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up ye gyang tae yerbeddiewi besty yer dall fin
huh [inaudible] go to ourbeddief1111: oh put vaseline on
up the stairs to itsbeddiem1098: nah f1097: are you
want to go to itsbeddiem1098: nah f1097: is the
you better go to yourbeddiem1098: nah f1097: it s
communications director of communications lesleybeddiescottish parliament information centre head
the winter half ear williebeddiecam hame at the mey
before you go to yourbeddief1114: th- yes whee f1113:
f1097: then go to yourbeddiem1098: [child noises] f1097: come on
ll be goin to yourbeddieand aa so f1142: [inaudible]
on you goin to yourbeddieoh it came off again
ll put you into yourbeddieaye f1141: uh huh i

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