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in english frae batter taebatterscots dictionars is written in
is written in english fraebattertae batter scots dictionars is
f1097: you what m1098: justbatterher f1097: you blasted her
you blasted her m1098: ayebatterher look f1097: [cough] m1098:
f1097: [laugh] m1098: i llbatterher batter her i ll
her batter her i llbatterher f1097: you what m1098:
m1098: i ll batter herbatterher i ll batter her
ba- how would you usebatterand stotter f1005: i don
hard f1005: [laugh] eh tobatterf1054: hm m1004: stotter f1005:
smoking hot then pour inbattercook on top shelf mark
off when smoking pour inbatterto cover pan thinly cook
ah hud tae beat thebatterhard til it soundet lik
how long to beat abattertablet which jimmy made every
to jean allison s secretbattermix folk also remember attending
s heid would start taebatteritsel aff the stake they
that ain m1098: no [inaudible]batterf1097: okay that ain ll
know i would i dbatterthe women s heads against
measure same spuin skiddlin thebatterin the muckle broun bowl
don t know just tobattersomebody if you re gonnae
s sake nae need taebatteron sae quick pit on
intae us it ferrly disbatterbe efterneen er s a
that eh the folk llbattertheir wey intae the parliament
m1108: did you see itbatterf1107: mmhm m1108: cracker me
say they d like taebatterfa pit the crocodile inno
[laugh] f943: i ll justbatteryou i m [censored: forename] s
they would say i llbatteryou [laugh] i ll get
of course i ll justbatteryou m944: you can t
watch it or i llbatteryou or now john call
ware alert rowed rolled clourbatterthump pilin stab fence post
nae fish again quine yerbatters mingin yer patter s
1 tbsp melted butter makebatterleave for 1 hr makes
hull mast an halliards didbatterbut there s nae chance
that in or out obatter[laugh] f1049: [laugh] that s
done that have we f1023: batterf1025: no f1027: no belted
ringlets listenin tae the rainbatterteetle the windae peen takkin
and the kids kind ofbattereach other to get to
you could belt them orbatterthem we used to get
d bowles has dune thebattero the buik for me
makkin are you wiping thebatterwi [inaudible] f1126: aye i
wes hauddit thegither wi strangbatterthe bell o z sousafon
6 toad in the holebatter4 oz flour 2 eggs
dinnle of wheels rumbling dirdbatterdist particles of meal and

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