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come over here a bitbacka bit back so we
f1126: i di- [child noises] f1125: backa bit come over a
deeint bit it ay comebacka determined breet e ooie
in t fin ye comebacka month ir twa later
mornin and he d comebackabout nine o clock nine
cheap maybe i will comebackagain f1112: how f1111: cause
daniel will he no comebackagain lat the müne rin
jacobite will ye no comebackagain wp50 51 as treasures
and language was to comebackalive it would come first
and equipment they did comebackand again reseeded the area
should be retired can comebackand and ehm what was
with him beaumont never comebackand deana awa wi him
eh i was gonnae comebackand do an arts degree
and then we ll comebackand do the trolley do
aye m194: and then comebackand do their normal duty
huh m642: so i comebackand forrit fae kennaway f643:
asked those people to comebackand give us feedback on
eh tatties and we comebackand my mother gave us
f1105: aye she can comebackand play another time m1106 :
they would need to comebackand review this in a
years time we can comebackand say that a difference
and then we ll comebackand see the horsies f1122:
her children i ll comebackand sleep here i won
i think i ll comebackas a cat next time
breakfast ready fin you comebackas alexander holmes an towser
over an we d comebackat five or six or
he wis telt tae comebackat ten o clock neest
sense but when you lookbackat where you ve come
birds i couldna bit comebackay till e mirror an
mah laddie uh ll comebackaye he ll come back
i will certainly be comingbackbeaumont after this why come
the profession and had comebackbecause of the war years
why i have not comebackbefore now with a response
a wrack when i comebackbut spare me as i
damaged and would never comebackbut that doesn t matter
when the the guys comebackcause they quite often now
personal tae ma muse comebackcome back ma errant muse
his heid richt doon hisbackcome edward on a dinnae
then she d have gonebackcome on you did the
the wayside no matter whatbackcome we get boyter we
they would come roon thebackcourts singin songs an f606:
i decided i would comebackdown to ayr my dad
had to kind of comebackeh eh for m608: uh
f1187: hi [third speaker apologises] f66: comebackerm at four for the
after this i will comebackf1089: mmhm m1090: yeah and
are they m1110: mam comebackf1109: mum s nae awa
finished an the laddies comebackfae bein sodgers then they
tae come oot the endbackfae the kerb thare wis
a hoose fur me comebackfin yer ninety ye ll
they re not real comebackfiona come clumping along the
[inaudible] f1111: people winna comebackfor a haircut if you
elliot especially for having comebackfor a second week thank
for [censored: forename] i ll comebackfor [censored: forename] bye bye f1121:
we ll i ll comebackfor [censored: forename] i ll come
ta [censored: forename] we ll comebackfor [censored: forename] will we f1121:
maybe the owner ll comebackfor it said sandra maybe
aye m1090: will you comebackfor me f1089: i ll
[child noise] [noise from electronic toy] [child noise] [inaudible] comebackfor me f1095: where you
up for christmas and comebackfor new year an just
would you like to comebackfor tea she asked katie
for their tea an comebackfor the dance in the
me f1089: i ll comebackfor ye aye and who
revived like a man comebackfrom drowning oh i feel
were all there people comebackfrom holiday specifically for the
family for and he comebackfrom the first world war
in the wintertime you comebackfrom the school it was
burns the results have comebackfrom your hiv test and
back aye he ll comebackfur his laddie aye an
ye richt when a getbackgairden walk come in come
chrissie an she niver comebackgeorgie no chrissie did you
angelica come back he comesbackgrinning expecting a reward she
tell you aince she comebackhame wi haunds aa reid
s haunds aince she comebackhame wi lips aa reid
s lips then she comebackhame wi peelie chafts peelie
as the exit angelica comebackhe comes back grinning expecting
lilian jack will never comebackhe s gone for good
eyes then come forward headbackhead m1098: [laugh] hot [laugh]
busy busy busy come onbackhere a minute and see
okay [inaudible] f1099: [censored: forename] comebackhere a minute carry this
o thaim an dinnae comebackhere agane or ye ken
no you don t comebackhere audrey you have to
and m608: mmhm m1163: comebackhere but you know m608:
margaret macdonald whatever brings youbackhere come in my dear
f1103: [inaudible] f1104: hey comebackhere [inaudible] beddy beddy beddy
whee f1114: kick co- comebackhere [inhale] kick [inhale] kick
back why did you comebackhere lilian friendship never rusts
wi ken when they comebackhere maybe been in the
downstairs outsides when we comebackhere weather permitting he did
aye m194: so i comebackhome again m608: uh huh
and don t ever comebacki told him and he
will sign now and comebackin 1996 to consider those
the words come from awaybackin a forgotten time we
in his lugs an comebackin a weeks time weel
m1132: mm he ll comebackin after fa s cat
eh anyway the hair comebackin again thank god but
and eh they d comebackin and as they were
course now don t comebackin here again sir said
so s ah kin comebackin here want it ti
do you wish to comebackin scott 10 45 scott
report ready when we comebackin september government resources and
in this thing and comebackin two seconds [laugh] f631:
for me will you comebackin two weeks time and
d like you to comebackin two weeks to see
reid s a rose comebackinbye twelve hooses stood alang
for da sail ta comebackinta sight your ain
come and tak a manbackintae bondage awa frae his
they may have to comebackinto fashion if local hospitals
it s never really comebackinto favour but er its
then he ll come snivelingbackjilly best wae ti defend
the road at him comebackjoseph knight and the neighbours
cauld see come forward headbackkeep your head back m1098:
very few of them comebackknowin what the words mean
she disnae want ti comebacklee jilly needs me ah
he s ettling to comebacklilian jack will never come
jack wisny ettling to comebacklilian who was harmed look
ma muse come back comebackma errant muse ye ve
jack for me to comebackmartha aye jack what made
you think i would comebackmartha to mak up for
ledder wid e teacher comebackmaybe better if e didna
watching fiona she ll comebackmummy come back mummy come
ll come back mummy comebackmummy come back mummy come
mummy come back mummy comebackmummy come back this does
come set us free haudbacknae mair o key o
his departure will you comebacknext weekend i asked we
right okay stay there staybacknow [censored: forename] come on get
beaumont after this why comebacknow jack to get my
s gonnae come in thebacko the back o ye
he hobbled up to thebackof the bus shouting come
cushion m1108: aye f1107: comebackoff the cushion and hit
come off again put itbackon again now m1110: one
maybe you ll never comebackon duty nobody ever tells
off i ll put itbackon f1113: come and i
executive the opportunity to comebackon it that does not
minutes for my salary comebackon october 18th i was
stewart stevenson i will comebackon the finance point robin
come in i m bemusedbackon the futon fiona is
holiday f606: yeah f209: comebackon the sunday so it
things so it might comebackout of the blue you
to the mainland and comebackout the only island f606:
on an if ye comebackower we ll drap the
enjoy the break and comebackrefreshed i look forward to
beginning look see ye comebackround this wey nae ye
the house and never comebackshe hoped that would happen
promise me deana never comebackshe takes deana s hands
into blackness and never comebackshe wished that of him
sair at he wid comebackshön i d promised i
make shair it disnae comebacksilence zeb and the others
carryin da seed ll comebacksingin for joy is dey
would like it to comebacksit in the middle of
move in case they comebackso i i moved off
t trust me to comebackso i pick him up
to stick together and comebacksoon i just wish i
fervently that jimmy would comebacksoon i ve lost control
there and we ll comebacktae auntie [censored: forename] s on
sic memories will come floodinbacktae lots o you an
wis eez mither tae comebacktae ma pint i suppose
come januar 2nd it wisbacktae mr and mrs fur
come fae nowhere ye gangbacktae naethin ye had a
cath not well so comebacktake children out children at
you gang hame an comebackthe morn jonsar jonsar shook
magic if you squeeze mybackthe water will come out
pause a group decision madebackthen ti come here a
that but then they comebackthey speak the wey o
mummy come back mummy comebackthis does not have the
okay can we just comebackthis to this eh question
that of him never comebackthomas weir may ye drap
bell there s mair comebackti murn here nor mysel
silence pat naw you comebackti us jilly it s
heid wi wi jilly comebackti us pat long silence
dae pat jilly bj comebackti us silence pat she
come in handy aathing pintitbacktill e wark o fellin
cheered up more to comebackto al s letter of
i would like to comebackto an early meeting with
allow a committee to comebackto an instrument there may
will be happy to comebackto any that i miss
i d a the wyebackto come in the rush
erm ken stott to comebackto edinburgh and do it
necessary however we will comebackto him in writing with
point perhaps i will comebackto it later the convener
stone and we will comebackto it on a regular
the chain we should comebackto it the convener clearly
and eh i ve comebackto live in torry and
[laugh] his name will comebackto me er i should
meenit but it ll comebackto me georgie micht it
follow through and to comebackto members to indicate what
had come out of nowherebackto nowhere the mayor arrived
the minister have to comebackto parliament if the scottish
group i undertook to comebackto parliament to report on
suggested that we should comebackto reconsider the bill with
three words mitchel had comebackto scotland when he had
questions and i shall comebackto specific points made on
mmhm m194: then i comebackto stranraer and i had
and i had to comebackto stranraer m608: mmhm m194:
two changes we will comebackto that does any member
song now we ll comebackto that in a second
system perhaps we could comebackto that issue karen whitefield
the convener i might comebackto that later rhoda grant
the convener we will comebackto that matter do members
we will have to comebackto that point because i
happy for us to comebackto that the parliament can
executive officials i will comebackto that the second recommendation
the convener we will comebackto that we must consider
the convener we shall comebackto that when we discuss
hope that he will comebackto the committee and tell
that a draft will comebackto the committee and that
sale that matter will comebackto the committee as the
archive we can certainly comebackto the committee but craig
think about that and comebackto the committee the convener
bill the issue will comebackto the committee when we
that karen whitefield would comebackto the committee with a
on the ground and comebackto the committee with a
merits yet you consistently comebackto the international aspect stewart
any new committee should comebackto the issue to ensure
patricia ferguson i will comebackto the member on that
sought to do to comebackto the point about being
scanlon i want to comebackto the point about patients
lewis macdonald i will comebackto the point that dorothy
social inclusion agenda to comebackto the point that irene
p 32 i ll comebackto the power of isabel
draft code when we comebackto the subject at the
has not offered to comebackto the table but has
sue ryder care to comebackto the table i have
on the organisation to comebackto the table the convener
care urging it to comebackto the table when malcolm
a matter of urgency comebackto the table with the
now i d certainly comebackto the u k to
don t want to comebackto the uk and join
then before you ve comebackto them somebody else asks
we will need to comebackto this legislation perhaps it
but i want to comebackto this she says but
homelessness provisions we might comebackto those issues in more
i ve be- li- comebackto torry to live for
should the case ever comebackto trial but why would
come after me calling mebackto try again he hates
oh f1155: has [censored: forename] comebackto uni f1154: [censored: forename] is
gonnae m815: yeah m816: comebackto university and get ehm
helpful if you could comebackto us on that figure
useful if you could comebackto us on that i
funding council agreed to comebackto us with further information
o- mm m1022: to comebackto what millie was saying
been entirely easy i comebackto what was said at
wish bruce i will comebackto you and the committee
of the literature and comebackto you brian fitzpatrick you
the convener i will comebackto you margaret jamieson kilmarnock
happy to check and comebackto you on that brian
[laugh] i ll maybe comebackto you then [laugh] m762:
would be happy to comebackto you with those figures
scared of cause you comebackup and you go [inhale]
doon or he ll comebackup here again i thought
m608: mm f637: and comebackup russell street and go
haud on afore we gobackup the stair come through
be sent i michtna comebackwe ll wyte or the
probably like you to comebackwe want to get to
queer i go i comebackwell stoorie i m having
he hud seen two weekbackwhen he hud come furst
or to get your ainbackwhy did you come back
trystin wi her jo comebackwi haunds aa reid her
trystin wi her jo comebackwi lips aa reid her
f1107: [censored: forename] [inaudible] didna comebackwi my rolling pin i
to see ye no comebackwi the lawin sae out
come oot the hangman cambackwi the tow tae try
jilly jilly jilly pat comebackwi us jilly reaches out
encouraging the executive to comebackwith a fuller answer on
evidence will the executive comebackwith a new memorandum to
a youngster she would comebackwith a parcel of steak
out the investigation and comebackwith a report for the
expect susan deacon to comebackwith a timetable for the
opportunity allows i will comebackwith more questions the minister
the eu likely to comebackwith new directives under public
helpful i want to comebackwith specific changes to the
guarantee that i will comebackwith the right type of
re right you must comebackwith us deana no i
then for any favour comebackwith us deana oh you
go out hoping to comebackwith your party having won
right m642: and then camebacka year later and ended
pull them up i camebackan [laugh] didn t know
of the fellas that camebackand seen the house no
that and the lassie camebackand thanked us hersel m608:
goin down so he camebackand the two of us
f643: and eh she camebackand told us what was
the clemson university tigers camebackand took the orange bowl
in the morning and camebackaround 3 o clock some
were you here you camebackaye f010: yes i ve
wasna deid but ye camebackaye how could i stey
said well i just camebackbecause i ve been to
another pee when she camebackbethia and adrian were out
i see why you camebackbut he ll want you
came in what happened nextbackcame joseph to ballindean without
says a gey hill atbackcame the answer oh aye
the press door by mistakebackcame the report to his
ago an she never camebackchrissie ye never made her
the junkie relented and camebackdown the bus to take
revenue inspectors came marching straightbackdown the stairs just carry
there i came i movedbackdown to ayr and ehm
round before the ball camebackf963: ah birled roond yeah
but the time i camebackfae aunt- i d been
it tomorrow when jimmy camebackfae his nightshift at dounreay
my dad my dad camebackfrom costa rica he lived
job i because i camebackfrom glasgow because the job
a neighbour when he camebackfrom his travels alice led
came from f965: you camebackfrom school with expressions that
in before the men camebackfrom the coal mines that
1991 dear joan we camebackfrom the funeral on friday
a walrus when joan camebackfrom the office there he
that opened out at thebackhe came to arbuthnott for
i came awake i pushedbackher hair it wasna the
lilian but when you camebackhere and saw how people
pie for dinner we camebackhome quite early because i
ehm though when i camebacki f- forgot how i
no hae happened i camebacki got the job in
first came to uni herebackin ninety eight i knew
teacher was like she camebackin oh don t you
the door fin she camebackintae the kitchen she hid
and fifty mile run camebackinto keswick outskirts of keswick
actually when her dress camebackit was f631: [laugh] [laugh]
yi pat if yi camebackjilly things wid be different
if yid jist stopped camebacklooked through the windae screen
too it came on thebackof a period of utter
over her shoulder over thebackof the chair came the
came off it just goesbackon the back there you
m608: [laugh] m642: and camebackon thursday mornin f643: then
was that why you camebackor was it for some
see nick again f1149: camebackor yeah [laugh] mmhm f1148:
fine for practising we camebackrefreshed to catch up with
the doctor when we camebackshe was carrying the messages
went along th- this firstbackstreet and came to a
m830: an then we camebacktae aberdeen so mainly in
the net hardie tackle camebacktae earth wi a jolt
slowly his body it camebacktae life his sair heid
chiel an fin he camebacktae the bar he said
chaper frames bit aye camebacktae the frames he liked
oot the bank i camebacktae the guest hoose and
reputation and the answer camebackthat it had sometimes been
minute anen the fish camebackthe line startit runnin oot
el barbero had pushed himbackthen came a further soaping
stated that if i camebackthen i d get my
but then when he camebackthey were wiped clean out
this run well we camebackthrough very rainy weather again
to hillside crescent we camebackto 129 dalsalloch m608: you
f643: so once i camebackto ayr ehm i felt
with her when she camebackto glenlomas jenny played with
m642: and i only camebackto it really after i
then certain things they camebackto me aboot whit ah
i looked up later camebackto me as i drove
genesis of these outpourings camebackto me it had seemed
ah yes it all camebackto me this was friday
of germersheim when she camebackto me with further thoughts
f965: and they came homebackto our school f963: mm
and sh- when she camebackto prestwick she was very
charles murray when he camebackto scotland eh ye know
spend money when she camebackto scotland she said that
a fabulous holiday i camebackto subzero temperatures and 62
ellen in islay but camebackto tiree to erm look
torry is when i camebackto torry twenty years ago
tuition fees before i camebackto uni cause obviously since
huh m1163: then he camebackto yeovil and then he
the ball before it camebackto you f963: mmhm f965:
and then went home camebackup on sunday so f1154:
eat off they were clearedbackvisitors came in into the
the damn doo aye camebackweel jonsar eck wis pleased
swigged from it stuffed itbackwhere it came from and
in a flash an camebackwi a auld pair o
ferny hill a gowk camebackwi feint a word the
for a wee fyle camebackwi half a dizzen cans
that when the barman camebackwith a bill of 20
came back with he camebackwith a bit of an
but he di- he camebackwith he came back with
had vouchers and she camebackwith like little red candle
and then when you camebackyou had to like write
eastren capital this mornin saebacka cam och but it
ah left hame ah cambacka cruppen bodach ah think
wee baw o yairn cambackae day meg s guidman
video an cd tae cambackan chore them fur fags
tae jock fin e cambackan i up wi e
chiel cam up at hisbackan leant on his spear
gangril gaed an never cambackan nou the leddie s
he wes eftir he cambackan said tak you me
glen an ne er cambackardoch roman camp a sodger
auld weel kent spikk cambackat aince ye war gey
ains a coo he cambackat me an a communist
grace they haena yit cambackbut a hae spoken wi
bauk an doun the dykebackcam a roe wi quate
gart me wint tae gaebackcam fin the matron brocht
chiels an at the verrabackcam ilkane o the fairmin
gift oor leid tae celebratebackcam nae slick repon nae
fur aa in a breistbackcam the demons shakkin aff
noo differs neen we cambackcheenged turn up like towrist
a boy cam tae dabackdoor an löt her in
for em fin willie cambacke basket wis teem foo
spring an simmer an thebackend cam roun aince mair
in e extension at ebackfaar ey cam in fae
gig kinna thing he cambackfae aiberdeen eence in an
en desespere fan i cambackfaith a m still lackin
papers at phrase cam loupinbackfin i flickit throwe friday
deid a v juist cambackfor a meinit tae tell
frae their walk they cambackfou o talk o the
war s past letters cambackfrae arthur bit fyew an
deed the bairns hid cambackfrae the skweel as usual
in the waw an cambackhaiglin the wecht o a
hame an whan he cambackhe fand his favorite hound
luv an he d cambackhimsel frae the grave tae
ye thenkit whan we cambackhowt awa cries shi jin
feet nae tae disturb embacki cam at nicht wheekin
bit e waspies niver cambacki offert e kaim till
e room fin i cambackin i triet ma torch
at black ily rik cambackintae ma heid aye it
the year matthew bruce cambackintae the hoose fin the
black the day montrose cambackirish bloodhounds at his back
e plots it niver cambackit man a jist curlet
d a dream at cambackivry sae aften aafa clear
yon affa bricht quine cambackjist as gladstone micht hae
an whan the bodie cambacklater i the forenoon the
heave him oot nae cambacknae reprieve my secunt da
want ti pit yur clathesbackoan cam cammy starts putting
growin better nurse mackenzie cambackon duty on the secunt
roll ups fin he cambackonshore efter a trip tae
tho fin a loon cambackriggit oot as a reid
yon wikk ma jotters cambackscoored an scrattit fiae miss
wrang neil duguid hid cambacktae meikleburgh as a student
richt adventurers as we cambacktae wir fairm it wis
as oor nicht sicht cambackthe pad stuid oot a
you jock aye andra cambackthe reply we micht as
needle turn roond an gangbackthe wey ye cam ye
the unco club thay cambackti lyfe again an up
ferlie club an thay cambackti lyfe anaw syne he
ain an sum smeddum cambackti me ah luikit up
wodinsday it aw cam fluidinbackti me an ah felt
haverin blethers he s cambackti tak ower here ti
gait an syne he cambackti the pailace for the
ane for yeirsell tak itbackti whaur it cam frae
princess an nou it cambacktil him wha haed putten
wes that whan she cambacktil hir faither the auldest
cam awa sae i wentbackup tae see hou the
ti fin out cam skelpinbackup the brae wi a
gaed oot an suin cambackwi a mediciner frae ettrickhaugh
fin the dairy cairt cambackwi teem clean cans frae
meenits later whan jock cambackye silly bugger he cried
here the ill dream cumsbackagain ae nicht ane o
d cheenge tae reed andbackagain afore blue took ower
coud hae ma favorite dreambackagain ah l kill him
ye can hae yeir needlebackagain ah micht buy it
f122: up before it rollsbackagain ah wasn t too
lookin syne ah coud joukbackagain ahint the buss whan
till e quarry afore cominbackagain an maybe nae bein
waste he cannae pit itbackagain an onywey he ll
kailyaird or the horse cumsbackagain an sae she did
gied fergal his ain maikbackagain an spiered at him
the gairden fuit an toddlebackagain an stop an staun
gone then athing was pitbackagain an there ye kent
and ye d tae gobackagain and keep goin back
from longside to peterhead andbackagain as she said she
questions right m1163: bring thembackagain because i always just
get a good portion ofbackagain before she left never
here ma ill turn cumbackagain binna ye haed telt
d despaired of getting itbackagain but there you go
ti hae his bonnie dochterbackagain eftir siccan a lang
er like buckingham palace andbackagain f1149: mmhm f1148: and
o work eh puttin itbackagain f606: mmhm m822: there
so the lord is cummingbackagain first to mid air
nou he greins ti gaebackagain for ti wairn ither
ye re niver tae seekbackagain get movin noo tae
wik an i convoy imbackagain getting aa e news
morning she pushed it abackagain i said to een
did he dae but hoybackagain in a tid ti
been an seen tae gangbackagain is nae my dream
there ooh that s itbackagain it s been playin
they can bring the lingobackagain just speak broad hawick
of the experiment transforms himbackagain monday 21st nov just
hesitating to bring it allbackagain my subversive mind running
ask for all my hairbackagain no i wouldn t
weel for the interference synebackagain ower the het flagstanes
ma houss haes aw grownebackagain said she an aince
window nanse mercie here moragbackagain she s doun in
meenits wi his pipe thenbackagain tae mak the dyke
hang up and then ringbackagain the boy grinned nodded
leddie but he l bebackagain the nicht l macbeth
thare an whan she luuikitbackagain the wee wumman haed
nae gowd wad wyse mebackagain they leave curtain scene
it maitter ah l bebackagain this forenicht fareweill ma
filie at e hoose synebackagain throwe e evenin fin
example ti the warld cumsbackagain ti fash us sic
said thair prayers an gaedbackagain ti sleep l macbeth
haill kintrie an hae cumbackagain til ma ain gairden
[exhale] f1113: will we gobackagain tomorrow f1114: yes [inaudible]
[exhale] go on tickle mybackagain wait i m gonna
instantly decides he wants himbackagain want longley he shouts
i ran aa e wyebackagain we easy got e
the lint an brocht itbackagain whit wes she ti
aw that road an cumbackagain wi naething ah did
do it again tickle mybackah no uh [laugh] go
kist up again on hisbackan gang forrit wi it
s aright we can gobackan go ower stuff again
awricht pompitie cheerio son cumbackan see me again suin
hystit the pack on hisbackan sklum up again on
yer bed or scart mybackan snoot again bum up
had to get the ballbackand do it again erm
again gossip and rumour filteredbackand forth throughout the journey
smack her lips and gobackand lie down again still
little bundle who arches hisbackand starts to scream again
again een or twa yearbackatween portsoy an cullen ere
days though loretta has yourbackbeen troublin ye again gladys
hear that again indeed frombackbenchers as well it has
as if to call himbackbut stops hesitating again with
notice moscow aince ye irbackbydin thare again we r
for the minister to stepbackdelay and think again i
it up an pit itbackdoon again agnes aye that
and you put him ba-backdoon again and he jumps
reid ribbon syne he hirplitbackdoon again tae repeat the
again gin ye kept yerbackdoor open on gweed days
it would save me comingbackdown again durin that day
it out and writing itbackdown again the same but
again and i was goingbackdown the road saying i
again ah micht buy itbackfrae ye sum day whan
cormac wi alasdair at hisbackgaed owre again ti the
ythanwells kirkyard fin ey gotbackhame again e aal man
the grund syne he skelpitbackhame again on his horse
my affairs i ll bebackhere again in two months
no shaw its ugsum facebackhere again morag o mercie
but am longing to getbackhome again as soon as
pony and dog and gobackhome again women in service
in the right direction oncebacki phoned ksenia again to
no not that again lookingbacki understand that this music
my pants on the waybacki weep yet again because
turn tip e spaad swingbackin again bit i will
cold i had to gobackin again f810: [laugh] [inhale]
t bit tae pit aathingbackin again ir maistly aathing
no f1006: are they notbackin again [laugh] f1005: no
meenits an they aa troupedbackin again the sheriff tuik
some quick action and squirmbackin again we have learnt
i thought phew i mbackin again you know i
i was happy to bebackin that school system again
i would have to bebackin time for wrong again
the doors again and yerbackin wi the m815: yeah
nivver spikk the doric againbackinno the car tho the
again ye started bringin thembackintae stranraer for their breakfast
ye r haein tae gitbackintae thaim again it s
selkie skins again an slipbackintil the sea the r
thumb again i carry himbackinto the studio fiona in
opening it again we tiptoebackinto the studio where she
dinna you daur aunsir mebackkoolyghin thare she gaes again
again get movin noo taebackma word an angel wi
again ah l tak thebacko ma haund til ye
bj pat s been herebackoan the gear again lee
it oot and pap itbackon aga- in again ony
oh we can put itbackon again after you help
ye get ye ye getbackon again don t you
your microphone and put itbackon again f1114: right f1113:
i put ma biker bootsbackon again naw f631: yeah
one day i put itbackon again one day i
stuff and twist the lidbackon again that s it
s stopped again switch itbackon oh no the sausages
ken some day jock sbackon the binder again there
afore sae here im ahbackon yon rocks again whit
again f1113: mum do thatbackone mum do it okay
day m822: aye f823: anbackoot again it was easier
uh huh m194: and getbackoot again m608: uh huh
again i ve slipped lazilybacksince stacy s gone and
back again and keep goinbacksometimes it took ye a
last song lassooing a smallbackstreet now and again now
bus again tae banff irbacktae aiberdeen bit e hisna
left e hunt an craaltbacktae ma bed again thinkin
rain dis clear up enbacktae rain again saturday 23
faither s breathin fooneret againbacktae the slaw pech pech
haet ava or cum yebackti lyfe again an face
patience ower ferr you speakbackti me lyke that again
syne seal it an gaebacktil hir bed again an
a key ward that comesbacktime an again is trust
by that time i wasbackto 28 again working as
ve left work to goingbackto church again but it
ll do orange are youbackto cutting again f1112: mmhm
the papers then it sbackto festering stagnation again why
the next part then comesbackto general conduct again would
be really hard to gobackto havin a life again
mummy ll hae to gobackto her work shortly again
packed again for the tripbackto la paz putting most
once again i m drawnbackto mallorca like a migratory
to me then she turnsbackto my daddy again a
again sometime when things getbackto normal take care of
his rhythm again he goesbackto staring into fiona s
f1018: it s again comingbackto storytelling and you know
[?]elephant[/?] [laugh] f1113: you rebackto that one again f1114:
f1054: ehm just to gobackto the diagram again ehm
and borassic course again goingbackto the rhyming s- slang
it f1115: okay start againbackto the start farr s
aw it wis bein hystedbackup again skailin twa three
oot an cairtit the netbackup tae the tap again
each bit as he strodebackup the field again for
have a shower then gobackup to aberdeen again so
this eilidh here she cumsbackwi the aix again here
an oor ah l bebackwi you again kisses her
heads is on the pillowsbackwith me again he leaves
door a puckle helpers rinninbackan fore they need a
with a sigh he turnedbackand opened the door hoping
him in carolanne draws boltsbackbeth slams livingroom door shut
next door the waiter pulledbackchairs as we entered and
the door leading into thebackcourt has been broken open
tea s jawed oot thebackdoor an a fresh pot
ken swacker i opent ebackdoor an ere on e
room and a front andbackdoor and a garden eh
marvellous f889: standin at thebackdoor and he says eh
car stopped juan opened thebackdoor and helped me out
kitchen the bathroom and thebackdoor and the toilet m642:
hear the scrape of thebackdoor as it brushed over
the sun enter at thebackdoor as low cloud moved
of the interdict by thebackdoor at the moment injunctions
it flung out at thebackdoor but i ll never
the bone left by thebackdoor cutting across the fields
the parliament notes the shamefulbackdoor dealing carried out by
aa e wye till ebackdoor faar i let it
tae ca in by thebackdoor for broon or broken
fin the lad opened thebackdoor fowk could see the
dump your rubbish on ourbackdoor how to contact the
such cards will not bebackdoor identity cards to be
if he could open thebackdoor into rose street lane
a tenement in aberdeen thebackdoor is upstage centre permanently
through and walk out thebackdoor [laugh] f606: fair enough
a the bathroom and abackdoor m642: aye so we
couple o lavatories at thebackdoor mmhm that s m1010:
aboot leadin up till ebackdoor o e hoose it
the car boot at thebackdoor o their hoose as
doric act one outside thebackdoor of a tenement in
m608: uh huh m642: thebackdoor of the van f643:
and tied it tae thebackdoor of the van m608:
dump your rubbish on ourbackdoor on tuesday 12th april
an ye cd keep ebackdoor open i noticet a
intill e evenin wi ebackdoor open lettin e air
us comin in m815: thebackdoor s always locked at
kitchen and make sure thebackdoor s locked and bolted
the hoose and bang thebackdoor shut fine thocht her
shouts gordon you got thatbackdoor shut to beth we
jist like ma gran sbackdoor the ane i wid
door the kitchen cupboards thebackdoor the conservatory doors the
has happened about the brokenbackdoor to the cellars on
bed having sneaked in thebackdoor wendy strode through the
the area just outside thebackdoor were the following bedding
shakkin t oot at ebackdoor wid ye credit it
stairs wis her mither sbackfrae the byre the door
near her door she jinkitbackfrae the curtains feart he
early morning light occasionally steppingbackfrom the front door and
threi meenits efter hei wurbackhammerin on oor fore door
sliding door big enyeuch taebackin a cairt an a
door opened from front tobackinstead of the other way
i shut e door anbackintill e car watchin ma
used to go in thebackm815: [laugh] m816: door and
signet library weet blaik tarmacbacko the door waddlit ower
who did that on thebackof the door just leave
just some pegs on thebackof the door or on
robe is hanging on thebackof the door there is
door and the door closedbackonto the lady battering into
heid will we let himbackower the door da says
garage an is shei retouredbackpast the garage door wi
ll have to have mebackshe rattles the door open
from the house he speaksbackthrough the open door jack
fore door stap wi yerbacktil the hoose ane hes
closed the door and wentbackto his bed what s
door unlocks it then scurriesbackto his cushion cammy sings
out the teahous door lookinbackto tell the teamaister a
wa a hole through thebackwa another f643: that door
ti the door nae gaunbackwad she thole an she
scene a hut door atbackwindow holes right and left
of cairo 1931 three goback1932 1986 the lost trumpet
you ve to go rightbackafter lunch time and you
carolanne i have to gobackagnes after all these years
f829: you know you gobackan it s just like
it is necessary to gobackand check data and figures
going to have to gobackand check that but i-
was sayin i should gobackand dae a ph d
back f010: need to gobackand do that mmhm f122:
quite easy to like gobackand forth between luxembourg and
so i f643: tae gobackand forward m642: so i
i ve had to gobackand forward to the hospital
we re supposed to gobackand get them checked mummy
i m thinking might gobackand have a a wee
for me cause ye gobackand i mean as i
been remarked when i gobackand i speak to my
odd for us to gobackand intervene to ring fence
ombudsman cannot decide to gobackand investigate those there are
so my mother kept mebackand let him go on
sort of to to gobackand like i r- see
f640: she didn t gobackand my father certainly ehm
ask bill aitken to gobackand read the scottish compact
power of europe to gobackand regrant objective 1 assistance
be reluctant to stop gobackand say that something else
they ll need to gobackand start wi them at
remember that did you gobackand talk to bill arundel
betty she used to gobackand tell her mother that
something [laugh] f1148: definitely gobackand visit uh huh yeah
up and put your onebackand we can go there
ye d tae bring thembackand ye d tae go
too cauld maybe go gobackanother day when you are
a scud f1054: mmhm gobackas far as that aye
as far f606: [cough] f828: backas we as we go
hey go and put thatbackbecause you ll gettin my
worse he was to gobackbefore friday well the pain
go on to the humpbackbridge so i give another
go tae gie him itbackbut he ll no take
i would like to gobackbut not soon there s
the year out and gobackbut while i was while
dinnae let hope drag yebackcarolanne i have to go
how i mean how farbackdid they go or when
the better but how farbackdoes it go i am
we can [?]always[/?] tae gobackdown and do more jigsaws
could go can we gobackdown there f1121: we re
you still want to gobackdown to london to like
use i mean to gobackeven further they reckoned there
it would be ok gobackexplore the secret gairdin steve
you ll need to gobackf010: need to go back
m1098: want the water gobackf1097: the water s away
no you go in thebackf1113: where have i to
[inhale] can you put itbackf1121: careful there you go
to give me my whitebackf1123: there ye go f1124:
uh huh would you gobackf1148: to copenhagen f1149: yeah
s never goin to gobackf641: no f639: it s
get enough money tae gobackf643: so it s aboot
s substantial if you gobackf718: mmhm m017: to the
of months and then gobackf809: how about the day
ll never have to gobackf810: but you know what
that we can always gobackfor a visit we couldn
right f1136: we ll gobackfor a wee while after
f1149: mm you should gobackfor a weekend or something
and you don t gobackfor ages you can f1148:
superb so i ve beenbackfor another go m608: mmhm
of it i can gobackfor as many seconds or
will go we ll movebackfrom alister s trousers alister
and i can go waybackfurther than that i can
i think has to gobackgenerations because i m half
he ll make me gobackgordon to beth it ll
wee go afore he wentbackhame tae glesca s that
know how to get itbackhe can go to the
moans i can t gobackhe ll make me go
month before he could gobackhe was counting the days
good idea i just gobackhome and type it into
summer or did you gobackhome f746: no i haven
do you want to gobackhome the car s only
go straight to hell comingbacki balance on wall tops
he would have to gobackin front of the children
obvious they just go straightbackin nicotine stained hands woo
f1097: it s to gobackin on friday and get
in the box they gobackin the box f1121: that
them f1121: very good f1122: backin the box they go
[laugh] f1049: should totally gobackin when she s working
since oe and probably gobackinto germanic if not further
i decide he must gobackinto his pram i plot
free and you could gobackinto the game f965: that
ve been having i gobackinto the studio and close
s gae oot throu thebackkitchen they go out a
would you like to gobackm1098: no f1097: no did
go on then on yourbackm1106: wait i ll just
yeah yeah we all gobackm608: and forwards m1163: and
not that keen to gobackm608: not keen yeah because
used to go round thebackm815: can never get in
can t let her gobackmaggie that s up to
have been easier to gobackmaggie you see beth thinks
i ll need tae gobackmm m1048: erm er i
s open when i gobacknaw cause i doubt it
i willna let you gobacknext week then f1122: why
s alright it ll gobackon mummy will dae it
the swings before we gobackon the bike f1136: right
on your hand stick itbackon there we go is
matter will have to gobackon to the agenda anyway
is fair i will gobackon what i said to
jump over there and gobackonto the road f1122: huh
is he gaun to gobackonto the train tracks do
takin off tae go awaybackoot then we would bring
flair furst sooner than gobackoot there oneyroads ah ll
they they could go generationsbackor you know make all
1879 so her stories gobackover 100 years he was
upper deeside pronunciation therefore gobackover 200 years words in
somethin i said aye gobackower m865: uh huh m952:
yeah f606: but you gobackquite often m830: no f829:
some difference when you gobackreally just f978: yes it
lyke they go off glancingbackrodé shouts hoy ho koolyghin
roon go an turn yerbackroon to mummy darling turn
carolanne i have to gobacksadie course ye dae wan
you ever want to gobacksadie efter i left carolanne
been get off a minutebacksee go and feel it
66 88 while never gobackshows how impossible a return
hae enough money tae gobackso i f643: tae go
then the other ones gobackso you see sort of
f1150: mmhm f1151: to gobacksooner than me but erm
zimmer and turn to gobacksuddenly re living all sorts
six thirty aye you gobacktae bed quine it s
i wish we could gobacktae the old days where
why would i just gobacktae the you know when
desperate i can t gobacktake them sadie help me
s not keen to gobackthe same with my mother
gonna go and put itbackthen m1090: mm i want
yur sorry jilly dinnae gobackthere back ti that other
so to to to gobackthere erm m608: mmhm m1163:
f1093: pop it on yourbackthere we go that s
wife says that you gobackthere what can you do
just goes back on thebackthere you go f1114: [sniff]
are you wanting your carbackthere you go m1098: [exhale]
stay here and never gobackthis here verandah might well
can go and put thatbackthrough to the cupboard m1094:
lee bj let s gobackti how things wur puts
hear mi breathin cammy gobackti sleep steve dimps how
jilly dinnae go back therebackti that other world that
go jilly let mi gobackti where ah feel jilly
they hold records that gobackto 1855 they have all
right to choose to gobackto a local authority will
see group seemed to gobackto a more fundamental metaphor
30 so why not gobackto a smaller number such
any desire to go tobackto aberdeen or or to
a berth i ll gobackto america sell my ranch
don t go mad firstbackto andy s chatter the
had forced him to gobackto balriddie and hide in
fever doubtless he would gobackto bed in a minute
minutes we decided to gobackto belyaevo and phone thus
comm to joes 9 mondaybackto birk 19 thursday go
one second you d bebackto bother me go on
to sing let us gobackto burns s politics burns
thought well i ll gobackto college full time and
you ll have to gobackto drymen f889: aye that
are very keen to gobackto ehm to germanic expressions
navvies th- they couldnae gobackto erm [tut] kilmarnock or
for anybody else to gobackto f958: i know [laugh]
where we need to gobackto getting the seven years
do you want to gobackto happy gang this year
mam s got to gobackto her work the morn
what he does we gobackto his flat and he
to pack up and gobackto his home which is
would you like to gobackto horseriding f1100: no no
are not able to gobackto independent living afterwards and
for you when you gobackto italy m1163: yeah m608:
scenario would be you gobackto italy maybe for three
not want she widnae gobackto italy to stay the
friday jim phem elizabeth offbackto kdy i go to
then paradoxically they then gobackto kind of g- anglo
cause i wanted to gobackto london [laugh] f1149: really
would be nice to gobackto moscow just to spend
or whether we should gobackto mr minogue it may
of the year to gobackto my first question how
give her away and gobackto my job i have
mrs mcintosh can we gobackto my question about fiscal
implying i d better gobackto my real life story
miles oh i ll gobackto my scottish kin and
so your own kids gobackto orkney f829: yes uh
for us let s gobackto our work mrs beaumont
erm and when they gobackto pakistan and india they
to trace i will gobackto questions to the eis
and i hope to gobackto shediac to stay with
along even if we gobackto so called victorian times
is not necessary to gobackto square 1 rather they
s not going to gobackto that f640: and it
now we have to gobackto that fork on the
m not letting her gobackto that jail i think
mummy f1139: fitt f1140: gobackto that page you buy
do not want to gobackto that situation it ended
the radiation experiments and gobackto that slammer in the
the old treaties that gobackto the 1950s and the
i want to go rightbackto the basics and probe
to the problem to gobackto the convener s point
right decision not to gobackto the distorting life i
i ve got to gobackto the dr tomorrow he
only fair that we gobackto the executive and ask
we have had i gobackto the fact that it
you d better go awaybackto the field beside your
pages the term should gobackto the full name so
programme they have to gobackto the halls and keep
a little shopping and gobackto the hotel there i
whether we need to gobackto the minister or whether
i never actually did gobackto the nursery school but
east scots might properly gobackto the ogham inscriptions of
always interesting to to gobackto the origin of words
are you not gonna gobackto the place you were
takes me from soller stationbackto the port i go
clear that i will gobackto the presiding officer tomorrow
my questions i will gobackto the previous couple of
clerk could undertake to gobackto the previous evidence essentially
and do you always gobackto the same spot m1163:
playing field let us gobackto the start of the
than requiring them to gobackto the surgery obviously that
complex of palaces which gobackto the time of the
in a position to gobackto the tobacco companies and
mike jones one must gobackto the underlying criminal law
driving school made her gobackto the very beginning with
i regret having to gobackto the wider point before
not be forced to gobackto virginia against his will
moment instead i shall gobackto what gordon jackson said
in the morning to gobackto work that is not
will be forced to gobackto work we want to
nobody is allowed into gobackto writing about jimmy he
the election for example gobackto your constituencies and prepare
i say to you gobackto your constituency and prepare
because you have to gobackto your er mother tongue
re all still miserable gobackto your miserable lives but
ok can we go rightbackto your very m734: [laugh]
broken up they never getbacktogether and patients often go
doing it when i gobacktonight because it s due
m1096: traffics traffics at thebacktraffics farr does this go
do you want to gobackup the road and we
okay you take it outbackup there f1112: [inaudible] go
used to go from ayrbackup to aberdeen on a
now and i ll gobackup to dad that boy
so you don t gobackvery much mm f828: no
ll go to school thebackway after dinner and buy
s what s holding youbackwe go out to work
doon sneak yeese oot thebackwey ye kin go beth
then you have to gobackwi it tomorrow okay cause
f606: no it could gobackyeah f1067: and for i
the situation the data gobackyears the census should help
an doun he went anbackan forrit an i ll
the day the clocks wentbackand cut the time difference
500cc bsa and i wentbackand he still had it
cash desk to pay wentbackand queued to collect your
just turned tail and wentbackand we we sort of
michael stipe got his mojobackand went ahead with rem
a seise that probably wentbackback to the nineteen thirties
radiation experiments went on thebackburner it turned out that
hid twa bombs on thebackbut when they aw went
to clean up improving ourbackcourt when i went back
a few claes i wentbackdoon tae princes street and
say that they they wentbackeh to the original er
if if you went farbackenough you d end up
day afore the schuils wentbackgeordie an his pals wis
in all who went throughbackgreens over front gardens causing
to the beach they wentbackhome at teatime could be
haven t well i wentbackhome to do my dissertation
up it went mmm andbackin and like you can
and went off he wasbackin no time with a
the driving so i wentbackin six months and i
for church then we wentbackindoors with them returning home
mellowed out some she wentbackinside the room bethia was
was latterly a senator wentbackinto space at 77 years
cool and wonderful he wentbackinto the front room chucked
sight and when she wentbackinto the house her mother
yesterday and then i wentbackinto the institute to lend
light heart that i wentbackinto the teeth of the
i went m608: mm m642: backit about what ten years
a seat so anyway wentbackit had gone f1038: [laugh]
town but when i wentbacklike last year just for
they could make their moneybackm939: [laugh] m941: i went
was wrong and i wentbacknext day to the business
it went right ower thebacko their heid so s
of the prison we wentbackout into the licht the
a human being carlin wentbackout into the lobby he
was he went that farbackso i don t know
i puked then i wentbacktae ma ain room i
ye no then i wentbacktae ma bed and lay
badger his due he wentbacktae see whit had happened
day complete an ey wentbacktae the car mair an
doon memory lane he wentbacktae the time he first
caur then aff it wentbacktae the village wi twae
beastie happt on someyin sbackthe cry went up a
gordon disbelief you took herbackthere maggie no i went
golden hair cascading down herbackthey went to the fair
untill now wages never wentbackto a starvation point father
that these guys probably wentbackto actually you know in
reluctantly declined we all wentbackto [censored: forename] s flat and
be revised the case wentbackto committee with that recommendation
done although she never wentbackto education in her mature
while as well we wentbackto england for a while
my rugby commitment never wentbackto it m608: mm m642:
he spak hellery i wentbackto jakobsen s dictionary which
as a topic we wentbackto our schooldays when the
medication and when i wentbackto s- for my outpatient
back to the school m635: backto school [inaudible] went to
f889: an then we wentbackto see when it was
off the roof and wentbackto sleep only later did
went home took our goodiesbackto the flat f631: mmhm
less happy later i wentbackto the hostel but by
or something then we wentbackto the hotel for dinner
selves wet when we wentbackto the jack you slid
gave up glumly and wentbackto the kiosk from where
swedish group then we wentbackto the kremlin to the
so bad that i wentbackto the labour exchange and
on the bed then wentbackto the mirror right he
home he cast his mindbackto the morning peggy went
it and once you wentbackto the mother tongue you
seise that probably went backbackto the nineteen thirties yes
mm m1036: and they wentbackto the nineteenth century they
f634: i just went rightbackto the nursery because i
and eh i went upbackto the school and the
so i never ever wentbackto the socks i was
m1048: and er i wentbackto the the produce bit
they you know they wentbackto the the the the
very well then i wentbackto the universitetskaya hotel to
bus but then he wentbackto them afterwards and said
education college and never wentbackto work in the kitchen
only shrank when they wentbackto work inside the wireless
new baby yet i wentbackto work this week but
i opened the gate wentbackto your car and drove
thousand runaway bastards i wentbackto your car and sounded
the beach when he wentbacktwo days later although important
and then you cranked itbackup it went mmm and
seventeen basically an then wentbackup to orkney for a
a condemned man ah wentbackupstairs an lay on ma
in a huge refuse dumpbackwe went to la paz
pit the clathes oan yurbackwhey fed yi whey went
in skye and she wentbackwith a gift for her
back court when i wentbackyears after to see this
knees and put her fingerbackat the the place andy
i had to put itbackin f1127: did ye you
their destiny to be putbackin their own hands as
cause look look put itbackon and i ll show
repaired them and put thembackout m608: uh huh m194:
sadie will i put thatbacksadie gives her the knife
hmm did you put itbackthen [inaudible] m1096: aye f1095:
did you j- put itbackthrough okay f1104: yeah cause

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