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aye apparently jasper carrott sbannedfrom rolling stones tours cause
aye an eh he sbannedfrom rolling stones tours they
minister cigarette advertising was finallybannedalthough thanks to a one
they would not just havebannedcigarette advertising and smoking in
early eighties cigarette smoking wasbannedin cinemas which must have
after cigarette advertising was finallybannedin the uk i travelled
argue that such displays arebannedclause 6 uses the words
so that drivers who arebannedin a country other than
wrong that drivers who arebannedin one country can drive
council tax that council hasbannedpoindings and warrant sales but
and clackmannanshire council have alreadybannedthe use of poindings and
the nineties suddenly smoking wasbannedon busses trains and eventually
the uk government has finallybannedsmoking in public places and
simply to the revenue frombannedadvertising being displaced to other
tobacco advertising would not bebannedin most of the magazines
tobacco advertising on television wasbannedin the uk expenditure on
so such advertising is alreadybannedit seems to me that
2006 finally i have beenbannedfrom lighting up in a
their second sign language wasbannedin italy in 1880 with
hunting deer with dogs wasbannedin scotland in 1951 it
fox hunting was to bebannedit is likely that alternative
the rainbow shortly to bebannedas an obscene publication into
fourteen such weapons have beenbannedin that way including sword
islay before she was eventuallybannedby helen because of the
sent tae the dressin roomsbannedfae the field o play
america and other countries havebannedthese operations that her majesty
country will in effect bebannedin every eu country that
issue a driver who isbannedin one eu country will
it has which countries havebannedthe use of sea water
or kill foxes would bebannedby the protection of wild
to hunt animals was notbannedby the wild mammals protection
in northern ireland are notbannedfrom driving in the rest
scallop fishing had to bebannedover 10 000 square miles
of ethyl mercury and alreadybannedin the united states of
land to increase yields wasbannedany flouting of these rules
cowped like ony rotten logbannedfrae the crack o doom
although such activities have beenbannedsince 1972 the convener mr
o the dam itsel hidbannedminnie fae settin fit within
wheeled tuk tuks should bebannedalways in such a flurry
range eggs should microchips bebannedif the polar caps should
bye wi pipes an tartanbannedthe prince went o er
pear foo she girned anbannedat her cauld kailyaird hame
at ilkie stride damn shebannedher loon leuch tichtenin the
seen the like her faitherbannedi d sweir on a
that is not proscribed notbannedby law is it your
be labelled as pornographic andbannedin scottish libraries no wonder
that if plea negotiation werebannedor if problems were to
in glasgow but this 1966bannedbbc documentary about the effects
rivers whereby trout fishers arebanneddue to foot and mouth

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