintra an gin a
kind an helpfu ane anawthe lecturers aw ken their
bag zeb yull hae kepawthe letters aw these last
tess an aw the labelsawthe letters ur they names
and roman and you hadawthe models aw around you
collect aw the the cutsawthe off cuts an he
light on [inaudible] was doneawthe old cables and aw
you got aw i putawthe oo-oo-oo- o f643: oh
tell hur aboot the labelsawthe pictures o aw the
labels aw the pictures oawthe places enter berna she
now m642: look at awawthe places noo and aw
wi aw the stramash atawthe reimishis hed laed ahent
at aw ye l needawthe rest ye can git
aw man it wul beawthe same a hunder year
the reason m822: an itawthe same see whaur aw
ye d see aw theawthe seams that were aw
so ye d tae liftawthe so ye kept aw
a hed ti dale wiawthe stramash at aw the
is aw the wee boysawthe teeny totsy boys aw
the folk that m824: ayeawthe the anes that aw
used tae come an collectawthe the cuts aw the
aw the so ye keptawthe thick yins see so
bit a cannae be perfecawthe time fur efter aw
tyme we r aw deidawthe tyme afore we r
an aw ma days anawthe warld can faw apairt
face wi aw the flawsawthe weakness s stew come
let s say doll isawthe wee boys aw the
aw in scots an includesawthe words the leid shares
but look at aw theawthe works that s come
hae kep aw the lettersawthese last years aw fu
like formal logic you knowawthese wee symbols and aw
renovate aw they hooses builtawthey an- right we lived
ah no between aw theyawthey aw that years m608:
up m642: ah no betweenawthey aw they aw that
i built aw they renovateawthey hooses built aw they
is like empty cauldrons pauseawthey need is fed aw
aw they need is fedawthey need is thur erse
twa hoose ken i builtawthey renovate aw they hooses
m824: an so they reawthey ve aw hin pairties
ken how serious yi takeawthis bj aw this lee
yi take aw this bjawthis lee see it s
yur aw fur jilly daeinawthis trainin an coachin fur
ah haena been weill atawthis whyle back it aw
we aw want happiness forawtoozenbach picks up a box
can be happy but weawwant happiness for aw toozenbach
pause look beej it sawwater under the bridge aw
aw the time fur efterawwe poets are only human
be in on the roadawweek ah im aw cuivert
tuik a hale ouk afoirawwes cunned an aw quastiouns
aw water under the bridgeawwi need is ti git
be oot yeir bed atawye l need aw the
the day pepper tell meawaboot it pompitie pompitie weill
tho wi weill airmit gairdsawabout the denners at nicht
ah mynd him verra weillawah need ti dae is
s weill aneuch natasha forawah think he soud hae
she s no weill atawan ah dinna lyke this
no a weill wumman atawan ah dout ah m
waashin fur the sicht oawan sindrie weill ye r
ye dinna ken me atawbut a ken you weill
fur the first fyow yeirawgaed weill fur the kintra
say macbeth did weill anawhe did wes duin in
mhairi a kynd mistress tilawhir houss lassies weill ae
s wantit for hir dennerawhir leevin days weill ye
a hert lyke hirs forawhir queenlyke station physician weill
the want o preparation banquoawis weill man dae ye
she s weill macduff anawma bairns ross they re
ay it looks lyke itawma lane a pause weill
weill a juist tuimed thaimawower the bartesin inti the
is in the flesk anawsal be weill aff wi
askit til olechka it sawsettilt olga weill ah l
never hae killed hir forawshe deserred weill ti dee
on that weill thegither eftirawthat the keing o the
wyfe is no weill anawthat weill gin ah haed
want ti tak him forawthat weill she gaed til
days weill ah wush yeawthe best going out hou
queen wes weill again anawthe fowk sang praisin the
ir for we ken weillawthe kinriks o the sie
weill birsilt rintoul this batesawthe leeches war for drawin
weill daein an innerlie anawthe mithers wi wycelyke dochters
an leeved weill content throuawthe monie year that cam
perfit smuith skreid liggit throuawthe ruims weill duin broun
no weill thir days atawthe wutch aunsert him but
aigil nou callum lykit weillawthe wyld craeturs o the
vershinin koolyghin weill whit sawthis ah thocht ye said
ye micht hae spared yeirsellawthis fasherie queen weill ye
haena been sleepin weill atawthis whyle back frae the
keing no juist ane butawthrie o his bairns weill
wee whylie koolyghin that sawverra weill but sumhou ah
sae borin chebutykin that sawverra weill but whit aboot
wee wumman the spinnin isawverra weill for auld bodies
in heivin knicht that sawverra weill mither but a
raither be ah wush yeawweill an nou fareweill from
ma bobik is no atawweill hou did he git
did for she loued thaimawweill thare cam ae forenicht
explene ti the waatchie atawwes weill bot it wesna
roun ti mak siccar atawwes weill furby thai wes
weill in his mynd thatawwesna tint he aye hae
is in this flesk anawwul be weill at aince
haigil on wi it anawwul be weill but whan
snash for nae reason atawah haena tyme ti waste
it s tyme we warawawa the haill lot o
w wul ye o mercieawawricht mebbe it s tyme
the tyme cums we irawborn in mortal sin even
guid bairn tyme but weawken howp s fallaciuss ae
a blythsum tyme for usawma faither wi a wyfe
glisk o tyme itsell anawoor yestreins haes lichtit gomerils
seems ti be turnin blekawower at ae tyme it
it at tyme wi wurawtaen on wi yasin elestic
lang tyme i deein eftirawthat jek s duin til
huntin in nae tyme atawthe aigil haed callum on
at ae tyme it wesawthe colors o the rainbow
rowth o tyme ti rueawthe ill she haes duin
back here wi thaim anawthe tyme ah wes rinnin
auld ah ve been darginawthe tyme an ah feel
doctor ah m nitherin cauldawthe tyme an ah m
jaloused ah wes a princeawthe tyme did ye nou
afore we r born anawthe tyme eftir we dee
yeirsell first me me meawthe tyme here im ah
ebenezer maun prevene agin daungerawthe tyme i fak he
the aince an that sawthe tyme irena is he
yeir erses seein naething anawthe tyme natasha s haein
she canna be lyke thisawthe tyme or ma faither
hir wey o t butawthe tyme she haed ettilt
til hir bed again anawthe tyme she wes soond
rowth o scent frae thaimawthe tyme sternly whit is
war makkin up on himawthe tyme thare seemed nae
het needle jaggin inti yeawthe tyme that s whit
woo inti monie pirns whanawthe tyme the war but
lyke ti chynge gradually butawthe tyme we can see
saicont o tyme callum mynditawthings past an lyke a
gaun the lang road roondawthis tyme an the fire
an he haes been thareawthis tyme the quaisten wes
a ve been hingin abootawthis tyme thinkin we d
together to embrace ma puddokawthis tyme this is whit
a bene i jyle furawthon tyme an a telt
the keing bi this tymeawwes dule an wae in
gaen by yit ah myndawaboot it lyke we haed
whit did ah gain atawbetter haed ah bidden at
ketterns that haed been reivinawday haed settilt doun ti
an whan he haed hairdawhe said pit you yeir
she haed ever seen inawhir days atweill an it
regairdit the queen never inawhir days haed she heard
haed been ti blame forawhir ill fortuin beatrix gaed
she haed ever seen inawhir leevin days doun ablo
fou o wunner never inawhir leevin days haed she
thing tam haed sair wantitawhis days he wantit for
haed never set een onawhis leevin days hir hair
it s lyke as ifawma aches an pains haed
they hae never been anawma sair jags haed haeled
haed naething ti eat atawmorag hou did ye win
whit haed been gaun onawnicht but his wyfe girned
haed steyed for ti watchawnicht lowdent an here war
coont an haed ti stertawowre again wutch howt ye
mag s feklessness haed spreidawowre the kintrasyde an the
huntin the kitchen haed beenawredd up the pats war
the gloamin ma haunds warawsair an shuin ah haed
kailyaird forenent it that wesawshe haed an naething mair
ah think that s abootawshe haes haed in hir
dae nanse his hurdies wesawslaigert wi dryte he haed
shauchilt in his hair wesawtawtie he haed a dreip
quaetlyke an he lippent tilawthat callum haed ti tell
fergal haed haen nae luckawthat day never a mawkin
brocht thaim she wrate dounawthat haed befawn syne he
moans softly ah ve haedawthat rintoul syne yeir goums
chaunce eilidh she s haedawthe chaunce she s gaun
bigger nor ither heich fowkawthe ettins he haed kent
feinish whan she haed seenawthe ither chaumers thare she
kent she haed but forawthe puddok pled on hir
in taigilt an sair wiawthe rinnin she haed duin
for naething an it wesawthe siller ah haed for
puddok ah haed ti soumawthe wey across loch linnhe
when a fund oot thatawthis swither haed cam aboot
haed been me a explainedawthis til ye whan we
haed never been here atawwutch ah m rael vext
ye puir thing wes thatawye haed ti eat puddok
the streinger wad tell thaimawa storie for a divert
tammas an he telt thaimawabout the puir sowel s
the langest lobbie o thaimawan the lassie unlockit the
geordie cuidnae thole thaim atawan thocht they war ugsome
up toozenbach he et thaimawanfisa serving vershinin tea here
mair frae the growthe vegetationawaround mei thaim byous sichts
up the haund afore thaimawat that caermoulis an his
asyde thaim the menfowk wesawawaw at the weir grannie
bittie tharf he shak thaimawbi the haun an set
luik ahent thaim thai wesawbrowdent on hir lillie whyt
graith an siller ahint thaimawbut ane o thaim that
thaim the nou they rawfair duin we l speak
re nou lyke deid tilawgaun on aroond thaim macbeth
thaim feel better when theyawhid a guid gaun crack
be wi thaim again wiawhir hert syne thare cam
the room tae git thaimawin the scottish national dictionary
thursday line this threw thaimawintil a richt fankil an
it big licks they rawleavin us yin o thaim
time for thaim an theyawlowpit back intae the hole
thaim a warnishin at thaiawmaun bi praisent sae the
tell thaim ti plant flouersawroond here a hantil flouers
s dunnie the fluirs wesawrotten sae a howkit thaim
the wee fowk gorbil upawshe set doun afore thaim
hinner him whit wi thaimawsleepin thair lyfes awa throu
no defend thaim they reawstruck doun for me they
o thaim nae time atawtae rin alang tae the
thaim out advysed grant myndawthae brammils an rasps we
on wes smittil an demnawthae that trust thaim a
the langest lobbie o thaimawthare we wul sort yeir
glumly the deil tak thaimawthe haill clamjamfrie they think
gart thaim that spoke thaimawthe mair determinit tae haud
gart thaim that spoke thaimawthe mair determinit tae haud
wes the brawest o thaimawthinkin it the verra thing
hirsilt on thaim he didawthir things an mair an
sheep hirselt on thaim ayontawthis the wad be a
thair gunes an ordourt thaimawti ligg doun on the
siller aneuch ti mak thaimawwalthie as keings for the
thaim at wes i luveawwes glaid an cosh atweill
burn an suin cuikit thaimawwes than devored wi a
staun oot heich abuin thaimawye can see whaur the
no able for thaim atawye l mebbe be gled
ti me lyke that aforeawah said wes that the
be lyke eftir we rawdeid say twa or thrie
dryit huis claes juist lykeawfell oot afore in shauchilt
ye look lyke ye rawgaun ti sleep as ah
taibil heid an maist oawhe didna lyke the sicht
never seen the lyke inawhir leevin days atweill she
makkin oot thir keings isawhis aishan sum s lyke
haird the lyke o inawhis leevin days an the
grace s pairdon naething inawhis lyfe becam him lyke
lyke the war naething atawin the haill warld but
lyke ti drink ti yeawin wattir says he an
lyke morag plaintively is thatawis that ma waddin feinisht
s wrang wi me atawit s lyke the haill
it s lyke they warawkeekin doun at me an
graund castel the winnoks warawlit up an lowin lyke
it s no naitral atawlyke the deed that s
you moula an yeir sonawlyke ti byde on here
meiserabil hauf deid lyke craitursawlyke yin anither shauchlin throu
never heard the lyke inawma born days ah never
the flouers ah ve missedawma lyfe flouers lyke this
ah dinna lyke it atawmasha here ye ve gotten
fowk that sleeps lyke deidawowre the mukkil stane castel
yaird ai the heivins isawreid lyke bluid valgerd it
can tell ye but forawshe wes fuilish lyke hir
been lyke hir ain bairnawthae year lat us pit
wes lyke ti cum forawthat ae day the queen
lyke ti finnd an forawthat ah ken she micht
shyne lyke the sterns onawthat deserrs it to macbeth
the lyke o it inawthe days o the warld
cauld as a lyke anawthe fyres bene smoured fur
an hir soond sleepin lykeawthe ithers binna she liggs
lyke ane awesum gale owreawthe kinrik an blaw the
ti enjoy it lyke butawthe same whit we r
no blaw lyke a fuilawthis a l dae afore
wadna be lyke hir atawti dae sic things whit
soud tak up airms lykeawtrue men in defense o
the rain yeir een isawweit an begrutten lyke valgerd
madman orm ye can shoutawye lyke ye ir still
tree didna lyke that atawye see she coudna byde
ye kyth lyke weimen forawyeir baerds gainsays yeir sex
s lyke ti be leftawyeir lane wi nae companie
speak ti me it sawyour blame ah m lyke
but hou wad you lykeawyour teeth an hair ti
still napier sechtit thon sawa ken an wes seilent
the aurs o tulyie wesawabout houss bene brunt an
inglis wes maist interessit inawabout m an socht ti
kelpies i the houss wesawae ou fur the furm
wes never a podil atawafore a turnt intil a
smell tae pepper it wesawah coud finnd onie port
an a becam restless forawah didna ken it wes
wul be cryin ma nameawairts bi nou roderic wes
inglish sojers wes mudgit inawalang the border bot the
o the langest lobbit oawan that wes that the
he wes at the dureawat aince the dure flew
that wes in hir syneawat aince whit suid she
ken an wes seilent maugerawat cuid be duin he
an saw his face wesawbegrutten anhou wabbitie he lookit
bot the greiks wes nouawben hiz weir waws cheptir
the wattir an ah wesawbi masell again mair lanesum
syne lang afore we warawborn the warld wes thrang
bi the bak en wesawbouracht roun an about it
she wes buskit in greenawbut a whyte short aipron
grund in this glen wesawcuivert wi saft brounie gray
m whan the job wesawduin a plaister ruif cam
the meisterie the yunkirs wesawfidgin an ettlin ti be
better an the bairns wesawflourissin an sonsie bot thai
dernt hirsell but it wesawfor naething an hinnerlie forfochen
hir ain neir kin wesawfurth o embro ir deid
kirstal glessis o a suddentieawgaed wrang ebenezer wes telt
wes that roused it wesawhe coud dae ti keep
tryit ti tell him butawhe coud hear wes a
houss ahaud rintoul wes thatawhe did pit burnin sulfur
hiz bodie aye grened furawhe hed ti dae wes
gang cleikit him up forawhe wes cled wi a
wi his ain een forawhe wes vext his sairvant
hir knees at prayer anawhir days wes gracie in
gaen the guidwyfe wes leftawhir lane wi smaw fendin
wes warse fur shae hedawhir peypirs frae hir wirk
died an he wes leftawhis lane it wes his
wes a guid maister tilawhis louns an his guidwyfe
napier telt hiz freins atawhiz concludins wes reddies gin
bul fiddil an the sousafonnawhiz geir wes fettilt i
he wes still fikkilt eftirawhou coud he ken aboot
z faimilie fur thai wesawi ower mukkil o a
tree in the gairden forawit wes in ful blossom
ti murn his daith forawit wes me that killed
he fell asleep an forawit wes nou tuim it
the heid for naething atawjuist kis ah wes thare
it wesna juist the maetawkinna graith wes bein muived
run him ower than thaiawleuchit lik tinks this wes
wes never sae skunnert inawma born days ugh ugh
wes driven til it biawma debts ah wes at
duin a straik o warkawma leevin days ah wes
he wes inby the castelawmade o gray whunstane wi
the houff wes gey stourieawmouss wabs sae a swoup
the lum queen that wesawna ah m tellin a
the lichts wes laed onawnicht he wuid gie hiz
this wes bot ane oawnummer o surpreises ti be
teichar aye hanted z anawour jynt skames wes cummersum
an ma nameliheid wes kentawower ah taen ma sword
gryte importance wes skailed aboutawower the flair the faither
sair an he wes sairawowre but he wan ti
an suin the wurd wesawowre the island that the
ruims wes apperandlie tuim saeawpairties wes fell astonist whan
ultimatum aither the incummers wesawpit out or he wuid
wes never a wutch atawpompitie is silent for a
ower the tay an wesawreddies ti ding doun the
she brocht wi hir wesawround the clachan iain the
bell o z sousafon wesawrunkilt an maist o the
maist peitie fu thai wesawsairie at aince an shae
shae brocht hame triplar bairnsawseiven wes krissent at kittilskart
gowd an the kimmer forawshe wes sweir ti dae
sauf awa hame but forawshe wes ugsum the ettin
me wes wrangous the clarksawshiffelt thair peypers an cuidna
ti dae fur thai wesawskitterin about as uiswal lik
saw him his hurdies wesawslaigeert wi dryte queen morag
as ivver bot mynes wesawstrowed an tint sae a
americae wes ilkane twyned fraeawthair kith an kin sae
ah m no here atawthat ah wes never born
the kynd ane she wesawthat for she taen the
eilidh enters eilidh whit wesawthat stramash aboot ah coud
wyne intil it but forawthat the tassie wes aye
his faither s darlin forawthat the wyfe wes as
no bad no bad atawthat wes rael tastie eilidh
slaps thai wes med fraeawthe bits at he duin
an spiert at hir whaurawthe dirdum wes cummin frae
mukkil wes the blyth inawthe duik s wyde launds
nae brousters at hame oniemairawthe kimmins an worttrochs wes
forby better nor oniebodie inawthe land an she wes
wes mair nor that oawthe mukkil elephants in the
wes aye pairt o bretaneawthe publict sairvices wes prevateised
he wes gaun ti lowpawthe road here frae the
kittilskart an pit winnoks inawthe slaps thai wes med
in the hinner end whanawthe wark wes duin bi
bi thir neibors out oawthe woo that wes gien
arrae can flie eftir hearinawthis finn s hert wes
o tammas s dinna takawthon stuffrie maistres wes hiz
telt m at thai wesawti lae thair hame fur
it wes a wee kinrikawtil itsell i the warld
an the frith o forthawwes as it bene durand
telt his yairn an whanawwes duin fergal thenkit him
washin o the claith whanawwes feinisht at first the
wi the locumtenand fur navigatourawwes in joco bon a
counsel wes be in gienawwes mixter maxter naebodie richt
aire on a seturday whanawwes quate the millans wesna
dunnie wes fluidit agane whanawwes redd up a selt
whan mirren wes setified atawwes reddies fur the skailin
til his wurds an whanawwes telt the gretest o
hir gate hamelins warst oawwes the faither he wes
mukkil horss swuirds an bukklersawwes the privileges o the
fog or whyt wi snawawwinter the wedder wes saft
ken junipere wes shair atawwuid be cantie nou fur
o a cuddie thai arnaawae ou thair naitiounal souch
thair ain saison it isawane wi man whas birzin
growes on the sae bedawat aince thair bodies coursent
juist look here they rawat thair meat areddies rodé
while tho the bairns wisawat the end o thair
an ill faured mongrels isawcryit dugs thair pedigrees refleks
wis taen awa they warawcut doon in thair prime
that but thair wis nowtawelse tae write on ah
brae o the sands theyawgot haud o thair bits
o thair trade thair dirksawgruesumlie slairged wi gore wha
awbodie wis settled in theyawhid thair ain poseetion for
syre haud thair vassals anawin trust for ye an
ay velvet an wonder ifawis really guid thair tell
hantil o thir wee craetursawleevin thair ain lyfe in
thair haunds an faces warawmerk t wi bluid sae
it s thair houss eftirawnatasha ay it s thair
houss an stert thair cantripsawower a m feirt at
kill thair stag yet anawsome things dinnae chynge archie
the island is thick wiawsorts ay trees an thair
lugs an the three laddiesawtaen tae thair heels an
thair schuil holidays they warawtelt no tae gaun back
thair heids kens noo thatawthae lees they war telt
thrie dochters asyde him inawthair bewtie an richt fair
ti rest fair pechilt wiawthair faucht whyle the orrraman
a hae a spy inawthair housses the morn first
cruppen thegither wi the cauldawthair lane wi whyte baerds
sisters in peace an rowthawthair leevin days but leive
yokit thegither in halie matrimonyawthair leevin days lat him
wyfe an bairns thair laneawthat ye loue an haud
s ill thair teeth anawthe hair o the heid
cumpanies arreinged ti souk outawthe infeftments frae thair scotch
thair scotch brainchis an flittitawthe stok an brok ti
thair yellae een leukin doonawthe time tae see whit
baith hae drunk thair healthawthir braw hieland flouers a
eikit til hir wounds forawa m shuir that monie
hir auld raggitie duds bleizinawaboot hir ah think ti
juist tell hir ti forgetawaboot you an yeir skelf
hir mither shae telt hirawabout the douglas tammas an
hir be in deid atawah canna thole the thocht
pleased ti see me eftirawah ve duin for hir
or she s deid forawah want hir ti hae
hir ti dae an syneawat aince forenent hir stuid
hir dochter an feir oawat lay afoir hir cuid
telt hir ti spin itawathout mair adae we maun
hir an ill uise hirawbut ane that stuid forenent
o hir aince an forawbut beatrix didna ken whit
be his new wyfe forawhe didna loue hir wi
micht spin for him anawhe gies hir for daein
s awned up nou tilawhir ill daein an she
that s an end tilawhir ill daein she maun
an nou the leddie sawhir lane ai a tuim
whaur the littil leddie badeawhir lane athouten a man
him an shuik him wiawhir micht but the war
mither s hert but forawhir mither uised ti sech
a nurl o ice wiawhir pingil throu the short
made hir gey ugsum forawhir rosie chowks an sheinin
adae an awbodie said forawhir skellochin an skraichin in
cauld grue shae mynded oawhir sorraes in ane instant
sleep the nicht awa eftirawhir traivel the neist day
murn hir mither foraye weawloss oor mithers it s
hir heid aboot that atawno that lang syne ah
hir road whan she hairdawo a suiden the tinglin
dour traivil for hirsell atawsae she aunsirt hir mither
ti weit hir thrappil anawsattilt doun ti gie hir
o the langest lobbie oawsyne the prince telt hir
doctor may god forgie usawtak tent til hir an
hir agin hir wull forawthae lang year but richt
hir tae the kies tilawthe chaumers in the houss
moyen ti maun the sitivautiounawthe fowk kent hir an
hir houss singin til tawthe gait a gou an
for ti be mistress oawthe grandeur afore hir een
hir the same storie asawthe ithers but frae hir
hir legs was cairrie hirawthe lang road hame til
jennie an flang it wiawthe micht o hir airm
huntin the wab she ranawthe road hame til hir
ahint hir an ran backawthe road ti the kitchen
haes gotten hir haunds onawthe siller an yit the
the job hirsell she fermedawthe wark out til hir
you mair nor oniething inawthe warld better nor hir
hir the clivverest man inawthe warld it s different
haaurlie ken the wumman atawwe maun gie hir a
hir walin o sang isawwrang flouers in the auld
til hir mebbe ye deserrawye git mebbe ah soud
would help us pause butawah hear is aggression anger
ah m fair dumbfoonurt pauseawah wanted wis a mithir
wi the letter f pauseawan what s the other
word starts wi f pauseawaye faithir bj puts on
widnae drink widnae sleep pauseawaye shi hud deep feelin
pause fuckin pissy eco warriorsawclammmerin ti save a bunch
we hae been here atawgunlöd after a pause na
simple wae o life pauseawhanded doon ti us fi
pause singin music story tellingawhanded doon tradition carried oan
noo yur sittin up thereawhigh an mighty pause bit
noh ay say it sawin a name pause ken
git whit s rightfully oorsawin guid time pause della
ur gae close thigithir pauseawkrista ah m git bad
day a pause ah haeawma luggage ready tae ah
tess pause aye yiv taneawmah teachins in oan yi
hear lori sing pause wiawneed that sweet voice tip
mak yi reel an jigawnicht zeb pause bit you
fine shin they ur pauseawoor calloused feet free fi
tarnation is real pause oorawoot here awa oot in
wi yursell yince an furawpause us weemin wur born
a pause masha ah mawraivilt whit ah mean ti
still an all pause youawright agnes just ma lumbago
pause that isnae right pauseawright it s nane ae
the fire wis where itawstertit story tellin like pause
the boxing world washes awayawthe dirt pause fi the
a pause ah wush yeawthe happiness in the warld
wyld gress a pause vershininawthe same ah m vext
coachin fur jilly pause anawthe time daein it fur
hurry dear zebediah wiv waitedawthese years pause how mony
leaves pause cept the hollyawthey berries startling scarlet like
fi the russian oil pauseawthey guid properties fi birch
ken whit ah wrote pauseawthey years back you did
be a grand maister oawthis pause mak you dafties
like pause the auld maistirawthone years ago tess hoo
shells tumbling up the beachawwashed sparkly clean pause gentle
eat pause fuck me stewawwi ever wanted wis warmth
bedlam pause near took usawwi um auld sod silence
a camera a canon anawa pure minter ah goes
dear ah d stan yeawa roon bit grannie s
noh hidin anythin you kenawaboot ed ah think what
nor that ah soud kenawaboot it shuirlie the denner
credit that knicht ah kenawaboot it syre malcolm this
ye ye d suin forgetawaboot ploums ah can tell
simple stew s telt miawaboot the group therefore ah
ah daursay fowk wul forgetawaboot us in the same
turn for a smaw rewairdawah ask an wul hae
inti yeir ain chaumer forawah care as ferr as
keepin wi ma place atawah d better juist byde
the soond o that atawah dinna richt ken whit
m a richt russian forawah es baptised in the
an mebbe ah dinna believeawah hear but never heed
mebbe ah dinna aye believeawah hear but never heed
feelins fi the hert dellaawah hud dae wis produce
a l gledlie tell yeawah ken anent the gait
an mebbe even uised forawah ken but lyfe itsell
birlin an skirlin an forawah ken he is aye
dae thae things shona forawah ken it micht hae
in reality we dinna atawah ken naething naebodie kens
fact ah haena onie atawah m aye short o
pat cause o jilly patawah m ever si grateful
ah m no able atawah m fair forfochen green
no speak aboot oniething atawah m gaun awa the
noh jist physically bit mentallyawah m looking fur s
nor ah did yestrein eftirawah m onlie twantie echt
networking not become isolated dimpsawah m sayin is wi
houss shona nae ill atawah m shuir ah wesna
richt human be in atawah m tellin ye this
never a richt wutch atawah m thinkin ringan she
an auld man vershinin forawah m turnt fortie twa
oan mah ain reassurance isawah need doll but i
want is noh want needawah need is mah lassie
it s no fair atawah tell ye wutch naething
ah ken sae little forawah think ah div ken
ah m no prood atawah think ah l juist
wanti ti upst you bjawah want is noh want
ll stae oot o itawah want is us ti
then ah could see everythinawah wanted wis the dark
wi the pain ay itawah wis sure ah wis
the cock crows for itawah wish we d nivir
ah dinna unnrstaun ye atawai but ye hae been
warld spreidin wyde ah imawane wi leimitless pouer the
s got naething left atawanfisa ah d better cry
ah m no german atawapairt frae the dour stubborn
it disna suit him atawas for me ah ve
gotten up an washt masellawat aince ah felt as
ain saint s day anawat aince ah felt sae
is hou despicable an syneawat aince ah thocht o
hou innerlie he is anawat yince ah felt as
diploma ah stertit ti greitawat yince for sheer joy
goes out olga gie itawawa nannie ma dear ah
at her yeir face isawbegrutten nou that ah hae
for ye whan ah mawbetter but nae dout ye
faws frae abuin ah mawbi masell bi ma wundae
s oor brother we reawbrothers ed ah m his
m no a man atawbut juist fancy ah hae
ah killed on wodinsday itawcam fluidin back ti me
a hurry hoy ah mawcuivert wi shairn nou michtie
bed nor we hae beenawday ah canna say fairer
heidmistress an she s thrangawday an ah m here
m sittin on a tombawday koolyghin ah dout the
ah wul sit thare spinninawday that wey whan the
m gled ah m hereawday the day this forenicht
hae been lauchin ti masellawday vershinin to toozenbach ah
ah ve been sutten hereawday whit wad ah ken
bring it ower here tessawdella yi said ah could
m1017: someone gets ah itawdepends how i feelin [laugh]
hidin under the cushions f1113: awf1114: ah f1113: what s
noh developed right ah mawfaded jist a faintin fadin
green as the fern leavesawflouncy an laced ah asked
ah wis fair afeart anawfor it wis a fragile
in companie thegither but forawfor sum reason ah seem
ti leave yeir auld faitherawforlane ah wadna hae lykit
wi ma ain warm bedawfree whyles whan ah wauken
ah ask ye but forawgin it war god s
ah im wutch aweill weawhae oor problems broun ogre
ah kin berna it sawhavers in yur heid tess
ah canna credit it eftirawhe haes sum taste ah
pat ah telt yi jillyawhe s bothered aboot is
ah dinna mynd you atawirena olia olia calls towards
when ah loved yur dadawit did wis make um
this auld keep is noawit micht be ah wul
ails me an they rawlauchin at me ah soudna
hantil guests ah brocht thegitherawma cronies loud yammerins fill
wumman frae the south butawma days ah hae been
did oniebodie an ill turnawma days ah heard tell
guidwyfe ah wul loue yeawma days at that the
ah ti be a poetawma days throu the smaw
ah wush ye luck wiawma hert chebutykin moved ma
etna ah wisnae gonnae spendawma holidays bein felt up
doun athouten end ah mawma lane an desolate dreidin
im ah ti be leftawma lane eftir ye r
ah m freezin ah imawma lane he goes to
the morn ah l beawma lane here ah l
mair aften pompitie ah mawma lane here an ah
an ah l be leftawma lane i the houss
masell an ah m leftawma lane ti fend for
houss ah fair envy yeawma lyfe a ve leeved
ah ve been gey luckyawma lyfe ah m a
thorfinn that s a leeawma lyfe ah never begged
never telt oniebodie else aforeawma lyfe even whan ah
ah coudna byde that atawma mither wul shuirlie see
ye ah dout it taenawma smeddum ti git throu
honestly ah feel as ifawma strenth an youtheid war
its existence ah wrate itawmasell juist a bit o
pompitie ah wesna feart atawmebbe mebbe she wesna aye
aither that or naething atawmonie s the day ah
ah wul git naething atawnaething in the wey o
s the waterfall oo m1106: awnice ah f1105: oo it
d be hoochin an dancinawnicht ah mean ti say
ah coudna git ti sleepawnicht an ah m no
lee ah ve noh gotawnight jilly telt yi awready
ah forgot mine either f1129: awno was you baking f1130:
sae ah can see itawnou ah hae been blinnd
gaen til whaur is itawnou god ah ve forgotten
soud leeve ah ken itawnou ma dear ivan romanych
ah mynd naething naething atawolga and natasha leave the
daurk ah pressed ma fingersawower the bedclothes so they
war spawned ah hae beenawower the haill kintrie an
ah daursay ma hair isawower the place stands in
icicle puddok ah m cauldawowre ah m fair nithert
is sair ah m sairawowre sae ah im green
deil ah didna ken atawplease help iz wutch help
dae ye git aboot atawpompitie ah dinna ken whit
dout she canna speak atawpuir lass meg mercie ah
dinna unnerstaun ye ah mawraivelt prince morag ye hae
oak ah ve got itawraivelt up drinks water ma
bed doctor chebutykin ah mawricht thenks combs his beard
houss but ah hae beenawroond thare an the r
but this sair nicht baetsawross ah guid faither see
didna want ti dae atawsae ah said ti masell
a warld o guid whanawsaid an duin ah ve
yeir hert syndit clean fraeawsin gunlöd wul ah flee
day eftir day eftir dayawthae fower year ah ve
the grund whaur war weawthan ah wunner we war
there is puddok that sawthat ah can mynd that
ken she did it forawthat ah l sweir yon
an ah stert haiverin forawthat ah m a sicht
aboot mairriage puddok ah kenawthat ah need ti ken
mercie sumbodie soud hae wruttenawthat doun afore ah forget
meg mercie ah can seeawthat knicht it wad be
wi yir heid full ayawthat modern thinkin but ah
norroway but ah m noawthat parteiklar even the keing
think ah wantit ti gangawthat road an cum back
understand silence jilly ah understandawthe beatins fi ur big
the ane ah held anawthe blackie in the tree
be fund thirlman ah doutawthe boats is oot for
aince mair ah wush youawthe happiness in the warld
it s aye sair wiawthe haurd wurk ah dae
for ah l be wantinawthe help in the weidth
yeir hawk ever pyke atawthe lad leuch ah aye
legs is unco strang wiawthe lowpin ah dae nanse
agnes defensive ah am outawthe out ah want tae
an ah l wheel yeawthe road hame it s
nane o his business butawthe same ah l hae
say broun ogre that sawthe siller ah hae ti
ah ve lost ma confidenceawthe smeddum haes been jaggit
is lang an ugsum wiawthe spinnin ah hae duin
awake fur as while imagininawthe things ah could dae
ah staun ma lane inawthe universe wi ma ten
ti me nor oniething inawthe warld ah m verra
s the graundest dream inawthe warld pepper ah wad
year f643: ah look atawthe wee businesses there is
saw mrs menzies weans brekkingawthe windae panes ah loupt
ah l gang masell forawthe wund an storm orm
shot dimps fuckin too complicatedawthis ah m tryin ti
will be thegithir an ayawthis ah will tell ye
tenderly sae ah wul toozenbachawthis greinin for wark crivvens
an ah can see thatawthis is ill that is
canna see onie hen atawthis is uissless needle ah
whan ah m duin wiawthis lik fouterin ah ligg
ferapont oliusha ah canna cairrieawthis masell olga rings naebodie
ah l hae ti raivelawthis oot in ma mynd
never heed ah haena cumawthis road for ti crak
young guy like you talkingawthis serious stuff pat ah
the sunlicht cum fluidin inawthis spring sunshyne ah felt
the day ah wis flabbergastitawthis time the wee man
stops suddenly pat ah stoppedawthis when ah grew up
1002 1060 ah dreme forayeawthrou the day ah dreme
is drowie wi dreipin ronesawthrou the waukrif nicht ah
mebbe ah dinna exist atawweeps ai if ah coud
for the injustice ay itawwhen ah think ay they
ah haena seen oniebodie atawwhit war ye wantin wi
ah dinna ken it sawwhit ye r uised wi
league stew yince and furawwhy wid ah be feared
it in the feinish eftirawye dae ah aften think
fient ah dinna ken atawye maun hae tint yeir
meg archly sae that sawye think ah m guid
rowth o gear an sillerawyeir days but ah wul
fair worn oot bairn eftirawyeir dour traivel ah tell
ti git a saet eftirawyeir traivel ah daursay ye
ye once again ah huvawyir buiks but wan ahv

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