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snuggled up f1121: when thebearssnuggled up together well i
aca a leaghadh s polarbearsa bàsachadh f980: mmhm a
th ann ma tha polarbearsann leig leatha smaoineachadh f980:
like flattened spiders frozen polarbearsare fashion mannequins a winter
e a coimhead airson polarbears eil sin antartic m979:
ath rud ma tha polarbears rudan eile a bhios
had plane crashes and polarbearshallucinations and miracles birth death
thoosan sherbert dabs fur polarbearstae sook flowers men are
ethics of the animal actsbearsriding bare back sea lions
an ruffs spanish galleons dauncinbearsstreets wi a thoosan different
citizens o a multilingual worldbearsthis oot professor johnstone suggests
citizens of a multilingual worldbearsthis out professor johnstone suggests
by the armchair the tablebearsa cloth but is otherwise
1995 massive win furra teddybearsah recall these days said
oh no that s teddybearsf1114: yes f1113: not that
and sister have nice teddybearsknown as claude and baby
frae railway accidents and grizzliebearsand blackfoot indians hasny even
it s called pairs m1094: bearswhat s f1093: mmhm find
processing of parliamentary questions whichbearssome relationship to the wider
huh my little pony carebearsdoes anybody remember clarks shoes
the european committee s reportbearswitness we engaged citizens in
because i recognised the threebearsin the three beds the
of casseopia the plough thebearsorion and the seven sisters
the scratching claws of mountainbearsand paintings of bison buffalo
room service is regular thebearsare suitably rotund essence of
in pairt ii the rulesbearson education judicial authorities administrative
da vinci a collonaded wallbearsa wisteria draped pergola loveliness
skaith gin that your hertbearsdaith an peety baith an
nicola sturgeon mentioned if shebearswith me for a moment
of goldilocks and the threebearsin french i know that
the life of his forebearsinforming us about their habits
know out there were dancingbearswith sharp thorns in their
johnny and i could shootbearswith it but father winny
a thai zoo two stuffedbearsinhabit a rusty cage one
for organic farming it certainlybearsno resemblance to any organics
the fruits an evidents hebearsis meritorie far by the

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