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a nurse to change mybandagesand glanced disapprovingly at the
your claes and a pucklybandagesfor your fingers some quines
of cotton for linings forbandagesto keep cheeses in shape
mannies heid wis swathed wibandageshe hid tae sit upricht
the birdies brukken wings hebandagespartans shells sae surely a
naked body swathed in whitebandagestubes were attached to his
curious sight still altered bybandagesand bruising it didn t
my yellowish blue bruises andbandageshe asks me where i
every mornin tae get thebandagesoff and eh antiseptic eh
prepare the lint and thebandagesfor their wounds tend them
for several minutes tess hasbandageswrapped around her neck arms
she s pulls off thebandagesshe holds her arms to
respect lee lee picks upbandagesstarts rolling them up long
say by the time thebandagescame off an then i

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