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spat oot thair bam bambamalang wi the rat tat
wa spat oot thair bambambam alang wi the rat
the wa spat oot thairbambam bam alang wi the
tae the lift an thebambam bam o the laddies
a lewis gun an thebambam bam wis jyned wi
he heard the pop popbambam he fired agane noo
pyntit richt at the planebambam it spat twa wee
the lift an the bambambam o the laddies shootin
lewis gun an the bambambam wis jyned wi a
heard the pop pop bambamhe fired agane noo fower
richt at the plane bambamit spat twa wee puffs
lift an the bam bambamo the laddies shootin cuid
gun an the bam bambamwis jyned wi a rat
the opposition striker was poisedbamon side game over good
m1108: [fart] f1107: you smellybamm1108: whoa f1107: i heard
fimble fimble fimble ba babamding dong ding ding dong
aye c mon we llbamhim up some more lets
him up some more letsbamhim up to fuck said
look at him let sbamhim up they called to

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