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heid turn t oot taebeiae wusp o rouk amang
it turn t oot taebeinaithin mair nor ae wusp
twaloors brek thay happint taebeihaen thair piece sittin on
bus mrs wulson happint taebeion the bus is weill
matter whae thay happint taebeispeakin tae a mynd on
standart english an it ullbeiauldfarran an oot o stap
a think nooadays it ullbeihoddit oot o sicht amang
the anlie thing at ullbeileft tae mynd fock o
on the internet it ullbeithe duin thing tae speak
communities a think it wuidbeitrew tae say at the
dictionars mints at royal canbeiyaised tae descrive ae state
oot o the wud taebeilaidit on the wud wagon
on the wud wagon taebeitaen intil the sawmill i
auld maislee wuid a jalousiebeithrowe yon ford anenst deanburnhaugh
the byous glorie at kanbeioor s on the tither
i his vyce yin kanbeiwhuppit awa maist terrible quick
doun at biggin yaised taebeiae hoose whaur forbeirs o
at pynt thar yaised taebeiae weir athort the river
same is thay yaised taebeichynged fur aa tyme a
dyke atween whit yaised taebeithe joiners meedae cowgang comin
gey shuire at hei wudbeimaist approachable gin onie bodie
an nae doot it wudbeitheir ettled flichter buzz at
writin i maist instances wuidbeiae wuman s darg an
predictable verra few fock wuidbeii receipt o unemployment benefit
aff bi sayin mag wuidbeiricht eneuch kis hei wuid
kent thit his gress wuidbeisneddit sae hei bade yid
thing yid cuid dae wuidbeitae burn the biggin doon
fyre geordie wis sayed taebeiguid it catchin moles a
saiperator brak doon an cuidnabeimendit hei sayed til sumbodie
is at the samen michtbeisayed fur the feck o
is mei an ye llbeiae gey queer leukin bu
get birsled oo get drookitbeiautumn s rain an then
itsel is nar eneuch taebeica d square an thar
blawearie nou than gin tharbeionnie bit weill naemit yon
bot naw hei wisna taebeifund efter ae whyle yid
i parteeklar kis ee wullbeistaundin i the verra mids
a thocht thit she michtbeikeepin i hidlins some defeck
yill waitter wheech happens taebeithe mairch atween borth icksheils
killt accidently whan trainin taebeiae pilot teddy whae gat
the son o gud canbeitae thaim whae hae gaen
her my een holes taebeia keekin gless tae gar
afore thay gaed on taebeipouert bi steam the herd
heid ferm faulds ir taebeifund the wolf ferm hoose
verra leemit wuidn t eetbeigrand n gif oor ain
ancestrial scottis border kulter wullbeithe auld place names a
at the tyme micht nawbeisae fer aff n whan
woarld an republicanism cuid juistbeiroond the nixt corner fur
schuil at a ll eybeigrytfu fur an at is
shei wis ey seen taebeiweirin hir wrvs uniform it
at oor muther tung maunbeisacrifeesed on the altar o
the auld chaipel is taebeifund on the laich road
d girnwudsheil ir clairlie taebeiseen a m nou thinking
end o the yeir taebeiadventursum an help thairsels til

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