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alcoholic in a tub obeerbeer beer tell me watterbuffalo
in a tub o beerbeerbeer tell me watterbuffalo foo
a tub o beer beerbeertell me watterbuffalo foo is
she heard him kickin abeercan doon the road dunt
dunt dunt dunt gaed thebeercan syne his fit steps
or fillet and one bottlebeeradd beer cold beef stroganoff
what beer and rock m942: beerand edinburgh rock m941: okay
t go nice f940: whatbeerand rock m942: beer and
and one bottle beer addbeercold beef stroganoff 2 lbs
an it s in thebeerbut your grandpa s deid
flowin as smooth as thebeerfrae grandpa dundarroch s auld
kegs that ll brew guidbeermy grandpa tellt me aa
cans of the sponsor sbeerbecause obviously these brewers distillers
dressed men playing cards emptybeercans everywhere the biggest group
seats fag ends cans ofbeerfish and chip wrappers tossed
who got called naturally enoughbeerbarrel bung cause he was
was a lot weeer anbeerbarrel bung was a treble
that by the way sobeerbarrel f606: mm m691: had
guy an we called himbeerbarrel he was quite proud
ll help me brew thebeeran shift the heavy kegs
time helpin tae brew thebeerbut the auld man s
drinks already he accepted abeerand talked non stop and
sip cocoa sadie drinks herbeerpause all three have different
drinks porter a strong blackbeerwas sold in the economic
cellar meanwhile was floodin wibeerbut the pair o them
tears an whit was thebeermeanwhile auld duncan dungarroch was
we all had bottles obeerand we re in the
20 for four bottles ofbeeri worried city centre prices
e lad keepit bottles obeerin t at e side
c ½ lb beef inbeeras above using good meat
him a skelp wi abeerbottle lang syne jist fur
single candle set into abeerbottle we retired to our
higher levels than wine orbeerand has also allowed other
the fumes of wine andbeerand the clamour of forty
with bevvy it was winebeerspirits you name it probably
were just agnes covers herbeercan with the knitting agnes
agnes picks up can ofbeernotion weers aff eh whit
picks up agnes can ofbeerpit that oot in the
bustles a trickle of coldbeerruns down a glass and
want wan carolanne no thanksbeerfills me with gas sadie
eh whit a waste sitsbeeron the table sadie weans
was getting brim fu obeeran syne rinnin ower oan
kept sookin awa at hisbeerand his sleekit mind kept
life befuddled by sun andbeergaia mind and matter one
of the sun and thebeermy mind reinhabited that helter
and got stuck into hisbeerare ye nae sittin doon
teemed the last drappie obeerdoon his thrapple he catchit
washed doon wi glesses obeerthat slid doon your thrapple
people sitting outside in thebeergarden getting drunk yes that
wullie efter anither waucht obeeran whit s mair the
ducks in a river obeerwhit kin o faimly hae
ll hae a job smallbeerbut later wally ll have
beside the bacon was smallbeerin comparison to the complete
fish an he lost hisbeermoney a fortnicht later the
ower muckle o dungarroch sbeerit didna cheer him yin
the gless cowped an thebeerwent aw ower geordie s
have got the tin ofbeeri sent last year to
deid son there s naebeerleft i had the last
we ll hae aa thebeerwe need but we cannae
until here the jugs obeerwere aa empty but no
he got a job drivingbeerand lemonade to pubs and
[laugh] roadies f958: got bigbeerbellies an beards and long
and then you got thebeergoggles do you remember trying
in a bag got abeerput it the bag and
men s farts and stalebeerthere s a lot to
to his feet poured anotherbeerand his theatrical tendencies resurfaced
chair and another can ofbeerloretta seeing the can oh
he carries a can ofbeera chair and a magazine
will have a can ofbeerso we re behind this
after that a can obeerthen they cried a wi
bit reid faced that thebeerhad run oot at his
likit his wheen pints obeerhei nivver drank speerits ma
still no back wi thebeerher faither said tae his
sat there slowly sookin hisbeerthe faem made a white
o wark wad be wantinbeermoney onywey it wis a
er eejit s joog obeerwhen he wisnae lookin mr
a shottie o poorin thebeeryoursel efter jonsar explained that
him once before in thebeerbar f1154: was he uh
would erm eat in thebeerbar at the [censored: name] cause
no thanks i canna takbeergives me affa wind and
ludicrous up tae the hiltbeerbelly wi hauf a lung
rob anything for a freebeereh i am an aberdonian
and sat until the stalebeerand vomit smell of your
the stardust casino won abeeror two for your efforts
of the stench of spilledbeerand urine the party was
on it wasn t thebeergoggles it was the the
could be extremely potent gingerbeerwas also made it had
was choc a block withbeerwhilst kitchener s was kitsch
the pouns there wis naebeernor buffet here fin coorseness
into becoming drunk on redbeerwhich she mistook for blood
palms rewarding themselves with abeeror two they would discuss
she rins tae draw mairbeerfor their drouthie freens but
but we cannae live onbeerson na faither but we
hauf as bricht as thebeerhe brewed or tae pit
egg even at s smabeertae fit s happenin nooadays
our cliff eyrie afternoon withbeercider sea breezes doing us
irish haystack with a hugebeerpaunch and several buttons missing
bread and cheese served withbeeryou are the only guest
have caught a whiff ofbeerand cigarette smoke if i
an the the chap drinkinbeerand listenin to the classical
it and like really cheapbeerf1049: uh huh m1048: right
mother how to make gingerbeerfrom yeast and sugar it
my tongue sitting over abeerin the crappy brown and
and ugliness enormous silver tureensbeermugs in quaint animal shapes
bedroom back and forth drinkingbeersmoking pausing frequently to gaze
straucht at yersel frae abeermat noo the best wye
i get a nice watchbeermug 26 sunday rochdale snow
blossom like froth from abeermug overspills the cat on
f631: mmhm f689: an thebeers no that great anyway
time you are takin thebeerwisnae poorin affa weel an
streets including ice cream draughtbeerwater machines in the streets

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