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young f963: mm mmhm f965: becausea chicken was a wee
police f963: mm mm f965: becauseas i say i grew
very cruel game [inaudible] f965: becausef963: [laugh] there s no
and it was very movingbecausef963: mm m762: he forgot
you or think about youbecausef963: mm mm mm right
people s heads you knowbecausef963: mm mm yeah yeah
s trivial er you knowbecausef963: mm mmhm yeah [laugh]
better read than i ambecausef963: mmhm mmhm m762: as
psychiatrist so that was interestingbecausef963: oh right yeah yeah
then they were my friendsbecausef963: yeah f965: i belonged
from the school into itbecausef963: yeah yeah f965: and
i liked pe in primarybecausef965: mmhm f963: we had
i get frustrated with thatbecausef965: well f963: i hate
with that very strongly [laugh]becausef965: well you f963: the
being excluded f963: mm f965: becausefor a start it s
see i deliberately did thatbecausefor people of f963: yeah
you know f963: mmhm f965: becausehe was coy or because
mm f963: mmhm right f965: becausei don t know whether
then and i read itbecausei f963: yeah mm m762:
sat in on their lessonsbecausei had to f963: mm
sixty mm six f963: mmbecausei mean the more recent
i i like layering itbecausei think it f963: mmhm
know f963: mm mmhm m762: becauseif i talk very very
music you know and andbecauseif you think f963: yeah
f963: mm yeah f965: ermbecauseit all had to be
f963: well yeah [inaudible] f965: becauseit is a big faceless
in and so instead f963: becauseit is a punishment yeah
the seasonal shifts of gamesbecauseit m964: mm f963: mm
like to link into thatbecauseit takes you f963: mm
stage you know and alsobecauseit was m- f963: right
they were frowned on [sniff]becauseit would be f963: well
they re more observant butbecausemy f963: yeah f965: observance
and i presumed it wasbecausemy father hated them f963:
to me f963: mm f965: becausemy life is so boring
well this game was greatbecausenobody was ever out f963:
from other asians as possiblebecauseof this f963: mm mmhm
know f963: mm mmhm m762: becauseone thing leads to another
play something f963: mmhm f965: becauseotherwise they wouldn t be
country is how it isbecausepeople challenge it but f963:
i remember f963: mm f965: becauseremember this was this was
[laugh] f963: mmhm yeah f965: becausethat s what she did
t it f963: yes m762: becausethat that is a fantastical
at school f963: mm f965: becausethe colour i think it
special assembly f963: mm f965: becausethe local minister was leaving
thought too yes yes yesbecausethe mods m964: [laugh] f963:
things f963: [laugh] [laugh] f965: becausethen the lucky ones wouldn
my friends f963: mmhm f965: becausethen they were my friends
know yeah f963: ask youbecausethere s a there s
f963: mm m964: right f965: becausethere s neither you know
but the children were respectfulbecausethere was more respect f963:
f963: [laugh] [laugh] f965: [laugh]becausethey looked so good f963:
f963: mm mmhm yeah f965: becausethey re more observant but
in the character building sensebecausethey they f963: mm m762:
which are actually arab rhythmsbecausethey went f963: mm mmhm
m964: mm f963: mm f965: becausewe did have parties we
that now f963: mm f965: becausewe would admit that we
good for me you knowbecauseyou could f963: yeah m762:
school f963: mmhm yeah f965: becauseyou couldn t be aware
know erm f963: mm m762: becauseyou kind of have to
is great f963: mmhm f965: becauseyou know sometimes you just
ve deliberately f963: mm mmhmbecauseyou ve been compared to
assuming that they can relaxbecausea check was made a
they deserve age discrimination occursbecausea low value is associated
ca- more careful you seebecauseafter all they were going
was used by oor parentsbecauseagain they come aff o
these rhymsters end in scavengingbecausealthough they swill whisky like
helicopter which goes round filmingbecauseand they ve got film
re they re really worriedbecauseapparently it takes like six
these were called tramp colesbecauseas they were built someone
of the country they existbecauseburns travelled around the country
tae learn what they meantbecausecoming from where we came
whether it does or notbecausedespite the fact that they
the what they jumped tobecauseer paw worked in a
which kind of annoys mebecausef689: oh they re do-
folk also say they stoppedbecausefolk on farms needed fewer
chaplains for cats is thatbecausefolk think they dinna ging
a committee they were annoyedbecausefor example they did not
when they re on tourbecausehe s a bad influence
they won t let himbecausehe s sixteen pause it
the wolf m1108: why f1107: becausehe wants to and they
what they guy was sayingbecausehe was scot- f1037: because
they oh boy f1104: yeahbecausei bide in africa f1103:
time that was them finishedbecausei mean they couldnae see
m608: mm oh aye f637: becausei mean they didnae have
in school they were awfulbecausei was completely out of
i think that they thinkbecausei work in in gaelic
have taken the house overbecauseif they move us now
some tough questions in therebecauseif they start you know
them i just don tbecauseif they take some f1151:
volunteer to do the workbecauseif they were not there
i have a disagreement todaybecausein this area they have
but our parents you knowbecauseit like in school they
they liked to speak scotsbecauseit made them feel scottish
whether they exist or notbecauseit puts people off and
why dae they dae thatbecauseit s formal f1001: aye
they came on a fridaybecauseit was a a catholic
right and they were crashingbecauseit was a stormy day
they admitted choosing scots deliberatelybecauseit would be incomprehensible to
that they supported the billbecauseit would be passed more
man woman officials were laughingbecauseits so long until they
fire when they came inbecause[laugh] i could never get
for a definition of scotsbecause[laugh] they weren t sure
as well as they dobecausem741: right m605: both [censored: surname]
they are indigenous languages andbecausenowhere else in the world
be helpful to the centresbecauseof course they too needed
they were hitherto that isbecauseof domestic commitments partners and
than a true fox huntbecauseof its predictability they also
of course haven t theybecauseof people comin an goin
of an older past andbecauseof that they can reflect
ehm and could that bebecauseof the bilingual situation they
scottish border they were favouredbecauseof the completeness of the
the draft regulations might changebecauseof the consultation but they
speakers of english are inarticulatebecauseof the dialect they speak
turn out the second nightbecauseof the distances they had
that people are just comingbecauseof the famine and they
the forestry commission they havebecauseof the representations of the
wanted to do something thatbecauseof the war they couldn
angles that they are inferiorbecauseof the way in which
at the scottish office allegedlybecauseof their age although they
for extension beyond 1 aprilbecauseof their value they are
are they are startin againbecauseof this this eh f826:
keep it on over nightbecauseof well they wanted to
rules for that would bebecauseonce again they didn t
area and kitchen they prevailedbecausepeople are scared about the
what they mostly harvested m939: becausepotatoes was the main thing
mm right f1027: and allbecauseshe came from northumberland they
this one divn t theybecauseshe s f1103: because she
they because she s f1103: becauseshe s just little f1104:
s recommendations they do sobecausesir stewart and his commission
we called stiletto heel protectorsbecauseso they didn t mark
that they make that distinctionbecausesomebody f1009: yes m1008: i
a temporary job as loonbecausesomeone was ill they got
not just the ground m942: becausethat s what they most-
to sort of bark expletivesbecausethat s what they told
when i was in schoolbecausethe belt went out they
they come into the schemebecausethe changes that would be
they are in the documentbecausethe investment has been made
earlier in the week butbecausethe road was closed they
of course some people ermbecausethe- they cause those people
know they wasted their timebecausetheir their other f831: mmhm
is finance they cannot workbecausethere is no specialist child
i speir usually they hinnabecausethere s nae siller tae
that they don t winbecausethere s nothing worse than
they have been under surveillancebecausethere was no reason for
ower tae my grunny sbecausethey aa slept in one
our visits were highly effectivebecausethey allowed people to speak
produce acceptable results much fasterbecausethey already know much the
with i e on itbecausethey always add ie so
well f1103: are they f1104: becausethey always be home helps
should not be funded justbecausethey always have been that
smith s ideas on sacrificebecausethey appeared to shed light
theatres that are so importantbecausethey are a baseline for
which are difficult to addressbecausethey are about a point
solway firth pose administrative difficultiesbecausethey are all partly in
its failings and its badnessbecausethey are always dealing with
they become seen as wrongbecausethey are associated f718: mmhm
in the play are irrationalbecausethey are at the mercy
landlords are being picked upbecausethey are being regulated in
data are poor is misleadingbecausethey are better than they
me she likes longley toobecausethey are both long and
the ombudsman within a yearbecausethey are caught up in
ve been using express coachesbecausethey are cheaper than the
to the language of educationbecausethey are confronted with a
in society er are badbecausethey are different from the
want scripts to be returnedbecausethey are frustrated and angry
meetings we should request thembecausethey are germane to the
a service to their clientsbecausethey are having to create
cards we understand those thingsbecausethey are in the category
they should be treated differentlybecausethey are indigenous languages and
just come across such offencesbecausethey are liable to be
to find out ad hocbecausethey are more skilled at
[censored: forename] m1090: why f1089: whybecausethey are needing cut m1090:
the titanic nurses are leavingbecausethey are not being allowed
avoid going to the doctorbecausethey are not confident enough
ask how testing they arebecausethey are not quantified how
creates big problems for staffbecausethey are not sure whether
forced to rely on simplybecausethey are old we do
such matters and requesting inspectionsbecausethey are out checking hmos
are not included in itbecausethey are outside the scope
students on the go butbecausethey are part time they
to introducing computer techniques justbecausethey are possible we believe
and training for work programmesbecausethey are relevant to the
is that voluntary organisations innovatebecausethey are responsive to local
making new connexions however justbecausethey are so basic and
children are taken note ofbecausethey are so like their
are not selected for jobsbecausethey are too old we
disagree with the sutherland recommendationsbecausethey argue for the retention
why is that is itbecausethey avoid meat or yeah
was a peety for herbecausethey baith o them smelt
functional standards and performance requirementsbecausethey believe that that will
no one stands against youbecausethey believe you re a
the police not so muchbecausethey broke the law themselves
afford to sell it cheaperbecausethey buy huge quantities gladys
in the water you knowbecausethey call them some of
context of learning a languagebecausethey can access websites they
more accommodating of drag huntsbecausethey can be laid to
forced out of the nhsbecausethey can no longer take
from lawyers and other personnelbecausethey can often be tripped
forced to go to workbecausethey cannot afford to live
amount towards their care andbecausethey cannot afford to pay
get treatment for drug abusebecausethey cannot get it by
to us day after daybecausethey cannot resource the demands
and office staff does sobecausethey care even the cleaners
even the cleaners are therebecausethey care they spend time
illegal are really only illegalbecausethey cause a perceptual shift
must not wear sandals eitherbecausethey cause flat feet miss
re tryin to influence youbecausethey come fae there ken
right m194: are comin inbecausethey come in fae d-
for further national parks mainlybecausethey consider there is a
of baits and lures presumablybecausethey could be established and
was big this was necessarybecausethey could hardly avoid being
ye off m608: mmhm m194: becausethey could pay a man
it has been very worryingbecausethey couldn t find out
the checkout and had nothingbecausethey couldn t get anything
over the world locked upbecausethey couldn t stop thinking
it s built on floatinbecausethey couldnae the [?]repair[/?] drivers
the greenock folk their duebecausethey couldny parley vous a
like that but i supposebecausethey d be sittin at
who wrote in that modebecausethey d been influenced by
see things getting knocked downbecausethey d been knocked down
there since they were youngbecausethey d been put there
they d been put therebecausethey d had an illegitimate
his family for 18 monthsbecausethey d passport visa difficulties
not remember you at allbecausethey deal with so many
bear careful reading and considerationbecausethey deal with the important
the framework of the schemebecausethey deal with visitors and
up a discretionary licence schemebecausethey did not feel that
regarded with disapproval in englandbecausethey did not fit into
impact of the budget fullybecausethey did not have the
play exactly by the rulesbecausethey did not know enough
problem was the schools faultbecausethey did not know how
rejected the nice treaty simplybecausethey did not know what
said that people approached himbecausethey did not want to
do a dissertation in grammarbecausethey didn t f746: [inaudible]
re roch an orra spukkenbecausethey dinna ken ony better
load o discussions aboot thatbecausethey dinna ken where they
are unable to answer questionsbecausethey do not fall within
to people who are movingbecausethey do not get on
of supplying bp and shellbecausethey do not have the
look down on sung lyricsbecausethey do not take up
nato enthusiasts have opposed movementbecausethey do not want nato
discouraged from completing the censusbecausethey do not want others
the neutrals have opposed movementbecausethey do not want to
is well placed to deliverbecausethey do projects across ehm
are selected for study preciselybecausethey do provide opportunities for
er hey they re safebecausethey don t break the
germany knew what it meantbecausethey don t get the
p- why are people fatbecausethey don t know how
who are just doing itbecausethey don t like it
rarely mentioned in old documentsbecausethey don t pay rent
my friends find it annoyingbecausethey don t understand it
my friends find it annoyingbecausethey don t understand it
with great care and lovebecausethey exist only here if
especially an office job ehbecausethey expect you tae answer
read the books in englishbecausethey f606: mmhm m954: want
parliament as a registered partybecausethey fall below the statutory
often they withdraw from proceedingsbecausethey feel that they have
street that doesn t existbecausethey felt that no american
feasible some authorities were criticalbecausethey felt that some of
rented sector in their areasbecausethey felt that they had
re entering the job marketbecausethey felt that they were
were unsure about the eurobecausethey felt they did not
and disappears off the scenebecausethey find themselves in a
situation real difficulties may arisebecausethey gain the message from
representatives the workshops were helpfulbecausethey gave each group an
day for the bairns toobecausethey got to roll eggs
a damn who bit thembecausethey had a baby in
it did them no goodbecausethey had a virus during
were reckoned to have failedbecausethey had all worked in
going to run the showbecausethey had always run every
nothing to do with hellbecausethey had been around much
running up the white flagbecausethey had been given the
broke the law themselves butbecausethey had been with somebody
lost from their bottom linesbecausethey had lost those agreements
in the well the kitchenbecausethey had m1042: in the
widna even eat the sandwichesbecausethey had mustard in them
these had just been removedbecausethey had nearly taken fire
when she was there andbecausethey had no family she
a stain on their namesbecausethey had not gone through
not eligible for a loanbecausethey had received loans several
of laurencekirk had a hostelbecausethey had six land girls
had come without an appointmentbecausethey had the necessary material
talked at for an hourbecausethey had to do something
english course than oxford unibecausethey hadn t really changed
teacher would be like nobecausethey hadn t thought of
prevent people from being disadvantagedbecausethey happen to be a
are on that grade justbecausethey happen to be in
youngsters will take up smokingbecausethey happen to see an
the devising of definitions andbecausethey have confidence in their
the regulations to our attentionbecausethey have not been notified
by only a few daysbecausethey have not fallen into
beats me it is probablybecausethey have nothing else to
thing they may do sobecausethey have received direct benefit
question there are those whobecausethey have recently graduated will
on studies of scottish huntsbecausethey have relatively less followers
the list of general institutionsbecausethey have representative offices in
get a fish supper herebecausethey have this thing called
right yeah yeah m762: largelybecausethey haven t been exposed
i owe them a lotbecausethey helped to save my
not used they are usefulbecausethey inform teachers and give
are quite a good modelbecausethey involve a full range
kinda any longer to schoolbecausethey just left them got
as lobbyists they are employedbecausethey know what the issues
class speakers may be inarticulatebecausethey lack confidence in an
speak french here not simplybecausethey learned it at school
will become possible between nationsbecausethey ll all be speaking
clothes on these poor girlsbecausethey ll be frozen f1112:
you should talk to kidsbecausethey ll speculate on their
is a case for exemptionbecausethey look more like joint
heavy i hadna expected thatbecausethey looked sae licht in
4 and 6 years anywaybecausethey lose the ability to
they open up your mindbecausethey make you question authority
not allowed to take thembecausethey may be detrimental to
and talk to her forbecausethey might have [laugh] said
not i don t knowbecausethey might still have the
confidence in conveners of committeebecausethey must be in a
later on or f640: nobecausethey no not no because
s trawlermen it s okaybecausethey only had the two
they cause a perceptual shiftbecausethey open up your mind
180 rather than 110 cashbecausethey paid me as a
pleasure to get his lettersbecausethey proved to me once
and franchises she dislikes simulationsbecausethey provide students with the
were not very long sightedbecausethey put people out there
keep ye know f835: justbecausethey re a bigger part
than yeah m762: yeah orbecausethey re enjoying that book
be fluent gaelic speakers ehmbecausethey re expected to teach
past you and past youbecausethey re full f745: yeah
canna they should be chosenbecausethey re good liars and
quite a strain you knowbecausethey re grown up erm
sort of voting for thembecausethey re iconic rather than
been turfed out their farmsbecausethey re like hm we
m608: aye aye m1163: andbecausethey re looking for a
has she nae f1104: nobecausethey re nae workin f1103:
put glaikit m1015: mmhm m1014: becausethey re not attracted to
to just build it upbecausethey re not exposed to
t actually redistributin any wealthbecausethey re producin a single
receive very little critical attentionbecausethey re short and they
m815: [inhale] ah [inaudible] m816: becausethey re so keen now
are waddling around on crutchesbecausethey re too fat to
ronnie fit wye no teeniebecausethey re too prood ronnie
within the definition of lobbyingbecausethey receive subscriptions from their
of the research are provisionalbecausethey relate only to the
m608: mmhm mmhm m1174: ermbecausethey saw us providing a
better with the donegal peoplebecausethey seemed to have a
committee referred the two documentsbecausethey set out the five
which was a good thingbecausethey settled firmly into your
should read things like thatbecausethey should be aware of
so i am deeply disappointedbecausethey should have been well
f606: mm m845: speech probablybecausethey so much time with
use it with my friendsbecausethey sometimes laugh they don
use it with my friendsbecausethey sometimes laugh torphins social
because they no not nobecausethey stayed at a distance
in other ways for examplebecausethey supply very sheltered housing
mmhm m194: where the si-becausethey they built the railway
been intimidatit fae using itbecausethey they maybe be seen
family they totally brand youbecausethey think f814: uh huh
start doing law or accountancybecausethey think okay there s
frightened to go into hospitalbecausethey think that doing so
activity do not do sobecausethey think that it might
speak er not in scotsbecausethey thought that was s-
which would surprise the bairnsbecausethey thought they were well
did get a free coffeebecausethey took me f810: [laugh]
had nae hoose that daybecausethey took over m608: ah
been lost or forgotten perhapsbecausethey ve been seen as
both jobs m741: mmhm m605: becausethey ve both got specialisms
same down in london toobecausethey ve got barges and
m816: redbacks you can spotbecausethey ve got little they
their wives wee nippy sweetiesbecausethey ve gottae be home
s an experience for thembecausethey ve no really heard
either starving themselves to deathbecausethey ve put on so
it s been really goodbecausethey ve started actually talkin
that s that s surprisingbecausethey ve they ve been
mmhm m762: whatever that wasbecausethey w- they w- they
you could tell the electbecausethey walked in the way
some will not drink itbecausethey want a fizzy drink
go outwith their own areabecausethey want the reception and
in voluntary activity do sobecausethey want to do it
they like men have writtenbecausethey wanted to find expression
they moved to the peripherybecausethey wanted to get as
and her pal going onbecausethey wanted to save the
names written on it ehmbecausethey went over the budget
ower and work togedder andbecausethey were a crood o
lot o men gaun abootbecausethey were aa awa tae
do with this knight f809: becausethey were all very religious
week those people are illbecausethey were contaminated in the
huh yeah mmhm f965: justbecausethey were driving a car
went to uni down southbecausethey were educated up here
in jarama it was onlybecausethey were english speakers that
they were neeps no doubtbecausethey were fat and round
are not unhealthy in themselvesbecausethey were god given but
so good at maths butbecausethey were having to do
they d taken them offbecausethey were just going off
were four but that sbecausethey were kind of quite
pushed to have them includedbecausethey were lifeline services miss
exempt from being called upbecausethey were m608: right m194:
golf balls were called guttiesbecausethey were made of gutta
whsmith but then she quitbecausethey were making her work
because rents were so highbecausethey were not appropriately supported
were those who were displeasedbecausethey were not being asked
approaching the sqa for clarificationbecausethey were not happy this
mum and her pal onbecausethey were on like you
yes i do i dobecausethey were part of that
goldie my recollection is thatbecausethey were remoter and fairly
made them feel scottish orbecausethey were scots just as
what can i belong tobecausethey were small in number
love money perhaps it sbecausethey were so constrained under
shared roots but evolved separatelybecausethey were spoken in separate
the local authorities submitted especiallybecausethey were substantially higher than
that s kind of blankbecausethey were taken fae facing
in yorkshire accents of coursebecausethey were teenagers and they
divot o strae in embecausethey were too big but
fired them in the afternoonbecausethey were too soft to
sponsored them m608: mmhm f643: becausethey were trying to up
good left wing people [laugh]becausethey weren t m741: yeah
important to people in scotlandbecausethey will affect so many
to make an amended applicationbecausethey will be within the
is well placed for thatbecausethey will have been helping
that everything will be okaybecausethey will introduce a statutory
is also a quality issuebecausethey will not be rated
the new powers will comebecausethey will remove unnecessary bureaucracy
of consultation will be mixedbecausethey will want to reach
say about almost anything andbecausethey willingly taught me how
douglas stewart millplough felt embarrassedbecausethey wore shoes to school
italian kids at that timebecausethey would be at school
him at a mainstream prisonbecausethey would be subjected to
i oppose the executive amendmentsbecausethey would grant an unnecessary
additional costs for independent retailersbecausethey would have to make
encourage offenders to co operatebecausethey would know that failure
people not to leak informationbecausethey would know that the
i ve got two earringsbecausethey would need tae dig
to use local pharmacy servicesbecausethey would no longer be
on many teachers in schoolsbecausethey would not be aware
course they were expensive erbecausethey you know they had
kind of two steps removedbecauseto to joe public they
ehm would have had gaelicbecauseuh i think they actually
the protection that they needbecausewe acknowledge their importance in
yeah they must have donebecausewe got scottish country dance
they thought we kept quietbecausewe knew perfectly well and
know they re not truebecausewe know what the bible
went to hear enoch sitimabecausewe recognise that they carry
m845: yeah ehm [inaudible] theybecausewe ve moved around so
when they are required 5becausewe want everyone in scotland
in they days it wasbecausewe were f1023: oh aye
you re f812: they thoughtbecausewe were from the same
as lucky as they arebecausewe were not part of
it was probably yes maybebecausewell they wirnae really on
odd to people s earsbecausewhat they were actually doing
sometimes they called them bedsbecauseyou drew a bed did
[inaudible] they ve spent m941: becauseyou entered through the vagina
empty ones f813: [inhale] m811: becauseyou got paid so they
well they didn t knowbecauseyou just as soon as
they are making some mistakesbecauseyou re not supposed to
they cannae really erm ignorebecauseyou re using their buzzwords
gallie i do not understandbecausea card is needed to
of leadership is important notbecausea certain professional officer is
may not have been accuratebecausea source of 1923 swatches
which the gnp cannot applybecauseaberdeen does not qualify i
debate the census not leastbecauseafter today i will not
not accrued to the prisonbecausean adjudication or criminal conviction
not use the principle thatbecausean enlarged europe will not
home for a few monthsbecausean extension is not ready
fell from the air notbecauseanyone wished them to vanish
we welcome enlargement not leastbecauseas others have said it
it s good as wellbecause[cough] it s not kind
in support of the petitionbecausecouncillor faulds could not make
[inhale] not that i rememberbecauseerm f718: different m1078: i
shop and or cook erbecausef1038: it s not like
counselling services i discovered thatbecausefacilitate was not going to
not necessarily meet the criteriabecausefor example the number of
re not gonna touch glasgowbecauseglasgow s full of foreigners
and how it does sobecausegood conversations are not usually
not know that of coursebecausehe did not know whether
he cannot answer such questionsbecausehe does not have ministerial
on which he cannot commentbecausehe does not have ministerial
not about the richard thingbecausehe doesn t know about
only from an obscure anglebecausehe had not read the
now accepts the arguments notbecausehe is persuaded by those
not be a great poetbecausehe lacked high seriousness f
t feel comfortable with thatbecausehe s not jewish it
er we re all disappointedbecausehe was not put on
who perished it was notbecausehe was rich that he
the door was not lockedbecauseher foot was chained to
have led to considerable difficultiesbecausehigher still is aimed not
it is not old groundbecausei am asking a specific
i sound cagey it isbecausei am not in the
is an issue for usbecausei am not sure that
issue a little bit furtherbecausei am not totally clear
planning and general purposes committeebecausei did not attend its
cannot help the committee therebecausei did not attend meetings
have not read the documentbecausei did not have it
this debate that was notbecausei did not support it
was it was simply notbecausei didn t know the
holding replies and so forthbecausei do not have the
i use the word perceptionbecausei do not know the
no native latin speakers listeningbecausei do not know what
tony gallagher i said thatbecausei do not like the
put it in those termsbecausei do not pretend to
only two points of principlebecausei do not pretend to
a guide to petition accessbecausei do not think that
best unproven robin harper nobecausei do not think that
home and on income primarilybecausei do not think that
can get agreement across partiesbecausei do not think that
to go outside the roombecausei do not want our
to bother and why notbecausei don t care that
not need to do thatbecausei have examined his speech
i just robin harper nobecausei have not addressed your
90 106 eec i assumebecausei have not read that
do not know the answerbecausei have not seen a
did not support it butbecausei hoped to be on
not big one big onesbecausei m a big one
don t care that muchbecausei m not going to
quite sure why not ermbecausei think that s of
not at the previous meetingbecausei was at the commonwealth
not like gene- f1155: ermbecausei was si- i was
be fair i will notbecausei would like to get
consultation process consultation is importantbecauseif we do not include
and not look at himbecauseif you did make eye
i should have felt itbecauseinsecurity is basically not trusting
this bill would bring aboutbecauseireland does not have that
are not taken care ofbecauseit appears tae be cheaper
adrift from the cab organisationbecauseit could not meet the
funding worth 2 million howeverbecauseit could not secure 120
it had no contingency planbecauseit could not substitute for
goodness did not save youbecauseit could not you were
the committee to say thatbecauseit did not want the
has not adopted the principlebecauseit does not consider that
document difficult to deal withbecauseit does not contain a
force it too is defectivebecauseit does not disapply section
the prison should be closedbecauseit does not have in
the greatest waste of talentbecauseit does not receive any
it cannot make that announcementbecauseit does not think that
management committees to be advisorybecauseit does not want to
m941: an it s funnybecauseit has the video not
this is beneficial not onlybecauseit helps children become more
should not carp or criticisebecauseit is a strong reason
farmers would not like itbecauseit is an additional cost
have made representations on broadbandbecauseit is currently not provided
is not understood by pantagruelbecauseit is in a barely
i make that point simplybecauseit is not easy to
it is sometimes argued thatbecauseit is not longer the
is not a cruel actbecauseit is not normal practice
not know whether that isbecauseit is not very infective
staring me in the facebecauseit is not yet with
should remove the whole paragraphbecauseit is simply not true
do not tend to leavebecauseit is such a brilliant
but is not entirely satisfactorybecauseit means that what the
ain t and not justbecauseit plays about with metaphors
not taught in the statesbecauseit s in the constitution
that s a perth wordbecauseit s not a word
an it s quite wrongbecauseit s not the right
flowers then not much flowersbecauseit s winter time isn
the list is not exclusivebecauseit still gives discretion to
not for that reason butbecauseit was easier to clean
not on the agenda simplybecauseit was not available there
not liked for the jobbecauseit was not elastic enough
s confession before the courtbecauseit was not positive and
large section of the communitybecauseit was not sufficiently aware
demand could not be metbecauseit was overwhelming that would
keeps turning down european moneybecauseit will not match it
should still pay the costsbecauseit would not be appropriate
the pack from the councilbecauseits implementation is not the
i m trying not tobecause[laugh] i know i m
recognised deprived communities are targetedbecausemany people do not live
would not have been surprisingbecausemany roman catholics particularly those
ormiston is not obtainable sirbecausemr ormiston is dead savvy
from msps the convener justbecausemsps were not called does
i could not criticise thatbecausemy culture spokesman brian monteith
great injustice will be donebecausenot enough people in the
end up talking about buildingsbecausenot only am i rhona
like oh [laugh] slightly frighteningbecauseobviously i m not really
m608: uh huh m1174: ermbecauseobviously not many kids would
not be moving anywhere justbecauseof a licensing scheme that
under the commitment payments schemebecauseof a not achieving the
metaphors as i proceed notbecauseof any great literary qualities
was lost that happened notbecauseof anyone s deliberate actions
it did not make progressbecauseof cold war tensions however
is not available to thembecauseof cost when i worked
if that is not possiblebecauseof funding restrictions we should
could not use public transportbecauseof illness or disability in
marriage ceremony going ahead wasbecauseof inebriation not on my
word and not used lightlybecauseof its close association with
not have been brought inbecauseof its enforcement difficulties some
social enterprise are not thwartedbecauseof lack of money or
a building becomes unsafe notbecauseof lack of repair or
i would not do otherwisebecauseof my respect for all
not to include it wasbecauseof practical problems particularly the
i do not say thatbecauseof some conspiracy theory but
for each individual project notbecauseof some other financial relationship
bill should not be passedbecauseof that it should be
does not contain such sanctionsbecauseof that we question the
not come into this housebecauseof the blackie peggy s
i think this not onlybecauseof the dictionaries we have
pounds especially but not exclusivelybecauseof the fire safety issues
side could be used andbecauseof the list could not
is not terribly realistic simplybecauseof the logistics one would
not able to get inbecauseof the points system and
not we missed significant opportunitiesbecauseof the relationship between the
sorts of difficulties not justbecauseof the scale but because
else it was not chosenbecauseof the scottish population share
is certainly important not onlybecauseof the subject matter but
we have but does notbecauseof the suspension the welsh
which was unfortunate although notbecauseof the two people involved
is such a disgrace notbecauseof the wickedness of politicians
loved me it would bebecauseof them and not in
you re not having thisbecauseof this and f814: because
assembly is not even functioningbecauseof what has happened there
not change what we thinkbecauseof what the executive thinks
management however we did notbecauseour eyes were focused on
ageism is difficult to identifybecausepeople are not used to
builders of bridges and housesbecausepeople do not expect the
it s not been madebecausepeople say well because there
which was not being usedbecausepeople were using english for
will have very little workbecausepeople will not know that
the case of flatted propertiesbecauseplaning permission is not needed
all the evidence shows thatbecausepoor communities do not have
more apparent than janie sbecauseshe is not so distracted
mcconnell government is not itbecauseshe knows that the first
just er i think notbecauseshe particularly hated it here
sad fedor not a missbecauseshe was a widow from
the first minister overloaded herbecauseshe was not one of
a fool not the doctorbecauseshe was only fifteen and
annoying not in not inbecauseshe was talking but because
am not taking any interventionsbecausesnp members did not take
a shot in the darkbecauseso much is not known
but not her european thoughtsbecausesome of her thoughts are
attempt to address that problembecausesuch hours are not family
do not exist for scotvecbecauseteachers had much more limited
there was a conceptual difficultybecausethat body was not established
been at a massive disadvantagebecausethat change had not been
choice of accessing the reportbecausethat does not offer any
not offer the training packagebecausethat is the most difficult
you are not suggesting thatbecausethat organisation employs a parliamentary
let her [laugh] do thatbecausethat was not f746: that
am grateful for that clarificationbecausethat was not in the
took place would take placebecausethat was not what had
but it is not andbecausethe appeal body is the
he brought him back notbecausethe books he wrote afterwards
not have been passed onbecausethe committee could do nothing
am not glad about itbecausethe debate should and need
do not know the verdictbecausethe decision is i believe
the programme cannot be deliveredbecausethe executive is not training
could not spend that amountbecausethe figures would not then
obviously not too enjoyable eitherbecausethe former king of the
for sport and social inclusionbecausethe formulas do not recognise
however that is not relevantbecausethe future negotiations are what
is it not m605: yeahbecausethe gaelic alphabet doesn t
smoking is not really dangerousbecausethe government would not allow
have not yet read itbecausethe group has considered not
certainly not a london solutionbecausethe journey that we are
that is probably not possiblebecausethe legislation is couched in
does not cover that scenariobecausethe list does not cover
did not last the coursebecausethe number of members was
not fund certain bethany projectsbecausethe organisation will not for
that such responses came afterwardsbecausethe organisations did not seek
we could not go homebecausethe punishment would fit the
chicken which will not fightbecausethe quality of a language
report were not taken forwardbecausethe recommendations that came out
available in the grampian areabecausethe region does not have
not be a direct replacementbecausethe role of the project
windows the officer said thatbecausethe rules came not from
confidence but not undue confidencebecausethe staff are well informed
the service does not happenbecausethe structure is so complex
that judgment adds up tobecausethe survey information does not
offer of a ct scannerbecausethe trust does not have
not have objective 1 statusbecausethe uk office for national
support our motion not onlybecausetheir consciences demand it but
not to stereotype older peoplebecausetheir needs and issues extend
in court on defence mattersbecausetheir rights do not seem
back m608: not keen yeahbecausethere are bits i mean
not interested in those peoplebecausethere are no problems with
strange debate to sum upbecausethere does not seem to
it might not be possiblebecausethere is a quasi judicial
as not being mutually exclusivebecausethere is a role for
that evidence is not correctbecausethere is evidence that tobacco
one position to the otherbecausethere is not a question
similar position to petition pe474becausethere is perhaps not enough
pensioners might not collect benefitsbecausethere might be a stigma
distance really it s notbecausethere s eh any f746:
t look through them allbecausethere s just not enough
not going to hear youbecausethere s music on through
and prose m741: yeah m605: becausethere s not been a
not a good option reallybecausethere s too much else
not represent a disruptive changebecausethere was a constant underlying
a smooth transition not leastbecausethis is the middle of
of once famous surf notbecausethose who loved the beaches
manson not at this stagebecauseto do that we need
is not worth a jotbecauseunless a good number of
mind which is absolutely truebecauseuntil today i had not
should not be lost simplybecausewe are approaching the election
be focused on set areasbecausewe are not going to
we have a time bombbecausewe are not investing now
opportunity to scrutinise the proposalsbecausewe are not represented directly
an existing piece of legislationbecausewe do not believe that
will not want to investbecausewe do not have people
order that relates to religionbecausewe do not have the
point in your contacting usbecausewe do not have to
use them to best effectbecausewe do not make available
problem with the time scalebecausewe do not want to
open honest and credible waybecausewe do not want to
do it on 16 novemberbecausewe have not agreed the
not yet m1108: why f1107: becausewe have to let that
these books it s notbecausewe re delighted you know
m1174: not really no ermbecausewe re m608: no m1174:
me to say that m941: becausewe re not from glasgow
a good thing but notbecausewe should be trying to
this statistic is not clearbecausewe take it as a
it could not be temptationbecausewe were moved by him
the influence of this materialbecausewe were not given copies
our phone was not tappedbecausewe were not that important
dealing with legislation or decisionsbecausewe would not have to
to withdraw those benefits simplybecausewestminster does not agree with
not offend him that sbecauseye re willin tae pit
have that kind of detailbecauseyou have not fully costed
more loudly and more clearlybecauseyou have not said it
figure out what to dobecauseyou know dan s not
you to get through itbecauseyou know you re not
[laugh] [laugh] m1007: that sbecauseyou re not going fast
we should just go outbecauseyou re not gonna get
an effect f943: [laugh] whybecauseyou re not inflicting enough
or something f1154: oh nobecauseyou re not like gene-
no f1104: why not f1103: becauseyou re too heavy f1104:
dark haired f641: why f640: becausedark haired people were lucky
why are you whispering f1104: becauseer spring fever can t
a teddy bear with herbecausef1112: why f1111: i can
peggy aye neil why peggybecausegod gave the recipe tae
demonstrably and incontrovertibly yes whybecausehe wrote these words which
go away m1092: why f1091: becausei don t know m1092:
like them f1122: why f1121: becausei don t like chocolate
no i ken why f1130: becausei got lots of toys
why is fiona edgy toobecausei m edgy no it
and why s that deanabecausei m like these fallen
eh f950: yeah [laugh] [third person in room laughs]becausei mean why should we
look two m1108: why f1107: becausei see them m1108: did
why do you ask m964: becausei think it s a
carefully now m1108: why f1107: becauseif you spill it we
fearful noise and dust whybecausein place of the tenement
why am i bothering simplybecauseit is plainly right for
scots why there why therebecauseit just happens to be
thing [censored: forename] f1130: why f1129: becauseit s a lot of
edinburgh f806: why f807: probablybecauseit s more lucrative to
minister why it was rejectedbecauseit would have been a
because why would i justbecauseit- it s healed why
bad cat m1108: why f1107: becausejess spilled th- the ink
sink m1108: why dinna f1107: becausem1108: i m splatting there
really don t know whybecausepeople would assume that the
muesli mesli m942: why m941: becauseshe was a fuckin fanny
don t know like m605: becausethat s why like a
he s got nice flowersbecausethat s why she s
your mummy f1112: why f1111: becausethe mummy sheep will be
i also thought why botherbecausewe have no more standing
right for no apparent reasonbecausewhy would i just because
s sayin why he saysbecauseye know the polished bench
sadie whey is that carolannebecauseyou re perverse sadie why
cannot afford to use thembecausea very small number create
we must work positively togetherbecausealthough things are very difficult
very loudly m827: mmhm f826: becauseat school the one of
very difficult f718: [laugh] m017: becauseeh i i i cannot
still is very very differentbecausef606: mmhm f828: there s
would be difficult for thembecausefood retailing is a very
was a very practical thingbecausefor dusty jobs you could
mum would put it erbecausehe drank very heavily and
feel very sorry for thembecausehe hadn t got a
should be our first victimbecausehe has very kindly agreed
he is very very strongbecausehe plays rugby in scrums
er f718: uh huh m734: becausehe was very much into
them something to talk aboutbecausehe wasn t very good
very slowly savouring every wordbecauseher feel aul mither here
time she was very religiousbecauseher late husband had been
if the authorities permit itbecausei do want very badly
would accept me very readilybecausei had a crofting farming
and gaelic was very usefulbecausei remember well coming out
were very jealous of mebecausei was very spoilt of
it s very very seldombecauseif you are there in
it was also very oddlybecauseif you think in terms
called carneddau meaning cairns plausiblebecauseit fits very well with
s a very wonderful bookbecauseit gave me an ex-
dinner this was very welcomebecauseit had started to rain
a very low margin productbecauseit is heavily taxed andrew
presume that it will bebecauseit is very forward thinking
pizza parlour surprisingly quiet probablybecauseit looked very closed the
with with the therapies m608: becauseit s becoming very popular
was very struck by simplybecauseit s in the four
is a very odd bookbecauseit started off just being
it to last very longbecauseit was very cheap we
was very fortunate work wisebecausejust when i was thinking
nochtwithstanding using it very seindilbecausenocht onely ye essay nocht
very strange anglican vicar whobecauseof a blood sugar problem
very fact that the poembecauseof its length must have
very fortunate i must saybecauseof my school being in
very important that is partlybecauseof the man that he
mortality was artificially very highbecauseof the value of fox
committee that is very helpfulbecauseour committee and all committees
boss and very possessive partlybecauseshe hopes her children a
remember calling my grandma anythingbecauseshe was very elderly when
i found that very interestingbecausethat was so distinctive in
suffering very badly through thatbecausethe bother then you get
uniform very smartly turned outbecausethe family wanted her to
exercise was never very successfulbecausethe rantle tree across the
work written in this languagebecausethe very fact is it
been going round to phonebecausethe weather s been very
must be much more flexibilitybecausethere are often very rigid
a conclusion at the momentbecausethere are very different political
two very good cases fellbecausethere is no specific legislation
aye aye livin in f1001: becausevery often you ll say
to have a pipe bandbecausewe have very accomplished pipers
going to be very importantbecausewe re looking to enable
a nativity scene no f640: becausewhen i was very young
very quiet f632: mmhm f646: becausewhen people when you go
was very useful for himbecausewhen the word in the
funeral which is very difficultbecauseyou don t know the
that s no really rightbecausea bobby dazzler probably eh
that was really clever ermbecausebecause she became that character
she can t really understandbecausebroadly speaking erm i was
really uh huh yeah f965: becauseer it seems that you
really enjoyed christmas as muchbecausef641: mmhm f639: you know
think is really quite importantbecausef718: mm m017: er erm
and it was really weirdbecausei could understand what he
f1037: really erm i supposebecausei did you know mother
it was it was onlybecausei didn t really prepare
really lucky with my flatmatebecausei hadn t met her
i canna really speak itbecausei m frae aberdeen but
really bored f1148: mmhm f1149: becausei m quite fair skinned
think it s moving inbecausei think really that s
i really wish i hadbecausei think when i started
or g- or gaelic writingbecausei was really aware that
wanted to read my bookbecausei was really kind of
get the job really ermbecausei wasn t a great
really used to the systembecausein germany everybody can do
f631: mmhm f634: you knowbecauseit it really was my
a really north east thingbecauseit s f1001: a queer
s really annoying as wellbecauseit s sort of you
i really enjoyed it partlybecauseit took me out of
it s difficult to explainbecauseit was really kind of
up even a wee bitbecausema daddy s really sick
was really worried about itbecausemy first year in halls
mummy but i don tbecausenothing is really really sore
different from the scottish mainlandbecauseof the distance really it
the lane never really matteredbecauseof the good times away
aye f890: break his heartbecausereally he just f889: oh
was testin your grammar therebecausereally it should have been
was really clever erm becausebecauseshe became that character in
f718: yes m017: serious developmentbecauseth- civilisation is really based
it was really really busybecausethe s- the road where
only for the day justbecausethere s only really been
difficulty really with with unattractivebecausew- we don t have
really kinda academic and butbecausewe all had different surnames
hearing as a youngster reallybecausewe were we were so
really big lose that edgebecausewell yes i m just
but it s nae reallybecausewhen we were brought up
was like twenty times badbecauseyou had to really you
d really know about itbecauseyou re able to sort
think you should do somethingbecauseyou re really passionate about
t good at lighting firesbecauseat home erm olive you
of copyright issues and ermbecausebasically the staff on the
erm i just got thatbecause[censored: forename] [censored: forename] s her name
don t be common ermbecausecommon was con- ehm considered
of our problems but ermbecauseeh i can remember having
money and completely unnecessary ermbecauseer nice girls er married
bond erm never say neverbecauseer you know conan doyle
you know [third person in room laughs] it worksbecauseerm [cough] i i just
had fish on a tuesdaybecauseerm fishing boats didn t
thing or something f1154: yesbecauseerm he s putting the
i had a different experiencebecauseerm i wasn t particularly
like poetry f1038: mm f1037: becauseerm it s wonderful you
the tv a wee bittiebecauseerm so there s nae
the workshop situation s goodbecauseerm the wee group that
him for a few yearsbecauseerm we started up a
seems so to me anywaybecauseerm when i did erm
university erm which was finebecauseeverybody was going to university
summer just in case ermbecausef806: yeah f807: you know
use a computer so ermbecausehe s an ex serviceman
then because he s fascinatedbecausehe- he s erm an
oh right f745: erm yeahbecausei d done a little
about f631: mm f634: ermbecausei had taken ill erm
how did you know f1104: becausei just my erm my
anything erm at the momentbecausei m writing this and
f606: mmhm m954: erm andbecausei saw how much agony
f643: erm f641: mmhm f643: becausei think i m drawn
love the scots language ermbecausei understand it although i
erm i can say thatbecausei wrote the i wrote
erm i think it sbecauseit s a gaelic speaking
superlanguage erm the jewel alsobecauseit s a tremendous mixture
m608: uh huh m1174: ermbecauseit was erm you know
old english literature i supposebecauseit was erm you know
r- reading of this ermbecauseit was part of a
san francisco so erm butbecauseit wasn t our fault
t happen that fell throughbecausemy agent disappeared erm mysteriously
m1174: erm but then b-becauseof copyright issues and erm
the evening as you saidbecauseof erm the the bustle
person and that priest ermbecauseof his eh h- his
on the homeopathic medication ermbecausepapa wasn t happy about
erm industry and workplace linksbecauseth- it s amazing the
common long ago sadly ermbecausethat was before inoculations and
stay in now in poshbecausethe portobello reporter did erm
s called celtic spirituality ermbecausethe religions the religions the
asking for some feedback erbecausethere s a gaelic erm
clauses using subordinate conjunctions likebecauseunless although erm if and
and erm it s onlybecausewe have these tight deadlines
onto her hand erm f1104: becauseyou remember phil pushes doon
september f1149: erm was thatbecauseyou started a year earlier
where the schooling still ermbecauseyou ve got all these
were a empty o coorsebecauseabody was aff in the
was plugged in when whilebecauseagain you had no central
sizes m608: oh right f643: becauseapparently i was i seemed
school was a different matterbecausebetween us robin and i
a- an it was greatbecauseehm on the day o
was actually awol from schoolbecausef631: oh school f634: you
it was just the conceptbecausehe s worked as a
because he was scot- f1037: becausehe was a scot isn
been dundee words for himbecausehe was based in dundee
who had to be watchedbecausehe was capable of doing
because he was coy orbecausehe was embarrassed or whatever
would use was winners [inhale]becausehe was glaswegian and used
what he was talking aboutbecausehe was he was so
have his biscuit this momingbecausehe was noisy and rude
aye he was called trebbecausehis big brother was a
was also good for mebecausei came into it kind
young was the word sleekitbecausei didn t even know
that was a strange jobbecausei don t like asking
and ehm that was interestingbecausei i mean thinking in
well i think it isbecausei mean my grandad was
know the material it wasbecausei never prepared it er
see i d circled thatbecausei was a bit concerned
helped me ah develop gaelicbecausei was er quite fond
must have been a sundaybecausei was in my grannie
second world war military railwaybecauseinnermessan was the chief settlement
was evident in our workplacesbecauseit affected the amounts that
village green tadley was differentbecauseit had been originally had
was or where it wasbecauseit it i d never
but it was completely impossiblebecauseit s such a monstrous
and i remember it clearlybecauseit was a beautiful night
m1021: or the west portbecauseit was a fact you
sayin an he was justbecauseit was a hundred mile
last school picnic took placebecauseit was a special one
about the situation before thatbecauseit was a substantial time
to go so far alongbecauseit was barry budden which
santa s on his waybecauseit was christmas eve and
if you seized the dogbecauseit was going to prove
which seemed an awful shamebecauseit was hard enough at
was called e currie parkbecauseit was next to that
various labour members was instructivebecauseit was pointed out that
sent out of the housebecauseit was so contagious tuberculosis
large or a small pbecauseit was the case under
we used tae caw itbecauseit was the pips oot
was the livin room ayebecauseit was warmer for ae
couldnae get on the busbecauseit was workers only m608:
i mean i was luckybecauselast year i didn t
was me it would bebecausema ain faith had taen
mum and dad had metbecausemy dad was stationed there
grounds of a psychiatric hospitalbecausemy father was a psychiatrist
makes sense m608: mm f643: becausemy father was from bordeaux
street vernacular in the housebecausemy mother was born in
i i would be stuckbecausemy mum was working olive
question miss goldie you arebecausemy next point was on
hogmanay instead of christmas evebecausenew year s day was
copshaw copsh- copshie for newcastletonbecausenewcastleton was a planned village
was just for sex offendersbecauseno stigma was attached to
didn t give a damnbecausenow everything was so remarkable
like f1049: uh huh m1048: becauseo you i was like
a while whether it wasbecauseof circumstances i don t
f606: uh huh f828: ehmbecauseof course there was there
difference per year in kintyrebecauseof extra costs was 8
is convinced that it wasbecauseof his skills learned tying
amendments are necessary and unavoidablebecauseof the amendment that was
he had stopped his carebecauseof the high charges was
thames waterman a lighterman justbecauseof the words he was
f965: i think it wasbecausepeople were respectful of authority
uh huh [laugh] f1049: stockbecauseshe knew [laugh] i was
to auntie june from melbournebecauseshe was sensitive about the
the police scotland act 1967becausethat squad was constituted by
young man about prison visitsbecausethat was an issue raised
what what became classic filmsbecausethat was the classic period
but nobody got it be-becausethe main character was a
some of those problems existedbecausethe system was new and
the one to go tobecausethe uist and barra was
know there was a fightbecausethere d be a big
to carry out such considerationbecausethere was a delay in
but it was definitely coatiesbecausethere was a lot o
it was a dinin roombecausethere was a table an
before war was declared nowbecausethere was a war on
right f965: of this areabecausethere was an aerodrome here
yeah f1151: a big dealbecausethere was enough people there
inconvenience i would think wasbecausethere was no bathroom it
f209: it all spiralled downbecausethere was one lot of
thing though weren t youbecausethere was the time in
f902: well f826: was thatbecausethere was there was unemployment
it was so complicated gettingbecausethere weren t the fe-
m816: door and that wasbecausewe could close it quietly
war was declared m636: nobecausewe had forgotten we had
his first language was englishbecausewe had television and er
again it was dead safebecausewe used to come out
my life maybe it wasbecausewell we were brought up
john was given a grantbecausewhen he bought the house
way i could do itbecausewhen i was growin up
time fan aabody was closebecausewi us it was wir
funny you should say thatbecauseyou know again jane was
t an ending to itbecauseyou know it was never
just laughing she s likebecauseyou penned her she was
now i realise it wasbecauseyou were in love with
eh f640: in the bedroombecauseyour your sock was at

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