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slide doun whaur the caddisbeastiesbide an gadgers tae frae
o watter snails an caddisbeastiesgin gurly spates roart throu
beasties f1113: oh i sawbeastiescrawling up the wall f1114:
s in his pocket f1114: beastiesf1113: beasties yuck where s
you bubbles f1114: [inhale] lookbeastiesf1113: oh i saw beasties
his pocket f1114: beasties f1113: beastiesyuck where s your spider
katie s claes katie sbeastiesfor next year but erm
growin aal an harbourin weebeastiesan sae e little birds
haven for birds and weebeastiesbut it was also part
leen e birds an ebeastiesleft eir tracks tee as
hame tae birds an weebeastieson fae ere ower a
homes games and pastimes orbeastiesdeveloping a scots phrase book
grey they wur bonnie lookinbeastiesbut when ah caught a
it was death to weebeastiesthere were also balls and
noticet a lot o littlebeastiescomin in fin e licht
mak masel sma fae sicbeastieswhae wudnae leg it ah
buttons that they weirs arebeastieseen that keek oot fae
layer as far as weebeastieswis concerned wi ilky breath
guid they maun allou thebeastiesti hunt thaim out o
the sin threipit at thebeastieswuid tak thair gate suin
to get ane or twabeastiesmair nor that but if
wad hae tae chaunce thebeastiesshe wis ower weariet tae
she d bin smittit wibeastiesat kilrogie schule the nicht
i never said it hadbeastiesin it i said you
f1121: cause there might bebeastiesin there f1122: mum can
o girse an yird anbeastiesfor me tae min t
up and f1125: so naebeastiesget in oops f1126: going
but it s not gotbeastiesin it f1103: [laugh] i

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