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lookit aifter sae mony fairmersbeasan e fairmers in e
pooin o neeps eence ebeaswis teen in e new
e munchin teeth o cattlebeasmaybe ower hunners o ears
herds tae look aifter ebeasilky herd wi eez faimily
aifter at we got ebeasoot an even tried e
bit be bit aifter ebeaswis in e byres e
guid tae baith fock anbeasmonie tymes a ve seen
the steidin is seelent naebeasnae fock an i that
e mountain pastures faar ebeasgeed for e simmer grazin
in e gale at ebeasgeed oot an in at
es een wis for keepinbeaswattert an it niver geed
e wider bit faar ebeashid eir watterins at wis
pikit weer tae keep ebeasaff e dyke itsel aa
lot o reemishin o ebeasheids tae pit it oot
in e mist for ebeasbade ootside aa nicht ey
awa fae seein till ebeasthough ere s aye an
tae be deen amon ebeasan back in as seen
wid followin e trackie atbeasay mak roon e edges
o e staas an ebeaschaaed intill e fresh strae
front o e hoose ebeashid croppit e girse rale
holiepied an aa an ebeasroved oot an in much
graipit or forkit till ebeassome wis for beddin some
aa e time fin ebeaswis in e byre in
after he had set thebeasmait in the mill he
though i d ma ainbeastae see till sae i
an nae ither kins obeastae ait it an ye

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