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primary grammar book by rbainm bridgewood and the grammar
1996 the grammar book natebainrichard marion bridgewood 1998 the
hear you know like alybainan people f978: yeah it
the first mu- yes alybainuh huh it s the
languages bibliography bain elspeth richardbain1996 the grammar book nate
in all their languages bibliographybainelspeth richard bain 1996 the
particular ages or stages bibliographybainr e 1996 the grammar
had belonged to a manbainor macbain who had moved
m 13 6 99 robbainat crathie deeside interviews conducted
sm 13 6 99 robbaingave further evidence of the
cosla social inclusion spokesman eddiebaincosla legal adviser andy o
immediately finds oneself dans lebainin the bath one is
last deeside gaelic speaker jeanbaindied in this area as
big jamie muir also johnybaina grand horse shoer these
book by e and rbainwill provide a much wider
talking about language and inbainfitzgerald and taylor looking into
projects can be found inbainreflections talking about language and
previous ones have included ewanbainhe was the first superman
wrocht it his uncle mrbains sawmill yonner george whae
mclatchie mrs nairn an jimmybainan ither unsung heroes wha
far more fluent than mrsbaincan be heard on tape
john we cry it abaineftir its fyndar whaur dae
crankum he inquered its abainwe bigg thaim wirsells it
hoscote estate wis ae mrbaina ve juist brocht tae
an sellin keichen plenishins oensbainmaries an het pressis it

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