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to me mirth and giofulnesbakebaik bake baik meaning a
mirth and giofulnes bake baikbakebaik meaning a biscuit is
sae mhairi fell tae tibakebannoks for the wee fowk
mhairi na dinna bake breidbakebannoks ir thay no quicker
us breid mhairi na dinnabakebreid bake bannoks ir thay
we no that hungirie saebakeyou bannoks for us richt
swell o dear the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
so bright but the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
scorn you know the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
tender tone o the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
run he knew the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
truth yes yes the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
shame yes well the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
farm o lord the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
lark o yes the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
delectation o man the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
you tom cats the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
capacious devil knows the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
dreg for remember the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
hound yes lads the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
her paps for the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
perish bare o the lassesbakethe lasses break the lasses
sprinkle top with remaining cheesebake30 mins at 375 serve
r flour 2 eggs beatenbake350 375 1 hour gas
teasp lime lemon juice vegbake375 5 1hr brown pots
press down over fruit 5bakeat 375 for 15 mins
casserole sprinkling in thyme coverbakeat 375 for 30 35
herbs 3 oz cheese addbakeat 375 for 40 mins
marg 3 eggs flavouring 1bakeat 375 for about 25
pour into flan case andbakefor 40 mins at 375
for few hours or overnightbakein moderate oven 350 for
wine cover with buttered paperbakein moderate oven for 20
in mixture and 1 thickbakein moderate oven for about
thoroughly press into greased casserolebake20 30 mins at 350
in butter sprinkle over toppingbake20 mins at 350 hobbit
mix together sprinkle over loafbake30 mins at 350 apple
and lined 7 cake tinbake50 60 mins at 350
yoghurt grease 1lb loaf tinbakeat 350 for 1 hour
rind dissolved soda raisins 5bakeat 350 for 45 50
sauce ending with cheese slicesbakeat 350 for 45 mins
potato sprinkle with remaining cheesebakeat 350 for 45 mins
well greased 9 cake tinbakeat 350 for 60 70
1 brush with milk 2bakeat 400 f reg 6
1 2 oz cooking fatbakeat 425 f reg 7
flaky or puff pastry 6bakeat 450 or reg 7
oven to reg 3 325ºbakefor 30 mins on centre
for ye mair bannocks wummanbakefor us mhairi an be
anither we ir hungirie mhairbakeus breid mhairi na dinna
baking sheet 13 x 9bake30 40 mins at 425
mix pour into flan casebakein a hot oven 425
thick cut into circlesbake20 mins at 400 potato
5 leave 30 mins 6bakeat 325 for 20 mins
well add egg milk 4bakefor 15 20 mins at
1 egg to brush pastrybakefor 30 mins at 400
cover loosely with foil 2bakefor 50 55 mins at
knead in rest of butterbake 3 10 mins reduce
1 oz butter in cassbakewith lid on 40 mins
on floured board cut 5bakeon greased baking tray at
1 egg to brush pastrybakeon 7 plate for 35
mummy can- can t webakef1121: well we ll bake
erm f1122: i want tobakef1121: you want to bake
bake f1121: well we llbakein a wee whilie f1122:
bake f1121: you want tobakeright we ll finish this
okay f1122: i m gonnabakesome m- bake some smartie
m gonna bake some m-bakesome smartie cakes f1121: well
f637: but my mother couldbakeand there was an oven
know fire and she couldbakein the oven up above
into 12 15 muffin tinsbakeat 400 for 20 25
into 2 2lb loaf tinsbakefor 1 hour 3
2 cups s r flourbakein 1lb loaf tin at
them like na- nana f1117: bakelike nana f1118: yes just
need is erm f1118: [?]well don't[/?]bakethem like na- nana f1117:
ll get more cakes andbakeagain f1126: aye aye tweenies
f1126: eh f1125: ready tobakecakes wi mum f1126: uh
kind of cakes did youbakef1130: huh f1129: fitt kind
peat fire ye could stillbakefruit cakes ye hid tae
can brew oor ale anbakebere breid can stap the
musicians please mistress could youbakeme a roon o breid
make things like custard andbakea cake and make something
f1097: now so did youbakea cake at playschool the
a cake baker s manbakeme a cake as fast
kind of cake did youbakethe day m1098: um f1097:
f1121: will we get abakefor the playgroup open day
we hav- we have tobakefor the playgroup open day
friends at playgroup do theybakewith their mammies f1122: er
top with grated cheese andbakefor 20 minutes at regulo
mammy f1127: we ll maybebakelater on then will we
a pumpkin m1128: can webakemammy f1127: we baked yesterday
yesterday m1128: are we gonnabakethe day mammy f1127: we
we baked yesterday did webakeyesterday m1128: are we gonna
wanted to go go andbakeafter after the meeting f1121:
a wee whilie f1122: [?]can we[/?]bakef1121: i ve got something
f1121: [exhale] right we llbakei- okay f1122: and can
f1122: [sucking sweet] i want tobakenoo f1121: well i thought
enough of i want tobakenoo f1121: well we ve
wanted to i wanted tobakeright now f1121: [exhale] right
think we ll have tobakesome more f1121: dae ye
did thay no cuik anbakeclaen an polish feed the
right did you help herbakethe last time f1118: yes
black treacle 2 tbsp brandybakeat 325 for 1 hr
not dry fold in 6bakein 2 layers 8 at
the sun bed god couldbakeme broon 2 thai tour
almond orange juice water 4bakeat 300 for 3 hours
haed she set ti tibakeat the ingil nor thare
and mabel was encouraged tobakein it at that time
now we ll have tobakeagain won t we we
been the custom too tobakepancakes on that day pace
f1135: and who was helpingbaketoday f1136: eh [censored: forename] f1135:
bakers in mr crawford sbakehouse and i can tell
in the caudron byle anbakeee o newt an tae
go- was granda helpin youbakef1130: [inaudible] [inaudible] f1129: come
anoo was granda helpin youbakef1130: no no granny f1129:
[censored: surname] will bring a traybakemiss t [censored: surname] will bring
chores included helping in thebakehouse doing all the housework
glass of spirits and abakep 22 not recorded in

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