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on the banana the yellowbananaovertaken the bus f1116: yeah
has the monkey on thebananathe yellow banana overtaken the
what s that f1113: ohbananaf1114: bananas f1113: banana skins
f1134: well gie me abananaf1133: a banana f1134: aye
me a banana f1133: abananaf1134: aye f1133: and will
bananas f1113: banana skins f1114: bananaskins f1113: the monkey s
oh banana f1114: bananas f1113: bananaskins f1114: banana skins f1113:
the monkey s eating thebananaskins f1114: look at his
50 60 mins at 350bananabread 6 oz ripe bananas
nana f1115: instead o onebananatwo bananas say one two
oven 350 for 1 hrbananabread 4 oz butter 8
ye eat it f1134: nobananaerm beef f1133: jam f1134:
it do you want abananaf1134: [inaudible] [inaudible] f1133: you
sandwich do you want erbananasandwich f1134: no f1133: jam
the us for example thebananawars that happened over cashmere
that f1105: oh [censored: forename] likesbananaand what s your favourite
likes strawberry sha- er na-bananam1106 : shake erm erm [censored: forename]
wi this here s abananayon mannie gien s a
wi this here s abananayon mannie gien s a
but it was like abananaboat and like you know
or ever been in abananaboat i f833: it s
how [inaudible] [inaudible] m815: abananaboat ma granny used to
starve f638: had seen abananam608: mm f638: and we
associated trade unions in thebananaproducing countries of south america
had f638: remember what abananawell we knew what it
dinner knife and cut thebananainto slices 2 wash the
bucket do you want abananathen [censored: forename] stop it do
coast one of these thebananaflow had found the water
lemon juice just before servingbananayoghurt raita for 6 20
actions taken by the multinationalbananaproducers in guatemala and costa
just it was the thebananaone and an armpad m1048:

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