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at ae side wis cleanbeerietan gey chancy tae gang
o leddrach the warlock lairdbeerietin steenhillock kirkyaird at the
in coull kirkyaird far ibeerietma faither an mither i
an the warlock laird liesbeerietin steenhillock pairish kirk as
wis christened nur wad nurbeerietaathin wis cannibalised the leevin
his airm aroon her shebeeriethersel in his breist an
sowel kent she couldna bebeerietin the faimly crypt nor
kirk far her man wisbeerietfur the sabbath service as
the rich or pouerfu arebeerietinby this kirk the dig
the rich or powerful warbeerietinbye this kirk they hae
o them bit ae servantbeeriethis talent in the grun
e midden faar it wisbeerietbit iv coorse fin e
god said joe as ebeeriettreasure cam up ere s
the grave thochts that arebeerietin scotia buffalo beaver wolf
sonsie scottish planters hameseek anbeerietalive fur months on eyn
open doors granda bruce wisbeerietin the neuk wi an
blin robin s deid anbeerietbit his music s playin
s knife an my beensbeerieton the sans o the
maist o oor seed warbeerietnearhaun bi the ruined castle
aifter it wis deid ibeerietit at e back o
lie reamin wi fey herbsbeeriethe wis in the wee
up tae say fa sbeeriethere the gairdener fummlit in
north easters would inquire fabeerietthe monkey lilac buss in
ilkie day flooered on abeerietking at gloamin time the
aboot yule time fin ibeeriethim the gravedigger a secunt

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