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on the way to theballroomchouk chouk chouk koolyghin brightly
olia olia calls towards theballroomolia cum ben the houss
irena and toozenbach through theballroomtoozenbach a hae a triple
guests say goodby to theballroomfedotik whit a peitie ah
fedotik and rodé enter theballroomthey sit down and sing
takes the samovar to theballroomanfisa crosses the drawing room
next room natasha crosses theballroomwearing a fur coat and
famous as the beach ba-ballroomf718: mmhm mm m1078: mmhm
color follows olga to theballroomall are now seated at
houss olga enters from theballroomit seems that lieutenant colonel
by the table in theballroomolga it s that warm
ma congratulations goes into theballroomwith olga koolyghin the day
a beach m1078: the beachballroomand which well which wasn
in a [inaudible] f718: beachballroomm1078: hm it s still
still famous in aberdeen beachballroomoh yes f718: they still
thole it goes into theballroomchebutykin follows her weill weill
basket and go into theballroomwhere they are greeted uproariously
let s say argument isballroomdancing our behaviour might be
to the table in theballrooma pie is it graund
awfu goes through to theballroomand stands by the table
by the table in theballroomcrossly wul ye lat me
cheerful sunshine outside in theballroomthe table is being laid
aw sittin throu in theballrooman naebodie thinks to leave
lat s gang til theballroomsoliony verra weill we l
at aince goes to theballroomah imagine wurkin men sleep
wad better sleep in theballroomthe doctor s gaen an
f718: is it still aballroomor is it like a
is separated from a largeballroomat the back by a
lamp and candles in theballroommasha ah dinna ken a

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