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mind that the wife ofbathcontradicts hersel athin the prologue
is in mariage wife ofbaths prologue 1 3 thir
is no comandement wife ofbaths prologue 64 67 richt
excepcion of bigamye wife ofbaths prologue 83 86 again
mismatch atween the wife ofbaths prologue an the wife
prologue an the wife ofbaths tale can be explained
lanes they are actually calledbathlane and sauchiehall lane lane
towards sauchiehall street you getbathlane and sauchiehall s- lane
because the main roads arebathstreet and sauchiehall street f1005:
knichtheid while the wife ofbathan the franklin div tell
possibility that the wife ofbathan the franklin micht be
in baith the wife ofbathan the franklin seem to
that baith the wife ofbathan the franklin tells tales
follae baith the wife ofbaths tale an the franklin
o baith the wife ofbaths tale an the franklin
franklin in the wife ofbaths tale houanever ou hae
maistrie hym above wife ofbaths tale 1038 1040 in
at youre wille wife ofbaths tale 1041 1042 his
dooth gentil dedis wife ofbaths tale 1165 1170 the
plesace or likyng wife ofbaths tale 1254 1256 this
tale an the wife ofbaths tale as settin out
the wey the wife ofbaths tale is in fact
history o the wife ofbaths tale it seems important
pairt o the wife ofbaths tale the knicht gies
knicht in the wife ofbaths tale treats mairriage differently
across in the wife ofbaths tale wommen desiren to
seen hou the wife ofbathappeals to auctoritee ower an
7 seimilarly the wife ofbathjustifies her repeatedly gettin mairrit
believe that the wife ofbathlike saunt paul is yin
forbye while the wife ofbathmicht share the knicht s
hert o the wife ofbaths arguments thenketh hou noble
sympathise wi the wife ofbaths position she disnae pretend
difference atween the wife ofbaths preferred method as set
aw going in bubbles inbathf1091: it s going it
ll mak bubbles in thebathif you- in your hair
put some bubbles in yourbathm1092: no no want it
into the bubbles in thebathm1092: uh huh f1091: oh
lie back on the thebathand do a star m1106:
but you re having abathat the moment m1106: yeah
s awa to hae abathm1106: [inaudible] is that the
up then and [?]get oot[/?] thebathm1106: mum i m still
went plop get in thebathm1106: no no the speckled
re gonna fall into thebathnow over here m1106: stop
nice and clean m1106: yeahbathsmell f1105: it s fi-
we re having in thebathf1111: mmhm f1112: [inaudible] that
maybe do that after thebathf1112: aye [inaudible] right i
no you didna like thebathf1112: how f1111: not for
that off ready for yourbathf1112: i m just too
re our friends in thebathf1112: no f1111: yes f1112:
out jamas for after thebathf1112: not wet my hair
maybe go and have abathf1112: not yet f1111: no
give you yours f1112: mybath[inaudible] [inaudible] f1111: okay [?]turn[/?]
we go and have ourbathnow f1112: no i want
where it s in thebathwhere it s slippery f1112:
i didna like in thebathwhy f1111: mm f1112: why
something and fell into thebatho sowens they baith hid
money and lie in abathas hot as you can
like ye hot like abathm1128: aye aye hot like
like f1127: hot like abathor just a wee bittie
rose in her throat thebathwater ran so hot that
i m still having abathf1105: no oot you come
it [inaudible] stand up thebathf1105: stand up and [inaudible]
i was peeing in thebathf1105: urgh pull the plug
f1105: sit down in thebathproperly sit on your bum
keep the water in thebathand get washed behave yourself
some water out of thebathcause y- the water came
keep the water in thebath[censored: forename] m1098: [inaudible] that s
to rest in an emptybathfor m1098: want the water
got running water for thebathm1092: uh huh f1091: okay
keep the water in thebathm1098: keep wa- f1097: [exhale]
m just filling up yourbath[running water] is that enough water
who couldn t afford freshbathwater and spent their lives
that people will drink theirbathwater and their shower water
be thrown out with thebathwater as it were i
f826: don t drink yourbathwater m827: well they say
the baby out with thebathwater when perhaps a small
the baby out with thebathwater when reviewing the building
s that m1092: [child noises] himbathf1091: mmhm and that s
m asking ye to yerbathfirst m1092: [inaudible] f1091: i
once you ve had yourbathhow does that sound m1092:
f1091: and fitt aboot yourbathm1092: no thanks f1091: why
go and find the bubblebaththen m1092: okay me [inaudible]
m1092: look f1091: it sbathtime what can you see
cause i me like mybathf1091: i know you like
f1122: he s having abathf1121: mmhm he s scrubbing
f826: [tut] yes cleaning thebathf606: [laugh] m827: aye having
[censored: forename] you re having yourbathnow f1141: [cough] okay you
morag mouse is having herbathtalking of tea i can
on till mam runs yourbathcome on m1098: no please
m1098: what s in thebathk f1097: that s a
of the letters in thebathm1098: what s in the
to be first in thebathyum yum yum [humming] f1111:
used tae sit in thebathan we d tae gang
we d a big zincbathand da used tae sit
awa hame to hae abathand wash my hair f1102:
taxi got some food blessedbathwashed clothes hair and slept
while i bled intae thebathm816: [laugh] [laugh] [laugh] see
and bein held over abathwhile i bled intae the
andy smells okay missing hisbathcan t have done him
corner okay to have abathyou said okay was you
and you can get abathall to yourself cause your
idea that you had yourbathfirst right i m gonna
i know you like yourbaththat s why i m
s rather like taking abathwith your socks on simon
going away to run yourbathyou can actually go and
the screw cap into thebathas the room began to
which wis maist byordnar vexinbathroom bogle doon at the
blew up wi a bangbathroom bogle doon in the
nae ye couldnae hae abaththere wasnae enough room but
and you can hae abathand then you can get
re goin to hae abathf1101: aye then i ll
f1103: did you hae abaththis morning when i was
had to fill the washbathbefore going to school men
i was going to thebathf1054: it s not as
going to fall into thebathif you dae that now
now [censored: forename] fell into thebathand hurt his head stand
massive it was in mybathit s f833: [censored: forename] it
frog sitting on [censored: forename] sbaththen all of a sudden
raise up poured a perfumitbathan bade the marischal get
swimming baths and get abathin the swimming baths when
ye go and get yerbathlisten listen tae mam it
o you get in thatbathso one of us had
off an get into thebathyou know that was that
she can t have abathbecause of me only has
you can find the bubblebathcan you manage here s
have a bit after mybathwhat can i ca- what
i don t want abathno i don t want
thought you nivver had abathf1107: you need a wee
aye do you need abathm1108: are you i thought
ken will you need abaththe night m1108: aye f1107:
eident ye ll need tibathyirsel haud yirsel frae flesh
come up his sink andbathand also he had a
time i think it sbathtime munchkin come on then
time we come in thebathwe learn them a song
for mass then clean carbathfriday 2 preparing for holiday
gonna go and have abaththen and i was like
couple of shirts in thebathi m getting pretty good
the sids settle in abathin the washhouse outside like
hornygolloch bree stauns in thebathlike a tattiebogie maks me
we re to have abathand everything before that will
a little play in thebathat night don t we
ve got it 30 wednesdaybathstill out although cistern fixed
when he s had hisbathare you managing f1142: i
well i think it sbathtime next mm you ought
when you were in thebathyou didn t you you
time we were in thebathyou sung them mary mary
brighton 2 tired out todaybathearly to bed 28 saturday
on duty i have tobathand dress myself and cut
ye would have had abathat yer grunny s f1043:
have a toilet or abathf1026: how long ago was
using it for sorting thebathhe shouldn t have put
s away to have abathi ll hold well we
most people dinna have abathin they days they jist
have the city of culturebathoxford glasgow and edinburgh were
i have a double bedbathshower and tv radio last
must have fallen in thebath[splashing] mum i was peeing
over scotland but down tobathmanchester and london for the
flushing the cockroaches down thebathwith the shower before applying
s- that side o thebathwhen there s not much
remember to give him hisbathyes what s up not
f640: ye were taught taebatha baby f638: aye f637:
handwashing my laundry in thebathi prepared a talk on
that giving my son abathis one of my duties
that jimmy dumped in thebathhowever she wasn t so
to hold on to thebathand vomited in the toilet
a richt dook in abathbit fit ye ve niver
in house today curtains fixedbathcleaned door repaired etc etc
in the bath these arebathf1125: piglet f1126: pig- piglet
through burst pipes 31 thursdaybathin place home tomorrow deo
the important thing in thisbathis to speak the language
dans le bain in thebathone is submerged in languages
for admission to hospital inbathso we spent the afternoon
i was just in thebathswimming back and fore f1103:
door mair tidemerks roon herbaththan the qe2 gaps in
oh these are in thebaththese are bath f1125: piglet
erm an- m1078: a tinbathto use in front of
he got hame efter abathclean claes on a bite
creation ah built a burdbathan a wee totty barry
huge luxury there was abathand a toilet and of
formed a scum around thebathand that was due not
naked he d managed abatheventually his body was warm
maybe gie they weans abathsettle them doon they exit
three bedrooms there was abathwhich was a huge luxury
bathroom it was havin thebaththat was more of the
days whan the watter wisbathwarm an the saumon were
the foon o oor fitebathdowpit on echt black legs
the foon o oor fitebathdowpit on echt black legs
mynds the baum the lownbaththat dills awa the day
different cows yen dollar sterlingbathmoney is money is food

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