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heid fuck off ya weebastardsreturned the junkie shouting through
comin anywhere near me yabastardswe just want to check
side oh i ken thaebastardsbetter than iver noo smooth
stairs of the decker thebastardsto whom he was referring
want tae talk tae thosebastardsand scuttled up the stairs
hundred andies a thousand runawaybastardsi went back to your
fed up oh thae capitalistbastardswhen they come up tae
there s a lot obastardsf943: but if you re
many other people that arebastardsgeorge bush f943: [laugh] hundr-
eaten since dinner time thebastardshe said with some venom
of course the minute thebastardsrealise you know what i
that sent they twa auldbastardsinti a right rage silence
got a bus full ofbastardsdriver said the druggy aye
s whit maks them realbastardscharismatic pope an aa bit
sit in oh there arebastardsiverywhere we had tae release
neuk illness an cancer twabastardsthat mak deith s shores
there s a lot ofbastardsthat have got into high
rather than let you governmentbastardserode yet another of our
puppy and let those governmentbastardsgive it another big kick
one of the lucky fewbastards[laugh] m941: it s only
the stink the dirty weebastardsthey pished in the sink
i staun up tae thebastardsi m awaa doon tae
in her tote bag cheapskatebastardsthat wis a right sucky
there s anither feelin thebastardsexploit oor guilt aye we
fuckin scum yur cammy selfishbastardswhat could ah dae she

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