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see there we go [banging sieve]bangbang bang we dinna play
there we go [banging sieve] bangbangbang we dinna play drums
we go [banging sieve] bang bangbangwe dinna play drums with
f1117: bang bang bang f1118: bangbang bang bang bang bang
f1118: bang bang bang bangbangbang bang bang bang bang
bang bang f1118: bang bangbangbang bang bang bang bang
bang f1118: bang bang bangbangbang bang bang bang bang
bang bang bang f1118: bangbangbang bang bang bang bang
bang bang bang bang bangbangbang bang bang bang f1117:
bang bang bang bang bangbangbang bang bang f1117: now
it jumping f1114: [squeak] f1113: bangbang bang f1114: i got
bang bang bang bang bangbangbang bang f1117: now we
[breaking chocolate] bang f1118: [inaudible] f1117: bangbang bang f1118: bang bang
and the and the catbangbang bangs on the drawer
jumping f1114: [squeak] f1113: bangbangbang f1114: i got it
bang bang bang bang bangbangbang f1117: now we ll
bang f1118: [inaudible] f1117: bangbangbang f1118: bang bang bang
the ferr syde the wattirbangbang laughs soliony imagines he
tae bed he watches thebangbang tv screen till three
the and the cat bangbangbangs on the drawer and
f1114: [squeak] f1113: bang bangbangf1114: i got it whee
bang bang bang bang bangbangf1117: now we ll break
f1118: [inaudible] f1117: bang bangbangf1118: bang bang bang bang
going dead hot f1117: [breaking chocolate]bangf1118: [inaudible] f1117: bang bang
ferr syde the wattir bangbanglaughs soliony imagines he s
bed he watches the bangbangtv screen till three am
force an the hail jingbangdoon tae the sooth o
pram an the hale jingbangetts breid an jam raggie
hurl t the hale jingbangfor naething sic wis his
an pan the hale jingbanggyang furlin ben the wave
toun crazies the hale jingbangjinx haived a steen at
wes a ram stam jingbangkinna plece he cam ti
wave as the hale jingbanglowps inno the grave it
no fir the haill jingbangti gurgle doun the kazzy
has left the whale jingbangto smelly aul toots smiling
gorgonzola nobody s going tobangdrums and sign petitions because
bells ring and the drumsbangfor them ti forgaither ane
f643: the lorries the lorriesbangthat every time they go
will get a fricht furbangi ll gyang an fire
me sic a fricht whenbangye burst wi noise an
oh that that s smackbangin the city centre m818:
centre m818: aye m819: smackbangno no no that s
wir han s and crashbangdoon it lands on the
be all wet now crashbangsmash here comes toffee back
s darling [censored: forename] don tbangplease f1071: [tapping] [tapping] you
much darling try no taebangtoo much around there f1071:
a seat try no taebangtoo much darling try no
out darling just don tbangtoo much f1071: [growl] this
fitt you dae did youbangyour finger f1118: [sob] f1117:
m942: [laugh] m939: [laugh] f940: bang[laugh] shut the fuck up
wid enter the hoose andbangthe back door shut fine
spy back seat girners stottbanglearners saabs as sossy s
birthday pause shake it robbybangit oan yur elbi loved
the flerr wae a mightybanglandin exackly oan the spot
shuts the door with abangno biccy today i m
even louder there is abangon the door and my
the front door used tobangslightly so we never used
start to shout again andbangthe door with my fists
down to the floor ibangmy knee on my own
charismatic and heading for tragedybangor her own radio show
committee to consider the bigbangapproach to implementing the tenancy
explosion known as the bigbangpoor god you can just
there is no single bigbangthat would suit the various
she blew up wi abangbath room bogle doon in
be as sore as thatbangon his head now he
her sang wi a criticalbangfur she wisna a primary
sall they crock and sairlybangthat the bluid o aa
the mains an at abangthey aa breinged out rairin
look back at you andbangthere and then without the
and it s did youbangit m1096: no f1095: it
here did thay no baithbangup onti thair feet as
you think this is funnybangcarolanne amazed he sounds just
hardest skelp s just abangon the lug on the
hang on a minute incomingbangwent a stone off my
inti the street wi abanglu da pit the fuit
fiona i get such abangi lay the pressure cooker
quiet one that didn tbangits drum or jump up
s his name a gangbangin the garrick club or

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