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in the warld oot sharnybeetsbi the door fire teased
aboot comin in wi sharnybeetsso jock d lowsed e
wearin wan fittit s auldbeetsan he gleefully thumped the
shood gie wan fittit hisbeetsback bit the lad said
vest aff yer shirt ehbeetsan sheen [?]pint[/?] are laces
tae buy a pair obeetsen twa pair o sheen
gweed sheen or yer hillbeetsfor at taks ye abeen
o the muck on yerbeetsor sheen afore ye steppit
i hiv left my fitbabeetsat hame i ll jist
ref wis inspectin players fitbabeetsthe twa teams were in
a auld pair o fitbabeetsyou can wear this eens
centipede wi hauf a hunnerbeetsand hauf a hunner socks
o eez piece an ebeetsaff e cwidna jist rin
e d fresh straed eezbeetsat mornin in e byre
short breekies an wee tacketiebeetsabeen knitted woolly socks ere
mended flannel a pair obeetswere aye ower neat twae
howkit e roads an laddiesbeetshelpit e holes on a
beetles walkin upricht weerin ledderbeetswe drappit e students at
a hand fit size obeetsdiv you need the lad
world a bittie scary yerbeetsdidna clink on e thick
would finish up straein yerbeetsin moat s soo this
changed fashion ye cleaned yerbeetswi blaik or ye blaikit
heid weirin yer fairmer sbeetsyer muckle bunnet ye sclimm
the veesitors she had mucklebeetsupon her feet an her
her ma weirs furry ankletbeetsknickers big as king kong
an ma jersey an mabeetsfae doon e stair an
richt sure e got ebeetsrunkit again an oot tae
well he s aa thesebeetslined up in front o
queets an big sklappers obeetsfor aa the warl like
time wi her lang buttonedbeetscottar bairns micht gyang barfit
got beet and sheaf andbeetsand bands and retting there

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