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oot tae the mussel scapayontthe scap the sea wis
and steeples and towris andayontthem aa the abidan bens
and steeples and towris andayontthem aa the abidan bens
an be convoyed as weillayontthe burgh bounds there ti
the elder convoyed him outayontthe hill yett wi aa
caulder gin it canna raxayontits guairdit garth we twa
u 834 908 the taoayontthe rax o fashious thocht
jennie awa whan she wesayontthe rax o hir faither
hairts the saucht whilk liggsayontoor thochts tak awa the
heid on taigi 1709 72ayontsaucht the gray kytes skraich
mell wi awthing inti nochtayontthe bounds o thocht an
first ti an outlan bitayontthe burgh dykes ti fee
an laich degree cam outayontthe burgh dykes ti walcome
lit up ay i amayonthope and ayont mercy i
i am ayont hope andayontmercy i m glad that
the driaglin hogney s corpayontthe castel grunds an twa
a gret castel that stuidayontthe ferr rink o the
queen moans again it isayontma pouer ti richt ye
sir physician this truibil isayontma pouer ti sort mynd
nor east ay an faurayontit the fower seas he
doun the faur bank anayontthe thorn hedge at the
dinnae ken it s faurayontthe wit o men tae
has yer glore outstreakit faurayontyer starny hame whan i
haivers said mitchel weir wasayontspeakin ye say jean was
mitchel i believe ye areayontthae things weir s face
n everything aye adv alwaysayontprep beyond back end n
adv eternally ayelestin a everlastingayontprep beyond bairns n children
she kent kent aboot creelsayontthe sea waa ma spring
tales an new whan fraeayontthe waa there cam a
an bizz o its herbourayontthem stuid meikleburgh s muckle
eminence ti the untentit airtsayontthe port rickle o bleckened
chapel o the halie benayontwersh date port the morn
syne ye are fairly tintayontaa savin staun still staun
ridden ferr inti the forestayontthe houss whan cormac says
that tellt me he wasayontspeakin by then it was
lay thir banes o mynesayontthe thriepil warld unthirlt unfasht
anither heivin an yird sumwhaurayontthe warld o men from
the glen leevin in retirementayontthe warld quaetlie enjoyin aesumness
rins oot ower the hillayontthe ferm for he wis
nou a follaed ye seeayonttuimberry hill thrangin fowk ay
spring breird swippert the yearsayontmyndin solemn the lown o
yir sowls ay are heroesayontthe graff eleiven the sainin
abune wha dwells far affayontthe mune wha set the
hear the teuchit s sangayontthe yalla whin in yon
an breingin burns but seeayontyon flouers a clachan kyths
the muin cam out fraeayonta cloud an lichtit the
fyres haud me wauken fraeayontsu chou the midnicht bell
ma auld neibor owre fraeayontthe pailin ti cum help
intertrykin o space fowks fraeayontthe plenits at ir doun
there wis something byordnar sweetayontaa wirds in thon blessin
the saul ti the assumptionayonta dizzen offrin tables he
tap o d the rungsayontfess ye ti the warl
ei ti dae itherwyss wesayontma poust fur ye maun
green billowin ower the hillsayontti the blae ridge and
lack o confidence sets goalsayontfowk s reach washes mony
up wi an he addsayontoor oonerstannin noo the wye
ower my life a chyngeayontcompare tho it s cauld
you but ae sad dayayontthe fence we fund him
tried to put ae footayonttheir notion of richt and
s fyne wi me thareayonthjÀrleif s heidland rydes ma
her life wis crystal crackedayontremeid let slip an shattered
intil the hege an ryseayontfur the swiff o the
cheenges in some areas wereayontbelief wi the demolition o
thing about it in anayontthe waas o the eastren
wi sheep hirselt on thaimayontaw this the wad be
hon george younger m payontthe station ruif smeekit wi
fern year and the yearsayontits an orra bit israel
arguments already before ye proveayontaw dout the cruel immoral
s a stook the treesayontthe buss aside ye arena
chymmnis an the bonie launskipayonthe hedna sein sicna fine
the yerl s trumpets blawinayontthe craigs an the storm
the middle a naewher aweyayontthe drum an how we
snaa aweill baith in anayontthe eastren capital the feck
smell an that eerie senseayontthe five has brocht me
sit you in the shaidaesayontthe ingil neuk an pour
lowe that spat and flichteredayontthe swey an up the
the brae he slippit outayontthe blissit steid bow he
the collective poacher micht beayontthe law but he bides
bein her anely close relativeayontbrian the blythe couple jetted
touch surfaces een reflectit reachingayontmasel the iron cleek howkin
done tae actively promote itayontthe classromm and lecture thearter
duguid s population behavioural controlayontthe fack that jed anderson

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