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what m1094: i see pudseybearf1093: [laugh] did we see
s him look see pudseybearm1094: [laugh] [laugh] f1093: what
f1093: no here s pudseybearm1094: where s he going
need that s what pudseybears for right right another
want to see if pudseybears still on o- what
m1094: grandma didna bought pudseybeartoday f1093: come here m1094:
[laugh] did we see pudseybeartoday m1094: yes f1093: yes
sound like his favourite teddybeara lucky little talisman a
bear ain f1089: the teddybearain are you gonna come
f1089: eh m1090: the teddybearain f1089: the teddy bear
s a big fat teddybearand a f1116: he s
her shoes on the teddybeardo you think they ll
s one f1113: a teddybearf1114: a [?]teddy bear[/?] f1113: a
a [?]teddy bear[/?] f1113: a teddybearf1114: a [?]teddy bear[/?] i no
says that s one teddybearf1114: it s got number
mam there s another teddybearf1127: eh m1128: aye oh
doggy look and a teddybearfor ain o them and
that looks like a teddybearhe s got look he
boy look with his teddybearhe s still sleeping and
s that f1114: the teddybearhere s one f1113: a
sitting still nursing it teddybearhomemade wooden ducks their wings
wind [inaudible] in the teddybearin the bridge uh oh
washing m1090: no the teddybearjigsaw first f1089: no okay
f1091: aw shame poor teddybearm1092: who that f1091: that
yer girlie wi a teddybearm1128: mam there s another
f1091: that s a teddybearone m1092: [inaudible] i i
the garden like a teddybearone step f1115: come on
the garden like a teddybearone step two step and
the garden like a teddybearone step two step and
a f1116: it s teddybearone step two step and
the garden like a teddybearone step two step and
the garden like a teddybearone step two step [laugh]
the garden like a teddybearone step two step [laugh]
the garden like a teddybearone step two step [squeal]
comer reclined an ancient teddybearregarding him glassily with a
teddy bear song teddy sbears song when blue sun
song is called the teddybearsong teddy s bear s
[laugh] is it a teddybearwhat s this what s
going to take a teddybearwith her because f1112: why
sarah s dressing her teddybearyou can wear my shoes
in several forms including beirbearand bair does the last
behauden a beholden beir vbearbeirial n burial beiss n
n v shelter beir vbearbeirial n burial beiss n
beheid behead beilin festering beirbearbeiss beasts benmaist innermost betterment
befaw v befall beir vbearbeiss n beast ben prep
bear f1121: so is smallbearand baby bear not got
that [laugh] f1122: but babybearand small bear haven t
f1091: is that the mammybearand the daddy bear what
f1122: baby ps- p- smallbearba- baby bear f1121: so
bear up park avenue thebearcrawled well watered an now
p- small bear ba- babybearf1121: so is small bear
but baby bear and smallbearhaven t got f1121: oh
dead simple erm katie sbearkatie s bear was gonna
up oan mah ain daddybearmummy bear the two baby
is small bear and babybearnot got any arms did
mummy bear the two babybears fairy tale ending s
s [exhale] [inaudible] [?]the bear one[/?] thebearthe bear you ve gotta
mah ain daddy bear mummybearthe two baby bear s
lunny an his pal thebearup park avenue the bear
katie s bear katie sbearwas gonna be on the
mammy bear and the daddybearwhat s that m1092: [inaudible]
[inaudible] [?]the bear one[/?] the bear thebearyou ve gotta f1093: the
december 2001 in respect ofbearscotland ltd and fife council
whether any difficulties exist betweenbearscotland ltd and fife council
whether amey highways ltd andbearscotland ltd are adequately prepared
contracts each to amey andbearscotland ltd fergus ewing inverness
has reviewed plans made bybearscotland ltd for winter road
precludes amey highways ltd andbearscotland ltd from corresponding or
has completed the audit ofbearscotland ltd s trunk roads
20 years and we mustbearin mind a range of
the most important point tobearin mind is intention a
the things that we mustbearin mind is the fact
one important point always tobearin mind is which jurisdiction
loss we would need tobearin mind our previous discussion
the scare stories we shouldbearin mind that no airline
but it is important tobearin mind that that would
older scottish literature but tobearin mind that the concept
be welcome however let usbearin mind that the cost
questions i ask them tobearin mind that we are
i urge the minister tobearin mind the concerns that
the procedures we should perhapsbearin mind the difference between
question i ask him tobearin mind the fact that
on wider issues members mustbearin mind the fact that
for these they should alwaysbearin mind the importance of
to improve it we willbearin mind the points that
encourage each devolved legislature tobearin mind the responsibility of
been made but i willbearin mind what mrs brankin
in that context we mustbearin mind what we are
to [student cough] to er [student cough]bearin mind when prose begins
and 65 but we shouldbearit in mind that at
lifelong learning inquiry members shouldbearit in mind that if
support but ministers should pleasebearit in mind that most
and laboratory staff let usbearit in mind that one
in brackets that they shouldbearit in mind that the
to go down we mustbearit in mind that there
further required action we shouldbearit in mind that we
the circumstances the committee shouldbearthat in mind because its
again whether ms marwick willbearthat in mind cathie craigie
a code specifically for mspsbearthat in mind des mcnulty
important for the committee tobearthat in mind irene mcgugan
the committee might want tobearthat in mind it seems
wonder whether ms marwick wouldbearthat in mind tricia marwick
mind that i shall alsobearthe faut for something i
hope that other members willbearthe visit in mind it
power to bring pressure tobearon the british government to
to bring enough pressure tobearon the owner of the
pressure has been brought tobearon the question of income
government to bring pressure tobearon tobacco companies to cease
it pressure was brought tobearon wigtown county council to
known as claude and babybearrespectively they are rather battered
s new baby f1121: mrbears new baby and you
it called f1122: called mrbears new baby f1121: mr
is favourite cry c monbearlets sing a wee song
brought their direct experience tobearand raised issues however many
pressures could be brought tobearon staff favours could be
processes have been brought tobearon the issue frequencies are
system will be brought tobearon us if we dare
that there f1122: mm smallbearf1121: and who s that
lower hills five of thembearthe symptomatically small element tor
ah wis sure ah couldnybearthe fact we d never
am sure that members willbearwitness to the fact that
m gonna look for poohbears feet f1121: are you
big bridge right walk thebearah but [inaudible] speak f1114:
haen fun an suddenly thebearan big lunny discovered their
the spot f1113: a bigbearand spot aye f1114: [exhale]
f1114: it s a bigbearin the spot f1113: a
and that s the bigbearoot o jungle book isn
new as big lunny anbearthey laughed an they joked
said big lunn tae thebeartonight you an i are
s under here [inhale] abearf1113: mmhm f1114: something else
one f1114: aye [?]you're right[/?] thebearf1113: the last bookie and
in there oh f1113: abearit s a surprise party
michty me they re butterfleesbearin a thai zoo two
to be looking for poohbears feet f1122: i m
our members would have tobearimmediate costs the health benefits
speak i ask members tobearwith me as i am
i hope that members willbearwith me as i have
my amendment anyway members shouldbearwith me as this is
that our new members willbearwith us when our approach
public purse would have tobearmost of the cost of
almost more than i canbearyou have a most gorgeous
hardened by bad habits mustbearwitness against it in this
friends look the monkey thebearthe crocodile the turtle the
doing but he can tbearto look or listen everyone
control that could make herbearcomparison with janie as a
was pregnant how could shebearit what would she do
unhappy and i can tbearthat i never could wee
child already and could notbearthe thought of losing this
is closed on minotaur andbearthough i could speed like
the minnows awa could naebearti think o thum aw
maconochie traitor i could notbearto be left alone weel
say oh oh before thatbearhad struck him low goes
time oh oh before thatbearhad struck him low masha
say oh ho before thatbearhad struck him low walks
market the evidence does notbearout that assertion before the
i ve never seen abearwith breasts before the old
as hot as you canbearone night her parents were
kept gaun ding a lingbearan lunny got settled on
s next to piglet poohbearright so we ve got
the illustration so erm thebears got an awfy er
at the time loaded forbearwe had scarcely got in
er a the earth shallbearthe gree and a that
difficult to listen to sobearwith me [inhale] er but
literature other works by himbearcomparison with the trilogy notably
an when him an thebeargit taegither nae excuses are
cure fur it that thebearkent wis fur him tae
he had been a polarbearhe wud still be biding
that like m642: sair tobearf643: [laugh] [laugh] m642: the
side in a vice likebearhug he saw angus s
swear or act like abearno kick the dug even
the slope like a thunderousbeartowards mr jones s pew
freezing some gardens have tobeara drought but that s
likes to hae something tobeara grudge aboot it s
picture of fitt s thatbearcalled bruce f1127: rupert m1128:
s that is that paddingtonbearhe s popped up m1092:
or twa s time taebearhis littlins he hid a
fair fu o fun hullobearhow s it gaun ma
grinned inanely grasping onto thebears arm old tom was
the deer s swiftness thebears strength the pelts you
an doon ma trees herebeardelicious fruit o ivry sort
here cammy cried oot thebearfur tonight we are drinkin
we haven t seen brotherbearafore f1101: no neither have
we wrap weel an jistbearan grin saturday 28 temp
of 1605 we find mealbearand whyt laing mss i
be going to see brotherbearf1102: will we haven t
changed and we shall allbearhis likeness we are going
we left the train tobearits tourists to macchu picchu
clouds or seek yon starsbearor plough we wait fer
we are not in abearpit i will clear the
toots did we it doesnabearthinkin aboot bein looket efter
that sir but i cannybearto see ae guid man
t po- i couldn tbearit you know no that
again and he couldn tbearthat geordie is watching miss
too and i couldn tbearthat i ll make it
ball point it doesn tbearthinking about right away andy
is that they do notbearexamination the term lallans as
came a voice that thebearkent gie weel a voice
yes the winnie the poohbearright all done f1125: that
to increase consumption do notbearscrutiny that idea is not
is not every kind ofbearthat does this but a
are suitably rotund essence ofbearthat quintessential judder of the
and perhaps in pain nursesbearthe brunt of all that
an individual be expected tobearthe cost or would that
know if my ears canbearit there are tears all
where fees are charged theybearsome relationship to the costs
eventual contract outturn price willbearno relationship to the basis
killed them thir words willbearreveesitin i due course but
[censored: companyname] and [censored: companyname] who willbearthe brunt of the building
was a woman inside thebearsuit i ve never seen
such constitutional questions would notbeardirectly on the church of
months passed the rowan wouldbearits rich fruit in glowing
therein c1680 sometimes they sowbearand reap oats but it
over the existing arrangements thebearscotland bids for the north
in scotland and england andbearscotland has conducted ringway construction
trunk road maintenance contract withbearscotland in the north east
they re real this isbearalcatraz no toys no joys
trees themselves the fruits theybearalmonds oranges lemons the nourishment
do with literary topics theybearcareful reading and consideration because
go when they die escalatorsbearthe godly to marble steps
emblazoned with a rupert thebearmotif and had been inscribed
an i try nae taebeara grudge agin the prince
til a stob lyke oniebearan a maun staun ma
me lyke a raukil russianbearan airmor happit rhinoceros or
gets a little easier tobearas time goes by so
and worship of the greatbearbecame a predominant religion ancient
fearfu fate confronted wi abearbit stannin stoot undauntit he
a buzzing fly makes abeareye wink do i realise
an a sair well thebearhe went oot on the
the noo twid freeze abearin an igloo in glesga
somewhat or considerably thole isbearor tolerate trap is a
nae a wechty pack taebearshe is loadit doon wi
locate some loon in abearsuit and dragged her back
a ower she just couldnabearthe thocht o it mock
trees becomes too much tobearthen cheat a little return
enforced celibacy was hard tobearthough a well meaning work
so on it went thebearwas eventually released to go
hunters o the north trappingbeardealin in furs skillfully manouverin
doo wap was an thebearhe crooned whisperin grass an
culture and to bring tobearon it some kind of
were perhaps strong enough tobearthis cruel medicine calvinism is
awfy braw it starts wibearhigh the banner o ideals
reached half way i cannaebearit i ll have tae
it wis awfy sair taebearit wis yin o the
win odd blustery shoor jistbearan grin monday 17th temp
such literary treasures as fuzzybearand the naughty squirrel proved
by huron brings the blackbearebon as midnicht fierce frae
music 1772 now foreign sonnetsbearthe gree and crabbit queer
of the plough the greatbearursa major worshipped by willendorf
muses subliminally on chipmunks beaverbearand mohawk nostalgically thinks of
queen of this realm norbearany office whatsoever therein nor

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