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door when away from homebedschaff beds were made from
away from home beds chaffbedswere made from stuffing big
stone hot water bottle chaffbedswere refilled every hairst they
any plans to reallocate surgicalbedsas medical beds in the
reallocate surgical beds as medicalbedsin the inverclyde royal hospital
a surgical and b medicalbedsthe inverclyde royal hospital had
s fitt ye ca bunkbeds[censored: forename] one on top of
craig an masel hae bunkbedsme on tap an him
shiny show it s bunkbedsthat s fitt ye ca
pavement with white chalk m1022: bedsm1021: squares aye peevers [inaudible]
o chalk an chalk thebedson the road an play
but we we caed itbedsused to chalk on the
scottish executive how many nhsbedsare currently blocked in scotland
ullrich said the number ofbedsblocked is over 2 700
up however only 1 700bedswere blocked from his time
be in the pee thebedsan the baw heids you
comin from the pee thebedsan they love it ye
ve got the pee thebedswhich always shocks the parents
can be the pee thebedsyou know but of course
fewer nurses and fewer acutebedsin the nhs now than
there are 3 000 fewerbedsin the nhs than in
ti gang til oor sleepinbedsandrey the r juist the
they were sleeping at theirbedsf1141: are they sleepin in
are they sleepin in theirbedsf1142: farr at f1141: i
for sleepin in nae comfybedslike in the ships ye
to increase the number ofbedsavailable for treatment by reducing
for treatment by reducing thebedsoccupied by those for whom
about reducing it to 10bedsthat might reduce the availability
the land the war greenbedsan derk forests an forenent
gang you nou til yeirbedsan sleep awa the derk
derk sweeps doon the cottarbedstae dream o a stolen
them and ye drew yerbedsand then ye played eh
and sometimes they called thembedsbecause you drew a bed
ye drew what we cawedbedswas ye know on the
closure of long stay hospitalbedsdr simpson right i have
of long stay nhs hospitalbedsin geriatrics psychogeriatrics and learning
scottish executive how many hospitalbedsthere were in each hospital
mane of greying hair singlebedsare aa the rage noo
however two brand new singlebedshad been delivered to the
ye ve been gettin newbedssadie she remarked single eens
aye he did lassie singlebedsshe snorted derisively they didna
aye the same in singlebedsthere s some wha swank
that area long stay nhsbedsare touched on in the
the number of long staybedsin geriatric and psycho geriatric
s final position on nhsbedsthe convener right have i
the scottish executive how manybedswere available in each nhs
scottish executive how many residentialbedsthere were for the treatment
s got fitt kind obedsis that one on top
ye ken fitt kind obedsthat is one on top
we ir wi oor cosiebedsan a guid ruif ower
auld anes awa tae oorbedshere s luckie comin ower
to the fit o wirbedsto get oor pulse ta
the number of in patientbedsacross the city and believes
the number of acute receivingbedsacross the city and calls
the scottish executive how manybedsare expected to be available
the scottish executive how manybedswere available for tourists in
stretched across one of thebedsflicking through the hotel room
go f1011: used tae playbedsf1054: [inaudible] f1011: somethin hopscotch
used that f638: but thenbedswerenae like they play hopscotch
fowk gaed waesum til thairbedsthe yungest princess aye sleepit
help while they lay inbedsof afflictions for it is
means that there are twobedswhile double room means having
be displayed on their ownersbedswhile they are at school
one fifth of all orthopaedicbedsare used by patients who
couldna get in atween thebedsava she used to mak
packit them aff tae theirbedsawa ye gyang the pair
were the last to theirbedsan first up in the
no sooner were the newbedsin place than mrs macdonald
three bears in the threebedsthe children were excellent and
they were pit tae theirbedsthough they could aye hear
contained pieces of thistle featherbedswere made by filling the
but she jist lauched thebedswere that close thegither you
i could see rows ofbedsa tousie head on every
see how the english legislationbedsdown the snp has an
e cat doon e flooerbedsan him at full streek
workin his wye along thebedslayin doon the law to
brand new hotel with 6000bedsfor the richer tourists terrible
my bum since the newbedsmoved in i ll tell
men frae their set inbedsan muckle horls birl coonter
no they geed tae theirbedsthen was anither question christmas
i want tae see thebedsf1089: right right will you
i want tae see thebedsi want tae see the
want to cosy in ourbedsthe morn s morning f1104:
two hundred yards of castingbedsat the south end a
and irena there are twobedsone on the right the
e hale hoose e saftestbedse warmest spots at catched
birds at rypit em ebedso kail an cabbage parsley
stoor no closes cludgies peeverbedsand never being poor made
mean leaning over all thesebedsan f1025: [inaudible] the tunic
dee d doucelyke in thairbedsl macbeth going over the
f640: [inaudible] we decorated thebedsf637: mmhm f638: ye played
f1001: but they had boxbedswhich i think still exist
british empire drama soc orbedsfor short there are a
can be a shortage ofbedstoo of course there are
will rest easy in ourbedsmary scanlon we all support
practice cutting waiting times morebedsthe second part of our
and a further 3 000bedsoccupied by patients ready for
minute [pages turning] there s thebeds[pages turning] m1090: [inhale] [exhale] the
because of a shortage ofbedsand staff at accident and
that i can get thebedsready thats all the news
continue to discuss in patientbedswith scottish ministers and the
that [?]cockorossie[/?] off oo ranbedsguesses bools an kick the
hid bin cheenged even thebedshid bin strippit an clean
grants that cover white goodsbedsand carpets can be topped
stear tail upright sea grassbedsat base of ocean most
in and checked under thebedsand metal panel to the
is this erm the poniesbedsf1103: mmhm f1104: anyone who
we ar awaw ti wirbedslang afoir it cums inti

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