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duguid vrocht wis dr shiranbandaraan his personal assistant wis
wis dother tae dr shiranbandaraan his wife lakshmi her
3000 the characters dr shiranbandarab 1975 mrs lakshmi bandara
the heid scientist dr shiranbandarahunners o years syne tho
bandara b 1975 mrs lakshmibandarab 1980 navachitta bandara nava
lakshmi bandara b 1980 navachittabandaranava b 2000 jed anderson
its wye up tae drbandaras databanks at meikleburgh pat
alang this path that navachittabandarabiked haein trystit here wi
tae makk up fur navachittabandaras daith ma auntie wad
the wyte fur trystin drbandaras dother navachitta tae play
he owes it tae drbandaratae makk up fur nava
a seed or seedling drbandarakent fit brian duguid didna
neil duguid hid taen drbandaras induction course three year
supply o oxygen tae swapbandaras dna wi his ain
o baith cheils frae drbandaras computers war favourable fur
his virr tae research drbandaraan his wife hid pioneered
course three year back drbandaralikit fine tae gie his
punishment depairtment at holyrood drbandaras age reversal treatment wis
lang deid vyce o drbandaras quinie chantin saft syne
ye ll hae saved drbandaras research project fur wioot
him a bittie o drbandarastill gied a grue kennin
nae hae tae shift drbandaratells me i micht need
aff ithers syne tae liftbandaraan hid gien orders fur

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