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jasper carrott m816: carrott isba-he s a pal o
huh uh huh m017: butba-linguistically of course nothing is
or beans m1098: bea- naeba-beans f1097: you wanting beans
stotter [laugh] punch [laugh] f1054: ba-how would you use batter
been famous as the beachba-ballroom f718: mmhm mm m1078:
baby ps- p- small bearba-baby bear f1121: so is
[child noises] a baby baby babyba-the egg s gonna hatch
so you re nae aba-you are a baby but
bedroom and that hail bigba-f643: i mean i was
f1122: and that s aba-ball and that s a
e dìreach ach biodh ahba-f982: sin agad mar a
tooth had gone a bitba-my teeth had gone a
f1109: fa m1110: it sba-[inaudible] f1109: we ll leave
started as a as aba-goin back to my trade
although i i i amba-i didn t go to
children you didn t goba-you didn t go to
back in england he sba-[laugh] he s back at
f1118: pop goes the weaselba-barney s bad [inaudible] and
across there it was ayeba-well bannocks an things ye
them well done f1104: [laugh]ba-f1103: so fitt else have
he and you put himba-back doon again and he
you know it s soba-i have heard m818: lot
ann words for annoyed m1004: ba-f1006: disgusted erm scunnered is
baddie m805: she s aba-she s a goodie m804:

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