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f1117: she needs a baseballballa ball f1118: i canna
oh that s got aballa teddy s ball teddy
bounce a ball throwing theballagainst a wall and shouting
we f1126: that one ballballall falling about doing doing
t we f1126: that oneballball all falling about doing
ball isn t it f1102: ballball ball f1101: ball for
isn t it f1102: ballballball f1101: ball for ball
fitt ain next ball f1102: ballball for eh f1101: b
gaun along to the fancyballcontest m1128: fancy ball f1127:
with the ball with theballf1025: mmhm they were all
a chicken f1097: ball m1098: ballf1097: c is for cl-
t it f1102: ball ballballf1101: ball for ball f1102:
f1101: ball for ball f1102: ballf1101: up here look beside
okay f1101: fitt ain nextballf1102: ball ball for eh
ball ball f1101: ball forballf1102: ball f1101: up here
it f1114: yes the orangeballf1113: an orange ball yes
ball f1114: play roll theballf1113: roll the ball right
rolling it s a bigballf1114: a big ball let
the ball here s theballf1114: no no no no
you can play with yourballf1114: play roll the ball
needs a baseball ball aballf1118: i canna see a
nae that ball nae thatballf1125: nae the ball you
f1126: there where s theballf1125: the ball you find
what else look for theballf1126: ball the ball like
fancy ball contest m1128: fancyballf1127: fitt wis you daein
f1102: ball ball ball f1101: ballfor ball f1102: ball f1101:
ain next ball f1102: ballballfor eh f1101: b for
[squeal] f1113: here s theballhere s the ball f1114:
ma ball where s maballi jis- f1089: mummy s
nemo that s off theballisn t it f1102: ball
big ball f1114: a bigballlet me try f1113: aye
the ball f1126: ball theballlike [censored: forename] s ball that
for m1098: a chicken f1097: ballm1098: ball f1097: c is
nae that ball nae thatballnae that ball f1125: nae
oh f1126: and nae thatballnae that ball nae that
what s that f1114: aballpresent f1113: a ball present
a ball present f1113: aballpresent f1114: yes f1113: it
the ball f1113: roll theballright wait till we get
the ball where s theball[sucks air through teeth] [child noises] see that [sound of pages turning]
a ball a teddy sballteddy got teddy got a
the ball like [censored: forename] sballthat s nae right f1125:
look for the ball f1126: ballthe ball like [censored: forename] s
going clappie clappie bounce aballthrowing the ball against a
look m1090: where s maballwhere s ma ball i
v woods where s theballwhere s the ball [sucks air through teeth]
doublers of course with theballwith the ball f1025: mmhm
orange ball f1113: an orangeballyes f1114: look look [laugh]
s the ball f1125: theballyou find it then f1126:
that ball f1125: nae theballyou still looking for teddy
geordie is dribbling his tennisballfaster than andy can run
kicking a very old tennisballfuriously against the school wall
a tennis net while theballof dialogue was volleyed back
with a tanner ba tennisballproviding the means of action
was played with a tennisballwhen i was in school
faster faster faster stew handballcammy jumps to where the
touching them you threw theballso it got there faster
teddy got teddy got aballf1125: aye i think the
school walls to kick aballagainst m964: mm f963: oh
that you could kick yourballagainst the school wall f963:
you couldn t kick aballagainst them without getting into
as geordie or kick aballas cleverly and fiercely and
okay kick f1113: kick theball[cough] f1114: oh i ll
juice f1114: aye kick theballf1113: right we ll hae
is if you kick aballhard you talk about blooterin
superb slide kick shunted theballjust enough towards maddo s
get your eye on thatballkick it back up the
coffee essence roll into smallball 6 gas melting moments
fat add sugar knead intoballroll out cut into rounds
we go roll roll theballwhee whee f1114: [laugh] [child noises]
okay f1114: here roll theballyou go over there out-
for eh f1101: b forballthere we go there s
f1114: where s the beachballf1113: that s the beach
the colours in the beachballf1114: [exhale] it s it
some weights skipping ropes beachballon a ledge there is
f1113: that s the beachballwhat s the colours in
community association leaving the farmersballa balance of 68 61
world war balls arbuthnott farmersball[note: photo: 'arbuthnott farmers ball in the crown hotel in inverbervie in december 1967.'] for a number of
from the then defunct farmersballto the community association leaving
of years the arbuthnott farmersballwas an annual event invitations
the committee later the farmersballwas held in stonehaven and
and then ye played ehmballagainst the wall sometimes m608:
a ba at the aballat the wall but ye
bagatelle dominos hoop la [note: photo: 'arbuthnott school five a side football team in 1971.']ballgames trebles against a wall
a dare geordie dribbled aballunder a cart horse when
geordie is dribbling a pretendballunder the desk fiona is
football geordie young thumps theballup the park torry gillick
like they d hit theballagain and they went silent
somebody kicked our sam sballand it hit the wood
of having to hit theballdidn t even have have
might hit us with theirballso we re going to
you hit them with theballthey became it f963: yeah
would scatter person holding theballwould then try and hit
might hit us wi aballyou don t want that
socks f1114: no pass theballf1113: [inaudible] okay come up
f1113: what colour s thatballf1114: it s pink f1113:
what s happened to theballf1114: oh it s the
f1113: it s a bigballf1114: um mm train book
make it into a bigballfor you f1114: no a
in the school f1113: pinkballin the school f1114: not
go now f1114: one littleballis is is f1113: you
big bow tied round theballisn t it f1114: yes
the school f1114: not pinkballschool f1113: what are you
you f1114: no a littleballsciss- scissors f1113: look f1114:
a quick game o theballthen f1114: you go outside
f1126: a ballie f1125: aballfinding the jigsaw space that
eh eh i want theballagain f1113: okay but mum
[inaudible] [inaudible] f1113: catch theballput it over there just
f1113: are we rollin theballto mum [cough] that s
yes f1113: it s aballwith a big bow a
[laugh] f646: for samuel sballher name isn t mowdy
f1118: i canna see aballf1117: you canna see a
f1117: you canna see aballf1118: no f1117: she s
on big man chase thatballboot it up the field
you know an enormously bigballf963: oh and the worst
you know with the bigballyou know an enormously big
f965: so you threw theballat them and they then
f965: and you threw theballat them it s like
have played football or anyballgame f963: mmhm f965: but
[cough] f965: you put aballin a sock f963: ah
you could do with thisball[laugh] f963: [laugh] f965: but
were it you had theballm964: uh huh f965: and
don t know f965: aballon a piece of elastic
you play there wi yourballtill i get a top
every time that like theballwent out of play this
round and you caught theballbefore it came back to
you turned round before theballcame back f963: ah birled
in a circle and theballwoven round and round this
or attack folk wi thatballpoint i had tae nick
black hole with a contrabandballpoint in a contraband jotter
quite a whilie and theballpoint is turning out to
without this jotter and thatballpoint it doesn t bear
notes pencils highlighter and severalballpoint pens pinpointed the occupation
ve woken up again theballpoint still in my hand
i have this jotter andballpoint that jimmy brings me
ye just fired the golfballstraight in the school so
s a completely different erballgame m608: yeah m1174: where
cammy jumps to where theballis stew dimps and cammy
[inaudible] where s the otherballno there s two well
magnetic clip [inaudible] a magneticballi like this one look
we- hey look a rollinballsanta s on a bike
a for apple b forballc for cat i can
how he could handle theballa native of the old
were the old monkcastle footballteam my first recollection of
an old chewed up golfballthen appeared in sight gaily
f1027: eh to chuck aballf1025: eh heave heave f1023:
just gaun to snook theballand it ll go in
you shall go to theballcinderella thi statement offers an
to go and get theballf1136: i did f1135: who
up her turn in aballgame to go and call
floor curls himself into aballjilly comforts pat jilly is
down into an infinitely smallballof barely visible pocket fluff
strae rape rolled into aballthen the loose end was
wi the loons robt kicksballjohn falls then limps to
then tae to sneck latchballthrow rin run the mellishon
you had to get theballback and do it again
i need to get maballf1089: you need to get
in the net get theballin the net mm hm
to get fitt m1090: maball[inhale] [exhale] f1089: whit dae
sod if he got yerballso- he would nine times
he couldn t stot aballin the boys playground even
you didn t have aballon a piece of elastic
m816: oh we d aballi apparently passed oot about
could i have samuel sballoh dear god my mother
mirror curls up in aballlee stands over her with
verse and chorus of theballo kirriemuir john reached over
you talk about blooterin theballbut if someone s bein
one when you re playingballf637: one two three a
going to tell you aboutballgames there was a season
f640: do ye remember theballone when you re playing
it they would bounce theballthree times you know with
to try and catch theball1 2 3 a leerie
as water snow sand aballa stick a piece of
some gonnae git yirsel aballan chain oaf yir ain
fortunach a thaobh burns thaballan seo lewis dòmhnallach athar
sa- it was a newballand i loo- our sam
and that s a ba-balland that s a parrot
handed f1025: couldnae catch aballaye f1023: no well f1024:
fur a hogmanay jauss baunballben a kirk haw doun
railings she is stotting aballcleverly and singing a stotting
le stàitean a tha namballgun iarr i air riaghaltas
a good player of footballi think he would be
the size of a tabletennisballif it burst the fall
until it forms a softballin cup of cold water
yuise in ae fancie dressballit roberton a borraed ae
great time it was aballit was a riot and
your embassy like a giantballless sex organ wet with
brooch bluebottles nuzzling a glisteningballof dung tree tree as
i noticed a half usedballof robin hood binder twine
buy a very expensive [laugh]ballon the end of a
was a spare ping pongballout of my toy box
claes at a ne erdayballthe blinterin blichtit sun s
quines dressed fur a glitterinballthe mist clung tae them
we were we d aballwoke up aboot ten [laugh]
s the balloon up toballright at him and he
just f010: that s yourballand chain [laugh] f122: [laugh]
i please have samuel sballwell my mother nearly died
she added shattering the crystalballwith an instinct that was
princess and her bright goldenballand we know already about
know and really chucked theballat him i mean that
porch door lift da sneckballin da booty rin like
describit in the kilt societyballthere wis hairy knees an
erm pu- screwed the weeballon and that was it
stage of being in thatballpark it is worth returning
and for that matter blueballparadise and eden are all
julie allan and professor robballadvisers the meeting opened at
had their eyes on theballat that time which is
at that atween between baballbacket wooden container bad use
at last at an artsballhalf canned he socht me
apple and dribbling his pretendballunder the desk at playtime
ripping the ring pulls andballbearings from his brow lurch
61 [note: photo: 'arbuthnott farmers ball ticket, december 1963.'] [note: photo: 'an early photo of jimmy allison'] the rabbitballduring the 2nd world war
fecht intae the hissin snarlinballo fluff jonsar eck shoved
some exercises on the medicineballpat guess what jilly ah
convener i will start theballrolling before i catch members
questions i will start theballrolling the policy memorandum states
in stonehaven and inverbervie theballstopped in the late 1960s
wound his friend kicks theballto the front john limps
the punctured bladder inside theballuntil either dusk or parental
so he cood practice basketballjonsar eck coodnae understand fit
roses and these wee silverballthings f631: mmhm f689: so
and high low water jinkersballgames high spy doll games
swan swims past on puffballplumes diminishing lines striations gradations
opera cinderella prokoviev version lovelyballscene corps excellent lots of

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