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aw richt thenks combs hisbeardkoolyghin laughs hauf seas ower
got up he combs hisbeardthen sits down at the
one a goat with abeardi ken my own things
grey as a goat sbeardsae heich on the hill
macroscosm s abstract face growsbeardan fuskers in this place
f965: he had a greybeardand a grey grey hair
though i may wear abeardas grey s tiresias though
hooded brown habit long greybeardbenign and earnest on a
except he had a greybeard[laugh] f963: [laugh] f965: he
s bit the barley sbeardthe sang s the pith
and had a long silverbeardthe words we sang came
m going to wear abeardi should look after it
emigré frenchman with a goateebeardwho had sufficient private means
man wi a lang whitebearda grand an maist imposin
be the manager with thebeardhe looks like a pirate
corpulent with a full darkbeardappears to have been the
snow and breath on mybeardwere small lumps of ice
long white hair and abeardhe lived till he was
long and straggly as hisbeardhe carried a staff and
him white whiskers and abeardwho was the butler who
and takes off the falsebeardand moustache awa wi ye
a stormy lair his langbeardwis taiglit oo cauld his
ironing friday night again mybeardis coming on again i
remember the laird s fakebeardone christmas catching fire as
stretched for a present hisbeardtouched a candle i think
a sea salt his shovelbeardall spittle stiff with spray
goes out hurriedly stroking hisbeardirena he s up ti
you may evolve into abeardthe thinker after a conversation
day hangover a four daybearda telephone bill he couldn
growe three skins an abeardtryin nae tae cowk keepin
an electric razor tamed mybeardoil squirted onto cotton wool
hairy an she wears abeardah think ma auntie s
creakily to the office tobeardthe cock o the north

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