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bee foggy larick moss coveredbarkof larch foo how fool
ivver tried it masel thebarkof the larch when it
frae yours or biddie sbarkmair like as no they
sair pushed athoot the birchbarkgeein us the russian oil
you strippin aw that birchbarkjist you rest they hands
shod wi sweet smellin birchbarkpause winter s gae near
they guid properties fi birchbarkpause yiv aye said the
ll be takin some birchbarkrobby an me hae shin
dey drap der heids aertbarktae girse eye bricht i
peerie lttle dey they aertbarktormentil tae girse thyme poo
new buds burst from thebarkand rise above the bluebells
the cracked hide that isbarkbark like hard baked mud
cracked hide that is barkbarklike hard baked mud was
coal for smeekit glesca dugsbarka sherp aixe splits kinnlers
it on sort of treebarkwhich ma- which will last
every distant scream and dogbarkthinking the stone throwing neds
a dry old branch peelingbarkfit only for the fire
branch ruggin aff strippies obarkwi eir beaks an seekin
bit jist a strip obarkat cam aff if e
s as bad as hisbarkdaisy chain i am watching
an he s feart taebarkpet food ma big rabbit
aff at gallus collie sbarka beech tree chitters in
the sea for icebergs treebarkamber centipede like a spill
peeled eh [censored: forename] tak thebarkaff it f643: and take
thing wis e amoont obarkat hid been strippit aff
prowls his kingdom the throatybarkof his dog is fierce
the pungent smell of oakbarkin the air and the
rail line stray dug sbarkglue sniffers dauchle far it
my being tenses near abarki like to be stretched
it f643: and take thebarkoff it and i was
that used to sort ofbarkexpletives because that s what
sae much as gie abarkor yelp wi burglars breckin
hoose i heard a kinnabarkfae e hedge a wisna
then interrupted the answers tobarkout some more questions and
bum up heid doun abarkan wag a luik saying
the birk wi its whitebarkgies the only glint o
blue yolks i want tobarkinstead of cluck and maybe
eyn o its life ebarkwis growin aal an harbourin
a doggy gene you dbarkand you d terrify all
trees shrink back into theirbarkthe bronzed and fraying ferns

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