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parliaments some youth parliaments arebasedon the idea of youth
into this category of educationbasedparliaments education authorities nominated two
opinions to decision makers educationbasedparliaments educative parliaments tend to
work in the community issuebasedparliaments some youth parliaments are
emergency service to a prioritybaseddispatch model we have done
english grammar an introduction isbasedon a hallidayan grammatical model
at local level that isbasedon a national model but
caution in that it isbasedon an input output model
a national theatre for scotlandbasedon an institutional virtual model
that s one model [inhale]basedon speech going back to
can map out a modelbasedon that balance if a
the accord card which isbasedon the aberdeen model but
of establishing regional cultural centresbasedon the ireland model of
brian monteith right to faithbasededucation that the parliament notes
to ensure that such faithbasededucational provision continues to be
develop a compact between faithbasedorganisations and funding authorities as
mind the concerns that faithbasedorganisations have expressed about bidding
funding issues that affect faithbasedproviders a couple of months
quite a different matter faithbasedsocial projects the largest provider
removal of barriers to faithbasedwelfare projects i trust that
most competitive and dynamic knowledgebasedeconomy capable of sustained economic
19 touch on the knowledgebasedeconomy which also relates to
in the community has beenbasedon a knowledge that people
16 this is an estimatebasedon exact knowledge of two
also telemark college in norwaybasedon his knowledge of scandinavian
to an economy that isbasedon knowledge and service to
from my knowledge which isbasedon the evidence that this
standards and techniques that arebasedon the latest knowledge it
transformation to the new knowledgebasedsociety has the potential to
the challenges of the knowledgebasedsociety that seems to touch
replace it with the incomebasedlocal government tax the scottish
income persistence of low incomebasedon 50 of median income
scottish service tax which isbasedon an individual s income
scottish service tax which isbasedon an individual s income
scottish service tax which isbasedon an individual s income
for by using an incomebasedpersonal tax which would be
with a new individual incomebasedwater tax that would be
in the form of taxbasedfunding such as equity investment
service tax that would bebasedon ability to pay and
on survey data it isbasedon 1998 data some of
areas which policies that arebasedon census data are designed
and so the results werebasedon data gathered from a
about the data gap wasbasedon the fact that towards
pollution data through a webbasedpollution emissions inventory s1w 31858
media planner in a londonbasedagency to promote something on
much easier for a londonbaseddecision maker to say i
and what advantage corporate edgebasedin london had over any
language teaching and research ciltbasedin london the european union
transport commission and her londonbasedmanager were held to be
are balanced if a londonbasedpaper wishes to get rid
you referred which the londonbasedpapers would regard as the
advice to its successor committeebasedon its experience of the
advice to its successor committeebasedon its experience of the
advice to its successor committeebasedon its experience of the
advice to its successor committeebasedon its experience of the
advice to its successor committeebasedon its experience of the
advice to its successor committeebasedon its experience of the
put me on this committeebasedon my previous experience and
m gettin it s abasedon personal experience is it
commission research in certain areasbasedon the experience of the
is there not a dangerbasedon the past experience of
a reasonable level of soundlybasededucation and advice for the
where to go for supportbasedon the advice and support
isea is not a bordersbasedservice its advice line covers
of such projects which arebasedon local support and an
the modernising government fund isbasedon support for particular projects
to do projects or dissertationsbasedon texts for these the
energy generating plant c communitybasedrenewable energy projects would benefit
been using a management planbasedapproach for some years the
students to a more enquirybasedapproach to language including grammar
scottish executive s centralised targetbasedapproach will prevent the most
the vocationally oriented and skillsbasedmodular scotvec approach and the
with us when our approachbasedon our committee report diverges
by the senior management teambasedon that bidding approach decisions
to develop a bidialectal approachbasedon the principle of appropriateness
education the uk approach isbasedon the principles of structuring
demand and supply of researchbasedaccommodation for the biotech sector
of fisheries research for scotlandbasedat the marine laboratory aberdeen
correct balance which must bebasedon scientific research the fact
will establish work force plansbasedon solid research and will
force planning which will bebasedon sound research into nurses
is reworking of the guidelinesbasedon the research that has
do to make the researchbasedscience and skills agenda a
information officer and research projectbasedstaffed it is anticipated the
management team of eight staffbasedin grantown on spey individual
a collection of individual systemsbasedon the personal whims of
statistics our system is outputbasedin that we are trying
control system which is currentlybasedon an act that dates
used a system that wasbasedon an ibm as400 computer
simplified equitable and transparent systembasedon assessed need was called
about the system that arebasedon considerable evidence as hmi
[tut] in a spelling systembasedon early modern scots f606:
structures a system that isbasedon legal action would inevitably
reality mallorcan cultivation is stillbasedon the system inherited from
based system to a resourcebasedsystem does that reflect the
previously provided under the cashbasedsystem in so far as
the accounting from a cashbasedsystem to a resource based
the replacement of unfair propertybasedtaxation with a system of
upon which the recommendation isbasedbut that we believe that
the creation of an illustrationbasedclosely upon the actual details
executive s offshore division arebasedin aberdeen and calls upon
of 2000 calls upon scottishbasedmining safety experts trade unionists
secure as it will bebasedupon an awareness of how
sectarian activities in local communitiesbasedupon social justice and equality
shape a society that isbasedupon the principles of equal
appropriate these prescriptive attitudes werebasedupon two central assumptions that
is inherent in a classbasedand therefore unequal society so
the fruits society was nowbasedin complicity in the common
of the society of tourismbasedin palma in 1909 son
civilised society that statement wasbasedon evidence to the justice
as it were you havebasedour society but on this
the divisions in a classbasedsociety are upheld the working
speech [inhale] one which isbasedon language contact is continental
goes back to old englishbasedon speech [inhale] one which
much more of it isbasedon speech rhythms and co
kind of loose colloquial stylebasedon speech the native style
could be built while originallybasedon the speech of central
5 and 6 which arebasedlargely on current practice in
the occupiers of the housebasedon current construction rates the
targets come from are theybasedon current figures plus 10
much would it cost annuallybasedon current information to replace
of the arts and sciencesbasedon ideas that were current
sport all the targets arebasedon stretching current measurements our
for 2002 03 is stillbasedon the current rate of
landings [note: table here in original] main assumptions 1basedon the current value of
must be need driven projectbasedand community oriented scottish executive
texts a text collection projectbasedat glasgow at the exit
funds whether a project isbasedon e commerce or on
associates itself with the communitybasedproject the jeely piece club
example work on a europeanbasedproject under the global citizenship
centred but investigative and projectbasedthus the emphasis in grammar
all policy formulation is evidencebaseda range of indicators is
scotland the value of evidencebasedbest practice was recognised in
those illustrative figures are notbasedon any hard evidence rhona
latter year this survey isbasedon evidence of three sorts
are introduced they will bebasedon scientific evidence how will
the convener suspicion is alwaysbasedon some form of evidence
minister has made a statementbasedon the evidence that has
proposal would have will bebasedon the evidence that is
i have to say thatbasedon the evidence that was
mr gibson with respect webasedthe report on the evidence
has erred in law hasbaseda decision on any incorrect
on their discussions regarding prioritybasedambulance dispatch and whether it
progress on it has beenbasedas malcolm chisholm said on
for information on language teachingbasedat stirling university the aims
on the internet of ukbasedbusinesses clause 7 a short
service delivery the unit isbasedclosely on the executive s
ltd which is a communitybasedcompany on deeside express that
advantage the percentage is notbasedeither on population or on
facing the future which isbasedentirely on views that were
will be distributed through formulabasedgrant allocations rather than on
features mutschmann 1909 17 romainebasedher methods on those used
you know you must havebasedhim on this guy i
that an ambulance service isbasedin kinross on a twenty
would compete on price foreignbasedmanufacturing plants would have an
on which your amendment isbasednamely that there should be
thread runs through the representationsbasednot just on individuals self
reached about market impacts werebasednot on quantitative analysis of
is right our costings arebasedon 20 per cent of
is what we worked outbasedon a 20 per cent
this is a satisfactory outcomebasedon a clear sense of
conservatives want arrangements to bebasedon a common basic set
we got reports that werebasedon a cut of the
on the black isle isbasedon a different variety to
scotland and europe this isbasedon a european familiarisation seminar
department officials but that wasbasedon a face to face
short story pages 43 48basedon a ghostly manifestation reported
of suggestions to the contrarybasedon a greek case involving
any such payments will bebasedon a needs assessment of
be sympathetic our democracy isbasedon a parliamentary structure that
youth activism and are oftenbasedon a particular issue for
has highlighted that it isbasedon a premise that the
contained within table 3 arebasedon a rank order of
100 min 3m4f this isbasedon a rather grisly highland
a real cop or orbasedon a real cop but
european council in december 2002basedon a report prepared by
the teaching syllabus is usuallybasedon a series of topic
for children of all agesbasedon a story by agnes
accident part design this methodbasedon a stratagem which gael
assured tenancies tenancies have beenbasedon a tenancy agreement that
the princess this story isbasedon a traditional scottish version
in the parliament which arebasedon a transitional order that
time to write a playbasedon a true event erm
am writing the libretto isbasedon accounts of the race
at that time which wasbasedon all sorts of assumptions
and ale a modern cornkisterbasedon an actual news report
patient based on is itbasedon an average or on
to mind rather than onebasedon an entirely different word
islamic factions were responsible flashbackbasedon an eyewitness report aince
lindsay manson the memorandum wasbasedon an instruction to deliver
general direction this structure isbasedon an unverifiable but common
wrong to split infinitives werebasedon analogy with latin even
mr mcgrigor s question isbasedon another misunderstanding and implies
not nurses and should bebasedon assessment of need not
necessarily reflect that that isbasedon assumptions regarding levels of
cubic inches 1 70 litresbasedon buchanan s published results
ip67 which celebrates a marriagebasedon choice from a reading
authorises such action and isbasedon clear compelling and published
already producing results it isbasedon common commitments and targets
because th- civilisation is reallybasedon community spirit er f718:
to soaring costs have beenbasedon comparison of different sets
2001 scheme it will bebasedon competitive tendering from fishermen
not keeping within that limitbasedon completion of the first
in scotland the analysis isbasedon consideration of the responses
advertisement in eastern europe wasbasedon consultations with scottish screen
at present of likely expenditurebasedon demand the figures are
infringement of rights has beenbasedon discrimination the echr will
the tourism sector these werebasedon discussions then ongoing in
although it was largely derivativebasedon earlier continental and english
i doubt that the argumentbasedon economies of scale is
through national conference masel isbasedon eh the european chairter
the powers the order wasbasedon electoral legislation which allows
met the guidance will bebasedon existing mandatory technical standards
preparing to meet the belovedbasedon extracts from a booklet
leslie this half truth fictionbasedon fact is echoed throughout
fisheries levy contributions from proprietorsbasedon fishery assessments borrow money
two hundred years it wasbasedon fixed attitudes on forms
scottish premier league should bebasedon footballing merit rather than
scottish premier league should bebasedon footballing merit rather than
shapes and sizes some arebasedon geographical areas and some
but doing so conscientiously andbasedon good information such as
companies whose joint submissions werebasedon good tendering practice in
1980 20 one diagram wasbasedon high density personal network
the religion of the semitesbasedon his series of burnett
1992 government assessments have beenbasedon illustrations using the figure
blanket moratorium which may bebasedon insecure facts would not
of 7 000 per patientbasedon is it based on
listen and make her decisionbasedon it if we hear
of the whitehall spending reviewbasedon its assessment at that
involved be was that decisionbasedon its not agreeing that
to be in the futurebasedon its primary industries supported
to be in the futurebasedon its primary industries the
douglas gordon is making workbasedon james hogg dr jekyll
that with the continental stylebasedon latin of long elaborate
f814: they were they werebasedon like black slaves or
level of loan for housingbasedon meeting certain criteria for
that is before us isbasedon members ideas including george
the assyrians that magical superstitionsbasedon mere terror or rites
we have given was notbasedon money that would have
six or more that wasbasedon my fear that cases
bargaining my comments are notbasedon my perceptions but on
and non governmental organisations ngosbasedon national action plans and
centuries to come plain speakingbasedon native models with little
which was person centred andbasedon need the report of
can be and has beenbasedon nobody has suggested that
of language ought to bebasedon observation of the mental
bus fare schemes which arebasedon old local authorities instead
to produce suspicion can bebasedon opinion although that opinion
have a heavy legislative programmebasedon our manifesto which was
ingredients of the plan arebasedon our performance we have
a view of the worldbasedon our social roots no
eu should exercise certain powersbasedon pooled sovereignty from its
accommodation in scotland should bebasedon premises meeting such essential
all party basis it wasbasedon principle and covered the
they consult and that arebasedon proper assessments however we
mallorcan a dialect of catalanbasedon provençal french when suddenly
of classical metre which wasbasedon quantitative metre regular patterns
discussed sometimes the discussions werebasedon quite full reports i
sunset song were broadly speakingbasedon reality and that the
imperatives as opposed to appealsbasedon reasoning typical of middle
that they are largely projectionsbasedon recent trends they show
to happen it is notbasedon restriction of space the
finally i offer some statisticsbasedon returns for the financial
and reaching a considered judgementbasedon safety and technical considerations
have an american embassy mapbasedon satellite photos which shows
having its own economic directionbasedon scottish needs that central
an investigation subsection 2 isbasedon section 23 of the
rummy these are card gamesbasedon sentences from a novel
figures come from telephone interviewsbasedon small samples so one
of language development should bebasedon social inclusion as stated
view of scots metrology isbasedon somewhat naïve comparisons made
shetland box and conservation measuresbasedon sound independent science and
public to access environmental informationbasedon strong freedom of information
the first phase a methodologybasedon that of the oed
is likely to be effectivebasedon that survey will the
m741: uh huh m605: butbasedon that thing in the
version of the text isbasedon the 1566 manuscript of
for scotland 12 this wasbasedon the 9th report 2001
rightly that the card isbasedon the aberdeen accord card
the risk of legal actionbasedon the actions of trustees
invent a new language orbasedon the ancient language like
said the national waste planbasedon the area waste plans
reflection will follow a patternbasedon the balance of beliefs
an expression of abstract philosophybasedon the biography of michelangelo
light of these recent findingsbasedon the cases of 900
light of these recent findingsbasedon the cases of 900
has suggested an initial listbasedon the comments that members
adopting european legislation which isbasedon the commission as the
numbers and costs has beenbasedon the commissioner for children
to submit a succinct reportbasedon the considerable amount of
of a sample which isbasedon the criminal procedure scotland
strength of a petition isbasedon the document that people
the courts it will bebasedon the european convention on
to it while morality wasbasedon the exigencies of this
of scots at school erbasedon the existing body of
a pupil s imaginative storybasedon the experiences of a
rather than to owners isbasedon the fact that uk
seafish did some further analysisbasedon the fai s input
was just a practical sessionbasedon the fluency exercises i
test measured the familial linksbasedon the following questions were
and suggest these should bebasedon the following the area
whereas the right medicine isbasedon the health perspective and
visual stimulus this task wasbasedon the hendry indicator for
of metaphors for the bodybasedon the idea of a
a no smoking policy isbasedon the inadequacies in the
stevenson i therefore propose thatbasedon the legal opinion the
for beta interferon was thatbasedon the limited estimated number
scottish office 4 this isbasedon the lists on the
it concerned discrimination that wasbasedon the man s status
for a while that wasbasedon the manufacturers prices the
the commission and the councilbasedon the member states naps
bracelet showed the peruvian zodiacbasedon the nasco lines in
using a public appointments processbasedon the nolan principles build
hope that they will bebasedon the nos s strategy
complicated we also considered wordingbasedon the notion of days
it will undertake further consultationbasedon the outcome of the
finnie i bid for moneybasedon the outcome that i
the 1920 s and isbasedon the period just after
not envisaged it is estimatedbasedon the posts required and
also it is i isbasedon the practice in latin
succession to the throne isbasedon the principle of male
will therefore need to bebasedon the principle rather than
also commendable because it isbasedon the principles of prevention
dance drama or stage managementbasedon the quality of course
raised by the sale isbasedon the recognition of a
represent between 1 and 2basedon the recommendations made above
the nature of the stakebasedon the resources that we
the situational use of scotsbasedon the result of a
trust areas for example onebasedon the scottish health authorities
in the john hopkins tablebasedon the scvo figures 107
the common crime religion wasbasedon the sense of guilt
representation for local government electionsbasedon the single transferable vote
poverty and social exclusion isbasedon the social policy chapter
poverty and social exclusion isbasedon the social policy chapter
potential for a freight railwaybasedon the southern section of
finnie exactly but this isbasedon the things that are
the payment of marking isbasedon the time that it
the west greenland fishery wasbasedon the understanding that there
annual contribution to the dsfbbasedon the valuation of their
offence malice and ill willbasedon the victim s membership
association greece the performance wasbasedon the voyage home to
generations often forming into schoolsbasedon the work of a
of social inclusion this wasbasedon the work undertaken by
the teams decision making processesbasedon their genre awareness of
members of a social groupbasedon their membership of that
evolving middle english were writtenbasedon this anglo saxon tradition
orkney and shetland which arebasedon those from the old
the market towns as prosperitybasedon tourism increasingly frees mallorcans
of the 1947 style sheetbasedon traditional spelling precedents in
aspiration to a global communitybasedon trust and mutual respect
allotments in december 1999 15basedon two questionnaires one of
prices were distorted and notbasedon value for money as
warrington exactly that belief isbasedon what i said before
the cardiac units must bebasedon what is best for
cousins the targets are closelybasedon what is happening and
me a short statement obviouslybasedon what the others had
development and a meaningful rolebasedon what they know and
to make their own decisionsbasedon what was best for
given you my clear judgmentbasedon what we have done
hear them casting their votesbasedon what we have or
work on the overall remitbasedon what we know about
into one of 6 segmentsbasedon which group of fish
was goin oh it sbasedon your ehm your calling
make judgments about the documentsbasedon your say so or
a form of poetic expressionbasedon zen buddhism this was
be the complaint might bebasedonly on suspicion and it
north of england a compositebasedprimarily on old english or
is the modernising government fundbasedpurely on consequentials that come
have been quite drastic webasedresults simply on the examination
method where dictionary entries werebasedsolely on the equivalent entry
and the frequencies and theybasedtheir bids on that loss
decisions on 5 october werebasedto some extent on background
entry for this crucial weightbasedunit on which the capacity
on which the challenge isbasedwere genuine proceedings at all
information on language teaching ciltbasedwithin stirling university in addition
implications creating thematic or topicbasedword banks possibly on computer
blackhall creative writer in scotsbasedat aberdeen university s elphinstone
blackhall creative writer in scotsbasedat aiberdeen university s elphinstane
bein cairried oot notably scotlangbasedat scottish cilt university o
currently being undertaken notably scotlangbasedat scottish cilt university of
service where such dogs arebasedand how much this service
fire prevention and a professionallybasedservice back the voluntary and
titles competing for uk decisionbasedadvertising spend against uk national
in the uk to bebasedin the highlands and islands
would simply move from scotlandbasedmagazines to uk magazines that
for demersal landings by ukbasedvessels into scotland for demersal
parliament now has two staffbasedat community learning scotland processes
control of housing to communitybasedhousing associations and tenants co
remaining three links were socialbasedin the wider community and
10 million to other communitybasedinitiatives that will allow us
concept fight to protect communitybasedpharmacists and resist westminster attempts
of the increase in communitybasedteaching s1w 7137 dorothy grace
communities in which they arebasedexpresses concern over recent reports
england move to a needsbasedformula which reflects the needs
which this position paper isbasedis that making the learner
which shows early runrig farmingbasedmainly beside sources of water
from the traditional linear grammarbasedmethodology which had characterised previous
s parliament is a briminghambasedorganisation which obtains its membership
enforcement unit which would bebasedprimarily with the national criminal
in which prisons they arebaseds1w 19649 stewart stevenson to
as part of the schoolbasedcurriculum encourage higher education institutions
authorities provide funding for homebasededucation programmes for children with
being done by the glasgowbasedepilepsy action scotland in supporting
valuable work of the glasgowbasedepilepsy association of scotland notes
that the scotvec staff werebasedin glasgow and the seb
it s er it sbasedin glasgow so most of
yeah m608: he s glasgowbasedis he m1174: yeah so
is the newspaper very glasgowbasedor do you reach to
er he s a glasgowbasedyeah m608: he s glasgow
european union institutions that arebasedin the united kingdom that
1985 acts of identity creolebasedapproaches to language and ethnicity
scots as a separate historicallybasedlanguage underpinning and uniting the
there was a very gaelicbasedenglish anoth- another favourite eh
qualifications agency consults with englishbasedexam boards about the provision
college lauder college 2 landbasedcolleges these colleges offer courses
puddings puddings were usually milkbasedand included rice semolina sometimes
and the seb staff werebasedin dalkeith this year there
there from where they werebasedpit- new pitsligo f718: mmhm
any care provider that isbasedanywhere in britain from unilaterally
1947 the local agent wasbasedat fordoun and is reputed
as part of a scotlandbaseddistributor forum is working with
those problems is generally steroidbasedi am sure that we
confident that it is soundlybasedi will give another example
was agreed although spi isbasedin manila in the philippines
country where their manufacturing isbasedwe are extremely concerned there
of the smaller more scotlandbasedcompanies are beginning to do
dermot and liz are bothbasedin edinburgh and i am
and distribution they are notbasedin one specific area of
hunts in great britain arebasedin scotland it could be
of multiple chains that arebasedin scotland so that amounts
expresses concern that the louisianabasedmcdermott international are now planning
are attracted by the courtbasednature of the work and
are not indigenous but arebasedoutside scotland they also operate
the establishment of a webbasedportal we are strengthening the
the issue with street surveybasedwork i imagine that to
and tropical diseases to bebasedin dundee believes that such
control of all new groundbasedphone masts regrets that such
other of the staple cerealbaseddishes of scotland our sowins
c other category prison officersbasedat each local and open
local business opportunities for commissionbasedselling of services and access
my jvc tape recorder andbaseda variety of listening tasks
august in terms of cashbasedaccounting or resource accounting in
make better use of probationbasedalternatives to custody however my
of that day she wasbasedat aldergrove airfield outside nearby
of the parliament can bebasedat locations outwith the parliament
of the parliament can bebasedat locations outwith the parliament
of a high density territoriallybasedcluster having substantial ties of
the network of commercial attachesbasedin british embassies across the
of a large computer manufacturerbasedin scotland elaine thomson you
families of servicemen and servicewomenbasedin the gulf area s1f
to become a professional writerbasedin the south of england
class a discussion of taskbasedlearning i set off for
been to create tailored computerbasedlearning packages for parts of
of resources to permit locallybasedmarketing c a review of
some more of his studentbasedquestions and we told him
of retailer in scotland scotlandbasedretailers would have to accept
variety of beetroot and cabbagebasedsalads or a fish egg
total demersal landings by scottishbasedvessels 127 2 million of
a male and predominantly printbasedview of eighteenth century scottish
go sort of more practicalbasedyou know sort of more
the debate to be broadlybasedand involve all citizens a
scottish cardiac unit to bebasedat ninewells hospital dundee to
proposed scottish water will bebasedhow much they will cost
schemes that happen to bebasedin scotland i do not
gaelic medium school would bebasedin the islands but it
and even disruptive believes schoolbasednutrition to be vital for
s people to be soundlybasedthe draft census scotland order
murray allan innerleithen the japanesebasedtoyoboshi group includes two borders
in relation to scottish newspapersbasedin scotland by extending the
years it was mainly classicallybasedbecause f718: mmhm m734: kind
for him because he wasbasedin dundee yes f1054: mmhm
as craigie s assistant wasbasedin edinburgh and funded from
court circle that was thenbasedin england he started off
guy who taught us wasbasedin peebles and came highly
the troon revision order wasbaseds1w 6023 mike watson to
where his colleague helena wasbasedto study mallorca s indigenous
than a kinna more broadbasedpopular m741: right m605: ehm
has talked about an areabasedsip but i want to
investment in building up locallybasedcompanies especially in areas that
that the gauteng provincial legislaturebasedin south africa had made
supplier with a production linebasednear liverpool to produce the
feed into the tobacco factoriesbasedin england andrew wilson what
aonghas mòr agus na sìthicheanbasedaround the fairies who famously
had erm people like staffbasedat the the the station
september 2000 the processed cerealbasedfoods and baby foods for
september 2000 the processed cerealbasedfoods and baby foods for
september 2000 the processed cerealbasedfoods and baby foods for
in relation to the webbasedpollution emissions inventory s1w 31826
you like the the latinbasedthe continental style [sniff] [inhale]
listed in 1881 as beingbasedat cabragalla estate in haputale
in inglis in 1375 whilstbasedat st machar s cathedral
protection legislation use specialist teachersbasedin secondary schools to provide
liberated after participating in prisonbasedtreatment for sexual offenders dorothy
as general fe colleges landbasedcolleges and specialised designated institutions
several turrones catalunya s marzipanbasedfestive treat pael s stall
unit really wherever you rebasedthere s an f746: mmhm
near dry o onythin proteinbasedtwis stertin tae luik as

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