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at his customary seat inbarbosch for some time after
meet again after i leftbarbosch that morning feeling like
crossed the plaza borne tobarbosch where daniel and i
side at the counter ofbarbosch where he ordered a
day i recalled breakfast atbarbosch with daniel hartmann desayuno
shall i stir this marsbarains at the same time
proveesions nava hid a marsbarbappy tuik oot a pyoke
t they this is marsbarcrispies fitt is it m1128:
fitt is it m1128: marsbarcrispies [inaudible] f1127: eh m1128:
m1096: it s a marsbarf1095: right we ll have
tragic death at ryan sbarhowever for those powers to
christine foster at ryan sbarin edinburgh part 5 deals
those needed by ryan sbarwhich has been much quoted
parked his bum on abarstool an croaked oot gies
lager induced thoughts from abarstool jan 4th kirkhill hotel
as i sit on thisbarstool my brain begins to
nothing i was drivin thisbarstool round the bends f010:
course i was on mabarstool with ma bump out
my friend in almost anybarhe s called jack daniel
scanning the faces in thebarto confirm that daniel s
braw hoose john m642: drawbarhere and a draw bar
says she widna ken abaro music frae a bar
bar o music frae abaro soap minnie s brither
bar here and a drawbarthere john f643: made a
noo he confessed the publicbarat the local delnashaugh hotel
a drink in the hotelbarbut it was full of
the ho- in the hotelbari said ireland saturday at
serious bevvy still the hotelbarseemed to be spinning away
the the behind the goalsbaris used as a function
such as ensuring that thebarof a function suite in
function suite to a publicbarwas closed during the ceremony
if you eat your chocolatebarfirst and you ll maybe
ye know gettin the firstbaro chocolate for a six-
my torso i find abarof chocolate and eat half
the other half of thebarof chocolate and finish it
one consisted of an ironbarmaybe 20 inches long fixed
coal does there was abarof iron or wood across
tree across the chimney abarof wood or iron for
the lassie fae ahin thebaran anither toff took jonsar
he came back tae thebarhe said tae the lassie
the yungest lassie the durebarin hir haund flang the
here again sir said thebarlassie dinna worry fin nature
andrew pollock gba member glasgowbarassociation andrew lorrain smith chairman
andrew pollock gba member glasgowbarassociation andrew lorrain smith chairman
as well as the glasgowbarassociation side and the court
spoken only to the glasgowbarassociation the convener that was
erm eat in the beerbarat the [censored: name] cause i
took jonsar oot o thebaran on tae the golf
barmaid o this affa poshbarat jonsar eck wis stannin
tae the pub for abarlunch fin jonsar finished the
bikes did not have abaracross the frame as this
the bay across the harbourbarseals jumped in doubles back
rejuvenatin dram in eh cocktailbarfae eh owner ah wended
fae the boat lowsed affbarfor twa bursts o rat
twa pints ower fae thebartae thair table an cairried
cairiein the tray fae thebartae the table but in
the advocates side of thebartheir counsel could sit with
signs flash out in discobarand night café like fallen
john young in the karaokebarlast night i am amazed
hud meet him in thebarone night whun oot on
having left journalism for thebarher husband was not successful
on the wa ahint thebari left my hearrrrt in
the world cup in abarto the left of barnsley
it refers to removing abaragainst succession to the throne
indicated that there was somebaragainst talking about questions before
rowland well now you mustbarthe door against temptation miss
edinburgh the st vincent streetbarrestaurant is a million miles
in sandy bell s edinburghbarthe first batch of catullus
aa the rubbit s holesbartwa inno ae open hole
john maclaurin returned to thebarnoo my lords let us
while before walking to thebarand pointing to the bottle
his friends in the marketbarbefore catching the bus to
once before in the beerbarf1154: was he uh yeah
mair fowk in the warldbarhissel his clients an brian
folk killed at the commercebarmair than 30 o them
changed hands as well thebarstaff are a bit mair
ower closed pianie blawn seedbarae last note the lyke
o transport ower the borderbarcuddies sae lae it ahent
they re aw healed awbarthe last wan an it
faither an aw his siblingsbartwae wur born yonner frae
went along wi aw thebarlunches an the members o
those ww2 airman s handlebarmoustaches which they used to
with for those charges shouldbarthem from further proceedings it
tae my work on thebaro eh m608: [laugh] f638:
o us in eh loungebarwe hid moved through from
sandwich at the only snackbarhere beside the macchu picchu
you re sittin in abarhere s this gype comin
a muckle scheme like thisbarmysel up here it s
angus wis up at thebargittin the first roond in
other than b b orbarhe travelled first class into
got really friendly wi thebarguys and they used to
kens us r ilk eenbarneen baith young an aul
and outlasted us in thebarwe spent most evenings watching
the back in the publicbarsmell so bad [laugh] m959:
after marriage there is nobarthat is contradicted by the
the back where the thebararea is right up at
a storm anyont the herbourbartwis washed back ontil the
to knight rose approached thebarand launched straight in my
in the meter the anebarheater glowed in my wee
hell clinging to the horizontalbarof the bed with my
tae be cried the heclabarmr gobbs noddit an da
tae gray s on thebaro his bicycle that morning
tae gaun throw a tollbarthey would they didnae need
shoeshine on sidewauk mohawk inbarwarm is their welcome tae
out of money at thebaras you would [laugh] we
go for a chinese noodlebarat nine a m m818:
five years trial at thebarof the general assembly of
and the guy at thebarput on a beatles tape
inby but haud you thebaro the dure in yeir
that quaet nae muckle sounbarthe tickin o the wag
chink o glaisses in thebarwachtit the latest dublin tune
or wild time rantle treebarin chimney for hanging pots
or something she s thebarm903: roisin aye f902: owns
arrange for the installation ofbarmarkings or take any further
or leave a shop orbaror hang out over a
end up working in abaror in a m608: mm
m865: mmhm m952: you kenbarthe defence or that kind
handed it in behind thebarf746: [laugh] f947: [laugh] [laugh]
er kind of the smartiebarkid er f718: [laugh] m734:
club type sort of winebary [laugh] f965: that s
them out beyond the harbourbarand drown the lot of
and oranges in the airportbarand so on the overnight
naebiddy looks guid in yellabararsenal an brazil teased morag
the ither fowk in thebaras angus cairiet the three
time spent in the subsidisedbarhaving whiskies and social nights
m in a greek sandwichbarnear the coach departure point
to establish the plea inbarof trial of tholed assize
being seriously injured in abarroom brawl in honolulu the
1919 we find the followingbarscene carney six gun in
an she s now thebarshe bought the pub in
the frame in bits allbarthe lenses which were too
lads in the hall abarwas located outside in a
sweet turkish coffee in thebarwith aliona and some of
actually cause [?]mary mackies[/?] do thebarfor that as well [inaudible]
of the labour party shouldbara person from taking part
about f631: mmhm f689: thebaran that an this wee
thought of going into thebarand putting questions when the
within earshot of the horseshoebaras pimp n hooker shuffled
that there should be nobarbetween the academic and the
the troch fixed to thisbarcalled the slider by an
i go up to thebareven by the same person
not a protestant no suchbarexists the act of settlement
its lugs fa saw thebarfit laddie pairt a pair
d go to the localbarfor a drink and they
deek yon gadgie it thebarhe s fair gantin fir
astronomer sitting alone by thebarhe was reading a thick
walk up to the coffeebarit s like tea son
morag stretching when s thebaropen love your accent he
an the tither tried tibarprofunditas wi a thowless kin
they hit the chrome lippedbarright quick sitting on the
for the shelter of thebars sepia tinted interior the
howf is hotchin hauf thebars three quarters pissed rug
roisin aye f902: owns thebarshe won the lottery accordin
we cud dae nocht elsebartak ti the heather an
has air conditioning tv minibarthe basic standard necessities outside
seen aa about him naithinbarthe pinetrees then he pit
late on tuesday nicht anbarthem the pleisur park wis
crawl going from one pubbarto the next pished pissed
banshees proppin up the potionbarzombie alien broomstick rider fiddles
other legislative parliament on earthbarnone i was amazed that
i mean that that noodlebarplace it s right next
kirkyaird war ordnar eneuch aabareen an yon wis a
windows roomy tables a longbarand creamy drapes give it
college club which has abarand snacks and is a
get a packet of milkybarbuttons f1122: okay f1121: okay
lead was zebo a topbarcame down to set a
will also be a cashbarparticipants will have temporary membership
garage there s a noodlebaryou know m819: yeah yeah
teach me chords riffs twelvebarblues his fingers flying over
din toon mall an yuppiebarthey gar me lang fur

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