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generation of punters became politicallyawareby watching fluck and law
council when it first becameawareof any such difficulties and
the atmosphere when we becameawareof nocturnal rustlings in the
of external threats we becameawareof possible conflicting influences in
its members first a becameawareof the contents of the
so when they first becameawareof the contents s1w 32863
and how it first becameawareof the french prime minister
what date it first becameawareof the level of scottish
ever attended i quickly becameawareof the problems that deaf
even as kids we becameawareof what accent meant we
meeting in june we becameawarethat further problems had arisen
from the past i becameawarethat it might be possible
for children and education becameawarethat problems could arise in
her but then she becameawarethat sandy was no longer
issue when it first becameawarethat that information was required
as far as i amawareas soon as the bill
parents cathy jamieson i amawarefrom correspondence from a number
as far as i amawareglasgow city council and city
as far as i amawarei am also aware that
lab as you are probablyawarei am keen to find
and of which i amawarein east ayrshire there is
so far as i amawarein which even the fundamental
as far as i amawareit appeared in only one
as far as i amawareit will go through the
the service i am notawarejust what concerns have been
and provide i am notawareof any difficulty for shared
ross finnie i am notawareof any other schemes but
hugh dignon i am notawareof any problem with prisoners
are happening i am notawareof any specific research on
mr mcconnell i am notawareof any such constraint the
different systems i am notawareof any way in which
am sure that members areawareof glasgow underground s problems
i am more and moreawareof my lack of foreign
head street junction i amawareof proposals and suggestions that
flanders fiona hyslop i amawareof that but if irene
of the bill i amawareof the arguments that were
scott barrie i am wellawareof the children scotland act
ensure that that committee isawareof the concerns i am
i am only too wellawareof the deep feelings and
officers and i am notawareof the extent of the
case but was not initiallyawareof the fact i am
scotland act 1995 i amawareof the impression given to
bursaries this year i amawareof the issue that tommy
law mr wallace i amawareof the level of offences
child cathy jamieson i amawareof the member s interest
strength of roads i amawareof the need to consider
about the problem i amawareof the report to which
very important and i amawareof the research to which
andrew normand i am notawareof the source of those
carbeth hutters so i amawareof the time scale on
a close as i amawareof the time you talked
happen that i am notawareof will you comment on
as far as i amawaresepa does not have responsibility
as far as i amawaresuch a study has not
organisations and informally i amawarethat a range of organisations
been fully debated i amawarethat amendment 8 has been
cathy jamieson i am wellawarethat duncan hamilton has taken
of scotland con i amawarethat for a long time
midwives mr harper will beawarethat i am chairing a
procurator fiscal service i amawarethat not all members were
table however i am notawarethat sue ryder care has
home affairs committee i amawarethat the committee has a
with some urgency i amawarethat the committee produced a
with its expenditure i amawarethat the criticism that i
heartless i am only tooawarethat the effluent i am
are being lodged i amawarethat the figures in the
am aware i am alsoawarethat the oft said that
first point i am notawarethat the timetable has been
those materials i am notawarethat there has been full
are critical i am wellawarethat they are working up
we found useful i amawarethat today was not their
several years and i amawarethat using a management plan
things but i am notawarethat we have lost out
time in politics i amawarethat we owe a debt
full word list i amawarethat what i am writing
a councillor i am wellawarethat you will get complaints
as far as i amawarethe only legislation that has
as far as i amawarethe project is one of
community care has been madeawareof looming problems with financial
in our constituencies and areawareof particular problems arising from
significant factor and we areawareof problems which have been
she has made us moreawareof the problems of osteoporosis
beattock in dumfriesshire we areawareof the problems of timber
s council tax debt isawarethat administrative problems such as
but is the first ministerawarethat the core problems remain
owner if the owner wasawarethat there were problems on
the working party are youawareof concerns that might exist
be terminated ministers will beawareof my concerns about the
grant the minister will beawareof my concerns about the
outlined but he will beawareof the concerns of many
that east lothian council isawareof the concerns that have
those whom i represent areawareof the concerns that have
the committee will be madeawareof those concerns and will
possible the minister will beawarethat there are concerns about
but as the minister isawareand as the snp amendment
david mundell is no doubtawarelast year the minister for
know that the minister isawareof issues in relation to
msp the minister will beawareof some of the council
mr hamilton is the ministerawareof the 18 month delay
matheson the minister will beawareof the background to the
michael matheson is the ministerawareof the disability rights commission
snp the minister will beawareof the discord within the
that the minister is wellawareof the excellent work that
first minister might not beawareof the fact that last
islands snp is the ministerawareof the fears of the
the minister would have beenawareof the letters between the
elaine thomson is the ministerawareof the recent newspaper article
scott the minister will beawareof the recently announced joint
con is the first ministerawareof the scale of the
the minister will be wellawareof the scottish national party
so the minister will beawareof the significant benefits that
macdonald the minister will beawareof the situation at donside
positive alternatives is the ministerawareof the success of neil
education is the first ministerawareof the terms of section
angus snp is the ministerawareof the tremendous efforts that
baillie the minister will beawareof the view that in
into being is the ministerawarethat a large proportion of
minister that he will beawarethat a new regime for
the first minister will beawarethat a royal commission was
the area is the ministerawarethat dumfries and galloway council
mcallion the minister will beawarethat during the acute services
the first minister should beawarethat farmers in kintyre made
in glasgow is the ministerawarethat greece which is another
cronies is the first ministerawarethat his decision to create
the first minister will beawarethat it is estimated that
scotland con is the ministerawarethat last week his deputy
i make the first ministerawarethat many in the theatre
the first minister will beawarethat many people in scotland
mr mcmahon is the ministerawarethat organisations representing black and
falkirk west is the ministerawarethat some old people are
favourite confection is the ministerawarethat temporary traffic lights have
scotland the minister will beawarethat the contempt of court
gibson is the first ministerawarethat the convention of scottish
because the minister should beawarethat the maternity facility in
you is the first ministerawarethat the new less favoured
harding the minister will beawarethat the number of recorded
falkirk west is the ministerawarethat the paper industry is
barrie the minister will beawarethat the race relations amendment
hun is the first ministerawarethat the sutherland report could
ld the minister will beawarethat there is some concern
s question is the ministerawarethat when class sizes were
yet as the minister isawarethe central heating programme has
grahame as the minister isawarethe draft bill for the
until somebody until you becomeawareenough or f963: mm m762:
and that it will becomeawarenot only of what we
like a writer and becomeawareof how language techniques create
it helps children become moreawareof language as a means
signals show and we becomeawareof the precariousness of janie
their use and become moreawareof their application similarly the
become even more serious isawarethat osteoporosis is both treatable
not in fact be particularlyawareof neighbourhood language if different
under surveillance will not beawareof that fact but we
tension there but they reawareof the fact that if
the possibilities we are acutelyawareof the fact that the
we need to make themawareof the fact that the
scotland we have to beawareof the fact that the
issue alive we should beawareof the fact that this
in fact we are allawarethat the heavy legislative programme
finally as members will beawareat the close of today
serve as members will beawareevery force prepares an annual
as committee members will beawarei attended the opening ceremony
but as members will beawareit is now up and
years members will also beawareof many of the measures
members might wish to beawareof our thinking margaret curran
committee members will be wellawareof political nuances in a
voluntary organisations members will beawareof the new opportunities fund
knowledge certainly most members areawareof the size and scope
the pipeline as members areawareon separate occasions the convener
1999 as members will beawareone of the major projects
sure that all members areawarethat as has been said
members business members will beawarethat debates taken during members
decision time members should beawarethat decision time may take
incredible powers members will beawarethat for example more than
valley lab members will beawarethat i have been uncharacteristically
andrew normand members will beawarethat most criminal justice systems
members will no doubt beawarethat responsibility for building warrants
truncate them members are allawarethat smoking is the greatest
primary schools members will beawarethat some people believe leaving
compatibility members should also beawarethat the echr is really
offices operate members will beawarethat the unit has conducted
not all members will beawarethat there has been an
note accordingly members will beawarethat under new rules a
investigation as members will beawarethe bill is the scottish
francis as members might beawarethe tenants information service was
as members are all wellawarethere is a 27 billion
1 as members will beawarewe have already heard evidence
cunningham as members will beawarewe only have about nine
as far as i mawaref1154: no f1155: no don
as far as i mawarenone were invited so why
we must be far moreawareof dual discrimination and how
as far as you areawarewas there at any stage
those areas have been madeawareof the problem and are
the real world must beawareof the problem i have
design the curriculum be madeawareof the problem so that
with in june we wereawarethat there was a problem
builders who are obviously moreawareand more conscious of the
the issue we are allawareexcept those on the conservative
cracking twig you are alreadyawarei see that the world
as as you probably areawarei wasn t very good
because as you are wellawarein burns what starts as
in dumfries and galloway areawareof and able to take
change the wording to areawareof and apply rather than
in different areas we areawareof and commend the work
reiterate that we are notawareof any evidence of a
it states we are notawareof any legislative provision which
the business community are youawareof any projects that involved
huh however f606: are youawareof any special sort of
millennium period if you areawareof any such risks how
promises into results we areawareof course that attention has
to the workplace we areawareof current and forthcoming skills
to support it we areawareof developments in local authorities
for the teacher to beawareof how choices are working
my registration staff who areawareof how the system operates
languages and dialects are youawareof in scotland f951: well
their youth they are sufficientlyawareof it to make an
the scheme but are massivelyawareof it we have been
of this event are notawareof it what more can
health professionals are becoming increasinglyawareof osteoporosis as a major
in every school we areawareof that and are trying
in the nhs are wellawareof that approach the ministerial
about 400 candidates are youawareof that phone call did
settings all msps are wellawareof that vital contribution to
occurring however others are alsoawareof that work and are
ensure that scottish companies areawareof the availability of freight
potential contractors are routinely madeawareof the cost plan allowances
in the industry are wellawareof the decisions that are
labelling to ensure consumers areawareof the difference and calls
labelling to ensure consumers areawareof the difference and calls
and young people are madeawareof the functions of the
should ensure that staff areawareof the guidelines mr ingram
future we are of courseawareof the hotspots that have
in local government we areawareof the issues from sitting
who are presenting the billawareof the land reform bill
already in place we areawareof the need to repair
that the education authorities areawareof the needs of young
well andrew wilson we areawareof the principles that the
s attention you are obviouslyawareof the recommendation that we
sure that we are allawareof the significance of the
timetable of course we areawareof the us government s
ensuring that statutory agencies areawareof the voluntary sector and
differences and that we areawareof them as are many
teaching a modern language areawareof these significant differences and
we really need to makeawareof this event are not
as well we are alsoawareof what are called date
between authorities that are veryawareof what may be required
this morning we should beawareof what the chances are
are not consulted on orawareof what those goals should
which many people are notawarerecognises the need for tighter
outlying communities we are allawarethat age discrimination in employment
people with ms are wellawarethat beta interferon and glatiramer
made a difference we areawarethat data processing at the
of the lovers we areawarethat he is a notorious
study of course we areawarethat hm customs and excise
can make they are alsoawarethat if they lived in
is obvious that ministers areawarethat nurses and other health
served as councillors are wellawarethat particularly in the cities
the executive we are alsoawarethat procedural issues such as
they mean that they areawarethat taking sex seriously and
results michael russell are youawarethat that is contrary to
uk wide basis we areawarethat that point has been
to interrupt but are youawarethat that will be too
not sure whether you areawarethat the committee has received
and access we are allawarethat the elections are approaching
needed you may not beawarethat the railings are in
who have coastal constituencies areawarethat the real fourth emergency
to proceed when they areawarethat the relevant statutory provisions
advise me whether he isawarethat there are 400 fewer
it mrs mulligan we areawarethat there are a number
say that you might beawarethat there are such considerations
mrs mary mulligan we areawarethat there is evidence that
of surveillance will not beawarethat they are under observation
walking down the street areawarethat they can be seen
blackhall and mcdonald are bothawarethat they come from a
is that people are notawarethat they may be at
witnesses are people in generalawarethat this is the european
brother while we are wellawarethat this less much less
last month is she furtherawarethat we are looking forward
maureen macmillan you will beawarethat we are still researching
we all ought to beawarethat when we are ranting
dempster as you are probablyawarewe have specific lottery funded
for parliament to be madeawarewhen sewel motions are happening
is simply making another committeeawareof an issue in the
his reverie and making himawareof his surroundings we re
promotion is about making peopleawareof other brands and aware
talkin about making teachers moreawareof scots that would mean
be helpful in making childrenawareof the distinctive characteristics of
increase multicultural awareness making pupilsawareof the richness and fascinating
tried to like make youawareof all the dangers and
need to make them moreawareof and it again fits
week to make the petitionerawareof both what the lord
private we could make othersawareof the benefits of public
who seek to make peopleawareof the dangers of prostate
to make a concerned publicawareof the importance of genetic
is important to make peopleawareof the lifestyle choices that
to make the manufacturing industryawareof the opportunities for production
those companies to make themawareof the work that you
to make doctors and paramedicsawareof these as referred to
people and to make themawareof what might have happened
an effort to make everyoneawarethat a little bit of
is to make european citizensawarethat all languages not just
market but to make peopleawarethat the brand is on
therefore need to be particularlyawareof bilinguals needs in calp
crime we need to beawareof existing statute in the
therefore they need to beawareof how they re being
course we need to beawareof the dangers of loss
course we need to beawareof the dangers of the
of the need to beawareof the difference between speaking
outset the executive has beenawareof the need for the
we need to be moreawareof the needs of young
to communities need to beawareof the services that they
assessment need to be madeawarethat to do so will
as richard lochhead is wellawarejohn farquhar munro and i
the writers themselves were wellawareof and some which is
presiding officer he is wellawareof his power to vary
medicinal product sepa is wellawareof that work and has
property the committee is wellawareof the cross party parliamentary
areas because we were wellawareof the dominance of committee
the chamber will be wellawareof the margins for error
that richard lochhead is wellawareof them the massive turnout
ensure that everyone else isawareof this as well as
did and he was wellawareof this so it was
sake he must be wellawareof what can be done
english but i was wellawarethat just below the surface
dundee university and is wellawarethat she is writing in
of us have been wellawarethat the crisis has been
as the member will beawarein a general sense the
as mr mundell will beawarelast friday the dumfries and
all of us will beawareof difficulties that friends or
the pupils will be increasinglyawareof language patterns and structures
most people will not beawareof the amount of work
test public bodies will beawareof the benchmark and will
sure that you will beawareof the excellent brochure on
plans the committee will beawareof the inescapable interaction on
health promotion you will beawareof the trades union congress
adopt the committee will beawareof the work that colleagues
lord james will also beawareof the work that the
absolutely as you will beawareone of our 10 targets
me but i m alwaysawarethat everything will come out
45 the committee will beawarethat our strategic plan states
will highlight childhood asthma isawarethat over 113 000 around
will highlight childhood asthma isawarethat over 113 000 around
and culture he will beawarethat scottish theatre s current
have the committee will beawarethat standing orders do not
andrew welsh will also beawarethat the flat fishery is
estimation you will all beawarethat the representative is javier
gone up she will beawarethat there has been a
first the committee will beawarethat there was a lengthy
as the committee will beawarethe committee will also know
many people here will beawarethe disability discrimination act 1995
it we should also beawareof other provisions made in
time ago he is alsoawarethat a considerable amount of
the national governments were alsoawarethat it could widen the
new burdens is he alsoawarethat scottish local government employees
richard lochhead should also beawarethat when we talk about
mmhm m1036: i was alsoawaretoo of aberdeen toon and
people to be more wasteawareand to change their behaviour
to encourage certifiers to beawareand to think holistically about
mm great great just beawareehm wi these bits o
of which we should beawarefrom what we have heard
at teenies door he wisawareo bein watched be the
s dunbar you would beawareo it because that s
comments we want to beawareof as many views as
because they would not beawareof difficulties a person who
the scottish parliament should beawareof eu policies and legislation
rare and one should beawareof forged cancellations registered covers
people throughout scotland can beawareof its work and decisions
governments we should be particularlyawareof that when bodies that
is for gps to beawareof the condition and the
is found msps should beawareof the first sentence which
may be helpful to beawareof the list of languages
have certainly learned to beawareof the milk and gas
narrow role but to beawareof the overall design concept
that because they should beawareof the questions f1150: yeah
the group you should beawareof the strength of feeling
their job should be fullyawareof the terms under which
that allows us to beawareof what is going in
areas have to erm beawareof what s happening in
could not fail to beawareof what was happening to
because you couldn t beawareof where everybody was m964:
and must be countered isawarethat 25 of scottish pensioners
george lyon might not beawarethat argyll and bute council
robin harper we should beawarethat such conflicts exist the
dangerous the executive must beawarethat the financial cost to
risk should continually be madeawarethat the flu jag is
site visits you may beawarethat the scottish parliament s
uk bill we should beawarethat the uk has a
in the house should beawarethat too often in the
extent but we must beawarethat we must operate on
in future we should beawarethat we should deal with
green as you may beawarethe railings that run beside
any stratification that i wasawareof amongst the children it
scottish executive whether it isawareof any abuse by bus
scottish executive whether it isawareof any deterioration of the
just wondered if you wereawareof any glasgow dialect you
sale and c been madeawareof any negotiations which may
scottish executive whether it isawareof any new proposals by
scottish executive whether it isawareof any other eu countries
whether the scottish executive isawareof any plans to set
and if it is notawareof any such examples whether
scottish executive whether it isawareof any use of additional
er we were not reallyawarethat there was any literature
feel about aboyne i wasawarewhen i came here first
in east lothian is sheawarethat east lothian council has
and islands the council isawarethat the university of strathclyde
of which the person isaware6 whenever a person who
employer of being more disabledawareand disabled accessible if it
the board was fully informedawareand in control of what
the riddle of the universeawareat full of matter s
2001 that we have beenawarefor a number of weeks
of matter of the earthawarein us elsewhere in the
scottish executive whether it isawareof a motion of no
may come to school alreadyawareof a range of relevant
that stuff and i mawareof all that you know
grey blueness of her eyesawareof an unbearable sadness there
underhand methods because i wasawareof and afraid of the
the corporate body is fullyawareof and supportive of the
was still teaching one wasawareof certain influences television s
because it was not sufficientlyawareof disabled people s needs
think and eh i mawareof doing this occasionally myself
not things that you wereawareof er [inaudible] m078: erm
then next thing i mawareof er the computers was
scottish executive whether it isawareof glasgow zoo s current
capable of happiness and becomingawareof her own sexuality she
frightened but not yet fullyawareof his feelings i had
born again he was quiteawareof how a man was
objectives meaningful activities becoming betterawareof how they evaluate their
on language learning skills beingawareof how you learn effectively
scottish prison service is notawareof it and when the
er but i m notawareof it but then this
m i m i mawareof it is where the
assessed now i m notawareof it the place feels
mean i think i mawareof [laugh] some some things
which i m just notawareof m1174: the fo- this
in one place i wasawareof music from the radio
and he was very muchawareof my gaelic cultural background
scottish executive if it isawareof new employment opportunities identified
f965: that people were notawareof of impending invasion f963:
a role there of beingawareof our own culture in
another thing i ve beenawareof over the last few
the sqa inquiry and wasawareof people s feelings at
self which he was notawareof possessing the unromantic epithet
reacted or i m notawareof reacting to maybe i
miller said that he wasawareof regular updates to the
predict them the eis wasawareof some continuing difficulties with
irresponsible therefore we have keptawareof some idea of the
i had not previously beenawareof that as i have
fife eh i wasn tawareof that before i started
mm m762: and they reawareof the ambiance you know
scottish executive whether it isawareof the concern amongst traders
appear not to have beenawareof the consultation process until
the committee is only tooawareof the continuing debate about
john had been only vaguelyawareof the crashing sounds and
has occurred strategic competence beingawareof the cultural context in
has occurred strategic competence beingawareof the cultural context in
time the future she isawareof the deplorable state of
in social work i wasawareof the difficulties caused by
mark hazelwood the society isawareof the discussions that have
from one to the otherawareof the excitement in the
and chrissie even jim isawareof the importance of it
children and their parents moreawareof the importance of safeguarding
i assume that everyone isawareof the importance of the
august 2002 whether it isawareof the internal procedures for
bids assessed ministers have beenawareof the outcome of the
important that the committee isawareof the process that we
provide clarity thirdly we wereawareof the reform of the
clear that the executive isawareof the relationship between buildings
the instrument had been madeawareof the reservations that were
the poets around james wereawareof the reulis and cautelis
prompted that erm made meawareof the riches of scots
interacting with others and beingawareof the rules of interaction
interacting with others and beingawareof the rules of interaction
young people were made fullyawareof the sacrifice that has
the system i was notawareof the scottish launch until
lochhead s work one isawareof the strength of the
the court in scotland isawareof the suspended sentence the
yeah so you were quiteawareof the the language differences
but ehm i was certainlyawareof the the possiblity an
that that this committee isawareof the time scale and
it had happened i wasawareof the uk launch and
again almost she had beenawareof the wind s near
motor f718: right kind ofawareof the word but i
don t but we reawareof them f606: yeah m845:
were you wi- were youawareof them speaking differently did
on the more one isawareof this sort of metaphor
our answers but we wereawareof time pressures the convener
closures however the executive isawareof two textile companies that
to properly after being halfawareof voices and lights and
which suggests she s hardlyawareof what is happening around
colleagues in the lead committeeawareof what we were doing
so even we were notawareof where to find out
community care committee i wasawarethat a great deal of
not know whether he isawarethat a number of experienced
aware of other brands andawarethat a particular brand is
writing because i was reallyawarethat i was kind of
scottish parliamentary corporate body isawarethat some residents of dumfries
held today we were notawarethat they were going to
curriculum but i was equallyawareat the time that there
us but we were alwaysawareaye that er when we
i mean everybody was veryawaref963: uh huh but that
ah stop doing that f812: awarein a is he clickin
like that that i mawareo folk noticin f606: mmhm
highest for 80 years isawarethat cuba won the same
halt at greg s gateawarethat debt collectors usually travelled
huskily dimly she was justawarethat he was wearing a
sure that the committee isawarethat in june the employment
is satisfactory surely he isawarethat in the labour controlled
law is effective is heawarethat in the strathclyde police
out a review i wasawarethat mary mulligan had taken
in england and wales isawarethat scottish students compete on
own hand in 1998 isawarethat since 1984 the proportion
ye know ye re noawarethat that s dunbar you
the young girl was vaguelyawarethat the car had parked
46 per cent is heawarethat the justice department does
cathy jamieson mr harding isawarethat the matter was the
south lab is the memberawarethat the scottish executive has
process young people were acutelyawarethat there was something different
anxieties to you were youawarethat they were anxious that
we we we re noawarethat we re doin it
that point if you wereawareyou were getting to it
re we re no reallyawareo where it comes fae
the speaker is ironically selfawarewe know it s all
emslie was all too woefullyawareyou see you ve just
occupation as the committee isawarethe topic has been under
meeting as angus mackay isawarewas scheduled for this week
provide an appropriate and culturallyawareservice but there is now
i m i m noawareo them but folk notice
isnae me a m weelawareye ve come tae see
team for modern languages wasawarefrom briefing inputs by sqa
there was in m824: wasnaeawareyet if there wis f823:
the report on the wasteawarescotland survey public attitudes to

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