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f1142: does he like bumblebeesf1141: bumble- do you like
bumble- do you like bumblebeesf1142: aye f1141: mmhm f1142:
bags steal from the bumblebeesand for night tapers crop
ey begood tae swarm likebeesay mair comin in an
be a swarm of killerbeesdelightful to watch letting her
even e honey fae foggybeesbit in e hierarchy o
ye cam on a foggybeesbyke in a mossy bank
if they found a foggybeesbyke they would burn the
1897 for his honey andbeesa photograph tucked into the
i m aafa canny wibeesan wasps though i winna
anidder we ay spak abootbeesbykes bit it wis wasps
in e hierarchy o respectbeesat fowk keepit in ruskies
as he pleised eftir fogiebeesan butterflies an huntin burds
in blume being bumped bybeesand butterflies buddleia in bloom
long and the young workerbeestoil like ants daylight flies
like the train at noonbeesbizz pots sing the linn
a pool of honey becausebeeshad made a comb in
as part of their wagebeeswere kept by a few
he keepit a lot obeesin skeps alang the heid
that f1114: di- look allbeesthat s number four f1113:
o bit he s thebeesknees the blaegart rides aathin
m811: thought we were thebeesknees yeah totally [laugh] f812:
come oan then noo thebeesare loose we d best
not up to any goodbeessleep in their wax chambers
or the life cycle ofbeesthe pupils in pairs have
posteerior an fowk fa harbourbeesin bunnets fa i dinna
even the buzzin o thebeeslichtin on grandfather s back
the history towrists heeze likebeesroon castle fraser s hinneyjar
8oz but if you keptbeesyou were given an extra
roond here lyke sae moniebeesaboot a hinnie kaim an
flower gardens buzzing with summerbeesbut formal west end streets
number four f1113: lots obeesf1114: that s number four
the weeks flees by lykebeesringan ah m no a
black bourachies like swairms obeesettlin tae flee the cauld
else at hame kent abootbeesan they hid tae get
the back for hens orbeesi cud aye tak abeen
a skep swarmed an thebeeslichtit on the back o
the lazy bizzin o thebeesthe burnie far it takks
ilkie tlooer wis hung wibeesthat ower the petals treetlit

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