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f718: er has there notbeena a cake shop still
same as me this hasbeena bad year for it
as a result there hasbeena big reduction in the
markets but social change hasbeena bit slower we still
usual scawl there has recentlybeena campaign in edinburgh to
a modern phenomenon it hasbeena characteristic of writing in
the language but this hasbeena charade i know that
ourselves also that this hasbeena consistent theme in the
chasing the problem down hasbeena continuous piece of work
benchers as well it hasbeena debate in which the
provoking the convener there hasbeena delay for which i
acknowledged that the convention hasbeena disappointment to her the
to her the convention hasbeena disappointment to me as
going on elsewhere there hasbeena far greater flow of
on the project it hasbeena fascinating experience to have
that the millennium dome hasbeena financial disaster notes that
such time as there hasbeena full debate about the
a government department that hasbeena good day thirdly we
east scotland snp this hasbeena good debate and i
we have been there hasbeena good first attempt but
the present century there hasbeena growing reaction against the
about what has too oftenbeena hidden part of the
number of appeals there hasbeena huge increase in the
it has in the pastbeena huge world player as
address those concerns there hasbeena lack of political and
a notion that there hasbeena lack of progress on
strategy was waning it hasbeena lengthy process but a
step forward in what hasbeena lethargic approach by the
free personal care has longbeena liberal democrat policy on
swearing in session it hasbeena long slow struggle to
to say that it hasbeena long time coming this
something mr mcallion it hasbeena long time since that
locally william mccormack there hasbeena lot of pressure from
of the future there hasbeena major breakthrough because we
improving upon existing skills hasbeena major feature of the
targeting in other areas hasbeena matter of debate for
scottish executive whether there hasbeena moratorium on recruitment for
help it if she sbeena nurse and has to
her speakers too childhood hasbeena painful emigration as in
pandemic levels there has notbeena pandemic since 1968 so
she has arrived there hasbeena perceptible acceleration of the
on pupils higher still hasbeena political football all the
of comfort that it hasbeena pretty thorough job the
securing this debate it hasbeena privilege to speak this
of information convener there hasbeena problem in one or
poetry in this it hasbeena responsibility an honour and
scottish executive why there hasbeena rise from 273 4
nhs since 1997 there hasbeena rising trend in the
several occasions there has notbeena satisfactory answer although we
1618 however it has alwaysbeena scattered rural community in
convener yes it already hasbeena second petition has been
into that category there hasbeena serious problem about the
i think that there hasbeena significant move forward in
been before us it hasbeena small committee it has
the media it has alwaysbeena source of wonder and
safeguarding their property there hasbeena spate of thefts of
s my wife judy hasbeena stalwart support and we
fund of knowledge and hasbeena staunch supporter of the
that there has to havebeena step forward from where
female nude of 1985 hasbeena strong supportive influence for
achieved the sip programme hasbeena success however will the
of puritanism there has alwaysbeena tendency to look down
of buddhism although there hasbeena terrorist cease fire in
scots of all ages hasbeena top priority for the
with your comments this hasbeena tremendously good committee we
cunninghame south lab this hasbeena very exciting day for
reflects on you this hasbeena very good committee which
of scotland snp it hasbeena very interesting morning the
their responses during what hasbeena very long session the
people become older tonight hasbeena welcome contribution i am
receivership at donside there hasbeena widespread expression of interest
to say that it hasbeena year of achievement we
that formula 1 has alreadybeenable to attract sponsorship from
foreign and commonwealth office hasbeenable to come up with
the cloth and has notbeenable to demonstrate that the
them but it has notbeenable to do everything as
to this meeting has notbeenable to get cover i
usual british judge has notbeenable to take part we
what this whole process hasbeenabout giving that degree of
that the basic framework hasbeenabout right in terms of
on the bill has alwaysbeenabout trying to strike a
the scottish charities office hasbeenabsolutely unable to tackle such
build on what has alreadybeenachieved and carry forward work
and public sectors much hasbeenachieved but much more is
been done and what hasbeenachieved in seven months as
government all of that hasbeenachieved in the budget and
multililingualism whilst some success hasbeenachieved in the promotion and
lose sight of what hasbeenachieved sarah boyack said that
a fairly literal translation hasbeenachieved the version most often
success of the restaurant hasbeenachieved through a combination of
drafting error and that hasbeenacknowledged by the executive we
or two points as hasbeenacknowledged the bill has had
mark my room mate hasbeenacting strangely lately after the
that a substantial amount hasbeenadded to that why is
assured that the problem hasbeenaddressed and dealt with it
passing but has not reallybeenaddressed today in that area
scottish executive whether there hasbeenadequate and effective communication with
the scottish six has notbeenadequately addressed despite support for
defence or military policy hasbeenadopted as part of the
that the westminster government hasbeenadvertising recently the recruitment of
march 2003 the clerk hasbeenadvised of the topic of
december 2002 the clerk hasbeenadvised of the topic of
january 2003 the clerk hasbeenadvised of the topic of
water tax the clerk hasbeenadvised of the topic of
bureau motions the clerk hasbeenadvised of the topic of
november 2002 the clerk hasbeenadvised of the topics of
bureau motions the clerk hasbeenadvised of the topics of
december 2001 the clerk hasbeenadvised of the topics of
aware that the timetable hasbeenaffected in any way by
and the facilities it hasbeenafforded in glasgow invites the
in scottish schools there hasbeenafter all some emphasis on
proved that an offence hasbeenaggravated by social prejudice 2
was required that has nowbeenagreed and the conference will
the bill after it hasbeenagreed to in principle the
while much material poverty hasbeenalleviated 21st century forms of
the dti package has notbeenallocated according to geographical area
area and how much hasbeenallocated to each area for
greater glasgow health board hasbeenallocated to help implement the
and timetabling public funding hasbeenallocated to the city of
march 2001 what budget hasbeenallocated to the series of
rail infrastructure what funding hasbeenallocated towards the cost of
beaumont my greatest fault hasbeenallowing myself to stoop to
this winter the publicity hasbeenalmost counterproductive it is all
attention of councillors there hasbeenalmost universal disgust and a
to how the budget hasbeenaltered to accommodate changes that
fallen slightly but there hasbeenan increase in the amount
and berwickshire ld this hasbeenan interesting debate there is
be aware that there hasbeenan interim setting up of
children s panel system hasbeenan outstanding success supported by
invention of scotland that hasbeenanalysed by murray pittock and
medical centre clydebank a hasbeenand b is planned to
interwar period liz lochhead hasbeenand continues to be a
remember how bad she hasbeenand put her in the
extent to which it hasbeenanglicised by various writers we
is the package that hasbeenannounced as well as the
of this debate has neverbeenanswered this debate has been
scottish executive whether there hasbeenany estimate of the impact
scottish executive whether there hasbeenany increase since 1997 in
maureen macmillan there has neverbeenany question that it is
there has not as yetbeenany real discussion on it
been regulated consistently and hasbeenapplied professionally and fairly the
to the labour party hasbeenappointed to conduct the second
a draft of them hasbeenapproved by a resolution of
draft of the instrument hasbeenapproved by a resolution of
the instrument containing it hasbeenapproved by a resolution of
the instrument containing them hasbeenapproved by resolution of the
the instrument containing them hasbeenapproved by resolution of the
the instrument containing it hasbeenapproved by resolution of the
mmhm m017: and in hasbeenargued by some artists that
result of globalisation it hasbeenargued by some poets that
melodiously than bruck hellery hasbeenaround all my life and
sometime after the fox hasbeenaround and for most of
energy conservation act 1995 hasbeenaround for some time now
the young today but hasbeenaround long enough to have
kelly a concern that hasbeenaround since the beginning of
ibm in greenock has nowbeenarranged for the morning of
wide experience that sorrow hasbeenas abiding as it is
introduced and the committee hasbeenasked about the steps that
where the public sector hasbeenasked to come in the
the justice 2 committee hasbeenasked to comment on the
how scots has evolved orbeenassimilated into the speech of
an area which has longbeenassociated with the administration of
an interest but it hasbeenat an early stage for
a very vital issue hasbeenat stake in the past
listened even if it hasbeenat the 11th hour to
particular is something which hasbeenattracting increasing attention in the
expenditure excluding pfi which hasbeenauthorised by the executive is
where the stay concerned hasbeenauthorised in advance by the
where the travel concerned hasbeenauthorised in advance by the
your office that choice hasbeenavailable for seven years in
that such funding has previouslybeenavailable for this type of
selective assistance rsa has onlybeenavailable to companies in the
the outset the executive hasbeenaware of the need for
a perception that gaelic hasbeenawned in scotland in a
we understand that it hasbeenbad that it has been
scots in the community hasbeenbased on a knowledge that
staff numbers and costs hasbeenbased on the commissioner for
pieces of legislation that havebeenbefore us it has been
than me now norman hasbeenbetter except that he is
jamieson what consultation has therebeenbetween the scottish executive and
councils has all that moneybeenbid for what percentage of
get it here everything hasbeenbought or done on a
the gang who has notbeenbridesmaid k was hers and
great gulph that has neverbeenbridged was between him and
result of it there hasbeenbroad consensus among members in
into the back court hasbeenbroken open and removed from
examine income inequality pressure hasbeenbrought to bear on the
dear angus og it hasbeenbrought to my attention by
different language if he hasbeenbrought up to speak an
was and how much hasbeenbudgeted for the maintenance of
of the local solicitors hasbeenbusy buying up all the
with students this option hasbeenbut i believe that for
trauchled road it whiles hasbeenbut luikin backwards ower the
once the initial authorisation hasbeencancelled it will sometimes be
no further scientific research hasbeencarried out for we are
response on what research hasbeencarried out in europe and
are satisfied that consultation hasbeencarried out in relation to
of any research that hasbeencarried out that shows the
scottish executive what research hasbeencarried out to determine the
organisation children in scotland hasbeencarrying out a project on
an education minister who hasbeencaught so blatantly dissembling to
agrees that considerable confusion hasbeencaused by a number of
that mr rumbles asks hasbeencentral to the dialogue and
of the project director hasbeenchanged slightly applications for the
know the whole landscape hasbeenchanged you know hills have
new passenger only vehicle hasbeenchartered for the gourock to
on which wee andy hasbeenchomping his gums according to
documents a recommendation note hasbeencirculated i will go through
divine gods a questionaire hasbeencirculated inviting our views on
consultation with external groups hasbeencirculated over a number of
minister s letter which hasbeencirculated to members indicating that
from margaret doig which hasbeencirculated to other members of
statement from him that hasbeencirculated with committee papers i
quarrying a covering note hasbeencirculated with the petition and
the european parliament as hasbeenclear from earlier discussions a
over the years that hasbeencleared and many of the
in the backcourt has nowbeencleared away if you are
house the work table hasbeencleared away it is a
cathy jamieson cathy peattie hasbeenclosely involved in consideration of
if the information has notbeencollected by those methods in
a lang dwine has aiblinsbeencomin back but in the
welter of mail that hasbeencoming in over the past
appears that an offence hasbeencommitted by a child the
executive how much a hasbeencommitted in each of the
the new parliament building hasbeencommitted to date and that
any future financial support hasbeencommitted to the glasgow science
believe that an offence hasbeencommitted under section 1 of
have his say it hasbeencommon in the past for
inclusive approach no list hasbeencompiled and no language has
copy once this process hasbeencompleted for each of the
the feasibility report has yetbeencompleted if not when it
lodged until stage 1 hasbeencompleted until then there is
completed and if it hasbeencompleted what action it will
the effort has so farbeenconcentrated on prisoners who are
grounds 5 there has alsobeenconcern over the spread of
improvement fund the committee hasbeenconcerned with the issue of
business of that day hasbeenconcluded and should end on
past destroy what she hasbeenconditioned to consider womanly an
foot and mouth disease hasbeenconfirmed and the slaughter of
east kilbride where there hasbeenconsiderable demand and a large
to epitomise what has traditionallybeenconsidered feminine its images are
using the minch has thatbeenconsidered in the context of
vice versa the issue hasbeenconsidered in the context of
sarah boyack although that hasbeenconsidered traffic flows meant that
support which the forum hasbeenconsidering and i refer to
nap the scottish executive hasbeenconsidering ways in which to
mr kerr because he hasbeenconsistent far too often in
see that the executive hasbeenconsistent in terms of the
health and community care hasbeenconsistent throughout the debate the
for scottish penal establishments hasbeenconsulted on issues relating to
as they live derrida hasbeenconsumed by the student the
organs at post mortem hasbeencontinued in existence for a
road no that church hasbeenconverted into a pub a
a bungee rope what hasbeencosla s initial reaction to
that i have received hasbeencouncillors make policy not an
arrangements that area has thereforebeencovered it has not been
national programme has not yetbeencreated the document continues it
possible and this information hasbeencrucial to resolving some of
vocabulary of nonstandard dialects hasbeencurrent within those dialects for
that the matter has notbeendealt with and that we
debate about why it hasbeendealt with at westminster the
the emergency services there hasbeendebate about overtime bonuses and
with this issue which hasbeendebated over a number of
and listen when what hasbeendecided begins to have an
the scottish executive what hasbeendecided in the light of
of an organisation that hasbeendeclared a terrorist organisation the
home but whose placement hasbeendeferred due to lack of
say whether a route hasbeendefined for that bypass and
car and alasdair morrison hasbeendelayed fergus ewing should be
whole nurse practitioner prescribing hasbeendelivered under labour only in
stage dramatisations his importance hasbeendemonstrated in numerous ways with
chairman decide that individual hasbeendenied care for over a
made by someone who hasbeendenied the rights that we
and white as it hasbeendepicted indeed i think that
the act of settlement hasbeendeplorable giving out conflicting and
change in categorisation which hasbeendescribed already will increase or
than 3 per cent hasbeendescribed as significant and that
colloquial speech literary scots hasbeendescribed by aitken 1980 as
in the situation that hasbeendescribed karen whitefield airdrie and
cultural identity 52 scots hasbeendesignated as a regional language
in my constituency that hasbeendesignated as an area of
takes an approach that hasbeendeveloped from the experience of
the scottish compact which hasbeendeveloped in partnership with the
responsibility for its production hasbeendevolved to ewht from the
recognise that the debate hasbeendifficult for everybody this has
a lot of flak hasbeendirected at the executive for
points to the parliament hasbeendirectly addressed i appreciate that
the new opportunities fund hasbeendisbursed and devolved to the
the skill of writing hasbeendiscernible in literature on the
be taken the plan hasbeendiscussed and agreed with the
is traditional hunting which hasbeendiscussed and where it is
what the finance committee hasbeendiscussing in the context of
say that the snp hasbeendisingenuous if we support the
serious matter already there hasbeendisorder at hmpyoi glenochil and
t yeeuch the news hasbeendispersed through the crowd the
other than rendered material hasbeendisposed of and if so
response to the consultation hasbeendisproportionate to our intention that
figure of 25 million hasbeendisputed only by labour no
petitions that correspondence has notbeendistributed with the papers for
to make but australia hasbeendoing it for years and
chisholm will as he hasbeendoing over recent months work
next what has the executivebeendoing since 1999 it is
a vegetarian lektor who hasbeendoing the fastest wilt in
on the work that hasbeendone and the work that
on the research that hasbeendone and the work that
applaud the work that hasbeendone and what has been
be given about what hasbeendone and what will be
to scrutinise work that hasbeendone as people know that
great deal of work hasbeendone at european level for
what f963: mm m762: hasbeendone before you know i
feedback on appeals much hasbeendone but there is still
know if any research hasbeendone er in this particular
the hard work that hasbeendone i plead with the
the good work that hasbeendone in aberdeen by the
years an enormous amount hasbeendone in that area in
indicates that much work hasbeendone it must now be
you have improved what hasbeendone muir russell you will
executive whether any evaluation hasbeendone of either the impact
of time that has oftenbeendone on a subject by
warrant sales some work hasbeendone on ideas that are
s first point work hasbeendone on that for a
continue much work has alsobeendone on the recruitment of
driving not much work hasbeendone on the subject so
a lot of research hasbeendone over the years in
considerable amount of work hasbeendone since then on the
doing it although what hasbeendone so far through the
a wecht o work hasbeendone tae promote gaelic in
issues the work that hasbeendone to improve standards has
a lot of work hasbeendone to promote gaelic in
recognise the work that hasbeendone to restore faith in
that any distinctive harm hasbeendone to someone as a
say traditionally this has notbeendone traditionally until 1921 we
not work that has notbeendone yet other methods to
changes that the gallon hasbeendoubled in size as a
aware that amendment 8 hasbeendrafted to meet many of
duration of authorisations it hasbeendrawn to my attention by
the new hospital that hasbeendrawn to my attention we
this instrument the order hasbeendrawn to the attention of
eligibility to take part hasbeendrawn too tightly and that
about this coal strike hasbeendreadful where is it all
by other states it hasbeendriven by considerations that the
suspicion that the process hasbeendriven by officials who have
of the business bulletin hasbeenduly amended meeting of the
made however if there hasbeenduplicity or connivance on the
away before the food hasbeeneaten not a nurse is
in glasgow the scheme hasbeeneffective and has engaged with
determine whether the scheme hasbeeneffective i expect that as
decision until the parliament hasbeenelected that is not to
pretentious and irritating it hasbeenemployed to avoid repeating the
as a gimmick has therebeenenough awareness raising in the
a spectacle that has seldombeenequalled for beauty at this
scottish public pensions agency hasbeenestablished at tweedbank farming and
a moorland working group hasbeenestablished but the sga is
that a common criterion hasbeenestablished by action 2000 and
when the principle has alreadybeenestablished clearly and convincingly by
every voluntary agreement that hasbeenestablished i predict that the
task force has not yetbeenestablished the precise details of
world heritage partnership group hasbeenestablished with members from the
what percentage of crime hasbeenestimated as drug related in
executive the immediate impact hasbeenestimated at the loss of
is stated that it hasbeenestimated that 90 of the
the extent that it hasbeenestimated to have caused the
once the appeal process hasbeenexhausted one cannot prejudge the
galloway this geographical paradox hasbeenexplained as meaning that these
the courts but concern hasbeenexpressed about the lack of
memorandum p1 concern has alsobeenexpressed about the use of
that task however concern hasbeenexpressed that as drafted the
force on ppp projects hasbeenextremely beneficial to elements of
its members the year hasbeenextremely fruitful the chancellor of
and sabhal mòr ostaig hasbeenextremely useful in bringing the
years the challenge that hasbeenfaced at every level of
social policy agenda paper hasbeenfairly substantially redrafted can we
four decades as she hasbeenfaithful to me no i
of the progress group hasbeenfar greater than before that
the europe day event hasbeenfeatured in many of the
arrive for will dad hasbeenfighting off a cold this
hope to launch has notbeenfinalised and agreed by the
the weather so far hasbeenfine but foggy in the
the sun gladys it sbeenfine though has it i
convener the date has notbeenfixed yet the clerks and
tourism in 1994 this hasbeenfollowed by annual reviews of
s silicon implant she hasbeenfondled by a peer of
and the verdant works hasbeenforced by a continuing and
statement a move that hasbeenforced by the snp and
parliament because the executive hasbeenforced to admit that the
working group s timetable hasbeenforeshortened as a matter of
that your sins has allbeenforgiven and that you are
know and and which hasbeenforgotten by a lot of
been covered it has notbeenforgotten in the event of
that an irresistible coalition hasbeenformed in this chamber to
rights and whereas it hasbeenfound by experience that it
evidence of rough sleepers hasbeenfound once again it is
none of its provision hasbeenfound to be unsatisfactory by
of a younger generation hasbeenfundamental to his success in
that the momentum that hasbeengathered for the right medicine
gone with the wind hasbeengetting rave reviews here and
is significant that she hasbeengiven a position in the
organisations to which money hasbeengiven as long as the
amendments of which notice hasbeengiven can be obtained from
light the go ahead hasbeengiven for recycling bins to
issue another reason that hasbeengiven for the inclusion of
vote the new approach hasbeengiven further prominence by the
a suspended sentence that hasbeengiven out in england or
that s right gow hasbeengiven the go ahead to
people read evening newspapers hasbeengiven the society has also
scottish executive what consideration hasbeengiven to any threat to
the housing stock has considerationbeengiven to basing exemptions on
scottish executive what guidance hasbeengiven to local authorities on
christine grahame what consideration hasbeengiven to the impounding of
advice but little thought hasbeengiven to the increased work
the issues greatest priority hasbeengiven to the matter in
the written evidence that hasbeengiven to us suggests that
third year science classes hasbeengoing around measuring decibels all
great deal of work hasbeengoing on across europe to
of the work that hasbeengoing on in aberdeen over
think has or has notbeengoing on with hmi we
process such as this hasbeengone through and checked by
above an extension certificate hasbeengranted in respect of the
which after a warrant hasbeengranted the matter goes to
f718: mmhm m017: that hasbeengreatly neglected and er the
burns has seldom if everbeengrossly neglected in certain ways
in the uk there hasbeengrowing recognition recently of the
have mentioned instead it hasbeenguided by the prodis and
first minister because he hasbeenguilty of serial deception on
which a criminal trial hasbeenhalted and a ruling is
which you are referring hasbeenhandled as part of the
in it not much hasbeenhappening here we had a
far from glasgow dad hasbeenhard at work getting the
effective the first year hasbeenhave those who should have
to cook tomorrow [censored: forename] hasbeenhaving a bit of a
a landmark event there hasbeenhealthy discussion of the issues
in his exaggerated fashion hasbeenheard telling andy that it
at the sharp end hasbeenheightened and they have been
research policy and funding hasbeenheld at a time which
to the scottish parliament hasbeenheld review the plan and
and oral evidence which hasbeenhelpful the final witnesses are
flour etc in john hasbeenhere since 31st may so
pleased that the issue hasbeenhighlighted and i hope that
the sex offenders register hasbeenhighlighted as far as is
logic is flawed as hasbeenhighlighted by other decisions that
the over 65 programme hasbeenhighly successful and i am
remember how naughty she hasbeeni give her bottom a
wonder how forced that hasbeenimplementation of the bill on
to carry forward it hasbeenimportant in allowing us to
that is why it hasbeenimportant to work out the
increased means testing that hasbeenimposed on pensioners in this
audience though this body hasbeenimpotent in the past in
timothy or b which hasbeenimproved by management practices such
sure that the bill hasbeenimproved by the changes that
into force the bill hasbeenimproved today particularly by the
and what the cost hasbeenin a each of the
agree indeed john swinney hasbeenin correspondence with me on
cost to the nhs hasbeenin each of the past
what the total cost hasbeenin each year since its
of registrars of scotland hasbeenin existence since 1865 in
promise remains the difficulty hasbeenin finalising interruption there are
tobacco advertising in newspapers hasbeenin force in ireland for
much of its work hasbeenin persuading institutions at all
at our peril he hasbeenin the front line and
jim wrote yes she hasbeenin touch many thanks i
least i know [censored: forename] hasbeenin touch with dad to
range of organisations has notbeenincluded and we need to
has been spent will havebeenincluded in the budgets for
historically the voluntary sector hasbeenindependent from government and that
because the shore has ayebeeninfamous in aberdeen because it
that your writing has actuallybeeninfluenced by the fact that
national care commission has recentlybeeninitiated and that not in
through a line that hasbeeninserted this year we have
the welsh language board hasbeeninstrumental in producing cysill which
the years the group hasbeeninstrumental in raising money to
the years the group hasbeeninstrumental in raising money to
authorities the initial scheme hasbeenintroduced but how it is
recent weeks our area hasbeeninvaded by a gang of
scottish executive how much hasbeeninvested by communities scotland and
the 45 million that hasbeeninvested in that scheme is
great boost although funding hasbeeninvested in the gaelic language
it has unfolded and hasbeeninvestigated with i hope the
that the scottish parliament hasbeeninvolved in drawing up which
partnership there lewis macdonald hasbeeninvolved in recent weeks with
iain gray the executive hasbeeninvolved in the preparation of
correspondence that malcolm chisholm hasbeeninvolved in this case as
robson mr philp who hasbeeninvolved with the detail and
february 2002 what research hasbeenis being or will be
what advice or guidance hasbeenissued by the nhs to
the unison material that hasbeenissued in connection with the
action 2000 material that hasbeenissued there is plenty of
scottish executive what guidance hasbeenissued to local authorities in
of the guidance that hasbeenissued to members of the
on mary scanlon guidance hasbeenissued to members of the
scottish executive what guidance hasbeenissued to the police in
the past four years hasbeenits willingness to do the
the uk states it hasbeenjaloused that 90 o the
being ignored rather it hasbeenjudged that the matter will
mistress s permission it hasbeenknown for the maid to
made unless a draft hasbeenlaid before and approved by
draft of the instrument hasbeenlaid before and approved by
draft of the instrument hasbeenlaid before and approved by
subsection 2 unless it hasbeenlaid in draft before and
council regulation and which hasbeenland within paragraph a or
been proposed has not onlybeenlargely welcomed but is of
community pharmacy the executive hasbeenlate to the table on
in her visits she hasbeenlearnin bairns elementary scots vocabulary
is unfortunate that she hasbeenleft carrying the can for
and elsewhere whose title hasbeenleft vulnerable to challenge and
a young man and hasbeenleft with a thorn a
henry mcleish in particular hasbeenleft without a shred of
the uk the drug hasbeenlicensed for use for more
some of the work hasbeenlimited a classic example is
to that but there hasbeenlittle consultation on forestry i
can observe that there hasbeenlittle or no comment on
that because an amendment hasbeenlodged by a committee it
no motion to annul hasbeenlodged i therefore recommend to
to a motion that hasbeenlodged in english and in
no motion to annul hasbeenlodged so the recommendation is
no motion to annul hasbeenlodged so the recommendation is
no motion to annul hasbeenlodged so the recommendation is
specific points colin campbell hasbeenlodging questions on the second
said that the process hasbeenlong and that people have
the supply chain worry hasbeenlooked after to a large
several issues barnardo s hasbeenlooking at issues around the
want the local connection hasbeenlost and local networks have
on land which has nowbeenlost by erosion to the
enormous amount of money hasbeenlost for the highlands and
pity that an opportunity hasbeenlost here particularly since the
real facts great play hasbeenmade about stating things on
con if a mistake hasbeenmade and an enormous amount
the pursuer s case hasbeenmade and he and we
media until a decision hasbeenmade as to how the
scotland although no decision hasbeenmade as yet according to
come to a decision hasbeenmade at some level and
scottish executive what funding hasbeenmade available for biomass as
whether a full report hasbeenmade available to it on
health and community care hasbeenmade aware of looming problems
benefit from expenditure progress hasbeenmade but it would be
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade by local authorities in
part the statement that hasbeenmade by mr mccabe it
monitoring the progress that hasbeenmade by the council in
for a hearing has notbeenmade by the end of
of the sacrifice that hasbeenmade by the generations that
that an offer has recentlybeenmade for the company but
clear whether provision has alreadybeenmade for the funds in
executive how much profit hasbeenmade from the operation of
if a genuine error hasbeenmade however if there has
and although some progress hasbeenmade i still think that
under way little progress hasbeenmade i therefore believe that
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade in developing plans for
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade in implementing flexible and
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade in introducing regulations for
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade in its discussions with
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade in relation to its
a lot of effort hasbeenmade in scotland there are
january 2001 what progress hasbeenmade in the delivery of
whit we believe mention hasbeenmade in the informations of
subsection 1 b above hasbeenmade may no earlier than
shops and what assessment hasbeenmade of any effect this
money has a proper assessmentbeenmade of any of the
scottish executive what assessment hasbeenmade of the advantages and
by labour no mention hasbeenmade of the fact that
scottish executive what assessment hasbeenmade of the impact on
executive whether any estimate hasbeenmade of the number of
whether any specific assessment hasbeenmade of the potential impact
any further progress that hasbeenmade on that issue can
december 2001 what progress hasbeenmade on the audit of
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade on the ballycastle to
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade on the establishment of
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade on the extension of
january 2002 what progress hasbeenmade on the implementation of
fact real progress has alsobeenmade on the scheme to
december 2001 what progress hasbeenmade on the target of
of assessing the contracts hasbeenmade only recently because the
reason why that has notbeenmade public knowledge or is
play once an individual hasbeenmade redundant research notes are
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade regarding the implementation of
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade regarding the introduction of
aware that that point hasbeenmade several times today it
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade since the debate on
mr davidson it has notbeenmade specifically the convener i
given the commitment that hasbeenmade that the issue will
repeat the points that havebeenmade the executive has an
that a serious start hasbeenmade the race is on
up a mistake that hasbeenmade there are several ways
that a great attempt hasbeenmade to ensure that the
with the progress that hasbeenmade to ensure that we
in the reference that hasbeenmade to escalating costs for
1997 referendum reference has alsobeenmade to judy steel and
brand switching effect reference hasbeenmade to more questionable and
rome statute an attempt hasbeenmade to reduce to a
is that the attempt hasbeenmade to tighten up on
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade towards the 2005 electronic
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade towards the establishment of
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade towards the provision of
services workforce what progress hasbeenmade under each of the
and where a case hasbeenmade we have acted i
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade with the commissioning of
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade with the development of
scottish executive what progress hasbeenmade with the mainstreaming of
work and progress that hasbeenmade yesterday she said that
announcements that margaret beckett hasbeenmaking in london as the
heraldic content which has notbeenmatriculated or registered with the
deprivation in rural communities hasbeenmeasured and ameliorated by the
surprise to members there hasbeenmention today of objective 1
an issue that has notbeenmentioned a great deal i
in scotland loch lomond hasbeenmentioned and people wanting to
scots as a language hasbeenmentioned i contend that it
of sign language interpreters hasbeenmentioned i worked out that
important thing that has notbeenmentioned in the debate so
stop shop idea that hasbeenmentioned is very positive and
unpaid volunteers throughout society hasbeenmentioned we cannot discount that
world auld lang syne hasbeenmentioned when i used to
know if the target hasbeenmet alan fraser if we
to do the weather hasbeenmilder the past 3 or
their landlord has an opportunitybeenmissed in that tenants in
rather than just marriages hasbeenmissed it is outrageous that
discussed hitherto the committee hasbeenmonitoring those developments separately but
scots in scotland has neverbeenmore controversial politically vis a
that the area has alwaysbeenmore fluid in terms of
one about which there hasbeenmost controversy at stages 1
minutes after the motion hasbeenmoved followed by motion of
and an amendment that hasbeenmoved may be withdrawn with
not believe that there hasbeenmuch discussion of it with
to say welcome there hasbeenmuch that has united us
venues the word licence hasbeenmuch used but according to
t er that has notbeenmy career my career has
permeate the conversation it hasbeenmy experience particularly when i
never catch up it hasbeenmy privilege to serve in
smoking i knew you dbeennaughty morag mouse has been
at foreign policy progress hasbeennecessarily limited the need for
a court case has notbeenneeded as a result of
intensified strategic transport investment hasbeenneglected and business rates have
intensified strategic transport investment hasbeenneglected and business rates have
intensified strategic transport investment hasbeenneglected and business rates have
of victims of crime hasbeenneglected for decades we have
make new friends it hasbeennice for her to have
certificate notwithstanding that there hasbeenno application under subsection 1
taken place but there hasbeenno harm or prejudice to
the jungle for there hasbeenno rain now for these
deputy convener bristow muldoon hasbeennominated do members agree that
goals was unforgettable there hasbeennothing but praise for the
america and colorado dad hasbeennursing a cold for a
what the final outcome hasbeenof the bids to the
the land so acquired hasbeenof the total area of
strong advice that she hasbeenoffered from all parts of
the parliamentary ombudsman that hasbeenon going for more than
the the emphasis has alwaysbeenon on good english and
not many it has probablybeenone of the dullest and
lists to waiting times hasbeenone step to correct this
room secondly this case hasbeenongoing for several years and
westbank quadrant this job hasbeenongoing since last summer and
instances where ministerial access hasbeenor may in future be
whether any broadcasting organisation hasbeenor will be approached by
three years what consultation hasbeenor will be carried out
years for higher education hasbeenor will be given to
will detail what action hasbeenor will be taken to
executive what specific action hasbeenor will be taken to
executive what economic analysis hasbeenor will be undertaken of
people throughout scotland that hasbeenour promise our commitment is
remarks obviously my report hasbeenovershadowed by the death of
certain respects the petition hasbeenovertaken by events as the
that a particular word hasbeenoverused or used with particular
ain in it gladys hasbeenower a day every day
s needin onything has gladysbeenower loretta nae that i
the sum due has notbeenpaid and a request for
scottish executive how much hasbeenpaid both by a it
occurs any money that hasbeenpaid in respect of the
the apocalyptic picture that hasbeenpainted in many of the
of its presiding officer hasbeenparticularly important in shaping it
once the primary legislation hasbeenpassed and also depending on
reduced after the bill hasbeenpassed i believe that the
comment on legislation that hasbeenpassed the problem is finding
national priority this petition hasbeenpassed to education culture and
its editor ian olson hasbeenpersistent in encouraging me to
the volume of mail hasbeenpicking up and even as
in schools although it hasbeenpicking up curricular issues in
grade in chinese students hasbeenpit forrit for gcse an
amused a planning application hasbeenplaced from morrison amusements for
long term restrictions that havebeenplaced on scots it has
care recently more emphasis hasbeenplaced on specialist nurses for
our agenda interruption it hasbeenpointed out to me that
order to proceed it hasbeenpointed out to me that
investing in staff has evenbeenportrayed as investing in a
of the scottish compact hasbeenpositive although no doubt it
introduction of those charges hasbeenpostponed robert brown made a
products of the other hasbeenpractised in the world for
points that the executive hasbeenpraised for susan deacon will
amendment s1m 1589 1 hasbeenpre empted and falls the
note on the order hasbeenprepared by the clerk the
to the note that hasbeenprepared by the clerks the
tom edwards this briefing hasbeenprepared in advance of the
fence the executive has neverbeenprepared to move further on
good scots but has oftenbeenpresented in our schools as
from the report that hasbeenpresented to the committee that
a youth manifesto which hasbeenpresented to the government the
am grateful that it hasbeenpresented today i want to
the infrastructure and that hasbeenpretty well chased down i
afraid that it has notbeenprinted so what you have
amended quickly the bill hasbeenproduced and is ready we
a white paper has alsobeenproduced i appreciate that the
lot of interesting work hasbeenproduced on that matter the
lamb or milk that hasbeenproduced organically but for which
easier a report that hasbeenproduced this very day by
of the national lottery hasbeenprofound 3 7 billion has
evidence on that there hasbeenprogress on the points that
my colleague nicol stephen hasbeenprogressing several issues with the
to ensure that what hasbeenpromised is fully funded and
throughout scotland the debate hasbeenprompted by something that the
every case where surveillance hasbeenproperly authorised and carried out
value for money has notbeenproperly considered it has been
scotland the river spey hasbeenproposed as an sac for
am just finishing what hasbeenproposed has not only been
here i outline what hasbeenproposed secure the backcourt area
so whether that route hasbeenprotected does he agree that
to look into what hasbeenprovided and what has been
of sympathy ma jim hasbeenprowling around behind lizzie now
to make a complaint hasbeenpublicised in the press or
christmas the report has nowbeenpublished and is attached to
hawthornden s library catalogue hasbeenpublished and it shows in
list of resources that hasbeenpublished on behalf of the
exempt if it has notbeenpublished twelve weeks after the
of land mines he hasbeenpulled back to norway for
members a new printer hasbeenpurchased at a cost of
c computer this has nowbeenpurchased from escom at a
given the work that hasbeenput in not only by
of a consultation paper hasbeenput on hold for the
a a judgement meaning hasbeenput on on top of
a lot of pressure hasbeenput on small businesses and
a lot of emphasis hasbeenput on stock transfer as
and that the bill hasbeenput out to consultation with
investigate the issue which hasbeenput to the committee and
ensure that where someone hasbeenput under surveillance wrongly for
not think that that hasbeenquantified the total effect of
triggered only when surveillance hasbeenquashed ceased or cancelled and
its twenty seven varieties hasbeenquestioned at the risk of
the times however this hasbeenquite a year and i
eh the accent has alwaysbeenquite quite straightforward and i
of a fire which hasbeenraging for some time the
can spend it has awarenessbeenraised among employers about the
law the matter has howeverbeenraised and there is no
another key issue that hasbeenraised at nursing conventions and
of access to information hasbeenraised by a number of
neil one issue that hasbeenraised by many of the
has raised and which havebeenraised directly with me as
is an issue that hasbeenraised in the chamber in
or zoo or c hasbeenraised or released for the
an important issue that hasbeenraised this morning and which
each occasion that it hasbeenraised we have looked into
however no definite decision hasbeenreached about the years to
out that a decision hasbeenreached badly and sometimes they
this diary entry [censored: forename] hasbeenreading rates of exchange and
to ensure that progress hasbeenreal phil gallie south of
address or it has notbeenreasonably practicable to send a
2001 whether any advice hasbeenreceived concerning the enforceability of
and all written evidence hasbeenreceived do members regard that
executive how much funding hasbeenreceived from programmes overseen by
executive whether any advice hasbeenreceived from the department of
were raised a response hasbeenreceived from the executive and
335 whether this information hasbeenreceived if so when and
a perception that gaelic hasbeenrecognised in scotland in a
the bog bush cricket hasbeenrecorded where these sites are
laboratories the dining hall hasbeenredesigned and more children are
repair and improvement grants hasbeenreducing do you think that
scottish bill that approach hasbeenreferred to in the past
apply for firearms licences hasbeenreferred to the police for
shortage of interpreters which hasbeenreferred to there are now
reason why the law hasbeenreformed on a number of
natural world imagery has alsobeenregarded with some suspicion by
at all and has notbeenregistered in the minds of
their control the system hasbeenregulated consistently and has been
report 1957 this term hasbeenremarkable for the ravages of
have noticed the tree hasbeenremoved from the side of
1600 but gaelic has sincebeenreplaced by lowland scots and
removed during ww2 have nowbeenreplaced it has retained its
jug survives because it hasbeenreproduced so many times and
determine whether the outbreak hasbeenresponsible for a decline in
children and women it hasbeenrevealed that less than one
franco s regime but hasbeenrevived in recent years and
development group the snp hasbeenright to demand that the
that the cruelty man hasbeenround three times looking for
yeah m1174: er which hasbeenrunning now for the past
raises a question who hasbeenrunning the country for the
accept that this bill hasbeenrushed however the justice and
the bill because it hasbeenrushed to this parliament it
of any such developments hasbeens1w 27464 john scott to
39 million but as hasbeensaid 10 million might have
and i endorse what hasbeensaid about the idea of
an extension otherwise as hasbeensaid all that we are
to be said has alreadybeensaid although the bill is
in their communities as hasbeensaid by a number of
just one example as hasbeensaid he was also an
phil gallie given what hasbeensaid i repeat that we
are aware that as hasbeensaid in the debate the
we have recognised as hasbeensaid in the debate the
scots scots as has alreadybeensaid is the language of
i agree with what hasbeensaid it is interesting that
agree with everything that hasbeensaid it is vital that
vary or repudiate what hasbeensaid or done it is
from the beginning this hasbeensaid over and again the
with much of what hasbeensaid rule 12 3 of
owners and parents it hasbeensaid that the provision in
east scotland snp as hasbeensaid the strength of the
spirit of all that hasbeensaid today 16 59 the
says that deadline 2000 hasbeensatisfied throughout that none of
the long run robert hasbeensaving like a scrooge to
the past our country hasbeenscarred by religious divisions we
the buchan area which hasbeenscots speaking for a longer
atween plyin her trade hasbeenscrievin her ain novel an
an illusion sarah boyack hasbeenseduced by so called large
english once the category hasbeenselected no further decision is
me suddenly that fiona hasbeensending urgent unhappy messages all
that every member who hasbeensent that briefing whether they
me that he has alreadybeensent the information from the
that once the matter hasbeensent to the ombudsman it
copy of the notice hasbeensent to the owner of
passage of the bill hasbeenserious but it has had
is clarified a precedent hasbeenset and we want to
february 2002 what budget hasbeenset aside for each of
scottish executive what budget hasbeenset aside to cover the
whether a target date hasbeenset for construction of a
for stage 3 has yetbeenset further details will be
targets a whole industry hasbeenset up by whitehall to
the review group that hasbeenset up to consider the
the residence meal plan hasbeenshelved for the interim so
retrieving a hare that hasbeenshot or looking for a
matter the tender process hasbeenshrouded in mystery there is
the charge sheet has notbeensigned there can be no
supporting people initiative has nowbeensized with the exception of
that has to some extentbeenskewed by the need with
as though the report hasbeenskewed to the small amount
so and the door hasbeenslammed in their faces that
some of the objectives hasbeenslower particularly objective 2 1
been naughty morag mouse hasbeensmoking if she has and
as to why it hasbeenso difficult for women in
the uk government has consistentlybeenso far as possible to
is the way it hasbeenso far long may it
that is why it hasbeenso important to me to
disappointing that the executive hasbeenso insistent without giving the
bigger and better there hasbeenso much going on this
to feel that she hasbeensold the hospital pass and
party news flash there hasbeensome break ins reported in
but here again there hasbeensome controversy the answers that
the fact that there hasbeensome delay in introducing that
precisely that there has alreadybeensome flexibility particularly on the
commonwealth more recently there hasbeensome media speculation as to
prevention and reduction there hasbeensome progress in this area
executive what matching funding hasbeensought from private investors for
at end insert which hasbeensown with plants other than
the motorola task force hasbeenspent and what percentage of
scottish executive how much hasbeenspent on the refurbishment of
out how much money hasbeenspent since 1998 when the
scottish new deal budget hasbeenspent so far seeks an
deal of money has alreadybeenspent the estimated cost of
of substance how much hasbeenspent to date how much
executive how much money hasbeenspent to date on work
rest of the day hasbeenspent writing letters and this
while 1 000 million hasbeensquandered in greenwich on the
particularly from local authorities hasbeenstatic for several years and
disappointment that the inquiry hasbeenstuck in this rut for
person who is or hasbeensubject to a detention in
a form that has clearlybeensubject to amendments in the
person who is or hasbeensubject to the certificate or
reason why the issue hasbeensubmitted to the committee and
serious note the debate hasbeensubstantial many points have been
of the project there hasbeensubstantial progress two matters are
weeks if the process hasbeensuccessful he remarked in the
land in question has nowbeensuccessfully purchased and whether it
differentiate the two it hasbeensuggested by executive officials that
local pay bargaining which hasbeensuggested by the snp this
in the way that hasbeensuggested is unwise however i
bodies and boards that hasbeensuggested seems appropriate could we
market disorder and it hasbeensuggested that a ban on
a patois it has oftenbeensuggested that a language is
tackling fuel poverty it hasbeensuggested that certain things be
the old now it hasbeensuggested that exposing people to
shortage of signers it hasbeensuggested that in common with
those issues then it hasbeensuggested that instead of the
come mr mcaveety it hasbeensuggested that many leaks have
15 per cent it hasbeensuggested that not until we
by a constable it hasbeensuggested that the bill as
the border it has howeverbeensuggested that the economic and
sweat and tears it hasbeensuggested that we have such
recent times that it hasbeensuggested that women might also
of regulations it also hasbeensuggested to us that it
i hope that what hasbeensuggested will happen but i
a question there has alsobeensupport from a number of
tae ken a wumman hasbeentae the threshie flair than
executive whether any action hasbeentaken against nhs boards that
with the action that hasbeentaken by the council it
profound 3 7 billion hasbeentaken from the lottery to
in which enforcement action hasbeentaken has increased albeit that
however that line has alreadybeentaken i want to end
have a registration scheme hasbeentaken i would like the
scottish executive what decision hasbeentaken in relation to the
the rural dimension has itbeentaken into account if the
on which a decision hasbeentaken is that which is
with the decision that hasbeentaken on these contracts this
disciplinary or corrective action hasbeentaken regarding those responsible for
scottish executive what action hasbeentaken since the publication of
member states great care hasbeentaken to ensure that it
authorities and what action hasbeentaken to ensure that such
still the case there hasbeentalk of suggested action the
you speak 55 million hasbeentargeted for capital projects as
and of course she hasbeentaught french and has had
during her visits she hasbeenteaching basic scots vocabulary and
between expenditure and outputs hasbeentested rigorously peter wood i
a change since 1996 hasbeenthat after the announcement of
the past 12 months hasbeenthat as a result of
the convener our view hasbeenthat we should investigate the
an administrative sense there hasbeenthe additional constraint of a
the world economy it hasbeenthe big countries such as
day but that has notbeenthe case i understand that
in fact this has notbeenthe case most student access
expedient basis than has previouslybeenthe case that is as
traditionally that has not alwaysbeenthe case there is a
emblems of that commitment hasbeenthe central heating programme which
neil gladys has the doctorbeenthe day peggy just for
84 year old she hasbeenthe dominant figure in the
of peter mandelson this hasbeenthe first full year of
funding if an area hasbeenthe focus of attention and
the debate on tourism hasbeenthe funding and structure of
advances in recent years hasbeenthe increased availability of texts
culture over the centuries hasbeenthe loss of understanding of
women working in what hasbeenthe mainly male domain of
year period and what hasbeenthe outcome of any such
city of edinburgh council hasbeenthe principal officer involved through
an that after all hasbeenthe responsible body no the
attitude some of that hasbeenthe result of regulations but
comes first eh has hasbeenthe speech and and and
vulnerable to challenge and hasbeenthe subject of challenge as
actually has chan- have youbeenthere since it m959: i
the pickles family he hasbeenthinking about some animals and
are available it has notbeenthought necessary to provide a
dr simpson the eu hasbeenthwarted in its attempts to
by fire service personnel hasbeento date and from which
the irish government has alwaysbeento hold on to the
t changed has anyone everbeento iceland yeah you can
the building control system hasbeento issue guidance documents to
this year 1984 has notbeento kind to us with
schools the reason has alwaysbeento prevent early pregnancy and
it was not intended hasbeento ration the supply of
[laugh] f1149: has nick everbeento scandinavia f1148: yeah i
however the whole construct hasbeento scope what constitutes the
and johnson s work hasbeento take the study of
been yet has has hebeento the door yet or
although a fish farmer hasbeentold that he has to
wonder whether the publicity hasbeentoo formal to reach the
me that 111 million hasbeentransferred this year from the
bottom like the lovers hasbeentransformed by the wood but
hear that the bedroom hasbeentransformed hope you enjoyed the
this publication has not yetbeentranslated into english although it
time in accountancy has notbeentremendously useful f1151: this is
andy knows that there hasbeentrouble over that capital a
of the combine harvester hasbeentruly amazing and in a
chamber of commerce which hasbeentrying to raise awareness with
the gallery today she hasbeentutoring me all year to
the specified text question hasbeenunacceptable to some teachers but
how a person who hasbeenunder surveillance can use that
analysis of the responses hasbeenundertaken and a report will
resource on research that hasbeenundertaken and is currently in
of the research that hasbeenundertaken as members know the
scottish executive what work hasbeenundertaken by the nhs on
of culture work that hasbeenundertaken in glasgow would the
what cost benefit analysis hasbeenundertaken in partnership with the
such a study has notbeenundertaken scotland is in an
for the work that hasbeenundertaken to secure a much
natives say apparently it hasbeenunusually mild i heard from
the voluntary sector which hasbeenup in arms especially over
yesterday i think james hasbeenup there every afternoon with
sqa regulations it has alwaysbeenup to the centres to
beyond these shores he hasbeenused by people overseas in
years during which it hasbeenused extensively and controlled by
of scots and it hasbeenused frequently today is that
that the material has notbeenused he tells us that
say why each one hasbeenused k i like the
the highlands and islands hasbeenused on road improvements in
the witnesses whose evidence hasbeenuseful i suggest that we
failin although this system hasbeenvaluable for recording details of
your actual recovery period hasbeenvery good but i still
as i said this hasbeenvery much an update and
met someone who has alwaysbeenvery positive about europe i
the feedback from students hasbeenvery positive indeed we now
annual groundwater maintenance charge hasbeenwaived for sheep farmers in
building the millennium dome hasbeenwasted and should instead have
process is enshrined and hasbeenwell worked out in both
and dad i it hasbeenwell written up in the
right to buy which hasbeenwidely discussed it sets out
share the view that hasbeenwidely expressed today that the
2002 what consultation there hasbeenwith service users in the
2002 what consultation there hasbeenwith trade unions in the
i know that he hasbeenwith us throughout stage 1
presiding officer question 5 hasbeenwithdrawn european funding highlands and
fixed penalty notice that hasbeenwithdrawn if the period for
kate maclean s motion hasbeenwithdrawn in the interests of
past 20 years has nowbeenwithdrawn without any consultation or
a candidate is or hasbeenwithin a year before the
a meisure o success hasbeenwon til scots an the
fact that the parliament hasbeenworking in the way that
building in the sector hasbeenworth while an increase in
done to improve standards hasbeenworth while doing in and
ross burnside this briefing hasbeenwritten for the enterprise and
to the person who hasbeenwrongly placed under surveillance but
while thinkin well has hebeenyet has has he been

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