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dae natasha she s uisslessawthegithershe s juist a kintrie
hantil stuff that s uisslessawthegithervershinin dae ye think sae
oot a dinna misdout yeawthegithernae dout oor kintrie is
dout he is owre graundawthegitherti mairrie a kintrie lass
the scots hae tint themawthegithera graceless unbelievin race they
mair she tint hir colorawthegitheran grew fauch an shilpit
hae ye tint yeir manheidawthegitherin yeir follie macbeth as
guidman hae tint thair meaninawthegithernou in the gairdens wuthert
tint the wull ti wryteawthegitherthe icicles on the easins
or she tint hir roadawthegitherthe nicht cam doun an
r juist ferr owre proodawthegithersae ye ir nanse princesses
for ye r owre proodawthegithersae ye ir nou ah
mebbe ye war owre proodawthegitherti speak in a kyndlyke
v away awbodie n everybodyawthegitheradv altogether awthing n everything
a away awauken v awakenawthegitheradv altogether awthing n everything
awbodie everybody awricht all rightawthegitheraltogether awthing everything awn own
been burnt fedotik laughs awthingawthegitherah hae naething left ma
haill houss nearly burnt dounawthegitherthey l hae ti spend
ah m fair worn ootawthegitherhe said the sound of
ah m fair worn ootawthegithersae ah im ah m
ah m fair worn ootawthegitherwi hearin fowk speak even
dout ah m past eatinawthegitherma puir legs is awfu
dout we l be forgottenawthegithervershinin ay we l aw
wad be a different thingawthegithernatasha carrying a candle comes
m822: they done awa wiawthegitherf823: mmhm f606: mmhm m822:
ye no snek it forawthegithergunlöd is silent hae ye
gunlöd ah m no masellawthegitherthorfinn sae it seems ah
owre forritsum for a puddokawthegitheran juist hou did ye
is owre fantoush for meawthegitherlooks speculatively at the wig
for guid an forgotten abootawthegitherwe l no be here
o braw ootlin flouers differentawthegitherfrae the anes that grew
soud juist gie it upawthegitherbut ah im feirt fowk
a verra near conkit ootawthegitherbut here ah im safe
haed turnt inti sumbodie differentawthegithersum deil ah didna ken
lumps that surgeons haed forleitenawthegithersum sicht it wes macduff
but ye winna sant awaawthegitherye l mak sum impression
tyme ah l be retirinawthegithersyne ah l cum back
ye l no forget meawthegitherye l try an mynd
houss wul seem fair desertitawthegitherthe officers wul gang you
be seen he haed vainishtawthegitheran at hir cuits wes
but she haed santit awaawthegitherhe dochtna tell hou or
yeir ain heid puddok noawthegitherah gat the notion o
himsell he wes fair lostawthegitherbi this tyme it wes
down ah m fair guttitawthegithertakes a newspaper out of
lost the knack o tawthegitherah think it s kis
ma brain haes dried upawthegitherah ken ah ve gotten
but nou it s differentawthegitherah m vext ti hae
the yungest lassie wes differentawthegitherhir weys war gentil an
near cut oot hir tungawthegithershe s been spittin bluid
man seemed in better feckleawthegitheran ee pulled oot a
the reasons whitfur is noawthegitherobvious anither wey tae tak
a wunnerfu marvellous be inawthegithermasha laughing softly whan ye
be ower mukkil ti askawthegitherbut gin she s middlin
complete new sense o identitieawthegitheran the anlie thing at
noo it s changed hereawthegitherwi the icy winds that
says he s gaen gyteawthegitherhe is in sic a

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