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detailed information on religion ethnicbackgroundand language spoken in the
racial origin cultural and linguisticbackgroundand membership of any ethnic
racial origin cultural and linguisticbackgroundand membership of any ethnic
of social cultural or ethnicbackgroundas it stands can the
questions on religion and ethnicbackgroundcould provide the basis for
of social cultural or ethnicbackgroundhow will the bill achieve
materials including selections of prosebackgroundhistorical resources tapes of music
of my historical and culturalbackgroundi did caran a mhuiltein
murison david 1979 the historicalbackgroundin languages of scotland association
the crowns in 1603 historicalbackgroundthis language scots is descended
traditional attitudes and the historicalbackgroundto all of this is
a paper on the historicalbackgroundto the languages of scotland
aware of my gaelic culturalbackgroundbut also of the social
derive from his own culturalbackgrounderrors are often a sign
from that sort of culturalbackgroundm608: thinking when i was
this paper provides some generalbackgroundin the context of the
allotments this research note providesbackgroundinformation in relation to a
english languages this paper providesbackgroundinformation on the bill the
recent reports and provides somebackgroundinformation relating to the following
points of this briefing 3background4 the eu policy context
language policy action plan 3background4 the legal context 5
briefly looks at the constitutionalbackgroundand context especially in the
indemnity insurance operates against thatbackgroundi endorse what kenny macaskill
need is set against thebackgroundof a europe that is
be properly realised against thebackgroundof a national theatre which
painting man undressing against abackgroundof bracken fronds the kind
assertion of spirituality against abackgroundof er kind of terrible
by placing them against thebackgroundof his time his environment
reulis and cautelis against abackgroundof increasing influence in scotland
by james vi against thebackgroundof the continuing erosion of
debate takes place against thebackgroundof the justifiable pride that
erm consider one against thebackgroundof the others to to
little informed advice against thebackgroundof the way in which
further notes that against thisbackgroundsave the children is deeply
i mention that against thebackgroundthat one objective of the
guidance for allotments against thisbackgroundthe local government association lga
in edinburgh and against thatbackgroundurges the scottish executive to
of local democracy against thatbackgroundwhy do we so often
define minority languages in scotlandbackground6 with increasing regularity many
erm from my own ermbackgroundand also languages that i
translation because i had abackgroundin languages so i found
faculty of education eh mybackgroundis modern languages i was
writing to the parliament 10backgroundnote languages used in the
in languages other than englishbackgroundnote languages used in the
providing an introduction and abackgroundand colleges and universities providing
example by providing recorded guidesbackgroundthe parliament has endorsed the
spice research note provided somebackgroundinformation for this debate scottish
we choose to go thebackgroundnote suggests that the committee
action and measures 3 furtherbackgroundinformation about the european employment
s just to get somebackgroundinformation could you give me
to give me some somebackgroundinformation m952: mm m865: can
legislation these sections provide somebackgroundinformation on scottish salmon fisheries
resolved as a piece ofbackgroundinformation the back court in
some reports that will givebackgroundinformation we believe that the
the information that is thebackgroundsad is it not having
a puddok dinna be rideeklussbackgroundbathetic music ah tell ye
music going on in thebackgroundf718: yeah m734: and didn
music being played in thebackgroundvarious bossa novas my way
to read some of thebackgroundresearch referred to by ash
out some suggestions for initialbackgroundresearch simon wakefield has suggested
also expressed an interest inbackgroundresearch to support the away
suggested in the paper languagebackgroundand educational failure many children
exceeded i have prepared abackgroundpaper for the committee which
given the committee a fullbackgroundpaper on the subject sea
ye ll hae the samebackgroundreading boys own paper 1st
introduced the paper describes thebackgroundto the proposed legislation current
folk frae mony a differentbackgroundan social situation if present
european structural funds post 2006backgroundcombating social exclusion and poverty
but also of the socialbackgroundfrom which i came we
somebody with a social sciencebackgroundi am conscious of the
because of the different socialbackgroundof the f718: yeah m017:
had been matched for socialbackgroundone group was taught only
capabilities derived from their homebackgroundor social class and the
member states whatever their agebackgroundsocial situation or previous educational
kind of blur into thebackgroundf718: yeah m734: er f718:
girl herself kay s ownbackgroundlies behind the experiences documented
think about your own familybackgroundyou are being a historian
grant to give the legalbackgroundafter which we can discuss
brief questionnaire ehmwith ehm personalbackgroundeh can you give me
will try to give furtherbackgroundon them but if i
which people from m- mybackgroundalthough mine mine is is
a a very working classbackgroundalthough my father was was
presbyterian er protestant work ethicbackgroundalthough she became a she
was being discussed although thebackgroundof our tour of inspection
who also have a gaelicbackgroundincidentally ehm probably speak a
and gaelic for learners secondarybackgroundsheena dawe from a local
came out of a gaelicbackground[throat] don t have the
as the headteacher now mybackgroundwas i was a gaelic
theme of giving you somebackgroundabout gow this month [censored: surname]
racism possibly lurking in thebackgroundin some cases if we
i know some of thebackgroundto the case because one
report described some of thebackgroundto the scottish borders textiles
with members some of thebackgroundto the year the year
based to some extent onbackgroundwork by the joint future
a little bit about thebackgroundjust in case and highlight
have taken christine grahame yourbackgroundknowledge of the case is
general public table of contentsbackground4 previous attempts to ban
points of this briefing 3background4 timeline 4 committee bill
the same family and neighbourhoodbackgroundgroup may show different language
[censored: forename] he comes from abackgroundof russian language teaching and
of europe contents part onebackground3 the laeken declaration 3
opened up 3 all whichbackgroundbrings me to my current
deprived areas gives further usefulbackgroundincluding the fact that free
think it s partly religiousbackgroundand er the cu- m608:
the benefits of education andbackgroundso in one sense er
else was available the samebackgroundof necessary thrift may be
t come out of thatbackgroundat all erm so erm
it obviously from my designbackgroundand the colour side but
to answer that given mybackgroundin and involvement with the
as that is my mainbackgroundin the commission for 18
in circles cathy peattie mybackgroundis in the voluntary sector
english would indicate their regionalbackgroundaccent then is the pronunciation
ask members to keep thebackgroundnoise down and to show
ask members to keep thebackgroundnoise down members at the
the guy is in thebackgroundf643: [laugh] because of who
yeah m608: come from italianbackgroundcan you m1163: yeah i
i come from a housingbackgroundi think that there is
d come from a designbackgroundi wanted to do something
comes from a normal familybackgroundwith two parents and a
keep down the level ofbackgroundconversation peter peacock i indicated
has again set out thebackgroundfully we anticipate that the
the houses i n thebackgroundgo out gradually beaumont quietly
out a bit of thebackgroundto the gow [censored: permission not able to be obtained for article] [censored: permission not able to be obtained for article]
the petitioner sets out thebackgroundto the situation at a
gibson and i share abackgroundin local government we are
of which has a racialbackgroundnicol stephen as donald gorrie
looking people [laugh] in thebackgroundwhich spoils the look of
and a bit of yourbackgroundehm no-no- not an awful
a bit of a cowboybackgroundyes f1160: oh i do
brief questionnaire about your personalbackgroundf951: oh right okay m865:
write about their working classbackgroundif they ve actually forgotten
wondered about the lad sbackgroundor his desperate shyness with
typical of her generation andbackgroundbut she has a range
act 1982 is in thebackgroundhaving been a supporter of
of whom have a humanitiesbackgroundi usually begin the talk
cross boundaries of age andbackgroundit is difficult to assign
of who s in thebackground[laugh] m642: but it just
s just again the backst-backgroundof less great flats f826:
for more detail on thebackgroundof the bill and children
of the puddok to abackgroundof tinkling bells the prince
lives of her characters whosebackgroundoutside the text she happily
requires a certain amount ofbackgroundreading i confess that it
of the picture m642: thebackgroundso i took them off
to features of his herbackgroundthat is where he she
council requesting details of thebackgroundto the issues raised by
scottish corpus of text speechbackgroundto the project scotland has
will be aware of thebackgroundto the two amendments as
who happens to know thebackgroundis not the right way
technical man who had thebackgroundto justify what he was
got the whole like sciencybackgroundthing i quite f745: yeah
in black on a goldbackgroundthis was a three shaker
small group discussion as abackgroundto all this activity he
instruments going on in thebackgroundand i think that s
you obviously never knew thebackgroundto it f812: i think
as you can in thebackground[censored: forename] f1130: hmm f1129: nothing
the commissioner can undertake investigationsbackgroundin 1991 the uk government
all people knows with hisbackgroundand the offices he has
convener do we know thebackgroundfigures for wildlife mike flynn
will know i have abackgroundin the voluntary sector and
s going on in thebackground[laugh] you know you know
working groups 16 part onebackgroundthe convention on the future
could start with just thebackgroundto a curriculum for excellence
f640: mmhm f639: have abackgroundin that even if you
his f1077: oh right thebackgroundthen mmhm mmhm mmhm mmhm
did he gee yi hisbackgroundcammy mr mi5 dimps fuck
h the patient s abilitiesbackgroundand characteristics including without prejudice
be created that is thebackgroundbut i would not want
the canteen gently probing herbackgroundconvinced they had much in
fictitious highland hills to thebackgroundfa saw the heilan sodjers
the kids to have thebackgroundin the canon rather than
have no comments on thebackgroundintroduction on pages 1 and
heavy metal blarin in thebackground[laugh] you re like no
i hears him in thebackgroundspierin at her fit it
lanark is under unesco considerationbackgroundthe convention concerning the protection
partnership i will examine thebackgroundto the debate in 1997
hospital admissions that is thebackgroundto today s discussion the
bonnets london 1971 gives goodbackgroundwhile james reed the border
street songs murmur in thebackgroundyesterday was a quiet day
february 1901 leslie mitchell sbackgroundand upbringing were steeped in
april last year with nobackgroundin data processing however as
lin and there is goodbackgroundmaterial available on these in
s individual qualities abilities andbackgroundand properly takes into account
literary text or undertake abackgroundstudy into a specific aspect
i had a crofting farmingbackgroundf606: [tut] mm m1036: and
look that s a purplebackgroundthat s snow white and
hardboard for a deadly dullbackgroundthen he painted a little
you scottish or whatever andbackgroundand so on e- either
scottish executive 21 conclusions 22backgroundprevious attempts to ban hunting

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