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ti hae ti say vershininaya see masha ah m
ye cum frae moscow vershininayah studied in moscow an
tearfully that mukkil aulder vershininayah wes still a yung
moralitie that is heicher vershininayay richt aneuch chebutykin ye
it vershinin gets up ohayay shuirlie whitna hantil flouers
o philosophisin onie wey toozenbachaycum on whit aboot vershinin
ye cum frae moscow vershininayfrae moscow it is yeir
masha whitfor ah wunner vershininayhou did his wyfe weir
that is heicher vershinin ayayricht aneuch chebutykin ye said
vershinin gets up oh ayayshuirlie whitna hantil flouers ye
l be forgotten awthegither vershininaywe l aw be forgotten
vershinin ir ye supersteitious mashaaywhyles vershinin that s funny
haes heard ma prayers gunlödayah hae ai lat me
wadna win near ye gunlödayan nou he is expekkit
island gunnar god forbid gunlödayay but ye maunna daidil
weill oot o sicht gunlödayay gunnar an afore lang
whyte christ gunlöd in desperationayay valgerd ye r greitin
gunnar god forbid gunlöd ayaybut ye maunna daidil here
oot o sicht gunlöd ayaygunnar an afore lang we
pick oot the yerl gunlödayhe stauns at the yett
ye hae a saicret gunlödaymither ah hae valgerd waird
ken thae flouers gunlöd gunlödaythay grew in ma faither
throu the nirlt birks gunlödayvalgerd can ye forget yeir
christ gunlöd in desperation ayayvalgerd ye r greitin ah
the snell eastlin win ayaya nidge an nod we
tellin ye this macduff ayaya think a can guess
pulse shaking his head ayayah dout ah dout ye
aften this wey wutch ayayah maun be an awfu
ma dochter reads it ayayah soud hae kent forgie
dailins his ay wis hisayan his nae wis his
it she ll say ayayand fit like sometimes people
in scots ye like ayayand it s a dreich
lassie morag o ay oayatweill g g guidman c
by the snell eastlin winayay a nidge an nod
for tellin ye this macduffayay a think a can
s pulse shaking his headayay ah dout ah dout
no aften this wey wutchayay ah maun be an
frae ma dochter reads itayay ah soud hae kent
speaks it she ll sayayay and fit like sometimes
wirds in scots ye likeayay and it s a
o lee that s okayay bj and jilly hold
visit says the same thingayay foo re ye deein
faimly hereaboots syd she speiredayay i did quo the
ye maunna owerdae it malcolmayay it s a sair
pats jek on the shoulderayay jek she wants ti
coorse aa tinks likes itherayay loon he wid say
bored at hame a pauseayay ma dear auld chap
palace forres enter banquo banquoayay macbeth sae nou ye
his automatic leet wis maistlieayay naw uh huh an
they need oniething lyke olgaayay o coorse ye needna
ost tae oh ooch problemsayay robbie said a freen
rings shakes his head ruefullyayay that s the wey
h haena been lang puddokayay wyfe did ah no
kythed ayde the ferrawa walayay wyfe says he did
misdout ay houps the bestaybides the warst the pledge
lee that s ok ayaybj and jilly hold each
thum cannae dance thur jigsaydella ay krista krista della
when we hae the celebrationaydella ay krista tess starts
aboot australia wi its haertayfire an skin ay velvet
says the same thing ayayfoo re ye deein i
is ay sweired tae misdoutayhoups the best ay bides
hereaboots syd she speired ayayi did quo the auld
ah think ay the injusticeayit aw it gets me
maunna owerdae it malcolm ayayit s a sair fecht
jek on the shoulder ayayjek she wants ti see
dance thur jigs ay dellaaykrista krista della micht hae
hae the celebration ay dellaaykrista tess starts to sort
aa tinks likes ither ayayloon he wid say ye
at hame a pause ayayma dear auld chap hou
forres enter banquo banquo ayaymacbeth sae nou ye hae
automatic leet wis maistlie ayaynaw uh huh an the
ma bonnie lassie morag oayo ay atweill g g
need oniething lyke olga ayayo coorse ye needna fash
tae oh ooch problems ayayrobbie said a freen he
keep a caum souch isaysweired tae misdout ay houps
shakes his head ruefully ayaythat s the wey it
mouth but when ah thinkaythe injustice ay it aw
haert ay fire an skinayvelvet an wonder if aw
i aa his dailins hisaywis his ay an his
haena been lang puddok ayaywyfe did ah no say
ayde the ferrawa wal ayaywyfe says he did ah
men ma lord macbeth oaya m gled ti hear
a m no treacherous malcolmaybut macbeth is even an
ti leave the day macbethayhe dis he s arranged
croun gaes ti macbeth macduffayhe s been named areddies
yird dirlt an trummilt macbethayit wes a toozie nicht
skirls o daith macbeth oaylennox nicht houlets yammert the
a gey wyld nicht macbethaylennox whaur we war a
macbeth fled til ingland lennoxayma lord macbeth ai tyme
a cam doun l macbethaymacbeth hear wha sleeps i
hell itsell owregaes macbeth malcolmayman a grant ye that
nor that ti me macbethaynor ane mair frichtsum ti
again ti sleep l macbethaythe re twa o thaim
did that for him macbethayye re the best o
a whein this eftirnuin banquoayyeir hieness a am macbeth
born puddok recovering his composureayah did say that morag
aw yeir leevin days moragayah div puddok dae ye
wyfe ir ye wauken moragayah think sae puddok ah
puddok kynd is it mebbeayan mebbe no at least
ken wha ah im puddokayfyne ye ir the princess
mairrie you juist that puddokaymairrie me juist that nae
s us mairrit than puddokaymairrit ye ir frae this
heard speak the nou puddokayme wha ither weill did
ye hear me wumman moragaypuddok ah mean guidman ah
the snek an thare stuidaythe puddok bigger an sonsier
hir mairrie you juist thataythe puddok telt hir mairrie
caw aff yeir heid puddokayye ir ma guidwyfe an
ir tellin me the truithayah can see the lee
ir ah hae paerls aneuchayan rowth o treisurs forby
e d speer ir yeayeh wirkin eh doon by
r ill magic forby guidayir the no a cuid
at the fuit o itayir the said murdo an
we no that hungirie mhairiayir we no that hungirie
day ir we no mashaayirena sits down ah m
leids ir gey sib nayit wus efter the merciless
ir ma frein orm aiaysae ah im thorfinn orm
ir awfu joco thorfinn jocoaysae ah im valgerd to
some rizzon ir anidder weayspak aboot bees bykes bit
at this an aunsirt himaythay ir that but whit
burds ye hae seen aforeaythay ir that cryit out
teeth chitter at aw queenaywhyles ir ye no wantin
oot the wattir an sayayye ir that the r
ye ir aye a laddieayyou but ye r no
the day seems yours malcolmaya hantil men we thocht
ti see it jek dullyayah daursay malcolm oniewey whaur
tree malcolm angrily ah seeayah see ye r no
cryin for hir mither malcolmayat the end they cry
as ye can thole malcolmayawricht there is a knock
keing s ailment macduff oaymalcolm keing edward haes this
for yeir denner malcolm oaymoula squeezes with her right
wants ti see me jekayshe daes that malcolm pats
shona haes confesst awthing malcolmayshe haes that she awned
in the sassenach tung malcolmayshe wes born doun sooth
feinish jek that wes itaythat wes it malcolm ah
god s mercie nou malcolmayye d better dae that
thinkin aboot thaim rintoul ohayah daursay queen they uised
ti ken thaim richt pompitieayah daursay the r sum
war thrie little lassies ohayah saw thaim masell ah
aw be hangit l macduffayilkane o thaim son wha
ve heard aboot thaim physicianayma lord it wad been
herrin for thaim he saidaynae bother at aw juist
tae behold thair are hundertsaythaim an ahm fair ravenous
huv yir letters here baithaythaim but the ink hus
make a wee bit senseaythaim for they are writ
ma eyes an the saltaythaim made me thirsty as
fock an ither sic messagesaythaim wur the days afore
on yeir warm hint endaythaim wur the days n
an lat things sattle doonaythaim wur the days n
anent the schul biggin yonneraythaim wur the days n
thaim whae hed helpit thumaythe woarld hisnae chynged hes
left thaim in peace rossaythey war awricht whan a
aa alang wi thaim beaseayyin hes anerlie tae read
whan the dam wis fleuditayannie an sandie speirs nou
ah gaun awa nou andreyayawa ye gae guidby perapont
the stour brallin and tovinaydoun comes the lord nou
nou for fowk s lifesayis weirdit ilkane meetins an
aboot nou ah wunner laughsaylyfe is dour an ill
that a fact nou rintoulayma graundfaither on ma mither
ae rickle o stanes furaymebbies 50 yeir nou an
the heid for shuir angusaynae dout nou he feels
cailleach s fair a ferlieaynou come doun on a
duncan s murder ane twaaynou s the oor ti
til hir bed nou ladyaystrecht awa physician ugsum rumors
nou back tae greenbanks fermaythe greenbanks boolin club yaised
ettil ti dae nou ormaythorfinn is shaken and silent
nou tak this doun ferapontayverra guid goes out olga
year s that worn dounaywhaur s ma flouers nou
burnin sae bricht dragon yokitaywi mantill imperiall nou the
in yeir chowks queen doubtfullyayah daursay nanse c mon
rang yeir hieness queen grimlyayah did that ye r
promise ti mairrie him queenayah hear ye ah maun
ye grue queen bitterly oayis that no awfu lyke
s honest truith queen wearilyayricht aneuch it maun be
see him queen maister rintoulaysae ah did nanse he
queen noddit hir bonnie heidaythe hert o gowd tree
be genteil in me queenayye war aye ane for
again dae ye hear ringanayyeir hieness queen menacingly juist
ringan enters with trepidation ringanayyeir hieness queen ringan ma
standing by the bedside ringanayyeir hieness queen weill that
ae raigler veesitor it philhopeaya suppone rob jackson wis
an nae ae drap lessayae dooms siccar man n
cley pipe an whan sittinayae gey bit back frae
tither side o daith itselayat s ae deceesion oo
huz bairns it roberton schuilayat s ae gey wheen
paurents wur forrit it girnwudaybetty s muther wis ae
ae oor pals he wisayborryin siller an ye never
saiveral ither wurds is weilaychynge ae focks tung an
bit hermless wi his heidaycockit tae ae side an
for mait sae ere wisaycompany ae foreneen i set
the ae thing she couldaydae wad be tae let
set aff again as iaydee ae snail wis faar
toun is yid kan daeayfur ae gey wheen generations
ootbye post gaed hir roondaygeordie wis ae keen dancer
fermer o nether horsburgh innerleithinaygeorge hed ae hert attack
wat davis intil girnwood fermayis ae teenager an lang
ae cooncil hoose up yonnerayma faither an dave an
biggin whilk wis dividit intilaymebbies ae dizen saipret kennels
cuid waitter thair horses itaymonie ae drink a hed
mendit hei sayed til sumbodieaymr saiperater s ae gey
mebbies i the 1920 saymrs forman an ae wheen
wi ae kenable cockney accentayowre the laist hauf centuar
pypar spiert ae wee fallaeaythat ah im aunsert iain
it wur frae nellie shortaythe glenburn s ae bonnie
notour fur thair guid hertitnessayyid wis ae man wi
fire goin for a coupleaydays ah know thair s
thair houss eftir aw natashaayit s thair houss anaw
nancy malkies wi the backayma haun wi thair plummy
thair are fruits an nutsaymany strange types in plenty
be thair guidwyfes thay warayon the luikoot for steirin
she just floated thair ootayreach but e er so
nae starvin naebody pit ootaythair hames it s hard
wi ten times the sensibilityaythey wee twats thair ahv
is thick wi aw sortsaytrees an thair are fruits
hope robert thair were sevenayus in that wee craft
aunt lizzie an thair faimlieaywullie mackinnon an his colleg
it afore ye see pepperayah can see ye r
leuch kynd is it mebbeayan mebbe no the r
gey queer leukin bu rayat wis yid scott n
the fiddle inside that hillockayhe firmly believed it r
r here bi yeirsell irenaayit looks lyke it aw
a shillin a tanner apieceaythe r lots ye can
be sae blyth thorfinn howtaythe r nae want o
hands with pleasure excellent fallaesaythey r a braw lot
fush yee r sellin ataywurd bee in yur dailin
slaps him on the shoulderayye r a braw yin
swallae afore giein a reponeayye r richt thare a
ower the watter wattie answertayye r richt wattie cried
fluir whyles broun ogre ohaya daursay ah howp ye
it canna be true chebutykinaya richt bad business ah
lyfe ah m thinkin chebutykinaya think sae tae sings
for a wee whyle moulaayah d lyke that fyne
frein o his lyke pepperayah daursay ah im broun
genteilitie owre thare rintoul oayah daursay it fairlie gied
s quaet in here natashaayah daursay ma hair is
burnt hallfred at thorvalla thorfinnayah daursay messenger an syne
kinrik is t no rintoulayah dout sae it s
ah hae ti speak moragayah hear ye ah m
spak back doucelyke at himayah hear ye ah m
ma resignation maria serghyeevna mashaayah heard aboot it nae
say that til hir pompitieayah l no forget but
is a guid leal wyfeayah luiv hir dearlie an
piece is seivin meinits festayah m fair worn oot
to himself tarara boom diayah m sittin on a
to himself tarara boom diayah m sittin on a
to himself tarara boom diayah m sittin on a
sings quietly tarara boom diayah m sittin on a
ye dinna tell me pompitieayah think the broun ogre
in dae ye think nanseayah think we d better
blame that she did deeayah uised ti ken a
maister rintoul exit rintoul oayah wes speirin morag hou
be wantin a tocher knichtayah wul that it s
me a creiminal anaw ormayah wul thorfinn wad you
craitur houss room morag shamefacedlyayan he said ah wes
we will be thegithir anayaw this ah will tell
thirst that ah didnae thinkaydanu wan time an ah
denner tyme than moula moulaayfaither ah m no gaun
the fisherman is it mercieayfyne ah ken him for
ye gang in peace thirlmanaygin ah haed tyme for
only ah by the graceaygod s love did survive
him awricht she did thatayguidman ah hear ye mercie
ah felt a strange kindayhappiness come down on me
night that ah lost sightayher ah fell asleep knowin
stale watter as a mourninayher passin robert ah hud
cramped up wi the painayit aw ah wis sure
wi wrath for the injusticeayit aw when ah think
sae wad ah broun ogreayit s the graundest dream
knowing what to say ohayit s verra braw ah
rintoul inspecting contents again fegsayjuist as ah thocht ah
best o fettikl the dayayma laddie ah m no
ah wadna say awbodie pompitieaymebbe no the broun ogre
even on this island hundertsaymiles fae it ah feel
an ah wis mortally mindedayoor child hae ah lost
an ah dooned the lastayoor stale watter as a
are bide wi false hopesayoor survival ah huv bin
in horrible skitters the thinnessaypish an ah wis so
ah cum then tae irenaayplease cum natasha they dinna
german o yours olga laughsaysae he dis ah think
times and mair the sizeayscoatland ah cannae tell ye
ah hud but few yearsaysculin an hated the dominie
did ye see me moulaayshona ah m vext ti
wyfe whan is he noayshuirlie shuirlie ah can shuirlie
ma haert hus bin fullaysorrow an anger an ah
ti see the wutch piompitieaythat s hou ah got
wis walkin along the edgeaythe clearin an ah spoatit
ah m fair stoot growneaythenks ti ma faither ma
the culor o wat fugaythenkye kyndlie ah wul that
it aw when ah thinkaythey wee nancy malkies wi
ankles in the warm foamaythis huge sea an ah
on others wi the passinaytime an ah knew ah
hands aweill never heed toozenbachaywe maun wurk ah daursay
awthing wi yeir flaffin physicianaya dout ye ve fund
im a fest travlar aiayan mynd an tell yeir
happenin i the academic yeiraymrs paxton miss cameron s
masell nae mair more knockingaywauken duncan wi yeir chappin
staunin in yeir ain lichtayye hae the same style
gaun alang wi ye banquoayyeir hieness it s mair
wes ti blame 1st murdererayyeir hieness ye telt us
maist readily intil ma myndaya ll ne er forleit
norie in ma fevert brainaya see ye re aye
luiv wi ma mither chebutykinaya wes that masha did
ma riggin heid watter rinsayaa roun ma hous a
me ma guidwyfe loues meayan the curtains wul hae
a think lang on herselayan tuim s ma dule
far the white snawdraps growaybelle wis o ma faither
cannel yill grippin ma reinsaybreingin dounby ti the howe
hairt sair s ma hairtaybut whit can a dae
ma fadder tae brak muckaychaa chaain at eez tebacca
saip an watter as iaydee i d shak ma
hame och yon ferawa shoreayheizes up ma hairt fish
re telt nae like youayhodgin aboot an drappin ma
wanton ways but it isayhot here ma dearie dear
a ll fling ma enseigniesayin the douce burn on
ll fling ma cuttie serkayin the douce burn on
the nine delfs lang langayis ma warlock kirtle glorious
hae ma gemm o gowfayit disnae thole thinkin aboot
an keikit out hiz herbrieayit is ma sister he
wis achin wi the painayit ma ship is comin
the flashie onno her wristayjist turned midnicht haud ma
ma haert tae devise waysaykillin these weird brightly coloured
dee for ma heid saylowpin aboot aa ower e
the inglish then andrey ohayma faither god bliss his
banquo left the coort servantayma leddie but he l
banquo s awricht 1st murdererayma lord he s quaet
the tane efter the titherayma menyie o fish nine
a coverin fae the lininayma skirts an while it
an sair tae the pitayma stomack like a hunger
are we no ma loonayma we re solid safe
said tae my ma heaymakks oot i m nae
write ye any mair husbandaymine robert ma love it
come radge i the windayrairin out ma sang wi
raxin out the bou stauraysae comes ma doungang cleikin
did as a bairn heaysaid ma granda wis deid
me ma bonnie lassie ohaysaid the broun princess oh
pianae in ma opeinion koolyghinayshe s first cless irena
ma wyfe killed tae rossaythat s what a said
wis born along the edgeaythe beach wi aw ma
eastawa brichten ma door staneaythe dawin tree a clap
is yon men waitin servantaythey re thare ma lord
think lang on the leddyaytho laich be ma place
ma sweet ane alane worthieayti hae dominion owre the
ma muther reponed bi sayingaytom hes keepit the hecht
ma man here oor cookayuised ti caw hir husband
heich lift yer mither saywashin claes wi ma mither
sun cled wi the cairrieaywatergaw kiltit a vizzy ma
sleep a can but dozeaywaukin up tae dicht ma
me hurlin in ma cairtieaywe ll wheech awa thegither
rise switherin in ma hairtaywearyin an leukin on och
the mair an said atweillayye war ma guidwyfe the
ye see it thare moragayyon belanged ma faither he
lord abune claymores in haunayaa jade heftit gemstanes jinglin
think lang on the lordayan mak great mane be
ll gaun wi ye lordayas gleg as yirsel leadin
lord taks pleasance o taycrouse like an cantie twa
ti cum til him lordayhe did that an macduff
ocht t hae been thereaylord sittin upby i the
eastren lord a seilie dayaythe hour a luckie ane
thought it wis the lightaythe lord an for a
lord o fate apen braidaythe yetts o the lift
lift poukin the cannel beuchsaya m lang an lang
thunner rider drowie pensells flaffinayflochterin an flingin ane lang
sirs he s ti restayi the hous o lang
at didna hinner lang iaymanaget tae mak mait tae
the custodianship o mulsintoun fermaymulsintoun kis o the lang
coble yuan an xiang wattersaysmaa be yir waves lang
reduction words have to rhymeayto the hinmest lang syllable
in e dark it wisaya freen tae me an
in a dam e wisaya tidy lad an e
i opent e door itaybade oot aa nicht it
o e hoose it saybest in e foreneen fin
up till e bathroom eyaycam oot fin it wis
soon like simaaze ere saychange goin on in e
aff alang a forest trackayclimmin wi e great fite
a dark kinna skin anaye bonnet on s heid
she geed gweed milk anaye ither calfie in due
wirk wir wye up anaye little quinie trottlin on
or fitiver its job isaye same ey teemed em
e place bit ere wisayeggs an butter en ye
steadin e hey soo wisayere an aifter e caal
i min t it wisayere but e trees wis
bit a twa three wisayere e big flanker an
an aye e craiters wisayere niver an upple or
a fine time e gloaminayfin i geed up e
up in e simmer iayfullt e black sheddie wi
ye held on wi esaygaan e faister till e
weers roon e strainer wisaygey weel stapled in an
an up e slope ataygot steeper an e country
e staple for it wisayhalf sunk intill e timmer
a big bonny craiter eayheld for e youngest dother
e middle o ilky foonayhelpit tae keep e hairts
eez hoos as e wisayin e wye o deein
an e news at wisayin em missing boy s
things noo an aan naeayjist in e same shape
an intill e cornyard iaylandit up forkin ontill e
a door at wis nearayleft open for e hens
hame an iv coorse itaylookit for e same treatment
n twice a nicht feelinaymair like e kommandant o
followin e trackie at beasaymak roon e edges o
e veitsch an i llaymin on eir steep grazins
es big spiders bit iaymin on em an e
wisna exactly dreamin bit eaymin t on e black
run an ontill e roadayon e haik for fresh
caal stare fae eir eenayon e look oot for
tooert abeen em we heldayon e zig zaggin o
o blossom again it jistaypits aff e winter abeen
be imsel bit e wisayricht tidy it wis a
charmed we followt e trailayrisin till we come till
front wheel o e bykeayspan in e water e
e knotter clickin roon anayspewin oot a bun shafe
aa black bags nooadays yeayspik aboot pittin oot e
i wis noticin t iaytak a taik up e
if nae threes ye cdaytell be e different bum
i couldna bit come backaytill e mirror an e
tae speer fit e teacheraytried nae tae hae s
an at s faar eaytried tae catch a young
e road an it wisayuphill noo e track wis
got intill e wye oayusin t masel fin i
face wi a breist spaadaywye e peats wis stratifeet
freenly breet an it wisaya bit o company if
the gowf coorse wis heivenaya ken but efter ye
hey an feed fur nichtayan fa else wis it
me the taste surpassin nectarayan mind ye it wis
airmstrong wis hir maternal grandfaitherayauld wull cuid walk wi
boozed up orral he daybin cept noo he wis
whit wis wrang said geordieaybut it wis waur on
is anither rickle o stanesaycraik sheil wis the craik
an scurls fur he wisayfaain kieran sat neist nava
at dennertime her faither wisayfed first syne the feed
say that things are naeayfit they seem bappy wis
thon the sangster hoose wisayfu o ne er dae
tully s fur isie wisayfull o tricks ye niver
d hoscote sheil a wisaygaen tae forstaund at hoscote
the hind s faimlie badeaygeordie foster wis the hind
likit peat bogs i wisayget tin rows for leavin
wirk wis stoppin bit fowkayhid eir tools in eir
roared till she wis plookieayit tuik a month o
ferm on the bottom sydeayjockie wis aye kent is
a dose o wirms yeaykent an syne it wis
callant at parteeklar place wisaykent is the general s
a peat bog i veaylikit peat bogs i wis
wis in herbour for heaylued music bit nae the
felt like it wis madeaymatchsticks an rabbit glue on
12 her faither made reponayminnie he wis bit he
sei a pages 93 97aymrs govenlock nee scott wis
milieu o the place wisayplaisant an relaxt authourt the
the professor fur she wisaypowkin aboot amang auld buiks
trainers fur her she wisayriggit oot smert s a
peenge fur siller there wisaysome exkeese fur wintin siller
yid nichol fur his keepingaytammy s hoose wis juist
icksheils wi fresh milk dailidayaythar wis nae scots creinge
it the plaisterin tae buitaythe laist tyme a wis
teen oot there in italyaythe tartan tee wis the
a littlin indeed kate wisaythere the clivver vratch twad
hae wechtier warsles ti recordaythis wis the foond o
deil wis hovrin near foraywe wrocht on his behalf
is ca d branxholm wudendaywullie pow wis the ferrier
bade i the tither aneayyid wis gairdner handyman it
tae burn the biggin doonayyid wis sair mis set
profunditas juist cam out wiaya ll mind o dat
tae hissel an juist sayedaybetter ower yer thrapple nor
face an he juist saidayhooses is funny things jimmy
that ferm toun sae gleesumayit s juist is auld
wad juist upset me jekayshe s a waesum sicht
sae whit can ye daeayye v juist got tae
in a mirror ye reaybacklins left s richt and
can tell ye at iayfelt richt smairt aifter sic
whatever ye say l macduffayhe s deid richt aneuch
pram frae the maister ferapontaymadam richt mistress takes the
iot intil slitrig waitters anaymebbies richt owre twartis the
maist terrible bad bit nayricht i the draucht atween
bairn skirlin oot o tayricht like a terrified bairn
s nae deen richt saytae be deen again in
t quo he digger patersonaythat wid be richt he
awa frae the performance macduffaya daursay ye maun speak
he tae stap fowk talkinaya didnae ken that ye
in that ye v ganeaya ken pal but dinnae
ye approach the age reengesayan the teachers as weel
brikks wisna skitters efter aaaybit ye div said dandy
aabody s beddit ye couldaycreep doon the stairs an
re supposed tae be deidaydae ye no think a
be sorted oot gilbert fatheraydear mother ye werenae even
up again nae at yeaydid at for ye mich
gaun ti tell ye aiayferapont frae the cooncil office
holiday bookin ye ken yeayget in a stew there
tae let it flee itaygies ye a decent christian
luver tae ye foriver anaygin he wints ye or
ye re browdent on meaygleg ti beglamour me caain
here can ye hear himayhe s cummin up here
it s niver oor loonayhers ye ve got him
comin ower his face weelayif ye want tae pit
chappit door that some fowkaykeep lockit for gin ye
ye thorfinn peitied me ormaykis the dule that lauchs
solid bit o timmer iaylikit it ye cd look
himself ye war mistaen thirlmanaymaister thorfinn hou monie men
a sin fur ye sudaymakk the maist o fitiver
heavy heartet at the deathayme an danu an ye
spak aince mair til hirayme weill did ye never
wi us coorse nickums shoutinaymickey doo ye re towerin
nae really an ye reaymy ain bairn nae maitter
ye ll dicht yir hairayon the skerrs o the
a look at ye bitayready tae rin as ye
again it s no cannieaysaid snawface it maks ye
ye never heard that deedaysaid the princess but a
dae ye see it thareaysaid the princess yon belanged
t ye keepitna the trystaysaid ye d nae by
ye say whitna blissin knichtayshe forgies ye for tryin
an gentie she wes ormayshe peitied ye thorfinn peitied
eese stannin still ye daytae be gungein aboot tae
for lumpin egither ye veaytae be tit tittin at
annays thrang wi the snaabreeaythe maister comes doun ye
lost on the third dayaythe sailing ye nivir knew
trees ye ken ye canaythink ye re back in
doon defy me wid yeayweel we ll see aboot
lik a pouer hoose lumayweel ye ll niver guess
at the cairrie s enaywha re ye waitin on
gresslouper will ye wad meaywhit fir no is his
glesga an ahm so proudayye bein an engineer on
onythin last wikk speired navaayye did that quo kieran
hae ti unfankil here knichtayye l hae ti think
whit is t the bucketfuayye like yir joke freir
iz alane wul ye gunnarayye loue me an ye
alone by the window boleayye rair for help ye
wurth nor aw the laveayye re aye thare an
s it adae wi youayye re daein weill says
eggs but ahv bin thinkinayye readin they buiks by
auld dug new tricks chebutykinayye soud hae taen me
daur ti be forgotten ormayye war aye strangir nor
an listent syne she saidayye wul be in here
duntin raxxin birlin lowpin ohayaa simmer skweels should hae
hae thrashed an sacked himayan meg ramsay tee fur
whit real is silence storiesayhae a bad bad habit
d hae if he didnaayhae his haun in his
fur the future we dinnaayhae oor health as we
tae pledge that she dayhae thon fariver she gaed
hae thon fariver she gaedayin the dreichest cauldest holes
s hae anither dram solionyaythare a guid idea a
hae felt aboot eet aaaythe brydens wur notour fur
o the hill rowin cludsayaa ablow me i the
hear scots spoken in abyneayaa ower the place dae
menchin squirrels an pine martensayaa the wye there tae
girdle aa o the yinayan aa o the yang
yer upwird an yer mobileayan sae are aa yer
baith wheels lairit in glaurayand the fowersome aa fanklt
aa mine noo foriver anaylike it or no a
ayont tuimberry hill thrangin fowkayo aa the nine lands
macho wi aa is iaysleepit soon i hid a
gerss tae spreid aa aboutaythere ablow the haa leaf
ll haun it aa dounayti you yins at comes
dunt an hit the fleerayweel we ve aa an
o the white perfumit pirlsaywimplin aa about uis the
still is guid is newaybobbie s weedae flittit intil
ti thenk me broun ogreayit wes rael guid o
twa year aulder nor meaysnawface wisnae aw that guid
me ken hou s thataysoonds guid tae me reponed
boat a guid gauin oweraythis ll dae fine said
doon the hallan atween usaywha guid fowk the potestatur
best a ve guid steelaywhitna wecht o meditation staff
wi beriall wi jowelt rugsayan wechts o jade sae
annay weill faured an lousomeaybuskit sae brawlie smoothlie a
sae hou is the seggansayhairtsair wi dule mascorn o
til hir ain bairns pepperaymaist fowk is no sae
the paip at commandit himaysae it maun be an
sae brawlie wi ferlie oamsaythe haas are fou the
sae braw swith his eenayti me alane cam wi
ur gawn ower auld timesaybj exit jilly exit boxers
in it steen an limeaygaed tae the loon auld
againe thy royall roche resoundeayit s an auld brugh
againe thy royall roche resoundeayit s an auld brugh
hyneawa bit an bi bitayit s auld a ve
daein wee auld mannie irenaayit s mair nor tyme
did the auld man nohaysay it s aw in
thon the auld traiveller wumminaythat ll be her speir
auld afore i left thereaythe fairy hillock the sheean
as tho the yird hidaybin an airt fur war
is no yit the waraycatriona an hir sittin spinnin
the wab war feinisht oayguidman says meg it s
storms the war tranquility chebutykinayhe had not time to
that fin they war hurtitayhurtit sair like the rubbits
her fowk war the mckaysayrin tae fat some o
same wey mercie on usaythe french war fair dumfounert
her heid the nuns saidaythey war fair thrang thegither
at flesher zheng an saidaya cam here ti tak
ti appreciate it koolyghin sighsaybut wad it be quite
bodie them at s leukinaydisremember ti gang hame kittle
for ti freshen us upayit s cummin for shuir
to the maid whit ohaymaister protopopov is gaun ti
gae back ti moscow olgaaymoscow as suin as we
i the ti iot valleyaymr an mrs scott hed
leal stalwart ti the lastaynane can them miscaa tho
soucie leukin owre ti chenyangayon the ither shore owre
soppy half wit you thitsayprofessing ti be the witch
s ti cum 1st witchaysyre it s true what
ti haun gae the flouersayti dancers ane an bi
lilly flouer poukin rare perfumesayti gie ti her jo
gingie flouer an sen itayti her hyneawa time canna
bouer o angelica weavit bindwuidayti mak the hingins owretrees
m gaun raikin a whylieayti play on in pleisure
ll raik on a whylieayti play on in pleisure
eastawa gangin convoyin the beautyayti the suddron shore sweelin
hir een is open ladyaybut she s no seein
i the airlie 1940 saymrs hopkins an hir faimlie
throw onything oot it mightaycome in handy weel it
s aadience weel deen nivverthelessayfiddlers come an fiddlers go
itself wud dae baith weelayweegin bennin an stretchin weegin
lyin thare on the roadayweel a v niver seen
geordie jooks wattie s laddieayweel come awa ben geordie
aipple tree for faither saysayweel the mair fule he
merriet fur gin a boataydockit at the same shore
kinno vratch fur a loonaylikin aathing ironed an clean
saft spot fur minnie jewelleryayluiks best fin it s
then coontin the made horsemenayreplied isie noo wheesht fur
sup yer parritch minnie yerayahin like the coo s
street faimilies at yer heidayan ithers at yer feet
still yer da he llaybe yer da he brocht
o the surgeon s knifeaybit it s yer auntie
in yer een an itaygets worse as it weers
frae yer ain fore doorayhei spak the treuth bot
aathegither ane tae yer betterayit s aboot yer nevoy
ned at the roup yestreenayan a puckle mair loons
as aabody sez oh fullyayan mair quo meg timmerin
vessel but it is capableayhaudin mair grief than any
eftir a few days mairayhunger ahd huv hud tae
begood tae swarm like beesaymair comin in an niver
l be leavin the mornayonlie the yae mair day
mair maet ben the houssayreponed the elder man thai
oot wi lairnin he wesayat us it soonds daft
she wes lest setterday nanseaybut she s waur nor
a traitor mither l macduffayhe wes that son what
wes an unco sicht ormayit wes that valgerd walcum
bairns an oor mither wesayleevin an syne sic wunnerfu
langsyne the human race wesaymakkin wars an its tyme
jaeluss o a tortoise eilidhayshe wes that an you
waves on white seggans steppinaya leuk outbye trystit wi
ahm sittin under the shadeaya tall tree wi the
picters wi the ither tuppenceaya wee scran o herrin
me wi yir heid fullayaw that modern thinkin but
ben happit wi the bindwuidaybeltit wi the leddy fern
wi him bit he daybin closer tae her than
her een dauncin wi gleeaybit thon wisna the eyn
loch o dongting bindwood palinsaybund wi curl doddie graith
the lyart tods magnolia cairtieaycannel weavit pensel happit wi
sweet smell theikit wi angelicaaychaumer o the lotus weill
gweed be here she canaycome hame wikkeyens wi the
ilka airt hairt lowp lowpinaydirlin wi joy sun s
weerin a kilt wi sleevesayfiddlers come an fiddlers go
wi cammavine hunners o flouersayfillin the haa sweet oams
watter striddlin the white turtleayhuntin sprecklt fish stravaigin wi
are oot tae harden affayit s spring again wi
the clouds doukit wi spykarieaylocks wuishen sweet claes o
aw by wi shona jekayshe s deid she taen
drog him wi toddy bitaythe hoast hoast hoast grew
maun sinder brawest of blithenessaytrystit wi a new frein
awa ridin the draigon cairtaywi dunnerin wheels ramstam ridin
dae pouk the halie hempaywi jowelt flouers vieve an
a fare notion o themselsaywi the dairyin thrivin there
s lost his coo minaywi the milk fivver he
nine watters wi ramballiach reishleaywinds blatter the waves a
nine watters wi ramballiach reishleaywinds blatter the waves hurlin
whole time seems a bitaya waste to me well
puckles o parks roon leddrachayan dunracht tee bit nae
the toun bit reasons maunaybe gien on the pass
they re braw tales fegsaybit i m here on
sing aboot tifty s annieaybit sing it sair sing
sing aboot tifty s annieaybit sing it sair sing
the crack a wee bitaybut whit s that got
lick for deeint bit itaycome back a determined breet
putten oot bit naa naaayes savin tippies niver throw
wisnae unkent like he daykent deep doon bit cudna
comely tae be seen bitayshe lat the tears doonfa
stap fowk talkin an awaya ken you geordie jooks
back o his pal sandyaygeordie we aw got an
hound ever snak at awayhe dis that aunsert the
aince sauf ower the threshartayhe s aw legal maistres
s i min aboot itayfin i gang up at
roon aboot far you bideaymy favourite language is scots
s speakin aboot it koolyghinaythe conference haes taen it
if he hidnae been awaaya doot if a ba
hou s the birds forgaitherinayawa i the rashes hou
ain safety tae macduff overcomeaybluid awa puir scotland teirannie
block o trees an iaygeed throwe t haad awa
er sunday denner an didnaaymin tae tak awa again
deid tae me said geordieaya doot he s deid
said the broun princess ohayatweill guidman cum you inby
o her bed as sheaydid an said her prayer
moment and looks thoughtful pompitieaymebbe she said she wad
an oor at the maistaysaid geordie leukin doon at
said an the prince saidayshuirlie he wad set doun
oot for the toon ohayan at a helluva slower
oot in their neist gameayere s a sortin oot
side risin an spreadin ootayin wider rings as ey
baggie o bran at mithaya come in handy for
a hairst park s naeaya place o sweetness an
frien or neebor s loonayaiberdeen s o granite biggt
yetts o the purpie wulkayan chaumers o the crammasie
grippin swuirds frae the southayan jacks o fine leather
the flouerie offrands mappiemou maitayan mats o mascorn pour
lillie waas o the segganayan purpie wulk chaumers tak
afore langsyne in lawless tymesayan sensyne we ken o
haas cabers o the cannelayan spykarie bauks lintels o
the rain yatterin o puggiesayapes yowlin under nicht gurlie
spitfire o the veg itaycams roarin back blin robin
braid day easslin wunds risinaydouncome o ferlie rain the
out ridin the whidderin wundsaydrowie pensells flaffin sairest o
woarld hes ivver seen oaygud still hes plans afuit
o his little games toozenbachayhe lookit gey sleikit as
least a scottish type oayhe s shair he s
the bodie mang the bensayi the scug o cypress
in the hale o scotiaayin britain tae fower hunner
poems sometimes i ll sayayinstead o yes and i
that kynd o thing olgaayis it no awfu he
ill wark o ithers isayliftit up whan truith dings
o manure bags young birkiesaylikes tae be a bittie
whaur clintie s the stanesaymang rammels o the brier
yett thrang on mount mislippenaymeeting thegither comin o the
wounds at the front rossayon the front o his
xiang dochter o a godayon the norlan annay hyne
hue leaf o the greenayshank o the white fu
hairt sair wind o hairstaysouchin souchin faain leafs see
dragon o shi s tounaythat s me says shi
hill s derk foun anaythe yoam o fir an
grade exams in traditional musicaytraditional music a lot o
maitters o ootstannin importance eyaywere for a meenitie ony
o ailments an sic lykeaywhan a think back on
history o borth ick waitterayyince yid gits his pipe
be teeterlogic at the bellsayan nae jist hogmanay either
merriet him jenny it saybin us thegither nae fair
should disagree it s naeaydoon tae pmt fit if
peypers an cuidna tel himayor nae the juidge axed
nae like thon i veaywinted tae gie her somethin
an old man old manaya can luik back on
the sang clarsach an chanteraya sonsie skirl hie heidit
chun an zhu wu saysaya ve heard he s
i ve seen them ohayan been at the job
gantrees dirl soun the feadogsayan blaw the pipes deek
he sclims the ninefauld liftayan cleiks the besom staur
hoolie forrit the gloamin greysayan day grows bricht caain
an killed stane deid rossayan duncan s horses here
he owreleuks the nor eastayan faur ayont it the
wul be fair deid toozenbachayan gey dowf tae rodé
he took centre stage ohayan loupin here there an
sair an unchancie the roadayan me come ahint haun
seen an fowk sellin greensayan noodle shops an dramshops
a hantil pish an sleepinessayan radgieness anaw it kittils
sash swith cam he inayan swipper he gaed the
the day s weirin dounayan the great gods are
the board a ett affayan there ll be sweirtie
pepperie brose lift the tipperayan touk the bodhran hoolie
his sowl agin the corbieayan won the fecht his
stookie rob bi onie chanceayanswert the laddie an tho
the sie an the saumonayasyde him the paerls in
chikk ava takk tent anaybe cannie things brakk if
yince fermed borth ickbrae burnfitaybetty s paurents an shei
as flint an wee bitsaydried grass an now it
at hame an they reayfechtin fin da cams hame
pirlin an papplin fleein dragonayflichterin an flaffin forgaitherin no
an wycelike sweilin an birlinayfliein hie abune rowin out
or wurds tae siclik effeckayforenenst waster yillmuir hoose an
out an niver cam inaygaed an niver wan hame
scartit his heid an sayedaygeordie lad this is no
ower ilky patch an syneayhaad on tae keep tee
syne he is deid rossayhe s deid an cairrit
what it is like anayhow yir earnin twa times
hou s hert an hindayinben the close hou s
tirned it roun an aboutayits mirren grunstane as a
ca d reid bi naemaymr an mrs sandie reid
laich pushin itsel an tryinaytae look roon though its
puir soul afflicted by weaknessaythe bones an the rickets
bruge i praisent day belgiumaythe flemish an afrikaans leids
in inversnoddy yesterday robert wanaythey red an blue birds
wur mebbies the wud faimlieaywullie wud an his marrow
road frae north gellan sheaycaad hersel a tarland tink
the watter pouk the lillieaydoun frae the treetap hairts
the wuid ahint the houssaythay did that aften monie
tae eat the dead fleshaya dear friend oh robert
t like sunbeams i daya likit tae ken fit
um div ee no thinkaycontergates tae sic sel inflickit
minnie s mither sally bruceaygied the orra wirk tae
winner the ither wikk ohayit s sair tae tak
be masel a job iaylikit though i hid tae
whan truith dings lies kensaytae keep a caum souch
re tae bigg a boatieaythey re comin quo kieran
siclik up borth ick waitterayyid s still tae the
say that the middle partayit is just burning stane
you say yes we sayayyou say always we say
slices i hate custard itayminds me on budgie s
airmy quo gao the brawaysir that s me hummlie
chance so the fairmer saysayi ve twa come on
a weary for the leddyaystill she hesna come wheeplin
silence robby mibi he saybeen here been here since
s ghost then he saybeen here tess silly slaverin
in a deep roch vyceaydis he aunsert the loun
than she spiert at himayhe aunsert wha ither but
is saved valgerd saved ormayhe haes been gien back
irena is bobik sleepin natashaayhe s asleep but he
wally unner the streetlichts heaylooked yella greenish mibbe biff
eftir andra szkozja speired junipereaython s luk he s
staun kiz he winna sitaytoved maistres stein the twenes
he s fleeing hie abuneaytovin slaw ridin pure braith
s a day dis sheaylook as if she s
but young and strong ohayshe d been those at
xiang the leddy disna muveayshe s switherin eh whae
for piece times i dinnaaydee fit i m tell
a fair lick as iaydee i m eest till
think it s gaen itaycomes roarin back buddha wood
think on fleein dragon yokitaynorlin a gang roun about
at aal farrant at itayhis a fine smell gin
at kam intil his eenaymebbies threi meenits efter hei
we wur his loyal subjectsayrobby robby shush tess lori
lat huz intae his wagonaywei suin got roond at
d the hoscote ludge wudaythe wud mairchent whae hed
wyfe hairt likin no deepaylicht ll be the twynin
feet the leddrach jyner hidaya twa three kists at
hey soo it wisna mowseayat nicht jock took a
will a retired smith atayceest eez peat ere it
a cat hole at sayere it leaves a catty
mascorn kirnin at the iceayfreithin t inti snaa pou
start at wye i veaynoticet at be mornin i
t at new skweelbags areayower big clean sark short
braid swuirds at their sidesaythey grippit norlan bous tho
s mah mother s sisterayauntie berna silence tess auntie
johnny wheelan so there saybin a cross over there
s a marvellous river olgaaybut this is a cauldrif
new turn t ower grunayere s aye that spark
weir s face lit upayi am ayont hope and
is it derk yit thirlmanayit s a terrible derkness
trootie wall the bruce saykeepit a troot in their
simmer retreat bi mrs formanaymebbies i the 1920 s
dry any longer the newsayoor ship s dooning must
flouer souple bends the cailleachaythe speirit s upon her
a heich craig owre yonderaya see it aunsirt the
worse than the hottest daysaysummer when we ve bin
the latest in genetic engineerinaythey ve bred a pig
the rocks by the heataythe day they are but
yit as it cums sumayare bussie boune busily ready
favourite scots words dowp andaydo you like english it
hairt thuddin her lugs cockitayi saw it draw inby
is that a promise animalsayit is hen neist time
kent lat aefauldness be kentaytho it hesna happent yit
is it really you sandyaywhispert the vice if it
coorses in heiven or noayaiblins if a gowfer we
a no bad catch grandaayno bad son a v
a mukkil needle tea wyfeaya big braw yin pompitie
i breathed in ey camaya bittie closer like a
was a perfect girl childaya real doll never spoke
a passion for fresh foodayeven the rural primary skweels
cairrie a gar whidderin wundsaygang on afore uis mak
airmcheer readin a byeuk iayhid a twa three gaan
halflin quine caad maisie cotterayleft her ferlies in a
a daurna tell drowie drumlieayleukin farawa watchin the rinnin
laist tyme a saw bertieaymebbies 40 ear syne hei
i the gloamin a restayon the norlan annay birds
i the gloamin a restayon the westlin carse a
a hoolet caad horatio faaysleeps upside doon foo mony
a hoolet caad horatio faaysleeps upside doon foo mony
suin coud a spier physicianaysyre a hantil puir dounhauden
ither quines her age theyaysuppit tea aroon five whyles
i the end thirlman aiaymaister thorfinn rises takes up
howpasley gaed the job upaythe post whae kam up
thegither pensells smoor the sunayfaes like fleein clouds forgaither
slaw mascorns i the waretimeayand chrysanths i the hairst
lillies caain twa draigons butayand twa kelpies ben speilin
their speirits sodgers yir sowlsayare heroes ayont the graff
though i doot ey widnaaybe knockin aff for piece
sighs for the sound ofayfairly spoken bi some buchan
mony bits as i cwidayfeedin em in as jock
for the easins white jadeayfor the haa skail stane
saucht as [?]gentiness[/?] this isnaeaygaen [?]an ay mich[/?] one of my
beth is in there agnesayhungry eh gordon aye yes
camp blitzkrieg or the bendsayin mony weys the english
stopped yi in yur tracksayjilly bends down takes off
withoot going towards window carolanneaymade share we hud the
on the north yett thirlmanaymaister but the faith is
hear thirlman starting to leaveaymaister thorfinn haud on pause
treetaps angelica on yuan watteraymascorn on the li for
gowk pause is ghosts nohayoan the move hauntin folk
for gage of batail cummysayof forethocht felony bot naturally
they brash throu the arrayaystrampin on the lines the
that live under the skinaythe ocean well robert the
may fortouns firmtie find botaythe swyfter and moir hich
wood by the table margaretaythey wid the covenanters they
stirling for using the wordayto address the bench the
society we cuid hiv haenaywe v aye been able
linkin thegither cannie the canntaireachdayweill cordit the lilt the

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